Friday, March 10, 2006


Last night on the corner of Hutchins & Reading Rd., 2 black children, a boy and a girl, were wounded by gun fire. The ages of those children, the boy age 10 and the girl age 12, Both are at Childrens Hospital, both are expected to live.

If you listened to 1230am WDBZ "The Buzz," The Lincoln Ware Show today you heard General Nikki X call-in from the scene of that heinous double shooting to inform the community that "The Black Fist," were out there doing some investigatory work and talking with the black men and women who live in & around that area about what's really going on and about the things you don't hear about in the white controlled press & on the white controlled television news cast.

We also had a protest there with a very good turn out. The members of The Black Fist along with members of the Avondale community, black men and black women, who are fed-up and sick 'n' tired of being sick 'n' tired!

I have written in the past right here on this blog and in the Cincinnati Herald newspaper about the extreme amount of homicides in the black community. This has got to stop. We know the problems but what are the solutions?

Every year for about the last 5 years, The Black Fist have had our "Stop the Black Violence Protest," where we would protest once a week, every Thursday from 4pm-5pm (most times until the sun went down) in a different black community. Where we would talk to our people about stopping the violence in their communities, passing out informative literature, letting the people know what they can do to help themselves and encouraging our black community to stay alert, protect yourselves but always love one another as brothers and sisters. Along with informing the community that The Black Fist don't just talk but we are about action! And we passed out informative literature on what we have been doing in the community & what we are all about!
We were very successful in these communities and our people listened and alot of them even participated in the protest itself.

There were callers to The Buzz asking the same ol' question, "Where are the activist to get out there and stop this crime and these shootings?" Number 1, as I stated when I called in, the "activist" are out here and we are doing what activist do, but the real question is, "Where is the black community to get out here with us not hiding behind us or just calling talk radio stating the obvious?" I'm so tired of hearing black folks get tired of the killings for a day then its back to usual the next day or until the next shooting/killing!

2 little children were shot last night people!!! If that's not enough to be outraged about then I don't know what is.
As we stood on the corner of Reading Rd. & Hutchins, we saw 2 white women pass us by gaily jogging, smiling with their headphones on. Now the first thought that ran through my mind was, "If I were a white woman, I'd be jogging through Avondale right now too." Why? Because that's the safest place in the city right now, you see the white man and his woman KNOW not a hair on their heads will be ever be harmed and no bullet will ever graze their white skin in Avondale, Over-The-Rhine, Roselawn or any where else not by the hand of a black person...Oh no, because they know the ignorant negroes are only going to shoot other negroes.

The police are not doing their job! I don't care what rhetorical bullshit city councilmembers (old or current) push out here in defense of the police or the same ol' lying rhetoric Cincinnati Police Chief Tommyboy Streicher himself is pushing! The police have been on a slowdown every since 2001, they figured the activist were on their backs about police brutality and collabortive agreement & etc, so we'll just "slowdown" and in a little while those negroes will be screaming for us to come in their neighborhoods to save 'em from themselves!

The Cincinnati Police are paid by taxpayers dollars to fight crime NOT The Black Fist! We expect NO we demand the police to get off their proverbial blue asses and do their jobs!
If this were 2 children in Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Western Hills or (the white part of) Westwood -- All hell would be breaking out at City Hall from white community activist, at police districts 1,2,3,4, & 5 and the mayor (yes, Mayor Mark Mallory) would be in front of somebodies camera demanding something must be done and be ready to put big dollars behind the effort to stop crime and of course, hire more police!

The blacks out here that are shooting and killing each other are only making some members of this rogue Cincinnati police dept. & the Klu Klux Klan happy as hell. Now they don't have to lift a finger against us -- Black folks are doing their jobs for them!

I also heard former Cincinnati City councilwoman Alicia Reece call-in to The Lincoln Ware Show, I believe she was the first call of the day and she was on fire! She blasted the Mallory Administration down at City Hall, said they were'nt doing anything and talked about the short (less than 10 mins. some of them) meetings the city council have on their regularly scheduled Wednesday 2pm session. She said something that struck me as odd, when she was on council from 1999-2005 -- she did, (in the opinion of The Black Fist and based on the callers of that radio station and the people in the streets) basically nothing to further or help the black community whatsoever and I wonder if some of the shooters who are gunning down our black brothers and sisters and now our children in the streets of Cincinnati, were former residents of Hunnington Meadows, the housing complex where Alicia Reece and a couple of her close money-hungry pastor buddies hoodwinked the black people out of their homes with lies and deceit!?!

What also stuck me as strange was in the course of Reeces' call, in the midst of her so-called fiery lecture she referred to the unrest in 2001 as a "race-riot!"
Hhhhhmmmm, funny that when she was a sitting member of council the word "race" never fell from her lips in regards to the unrest. I suppose its safe to tell the truth now that her political "position" has changed!

The Bottom line is: The violence must end! I'm tired of picking up the newspaper and/or turning on the television to read or see another black person has been shot or killed. And all for what? Self-defense is one thing but what we have going on today is black brutality against other black folks and its not right and it must end!!!

We must utilize whatever medium we can to get the word out to our black community about this black against black violence. Not use the airwaves and internet for personal crybaby bullshit. It's a waste of time and for real, most people aren't even listening to alot of the garbage that's been floating around here these past couple of months and the ones who are listening are laughing their heads off. General Nikki X and The Black Fist only care about the salvation and liberation of the Black nation! P-E-R-I-O-D!

If you are not legitimately about that, we are NOT interested. And by the conversations we had today on the corner of Reading Rd. & Hutchins with the black people who live and work in that area -- neither are they! They are trying to stay alive and keep their children safe from hurt, harm & danger.

And that's what The Black Fist will be assisting them in doing!

We have too many problems and not enough soldiers but the ones we have are dedicated to the cause and we will continue to fight against police brutality, fight against the Klan and educate and protest against this sick wave of black against black violence, by any means necessary!

The Black Fist have dedicated our lives to fighting against police brutality and exposing dirty, rotten, no-good rogue cops in the City of Cincinnati and seeking the imprisonment of said police when they kill one of us unjustifiably!
But how can we keep on railling against the police when they kill us when blacks who gun down other blacks and do a host of other stupid crimes, keep the pigs in our hoods and in our faces?!?

Don't get it twisted, The Black Fist will always stand toe-to-toe with the pigs when they brutalize and murder black people in the streets like dogs!.......

But who besides The Black Fist will stand toe-to-toe with the conscienceness of black people to declare.....THE VIOLENCE PERPETRATED EACH OTHER MUST END?

Your comment and concerns are welcomed on this very serious topic. Please heed our words and respect & protect Black life.

We're doing our part.
Are you doing yours?


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