Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(From Cincinnati.com)

Cincinnati City Council this afternoon (08/06/08) rejected a plan for red light cameras in the city. The council vote was tied, so the proposal failed. Supporters of the plan said the cameras reduce accidents, by prompting drivers to be more careful. Opponents say its nothing more than a scheme to raise money. When council originally approved the plan, it was presented to help funding for social services, snow removal, police and fire. Mayor Mallory had threatened to veto red light cameras if council would have approved them. In today's vote (08/06/08), Qualls, Cranley, Monzel, and Thomas voted in support of the cameras. Bortz, Berding and Cole opposed the cameras. Leslie Ghiz remains on maternity leave. --End of Cincinnati.com Story-- Well, my faithful readers, the question today is: "Are you FOR -or- AGAINST red light cameras coming to Sinsinnati. Set up specifically to catch and digitally record the license plate numbers of your vehicle?" Keep in mind that whether its you or someone else driving your vehicle YOU the OWNER of the vehicle will be ordered to pay the fine. It is our understanding that the violation ticket as a result of the red light cameras digital recording, will automatically be sent to the address on record with the Department of Motor Vehicles. And due to where these red light cameras will more than likely be installed, that will be YOU Mr. & Mrs. Sinsinnati Negroe! Come on now! "Did you really think "The Man" downtown is gonna contract with some big white-owned and operated company and pay them your big tax dollars to install these things in neighborhoods like Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, The West Side, Cheviot and/or some other predominately white neighborhood?".... We sincerely hope y'all ain't that ignorant, dumb and stupid!

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