Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(1st Picture is white racist Judge Richard Cebull. 2nd picture... well you know what that is)

Here comes another story of some white racist spewing his venom against President Obama. Only this time, the racist rhetoric comes from a sitting white racist federal judge. YES! That's right you heard me: A Sitting Federal Judge!

We in The Black Fist Organization and other national groups of conscience DEMAND that this judge steps down off the bench NEVER to run again for ANY elected office -AND- we DEMAND that ALL of this judge's cases involving BLACK defendants be re-opened and reviewed.

Because if this racist FEDERAL JUDGE can openly say The President of the United States (a black man) came from a dog then just how in the hell is this same FEDERAL JUDGE sentencing and adjudicating cases with BLACK defendants, male and female?!?

Naw! Hell Naw! We DEMAND this racist be yanked off the bench by the powers that be if he is NOT willing to step down on his own!

Read this following story below and you decided. I mean good God! This is 2012! When will this shit stop!?! But we are not surprised because The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "The devil can NOT be reformed"! ...

Oh, and how true that is. We will keep you updated on this story and we will not rest until this racist judge is removed from his seat.

Very Relevant Observations:
I have been telling y'all for years that the white man is completely and totally obsessed with bestiality. Also termed by the white man as "Animal Love" & "Backdoor Animal Love". I have done several blogs and articles on the nastiness of the white man and his woman regarding the unnatural rape and tramatization of these poor hapless creatures.

And here we have a sitting Federal Judge talking and spewing that same unnatural ungodly rhetoric!

Click here for the full story: Joking Judge a Disgrace to the Bench

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