Monday, March 26, 2012


(Pictured: Michelle Butler courtesy of Somebody's Jail System. Notice the tear in the corner of Ms. Butler's eye)

The maggots were discovered by nurses treating the 10-month year old after he was taken to the hospital by family members who noticed he had a fever and was tugging on his ears.

According to reports Butler took the baby to someone else's house who pleaded with her to take the child to get medical attention. But for some reason she did not listen. After giving the baby Tylenol, family members took the infant to the hospital. When nurses removed the baby's diaper, maggots fell out.

When police investigated Butler's home, they found baby food, formula and diapers amongst filth. Blood and urine tests on the baby also revealed that he'd been exposed to marijuana.

Butler was arrested for child neglect but has since been released on bond. She tells reporters that she plans on getting her child back.

Authorities say a mother has been arrested after maggots were found in her 10-month-old daughter's diaper and the infant tested positive for exposure to marijuana.

Honea Path police said Tuesday that 20-year-old Michelle Butler is charged with unlawful neglect of a child. Investigators say Butler took the child to someone else, who called 911 after telling Butler several times the child needed to go to the doctor. Police say maggots fell out of the baby's diaper when nurses took it off and tests showed the infant was exposed to marijuana.Officers visited Butler's home and found diapers, baby food and formula, but said the home was messy and dirty.It wasn't clear if Butler had an attorney.

(story courtesy of loop21, wctinews channel12, and the associated press)
What the shit (no pun intended) is this brothers and sisters?!? How many times will we heard these types of neglectful, stupid, dumb, ignorant, and downright ghettofied stories like this one?!? What the hell was on this black mother's mind to allow her babies' diaper to become so damn filthy and dirty with maggots? We here at The Black Fist Blog hate to hear that our people have been in this country around these dirty filthy "beast" for so long that we (black people) have taken on their dirty filthy "beastly" traits!

We pray that the baby is doing well and is in the custody of loving and caring hands, and we pray Michelle Butler the baby's mother gets her shit together ... and get it together fast!

Final Question: Where in the hell is this child's father???

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Anonymous said...

I don't Know what in all out hell was on this Black woman's Mind,and heart to as much as Have her loving,innocence of Black people's creativity to be uncared for. Soap is .53 cents at the Dollar store, and water is basically free. We are praying for that Baby, and the child's mother to get herself together, and we do mean fast.This is such so tiring to hear and/or see ghettofied black folks doing this Sh*t. It is sickening. Bro JT.