Saturday, March 17, 2012


With the warm spring weather upon us we see all kinds of "activities" out here in the hood! And the brothers you will see in the video below put on a show! It just goes to show that The Black Man is The Most Powerful Man on The Planet .... F**k what'cha heard!

Check it out ladies, and to all the brothers out there, you are truly blessed in everything you do!!!

(video courtesy of worldstar)


Trina said...

Damn!!! I KNOW its getting hot in here where i'm at! them some sexy brothers big strong mandinka nigga YEE-AAHH!

Anonymous said...

Shit Nikki X I can out pull up them niggas

Bro. K. L.

Anonymous said...

ThaT is Great Brothas', and keep up the greatness with the exercisement of work outs.Sista' Nikki X's statement is true WE Are Most Powerful with this. Bro. JT