Friday, March 9, 2012


Welcome ! Welcome! Welcome Brothers & Sisters!

It's Friday! So you know it's time to flash back to the past in this our 28th edition.
This edition in our weekly series features a request from our dear brother and most faithful reader. Our dear Brotha K.L.!

Yes, Bro. K.L. took the time to email me about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I just had to revisit his song request. You know brothers & sisters, we here at The Black Fist Blog get a high volume of emails per week just for song request and I really wished I could do a flashback everyday of the week so all of you can get your songs on. But unfortunately, I can not. So please bear with me because I may have to do it like I did with Bro. K.L's. request ... reach back and revisit it ;-)

So without further ado, here is Bro. K.L's request:
This brother was one of the smoothest illest chocolatey brothers on the scene (remember ladies) back in the late 80's and 90's!

Who could ever forget "Big Daddy Kane"? Bro. K.L. couldn't and thanks to him you won't either!
Bro K.L. requested all 3 of these songs with a dedication to "someone special". So Bro. K. L. here you go brother and I hope you enjoy a flashback to the past with ..... Bro. Big Daddy Kane!

I Get The Job Done from the 1989 LP "It's A Big Daddy Thing"

'Nuff Respect from the 1991 Movie Soundtrack "Juice"

Smooth Operator from the 1989 LP "It's A Big Daddy Thing"

Well I be damn if that wasn't hot even 21 to 23 years ago! Big Daddy Kane wasn't no joke yesterday or today for real! We would like to once again thank Bro. K.L. for his request and for taking us back down memory lane to a time where we had "beepers" and no "cell phones", where we had "big gold chains" & the brothers had "high top fades".

And the ladies, we just had it ALL! Hahaha! Dig That!

Check us out next week for number 29 in our weekly series, Friday Flashback To The Past!



Anonymous said...

Yup yup! that's the shit ol' school Kane! the youngns don't know nothing bout that! Thanks babygirl Queen General for the play all 3 cause I though you'd pick just 1 of mine.
peace and much black love Bro. K. L.

Anonymous said...

And you dug out the ol' school Arsenio Hall too that's what's up girl Kane did his thang! We both get the job done girl!

Bro. K. L.

Trina said...

He is sexy and I forgot all about that song he had on the juice soundtrack with fine ass 2pac in that movie thanks Bro. K.L. & Nikki X for those songs they did bring back memories!

Anonymous said...

That nigga was the truth you hit it up this week Bro.K.L. good selection

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

I'ma have to dig out my old cassette player for my juice soundtrack now that was hot

Anonymous said...

Hey Big daddy Kane sexy nigga that song from Juice was popping.

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy Kane is still Kickin'. Bro. JT