Sunday, August 17, 2008


Pictured above are 3 photographs. The first photo is of a woman with an electronic monitoring unit on her leg similar to the one placed on the ashy leg of the criminal I will be discussing here today . The second photo is a picture of the legendary ventriloquist comedy act, Willie Tyler and Lester, circa 1975. The third photo is a comparison photo. A picture of a black midget dressed in a uniform attempting to look like some sort of important MINI-"general". Same as a certain black MIDGET who slithers around the City of Cincinnati who wants to be as important as a MINI-"general", yet this black midget is only important within the walls of his small crazed mind. However, this black Cincinnati midget is the same height as the midget depicted above just add 250 lbs of fat & flab, and this is the little black midget I will also be discussing here today. So let's begin the discussion. For those of you who don't know already, Lester is the wooden dummy who sits on Willie Tyler's lap. Willie Tyler is the black man, a ventriloquist by profession. As most of you know by now, I have not one but TWO delusional stalkers who feel in their collectively twisted minds it's perfectly OK to threaten and stalk a person who is NOT nor HAS EVER bothered either one of them. Well I suppose, if the two of them are so ignorant, dumb and stupid they can't see the handwriting on the wall that's ultimately gonna be on the two of them. Let the chips fall exactly where they may. In any event, the first [bi polar] stalker of record. CRIMINAL RECORD that is (and who by the way will not be named here. I'm sure by now those of you who read this blog know EXACTLY who she is), is currently playing the role of the black man, ventriloquist Willie Tyler. The role of the HUMAN dummy, who also happens to be the same height as Lester the wooden dummy (I hope I'm not offending Lester the wooden dummy) is currently being portrayed by a teeny tiny little REJECT from society. REJECT from The Black Fist Organization. REJECT from Wal-Mart. REJECT from Home Depot. REJECT from several temporary Toilet Cleaning Services. REJECT from many other small time low paying located way-out-in-no-mans-land type jobs. REJECT from several Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority Projects. All places & living quarters this uneducated trouble making clown used to occupy before he was FIRED and EVICTED. This lonely unemployed uneducated midget I'm referring to, has been exposed by name in previous blog entries. The little loser will not be named here today due to the fact that's exactly what this little lustful creep wants. The attention NOBODY else will give him. (For The Sake of Reference See Blog Entries From: July 19, 2008. 5:05 pm & July 26, 2008. 12:00 pm) As promised, I vowed to keep the community informed on these two crazed envious misfits. One an already CONVICTED FELON with an electronic monitoring unit on her leg right now as we speak. The other well on his way to becoming one if he keeps fucking around on the criminal side of life and continue letting the CURRENT felon stick her hand up his little black back using him like a crash test dummy -Or- in this case a crash test VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY. Yes you've guessed it, my faithful readers, the felon who is ordered by the courts of Hamilton County NOT to stalk me in any way shape, form or fashion has violated that order and is now awaiting trial for her heinous crimes. So in knowing she's in deep deep legal trouble but somehow thinking she's smarter than the judge and the courts this bi polar felon now uses a very willing illiterate broke DUMMY to speak her terroristic words FOR HER and spread her hatred and vicious lies FOR HER. While at the same time the HUMAN DUMMY gets to release all of his long suppressed (to the public) nasty sexual lustful disgusting fantasies/desires he's ever had about me. Yes, folks the HUMAN dummy wanted to have his way sexually with General Nikki X for a looong looong time even alluding to it on several occasions while a short-lived member of The Black Fist Organization. When General Nikki X realized his twisted nasty lust-filled desires and INTENTIONS (along with his very unprofessional and disrespectful actions within the organization) he was told point blank, "Ain't nothing EVER happening in this life or the next between you and I sexually or in any way else. We are soldiers in this organization and THAT'S IT!" The little fool (looking fore lorn, sad-eyed and dejected) pretended like he understood my bold pronouncements even sending me a couple of emails apologizing for being "disrespectful" and for making me "feel very uncomfortable". Yet this new Lester the HUMAN Dummy continued making innuendos indicating his nasty lust-filled fantasies and desires toward me which were ALWAYS emphatically rejected and denounced straight to his little greasy grimy face! I'll tell you friends, this organization breathed a big breath of relief when in or around early to mid-2005 an email of resignation arrived in our inbox from this dummy stating, "I, The Delegate Resign from The Black/Blax Fist. Goodnight." We wished him a lightening quick GOODBYE! & "Good luck on your future endeavors" (That resignation was and is still posted on this blog). Then we raised our collective black fist high in the air! GLAD HE WAS GONE FOREVER seeing as he was just an off-again on-again off-again halfway protester in the first place. Never did this midget really show up at any major black revolutionary events or protest. While known for making excuses why he said he'd be there and never showed