Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(Pictured above are not the actual whites involved in this story. These pictures are dramatizations only)

Watch the following short video and you will see how the white man behind closed doors goes super crazy in his home on his white woman in front of his white kids when he doesn't get his way. This domestic violence thing is running rampant all over,
and due to the high volume of emails I am still receiving regarding our five-part series: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST THE BLACK WOMAN I am compelled to listen to the pain and agony of my sisters and continue the series. So in the next week or so I will restart our series and look forward to hearing the stories of domestic violence from our faithful readers, both male and female.

My beautiful black sisters you are not alone! I am here and I am listening. Please email me your pain and your comments to: askgeneralnikkix@yahoo.com --
Also please feel free to leave your stories and comments on this website under one of our domestic violence articles.

To endure alone is what's unacceptable when dealing with and suffering under the painful humiliation of domestic violence. And as long as I am here running this website you will ALWAYS have a place to talk about it and feel safe!

God Bless All My Beautiful Black Sisters!
Brothers, We Love You Too ... However, You Must Learn To Control Emotions and Your Swinging Fist.

" woman has uploaded her video to the internet showing her getting punched by her boyfriend, a disturbing case of domestic abuse. The worst part is her kids were in the room to witness the whole thing. Watch how dude tries to explain to his kids and the recording tape how his girlfriend punched him in the face first. When she did not punch him at all. Then he storms over and turns off the recorder". Submitted by @aj904 (Video courtesy of WorldStarHipHop)

Check this out:


Anonymous said...

What in the fuck?!?!? Yeah you right this shit gotta stop!

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Crazy Bastard! Bro. JT.