Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm hearing conflicting stories regarding who will be, who won't be, and who was to be at this years Democratic National Convention.

Are Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Pastor Al Sharpton C.E.O of The National Action Network, Pastor Jesse Jackson C.E.O. of Rainbow Push, and the Former North Carolina and Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards UN-INVITED to participate at the Democratic National Convention starting the week of August 25, 2008.

All 4 of these men have had very public troubles as of late. However, I personally believe all 4 should be invited to participate in the Democratic National Convention. I betcha that lying criminal Karl Rove who is still telling the big black man a.k.a. Congressman John Conyers on the hill (as in Capital Hill) he ain't coming to testify to nothing so quit asking him, even though there is a Government subpoena demanding his ass get before Congress for questioning ASAP! Betcha Karl Rove is invited to the their party's national convention... REGARDLESS.

Allow me to quote a small phrase from a legendary "General" of The Black Fist Organization, Co-founder of several other prominent black revolutionary organizations around the country, and one of the greatest black protesters of our time The Major General Minister Abdul Muhammad Ali in saying, "I bet you a dollar to a donut",[end quote] no-good Karl Rove'll be front and center & greeted like a royal king at this year's Republican National Convention in September 2008., in spite of his criminal misdeeds, flat-out refusal to testify before Congress, and the proverbial black cloud of deceit & deception hanging over his big fat head!

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Anonymous said...

Kwame Kilpatrick is DEFINITELY out.The man is not allowed to travel outside of the metro Detroit area and has a GPS tracker around his ankle. He has bigger issues to deal with at the present, including 10 felony charges, the FBI is closing in on him, and the murder/execution of a stripper(s). Obama doesn't want him nowhere near him and I don't blame him. Kwame Kilpatrick is a disgrace.