Thursday, August 7, 2008


The video below is a 2 mintue 20 second exerpt from the movie entitled "In Broad Daylight". Originally, a 1988 novel by author Harry N. MacLean. This fascinating piece was based on actual events that took place in 1981 in the town of Skidmore, Missouri. In 1992, it was made into a made-for-television movie of the same name. The movie tells the story of real life terroristic town bully and stalker named, Kevin Rex McElroy (the name was changed to Len Rowan for the movie version). A man who thought he could terrorize and threaten the townspeople of Skidmore, by doing whatever evil he wanted to do to them and thinking all the while nothing would ever happen to him. Kevin Rex McElroy/Len Rowan thought he could threaten and bully these people whenever he wanted to threaten and bully them because everyone was afraid of him. Kevin Rex McElroy/Len Rowan thought he could stalk, harrass, and point guns at people even going so far as to actually assault the residence of Skidmore and nothing would ever happen to him. This bully, Kevin Rex McElroy/Len Rowan stole from the General Store (terrorizing and threatening the storeowner into never calling the sheriff on him...or else). He destroyed and stole property from the townspeople at whim thinking they were so terrified of him they'd never report the destruction and theft to the authorities. This big bad bully, Kevin Rex McElroy/Len Rowan, thought somewhere deep within his crazed sick criminally twisted perverted ego-driven mind NOTHING would ever on this earth happen to him. Why would he think that? Well, in the book and movie, this big bad bully truly thought he had EVERYBODY in the town punked out, terrified, petrified and shaking in their boots and HE DID! Of course, he thought he was smarter than everybody else even going so far as to terrorizing his own wife and family. Bullying them into keeping their mouths shut and looking the other way in lieu of all the evil deeds he continued to do to them and to others. He thought because no one in the town and no one in his own family fought back against his terroristic threats and unlawful behaviour...THEY NEVER WOULD. Wow! What a surprise the big bad bully Kevin Rex McElroy/Len Rowan got in the end! If you, my faithful readers, would like to read and/or view this amazing eye opening true life story I know that (as late as the posting of this entry), Ebay and are selling the book and the DVD on their collective websites. I would strongly suggest everyone who believes in the biblical concept of "An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth"... "You reap what you sow"... "Venegance is mine saith the Lord"... "Live and Let Live" and so on and so forth to read this explosive book and view this equally explosive DVD movie called "In Broad Daylight". Then seriously consider and ask yourself this question: "Is being a so-called big bad bully terrorizing and threatening people who have never done anything to cause themselves to be terrorized and threatened, never done anything to the big bad bully except mind their own business and live their own lives really worth the truth and the consequence that could befall the big bad bully in the end for continuing on in his or her evil destructive pathway into hell?" Cause I'm quite sure in the opinion of those who have today found themselves in the unfortunate position of being continuously terrorized and threatened (as the townspeople of Skidmore, Missouri were back in 1981) for absolutely NO REASON except for that fact some self-destructing fool bully thinks he or she can get away with it unscathed would not. The advice to [the bully] would be to seriously consider rethinking the very unwise and very unhealthy choices to continue doing evil to others. And maybe just maybe after reading this book and viewing this DVD, the so-called big bad bully [himself] will think twice, reconsider his or her own pattern of unlawful actions, turn away from a no-win straight pathway into hell and leave well enough alone. And maybe just maybe those thoughts will hopefully -SOONER than later- cross the mind of the big bad bully.....before its absolutely and irreversibly too late. Stalking in any form is a CRIME. Becoming a victim in any form is NOT an option. If someone is NOT bothering you, the best thing to do is to LEAVE THEM ALONE. The life you save could ultimately be your OWN. Brothers and Sisters Let's Always Keep Peace In The Streets.

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