Friday, March 23, 2012


(Pictured: Trayvon's grieving parents. The comparasion photo of Trayon Martin and Emmitt Till, 2 black children from 2 different eras in time both unjustly murdered. Their crime? Just being BLACK! Trayvon's shool picture.)

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Today's Friday flashback to the past is a sad one. It is a tribute to our dear beloved little brother Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was murdered in Sanford, Florida 29 days ago. His killer George Zimmerman still has yet to be arrested for killing unarmed Trayvon, a child.

Zimmerman is a white man.
Trayvon was a black child.

Here's Aretha Franklin singing "Someday We'll All Be Free". This song was also played during the end credits of the now historical epic biopic Malcolm X Starring Denzel Washington from 1992. Twenty years ago.

Thinking about the black struggle for freedom and justice, racism, hatred, slavery, and Bro. Minister Malcolm X along with the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and the assassination of our beloved brother Malcolm X back in 1965 and the murder of Emmitt Till another black child gunned down at age 14 just 10 years before Bro. Min. Malcolm in 1955 made me think of this particular song.

Little Bro. Emmitt's 4 white racist killers went to trial and was found not guilty by an all white jury of their "peers". Soon thereafter, those same murders of Emmitt Till gave an interview to Look Magazine where they confessed and bragged about how they tortured and murdered little Emmitt. The law and rules of "Double Jeopardy" prevented those 4 white bastards from being re-tried.

No one has ever served a day in prison for the 1955 murder of Emmitt Till.

In conclusion: Brothers & sisters, this week I won't say "enjoy", all I'll say is .... Listen.

For Trayvon

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