up. (the midget never could hold down a steady job yet his excuse was always "I had to work." Go figure.) In any event, this new Lester the HUMAN Dummy disappeared for about a year or so after his emailed resignation so you can imagine my somewhat surprise when, YES YOU GUESS IT, Lester the HUMAN Dummy showed up on the arm of the bi polar stalker accompanying her to her court dates. Freely frequently & always UNDER OATH OF PERJURY lying on her behalf against me. Well, in thinking back on all the soldier-like camaraderie I showed that punk in the short time he [some times] occupied space in The Black Fist (not to mention putting up cold hard cash to bail the lil bitch outta jail when he was arrested in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse, as I was trained a true live soldier on the battlefield should.) The SAME Hamilton County Courthouse he ultimately LIED on me in. I should've figured all along he'd lie, lie and lie some more if he was finally getting some long-awaited tail he knew he'd NEVER EVER get from me. In his sick mind a female ANY FEMALE was FINALLY paying some attention to him. In essence.. The MIDGET (in his depraved mind) had finally found someone [else depraved] to love him. And since that time, this tiny won't grow traitorous sambo has been on a one way FAILED mission to destroy my good name and character. His sexual obsessions for me so long and somewhat hidden from others (till now) has boiled over to the surface uncontrolled and egged on by the hatred and filth my bi polar stalker continuously feeds his lonely empty brain. I can only imagine those long late night calls just burning up those wireless phone cards plotting and planning their next vicious attack on me. The new little Lester the HUMAN Dummy admits to being a "violent person", admits to being a "woman beater", admits to being jailed on concealed weapons charges, admits to having 11 children, and is currently just 1 step from being evicted out onto the hard streets of Cincinnati for non-payment of back rent on his shack (according to court records). Yet it is crystal clear that his main goals in life are the crimes of threatening, stalking, terrorizing, carrying concealed weapons (guns, switchblades, hammers & kitchen knives), cyberstalking and the list goes on & on. Included but never limited to, his relentless non-stop pursuit of pornographic sexual exploitation, intimidation of a witness and sexual harassment all of which are CRIMES which could land this dummy right where he can NEVER terrorize, stalk and dehumanize anyone else. This big/little cyber DUMMY is so confused and filled with psychosis he doesn't know whether to hate me on behalf of the bi polar felon -OR- (in his sick twisted mind) take this opportunity to fulfill his pent-up deviant sexual fantasies/desires for me.. One way or The other. How sick and twisted is that? I'd suggest the new Lester the HUMAN Dummy get some kind of hospitalized psychological treatment but I believe its entirely too late for this nut job. It has become crystal clear that this little filthy freak has been mentally & sexually depraved for a very very very LONG TIME! Way before I ever had the misfortune of knowing his miserable existence. I will not spend any more time today on these two criminal elements. My very fulfilling life pushes on. However, I wanted to keep my promise to the readers and concerned inquiring friends and associates of this website by letting all of you know General Nikki X is STILL under attack and General Nikki X is STILL fighting back by way of any and every legal means necessary! As administrator of this site I absolutely refuse to funky up this website with the likes of those two losers on a daily basis, but please note that when I'm not reporting on the evil antics of The New "Willie Tyler & Lester" Show it doesn't mean all is well and they have decided to move on and leave me alone. NO! It just means "The Black Fist Blog", the ONLY official website of this organization is committed to giving you all the news, views & opinions you simply can't get anywhere else from the black militant perspective as we've done for the last 3 years with no intentions of falling short! While we have no doubt The NEW Willie Tyler and HER HUMAN dummy Terry, I mean, Lester are bound and determined to commit continual acts of evil against their own black brothers and sisters... just below the radar screen. They are a DISGRACE before the Creator. A DISGRACE to the black community. A DISGRACE to black womanhood. A DISGRACE to black manhood. The REAL Willie Tyler & Lester are great legends of comedy for close to 50 years now. I've loved their act since I was a little girl as I'm sure all of you out there do as well. The NEW Willie Tyler as portrayed by a homeless bi polar convicted felon on house arrest (shacked up in somebody's house. NOT hers) and The NEW Lester the HUMAN Dummy as portrayed by an evil penniless sexually frustrated rejected lying little midget formerly of this organization NEVER to return have created a situation that will leave no one laughing in the end. No one EXCEPT those who reside in Marysville Womens Correctional Prison and Lucasville Mens Correctional Prison. When those two dummies finally reach their FINAL DESTINATIONS. STALKING IS A CRIME. I AM PUBLICLY DEMANDING ONCE AGAIN THAT THE TWO OF YOU STOP STALKING ME IMMEDIATELY! IT DOESN'T GET ANY PLAINER THAN THAT! LIVE YOUR OWN MISERABLE LIVES AND LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE! BLACK FIST, BLACK POWER, BLACK NATION IS THE BLACK FIST OFFICIAL BATTLE CRY!!! KEEPING PEACE IN THE STREETS IS THE ULTIMATE NAME OF THE GAME!!!


