Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

Take a look and listen at these ignorant trailer park hate-filled white folks down in the "great" state of Mississippi. They sound and look ignorant, dumb, and stupid and we here at The Black Fist Blog don't ever mind putting them on display for all of you black Kings & Queens!

Note: That one ol' devil in the video says he hates the government yet he is receiving government food stamps, oops I mean "nutritional assistance". I had to make the correction to my terminology because that is what the government is calling food stamps these days now that the white man, his white woman, and their white child are the predominate race in AmeriKKKa to collect the benefits as not to literally starve to death within their homes!

Final Question: I wondered after viewing this very revealing film, did the maker of the film deliberately seek out the peckerwoods with no teeth -or- did it just work out that way?

The following video is just a 2 minute-plus synopsis of an entire 90 minute to 2 hour documentary soon to air on HBO. Check your local listings for days and times.

Until Next Time!!!

(Video courtesy of Alexandria Pelosi &WorldStar)


Anonymous said...

That's a damn shame boy! This shit is fucked up in 2012 good post beautiful sister it goes to show what you always say that we as black people need to stay on high alert for these devils!

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

That bullshit was crazy these honkeys are to stupid and where the fuck they teeth? thats shit was funny as hell cuz they sound so dumb!

Bro. K.L. (mama)