Friday, August 1, 2008


This video is very interesting to say the least. Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama gets heckled by protesters in ST. Petersburg, Florida during a town hall style meeting. The hecklers, who are black men, wanted to know why Sen. Obama hasn't spoken out on any real issues regarding the black community. Hurricane Katrina, The Sean Bell murder case in New York, Police brutality, Black injustice, Jena 6, and the Housing and Predatory lending crisis are just a few of the questions asked of Sen. Obama.

Listen closely to Sen. Obama as he attempts to answer one of the heckler's very legitimate questions.

The first video is the heckling, disruption and reactions from the audience and Mr. Obama himself.

The second video is the actual questioning of Sen. Obama by one of the hecklers, a black man, and the Senator's answers. (notice how the man holding the microphone made sure his grip on the mic was EXTRA firm)

Watch both videos. Tell us what you think after viewing the entire exchange. Then take a moment to answer our question of the day:

"Do you think the answers Sen. Barack Obama gave to that black mans' very legitimate questions put to rest the questions some in the black community are asking, and do you think the Senator has ever spoken directly to Black America's issues and concerns?"


Harold said...

I think those men were John McCain plants trying to make Obama look bad.

Anonymous said...

Now this negro is talking about no reparations and apology for blacks for slavery on his watch! The buzz is talking about it right now. Has Barack Obama lost his natural mind?

Anonymous said...

The man asked his question, "Why have you not addressed these concerns?"

Obama answered him. It was interesting to watch that the man did not want to hear the answers to the questions he asked.

He does sound like a McCain supporter, but I doubt he is. Again, Obama shows class even among the classless.