Saturday, March 24, 2012


(Pictured above: Not the actual white woman in the story only a depiction.)

Well, well, well, it looks like this online so-called social networking mess not only fucks up and destroys the relationships and homes of black folks. Here we have a case of a crazy white man age 44 going completely nuts after he finds out his ex-girlfriend 22 years his junior is now kicking it with a new man. Now how did the ex-boyfriend find out about the new boyfriend you wonder? You got it! The ex-girlfriend posted and plastered all of her business and all of her new boyfriend's business on none other than .... Facebook! Yes, that's correct the ex-girlfriend announced on her Facebook page that she now has a new boyfriend, and the ex-boyfriend who from all accounts took the breakup, uh, let's say, not so good from the jump, flipped the hell out and hunting the ex-girlfriend down to confront her... Let's say all did not go well.

As I have recently written here on The Black Fist Blog, this online so-called "social networking" thing is destroying the minds, hearts, and literally the bodies of both the negro and his woman. Online so-called "social networking" has been setting it off in the black community to where there are reports of negroes getting their fingers partially chopped off with extremely large kitchen butcher knives due to some slick willie black negro sitting at a computer screen lying to some broad "online" talking bout he single and ain't got no kids! Fuck that! In storms his angry betrayed hurt black woman to catch the negro in his wicked ungodly lie and she decides to put an end to his typing away at the computer keyboard and decides to "remove" the very thing that has aided her black negro man in his lie.... his fingers! Now there is a negro walking around the projects somewhere with 6 fingers to hold his black woman and play with his little children that he was lying about he didn't have in the first place! Pitiful! And that's just one of many many tales from the hood regarding this online so-called "social networking" chat room dating website bullshit.

But here today we have whitey fucking up his woman (his ex-woman) behind some Facebook shit! When will this shit stop!?!?!

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Description of the Video Below:
"A horrific murder suicide has left a town in shock after a doctor, 44, shot dead his ex- girlfriend, 22, before turning the gun on himself after she revealed on Facebook she had a new boyfriend. Dr Timothy Roses, a radiologist from Waterloo, Iowa, fatally shot Lindsay Nichols, of Evansdale, Iowa, in the chest before also shooting himself in the chest around 9pm on Wednesday night. They were found near an intersection in Jesup, where her new boyfriend lived. Roses was already dead and Lindsay died later in hospital. The pair were known to be in a relationship but it ended earlier this year. Friends say Lindsay was concerned about his behaviour since the breakup. Early on Wednesday, the pretty 22-year-old changed her relationship status to reveal she was in a new relationship with Chase Weber. Hours later, she was dead. According to KWWL, Roses followed Lindsay to her new boyfriend's home and shot her in the driveway when she wouldn't get into his car. Her boyfriend saw the whole thing and called 911. Lindsay was studying radiology at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, which is where she met Roses, according to her uncle. She was preparing to take her Iowa State Radiology Boards and, according to her family, wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Postings on Facebook show that Roses became obsessed with the petite blonde after they broke up".

(Video courtesy of KWWL)

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