Friday, August 8, 2008


Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick jailed on on violation of his bond? WTF!?! Is really going on up in Chocolate City?!? I'm going to have to contact some of my fellow (black activist) soldiers on the ground up in Detroit to find out the real deal surrounding our brother Kilpatrick's seemingly downward spiral. From the beginning, this case called by the white-controlled media, "The Text Messasaging Scandal" stinks up to high heaven. And along with the sordid details of some type of "alleged affair" between the married Mayor Kilpatrick and his assistant, a woman by the name of Christine Beatty. Some reports are saying this whole thing is nothing more than a evil vendetta against Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick based on his firing of certain unsavory rogue Detroit Police officers.

Yeah, I need to take some time out this weekend and talk to my brother and sister comrades on the ground (activist soldiers) who really know what the white-controlled press doesn't want you and I to know.

As with the case when you 99th annual NAACP negroe convention came to Cincinnati a few weeks ago, the police here in town treated the out-of-town negroes [reportedly] with "exceptional care and courtesy". Of course, while the spotlight and the cameras were rolling and [both] presidential candidates looming in and out giving speeches what else could they do?. And some negroes here (particularly black radio talk show host & most of their callers) thought it was a "turning of the page" overall for blacks here in the city. What is even more pathetic than that is the local president of the negroe chapter here [reportedly, and not so soon AFTER the convention hightailed it out-of-town] is still talking that, "this city is sooo racist against the black man" RHETORIC (we say "rhetoric" ONLY because its coming from that hypocrite) outta one side of his mouth YET was pleased as punch breaking the boycott & encouraging others to do so as well. From the time he arrived on the public scene, the local so-called chapter president of the NAACP has always broken the economic boycott of downtown that's STILL in place on this city. While making the great white fathers of this city [even more] MILLIONS of dollars and sticking his little chest out about how the little struggling negroe on the ground made a couple of dollars. The human EGO is truly fascinating, don'tcha think?
It all goes back to show that if you wanna know the REAL climate of a city, its city officials, its police force, and its so-called negroe leaders... Go to the negroes that actually LIVE there in that city and ask them. The blacks who are on the ground fighting scratching and scuffling everyday just to survive will more than likely ALWAYS tell you the truth! I'll tell ya' it may not always be good news, but it's hood news! I'll report back brothers and sisters.


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