Thursday, March 15, 2012


Jedidiah, 25 (pictured top), and his wife, Alyshia Alexander, 24 (pictured below), died of gunshot wounds from an alleged murder-suicide on Tuesday as they reportedly sat in their car outside of Jedidiah’s mother’s Kansas City home. The pair’s unharmed three young children, ages 1, 2, and 3, were in the backseat of the car, reports KCTV 5.

The Alexanders married in 2009, and although they had separated, Jedidiah was allowed to visit his children. Alyshia, who had taken out an order of protection against her husband, was seeking a divorce but he was reportedly dead-set against it.

According to Alyshia’s brother, Alfred Vine, the young woman had driven to the home of Jedidiah’s mother, which was where he lived, so that he could see his children. “I was the last one to talk to her before she went over there,” Vine said. “She said, ‘I’m going to drop the boys off.’”

The siblings, who were just a year apart in age, were practically inseparable. “I took care of her,” he said. “What hurts me the most … I couldn’t be there,” he said.

Relatives told police that the Alexanders had a dysfunctional relationship. Last March, police were called when Jedidiah shoved his wife’s face then broke the windshield of her car. The young Father had also been arrested in 2010 on a domestic battery charge.

Although Alyshia was born and raised in Kansas City and attended one of the local high schools there, no one knows exactly how she even met Jedidiah.

Meanwhile, the children, who were discovered splattered with blood and holding their ears as they lay crying across the vehicle’s backseat, will be cared for by Alyshia’s mother, Bridget Mitchell.

“They think that they’re just spending some time at Nana’s house. But eventually, I’m going to have to deal with when they ask, ‘Where’s Mommy?’ I’m going to have to tell them,” Mitchell told KCTV 5 before becoming overcome with grief. “And that’s the hardest part. Because I know I have to tell them. I have to deal with that.”

Despite the horrific turn of events that have occurred, Mitchell says that her son-in-law was in fact a good Father to his children and she even sends condolences to his family.

(Story Courtesy of Your Black World & KCTV 5)


Here we go again brothers & sisters! Another case of "domestic violence" in our black community. How many times will we have to read, hear, or see a case of a black man hell-bent on mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically destroying his black woman? What the hell is going on? This black man, Jedidah did not know how to let go of his wife when she had made it abundantly clear that she no longer wanted a relationship or a marriage with this man.

Domestic violence is an epidemic in the black community. We must learn to communicate with each other and respect each other enough to sit down with one another and listen to each other. Not to say that is the end all to be all answer to stopping domestic violence, NO! Absolutely not. What I am saying is communicate is the key to understanding what your significant other is trying to tell you, and if your significant other is telling you point blank that "It's Over", then no matter how hard it is to accept .... ACCEPT IT! And move the hell on! Destruction, Mayhem, and Death is definitely NOT the answer!

Damn! I hate stories like this one. Now there are three little black children without a mother, and a father. We pray these poor little children will someday come to terms with what their father did to their mother.

Jesus help them, and help us (the black community) too.

Domestic Violence: When Black Love Goes So Very Wrong!

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Anonymous said...

damn in front of the kids homie?????? These brothers need to get it together shit if the woman don't wantcha no more move the fuck on dont kill the woman just kill yo'self ahk!

Bro. K. L. on tha real