Monday, March 20, 2006


Here we go again! The City of Cincinnati is once again trying to negotiate a big money making revelopment deal on the banks on the shores of the Ohio River, appropiately called: The Banks Deal. A developer is needed in the construction of this high-profile $700 million economic deal. And once again, in the city of Cincinnati --The Black man is always the last (if at all) to be considered for a big money making economic project such as this one, just ask Bros. Jim Clingman and Ken Price.

This story comes straight off of the devil's online newspaper, "The Cincinnati Enquirer."
Dig this.....


The high-profile Banks project in downtown Cincinnati doesn't have a developer yet, but several community groups already fear that minority and women owned contractors will be shut out of the work. The Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP and at least 10 other organizations plan a press conference Monday to urge city and county leaders to pay attention to their concerns.

--Online story ends there--

"Minority and Women-owned contractors."

First things first: The word "Minority" is classified as "Anyone other than the white male." And all the white male has to do is marry the white female then she brings the benefits of the "minority" dollar right on home to her white male husband! So the white man wins all the way around, doesn't he?
Yes the hell he does!!!

So the question once again becomes: When in the hell will the Black Man and the Black Woman come into the realization that they are not a damn "minority"?!? Here in the city of Cincinnati, Black people are 50% of the population. We are half of the tangiable tax dollars. But Black folks are still begging the white man and his woman for jobs. Most times often then not they get some damn sub-contracting jobs, "minority" set aside programs and it's always under the terms of "minority"!

Now here comes the NAACP having a press conference (for which they are famous for) I believe the last one was regarding then United Stated Supreme Court Judical nominee Samuel Alito. So that should give you some indication of the priorities of the Cincinnati local chapter of the NAACP. But today the NAACP had a press conference screaming for the big white man downtown to give the negro (once again) a chance to develop the Banks.

When will they realize the city of Cincinnati and the county of Hamilton are 2 of the most racist of all the cities and counties in the state of OHIO.
A few years ago, 2 Black man by the names of Jim Clingman and Ken Price had an excellent developmental plan for redeveloping the Banks (from what I was told) but the big white man downtown basically in a nutshell said, "The hell with you n***** we ain't trying to even see your plans and let you n***** in on $400 million, sheeeeeeiiiiiitttt, y'all can run along on home now boys....'cause ain't nothing happening at white man's big money table today!"

To show you just how brainwashed and asleep the Black man is here in this city. Democratic Party chairman and bonafide super-racist Timothy Burke and his law firm sued the City of Cincinnati on behalf of a white man who said "special programs for negroes" to get contracting jobs were unfair. I'm not lawyer but it something like that.
When then Cincinnati City Councilwoman and chairwoman of the small business and employment committee, the black woman in skin only, Alicia Reece (D) found a little back bone and challenged the way business was being done in Cincinnati.
The end results: The white man [Tim Burke] smacked her down (once again), sued the city and won and Blacks were back to square one!
And the "so-called Cincinnati negro" is still running around screaming and hollering at every election cycle, "I'm gonna vote the straight Democratic ticket!"

Straight uneducated non-thinking brainwashed nonsense!

Will Blacks get to develop the Banks? The Black Fist says NO! Why you may ask are we so 100% sure black folks won't (this time around) get a piece of the action? I'll tell you why...
Because the "so-called america negro in Cincinnati" is still, after all their high paying education, Fine arts degrees and free literature at the public library still calling themselves "Minorities"!
So in the opinion of The Black Fist, Blacks in this town don't even know who they truly are. So how can the white man be faulted for repeatedly spitting in the faces of blacks, I mean "minorities" continuously turning his back on blacks, I mean "minorities" and blantantly in the faces of blacks, I mean "minorities" keep the green dollars within the hands and pockets of white man?


Easy negro! That's how it can happen. With ease and with conscience deliberation.

Start calling yourselves what you are with pride, dignity and head held high then be ready to do face-to-face battle with the devil then maybe just maybe the devil will "agree" to hear your cries!


General Nikki X knows these words are hard pills to swallow for some but she wouldn't tell you this, Black man & Black woman, If she didn't love you so!!!



Christopher King said...

I see not much has changed in Cincinnati since I was last living there in 1990. Back then I remember writing in the Call-Post newspaper all about Community Reinvestment Acts, which did some good but which also are a bandaid placed over a sebaceous chancre.

Meanwhile I have one day left before I see what the sellout NAACP will do in New Hampshire on my final pretrial.

I put the blame largely on Nashua NAACP Gloria Timmons' head for her pattern of lies and deception:

Black Man is King said...

You are right on with this one! Buy black-own black and do for self! the NAACP don't do anything except sellout like the bro. Christopher said! A black woman bringing strong and hard like you sister Cincinnati aint ready for you General Nikki X and that's the truth! I respect the boycott and I don't buy anything downtown!
Peace to you Sister General! Keep hitting 'em hard!

Anonymous said...

General Nikki!
Wake up. You got folks in the white community listening to you also. Truth is truth. Check out the old Dean over there a The Beacon. We once had an African American newspaper here called the Herald. It's now a poser paper helping to frame (in more ways than one) how we are viewed, and how we view the black community. Bubba Burke and his hidden thug for such, Dick Wieland, are helping to craft the message for us readers over there. We lost our paper to Burke's view that he will keep us in slave situation as long as we live and manufacture for us people who best served us as a true voice for people here in Cincinnnati.

Clandestine, Collusive, the worst of caucasian craftiness and it's being used on our community. Where we once got the voices of Smitherman, a sometimes pushy Cole,and others speaking on various sides of the black community, we got THE WORD that WE got to think about. Now it's the sugar pill of forgetfullness lulling us into a sleep of servitude....being played on the back of all taxpayers behind the scenes with the corporate puppetmasters that control Burke and his chosen few. Watch the try at control of Dale Mallory by Burke; won't work, Dale's too much his own Mallory man, but Burke's trying with his smoke and mirrors to kiss butt. Keep the flow, Sister Nikki. We are almost there.

Anonymous said...
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Christopher King said...

BTW just so you know, NAACP and its cronies will bar you from speaking out on public blogs if they don't like what you have to say:

No Justice, No Peace.