Friday, August 15, 2008


In these 2 videos, funnyman comedian & keeping-it-realist Katt Williams expounds on the "Haters". You know what haters are. They are the people who are soooo miserable in their own skin they hate and despise the skin you're in! They are basically failures in the realm of life and too lazy to do better. The nobody NOBODY will remember in the end . Fakes who perpetrate the fraud every chance they get cause the truth just keeps kicking 'em in tha ass! Phonies who will assume your glorious identity because theirs is so weak and empty they can't even look themselves in the mirror. Folks who spend their days and nights doing nothing productive with their time on this planet EXCEPT to hate on you and your success past, present and future. Ain't it a shame? Oh well! It's tha game! Check out Katt Williams' philosophy on and advice to all the HATERS of the world. And dig his pearls of wisdom to the ones being hated on. Waaaay Toooo Funny and Waaaay Toooo Real! Just like I like to keep it here on "The Black Fist Blog".....WAY TOO REAL! Cause it may not always be good news but it's hood news! BLACK POWER, EVERY HOUR HATERS!

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Anonymous said...

I know that's right Sister Queen X! Everybody got somebody that's jealous and envious Katt was right on point when I seen his special on HBO I almost died when he talked about the haters it was funny but he was telling the truth about it! I know you what's up I read your blog your haters need to shut up and crawl back under they rock! Do yo' thang girl and let the haters hate cause they too scared to participate lol!!!!!!