Saturday, August 9, 2008


That is the question we ask today. We hear alot of national and local rhetoric regarding the issue of "Black Leadership". On a national level we hear the conversation as it pertains to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama being a "black leader". Is Sen. Obama a "black leader?" And on a local level we hear the conversation ad nauseam from an ex-one-term council negro who demands that you follow him blindly without question because he claims to "love you so" and claims to have a proven "track record in the community." What do you think? Do black folks even need a leader? Can the so-called America Negro survive without one? Are organizations like the NAACP, Rainbow Push and The National Action Network to name a few, what you Mr. & Mrs. Negro look to when there's trouble in black America? We are asking these very relevant questions and we want to hear from you.
(The picture above is from a known uncle Sambo by the name of Jesse Lee Peterson. We chose the cover art of his book ONLY to highlight the content of this blog entry. And NOTHING else.) BLACK POWER!

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