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New Birth (also known as The New Birth) is an American funk and R&B group, originally conceived in Detroit, Michigan by former Motown songwriter/producer and veteran musician Vernon Bullock, and co-founded in Louisville, Kentucky by Vernon, with former Motown songwriter/producer Harvey Fuqua, and music industry veterans, Tony Churchill, James Baker, Austin Lander, Robert "Lurch" Jackson, Leroy Taylor, Charlie Hearndon and Nathaniel "Nebs" Neblett. The group is most notable for the hits "I Can Understand It", "It's Been a Long Time", "Wildflower" and "Dream Merchant".

In 1974, the group issued their hit album, It's Been a Long Time, which spawned the hits including the title track and their cover of the psychedelic single "Wildflower", which became a top ten hit in the UK singles chart. After the release of their sixth RCA album, Comin' From All Ends, the group split from RCA, Fuqua and their management company and signed with Buddah.

New Birth's Buddah debut, Blind Baby, featured the group's only number-one R&B single, a cover of the Jerry Butler classic, "Dream Merchant". After the release of the 1977 album, Behold The Mighty Army, the Wilson brothers split from the group following in-fighting and growing tensions in the group.

The group returned in 1979 James Baker, Tony Chruchill and Austin Lander introduce Jerry Bell as their new lead vocalist with Platinum City and in 1982 with the I'm Back album. Leslie Wilson had left the group to replace Jeffrey Osborne in L.T.D. Jerry Bell left the group in 1981 to become the lead vocalist for Motown's Dazz Band.

The Wilsons toured with a new ensemble as New Birth in 1994, and released a few albums under the new name in the decade since. Drummer Robin Russell released a solo CD entitled Drum Beats in 2004.

Since the group's initial split, their songs have been covered from the likes of Jamie Foxx, who sampled their cover of "Wildflower" for his 2005 hit, "Unpredictable". R&B group Something for the People sampled their "It's Been a Long Time" for their 1996 hit, "My Love is the Shhh". Rap artist Lil' Wayne sampled "You Don't Have to Be Alone" from their self-titled album in his song "La La", And again Jerry Bell's remake of "Its Been A Long Time." "You Are What I'm Talking About" was sampled for Junior Mafia's "Player's Anthem."

James Baker died in 1993 and Leroy Taylor passed away on 17 January 2012.

Dream Merchant

I Can Understand It

Wild Flower

Its Been A Long Time

Greetings Brothers & Sisters it's Friday so it's time for another flashback to the past! I hope you enjoyed this week's flashback, New Birth.

New Birth
is a name you may not be familiar with, but they are so heavy they need no introduction, only the straight facts and the music that followed. I personally love this group and I hope all of the original members who aren't dead reunite for a reunion CD and tour.

I am so pleased with the way our Friday Flashbacks are going that we will continue our series for as long as you our faithful readers demand and enjoy it! ;-)

This weeks selection is from the askgeneralnikkix "grab bag"! It is a dedication especially from me to all of you lover's out there! I personally hope all of you enjoy it! And I know what some of you ladies are out there are thinking about the lead singer(the brother in the picture with the red hat) .... Uh-huh! Me too sistahs! Me too!!! Hell yeah me too!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Stay tuned till next week for our next edition of "Friday Flashback To The Past" number 30! Yes, brothers & sisters we are already at number 30!
And I Thank You!



Trina said...

OMG!!! All those songs are the shit damn I havent heard them in a long ass time and Nikki X Y-E-S my sister dude lead singer is sexy as fuck lol! He is fine in that red hat I'm feeling ya' sister! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

YUP,But I can understand it. Bro.JT.