Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(Updated Information from The Black Fist Blog. Most of this story comes from Cincinnati.com)
Despite Cincinnati City Council's rejection last week (08/06/08) of a plan to install red-light cameras, one councilman says he's not ready to give up - even with the possibility of voters rejecting the idea in November. Councilman Cecil Thomas, chairman of council's Law and Safety Committee, plans to write legislation that would allow cameras at intersections throughout the city. He'll introduce that plan next month. "It's just one of these situations where we might save a life, he said." The next proposal, he said, will be written to say that any revenue from the tickets issued from red-light cameras would be spent on improving safety, including possibly on more speed bumps in neighborhoods that request them. Several council members, including Chris Bortz and Jeff Berding, said they might have favored a camera law if the purpose had been safety rather than raising money. The city's current budget, approved by council, included $1 million in assumed revenue from cameras. Thomas said there's no harm in moving forward with another proposal even if opponents of the cameras say they've got enough signatures to put a permanent ban on the November ballot for voters to decide upon. Even if council approved a camera law shortly after he introduces it, Thomas said cameras wouldn't go up right away. Mayor Mark Mallory had said he would veto the bill if it had passed. When it failed 4-4 last Wednesday, he joked, "I've been robbed." He said he's not convinced the cameras improve safety. His predecessor, Charlie Luken, vetoed a camera bill in 2005. Thomas said he hopes if the new camera proposal draws more council support, the mayor will reconsider his threat to veto it. --End of Story-- Well, my faithful readers, your good 'ol councilman Cecil Thomas just won't quit will he? It's not surprising. Cecil loves to make the white-controlled establishment and its white citizens smile with pride. White folks in this city can always count on Cecil Thomas, the black man to deliver their wishes IN FULL. Pitiful how Cecil is just grasping at straws trying to re-write and re-work the language of this thing to suit a better view point so council will ultimately approve it. OH & ONE MORE THING: The oldest Negro organization in town reports that the Hamilton County Board of Elections has pre-certified more than 6,000 signatures by a variety of different individuals to put the measure on the ballot in November. The Black Fist Blog will certainly keep you Mr. & Mrs. Black Sinsinnati updated on the red light camera deal. So Stay Tuned!

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