Harold said...

I'm truly sorry to hear this type of terrible thing is still happening to you General. It's a sad day in the black community when 2 black people conspire together to attack another black person. Just be safe and keep exposing those 2 evil miscreants for the evil bastards they are! Take care Sister X love your site I read it daily

Anonymous said...

Boy I'll tell you your choice of phrasing to tear a new one in somebody is out of this world lol!!!! I laughed so laugh I'm still laughing typing this comment lol!!! Of course your situtation is no laughing matter them 2 assholes need to be in jail just 2 crazys with nothing else better to do. You let 'em have though. I commend you on your fight and thank you for this blog and all you do in the community. Peace be upon you Sister!

Anonymous said...

Putting that Willie Tyler and Lester youtube up there was classic sister X I'd forgoten all about them that skit they did was funny too. Calling your stalkers Willie Tyler and Lester was pure genious they's better watch out cause people ain't playing with nobody and times is too hard out here to be bullshiting and fucking with people for sho! Watch your back and keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Damn that mess still going on? Hate to hear it sister but glad to know its in the hands of the law cause you already know you'd be in prison if you did something to either one of them fools and you smart enough sister to know neither one of them is worth it. I thought that guy delegate had more sense than to hook up wit that bitch well never mind I thought brother Kabaka had more sense too. We saw what happened to him.

Anonymous said...

Willie Tyler. You sure brought back memories with him. He is still doing his act on luxury liners and small nightclub venues he was just featured in JET magazine a few weeks ago didn't know if you knew that. Your post hurt my heart to read because it would seem you've been through enough these last couple of years to have to endure more of the same betrayal. Stand strong and remember you are blessed and highly favored my sister. Highly favored.
Your sister in the struggle, Dina

General Nikki X said...

1. Harold: Thank you for thoughtful words. I appreciate them. Unfortunately black devils exist all over the planet especially it would seem right here in good 'ol Sinsinnati. You said you read this site daily? Well keep on reading brother it can only get better!

2. anonymous #1: I do my best in whatever blog I post. Laughing is always the best medicine. I'll be laughing to when this is all over & just deserts are given in abundance. Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

3. anonymous #2: Yeah 'ol Willie Tyler & Lester are something else! As far as the advice you've so graciously given to the criminal, I hope they will take your advice to heart. We know they are reading this daily. I appreciate your words & keep reading The Black Fist Blog!

4. anonymous #3: To answer your question YES this "mess is still going on". Sad isn't it. To response to the rest of your comment I'll just say this:
A. I have no intention of doing anything to anybody. The judicial system needs to do its job as its set forth to do.
B. Yes we did see what happened to him. And some people never learn.

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

5. Beloved Sister Dina: You are a true sister in the struggle whom I've known for years. You know what time it is don't you? Thank you for your comment and your love sis.
Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Them clowns you talk about need to quit youre right they are nothing but haters they nees to mind they own business and then go jump in the rivers! Stay strong X willie tyler and lester the new ones sound like they need to be under the jail!

Anonymous said...

lol! You tore "lester the human dummy" a new one! It's a shame that haters are running rampant in our community. They need to quit before its too late. Take care sister

Anonymous said...

And til' this day Dude's punk ass is still lying on you with some of the most bazzarist lies of stories I've read on the planet. Bro. JT.