Sunday, August 3, 2008


Rapper & actor Chris "Ludacris" Bridges (pictured above) has made a music video and rap song about Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama called "Obama is Here". The 24 hr. LAME-stream cable news outlets, especially the Bill O'Reilly/Sean Hannity "Fix Noise" channel has been going buck crazy over this video (We believe it won't be long before Sean Hannity has a very public and very serious nervous breakdown!). We have to ponder the question: "If Ludacris had made this music video praising Republican presidential hopeful John McCain's campaign and candidacy, would the LAME-stream media be so up-in-arms & whining like newborn babies? -OR- Would the old guards be saying, "It's about time rappers stepped up to the plate and took on a role of responsibility. Getting the young people out to vote is crucial. We think its a great song!"

(For the record: Sen. Barack Obama's campaign has issued a public statement "rejecting" and "denouncing" Ludacris's "offensive" message and his music video.)

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