Saturday, August 9, 2008


Coming this fall and reportedly BEFORE the 2008 presidential election, Hollywood director Oliver Stone will present his long-awaited movie depicting the life and presidency of the 43rd president of this nation, George W. Bush simply titled, "W". Those on the right along with nightly right-wing media talking heads are already dubbing the film "a fabricated flop". While others are already dubbing it "the absolute TRUTH". I, for one anticipate the release of this movie. I'm pleased that Oliver Stone had the guts to at least release the movie to the public BEFORE old "W" (or "Dub-ya" as its pronounced) leaves office NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN! When the official trailer for this film is released you can rest assure, my faithful readers, I'll post it right here for your viewing. Until then check out what CNN's Jack Cafferty and others have to say about the upcoming biopic, "W".
Then ask yourself this question: "Will you slap down your $10 bucks to see this biopic when it hits a theatre near you?" -Or- "Will you just write it off as a tale of fiction by "Bush haters" and save your dough?"

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Anonymous said...

Jack Cafferty needs his own show I watch him on CNN everyday and he's the ONLY one who is consistant and makes sense. As far the "W" movie I'll be first in line to pay my $10 believe that jack! Good post sister X