Monday, March 13, 2006


There has been a high volume of inquiries about my blog entry: Mayor Mallory Endorses Pepper For Mayor, See this: and about the Hamilton County Comissioners race in general.

As the days go on, I will be doing a complete profile on the candidate we know is the best choice and sorry it is NOT racist crybaby spoiled rich brat and failed mayoral candidate & ex-Cincinnati City councilman David Pepper.

Today I will reprint what was written in the Cincinnati Herald newspaper about the alternative to spoiled lil rich boy David Pepper, none other than Democrat Stephanie Dumas.
An experienced seasoned well-versed politician, who we, in The Black Fist feel has the best interest of the black community at heart.

As I stated earlier I will have a complete profile on Ms. Dumas for the readers of this blog soon but for now read this.......

Herald Newswire March 4, 2006 - March 10, 2006.

Democrat Stephanie Dumas announced she is running for the office of Hamilton County Commissioner in the May 2 primary.
Dumas and former Cincinnati City Councilmember David Pepper, also a Democrat, are two candidates who have announced their intentions to run for a seat on the Hamilton County Commission. The winner opposes Republican Phil Heimlich, the current commission chairman, in the November election.

Dumas is the former mayor of Forest Park. She resigned from the post in July 2005 after serving 12 years in office.
Dumas will officially kick off her campaign for county commissioner at 10 a.m. Thursday March 2, at The Senior Center, 11555 Kemper Road behind the Forest Park Municiple Building.
Pepper announced his candidacy for the position about a month ago.

End of the Cincinnati Herald Story.

So now you have a little of who is doing what in the Hamilton County race for Commissioner.
There is another choice other than "the other guy."

The Black Fist will be keeping a close eye on this race as we've done in past County Commissioner races. The Black Fist have always attended regular meetings of the County Commission and our eyes and ears are always focused on the shenanagans of Board Commissioner Phil Heimlich and Hamilton County Commissioner Pat DeWine when it comes to black folks getting their equal share of County contracts & etc. And when we can't physically attend we are always watching the regularly televised meeting on cable ch. 23.

There's alot of foolishness in the first 10 mins. of those meetings here lately but if you can get through that silly mess, you will find there's alot of business in the interest of the county & the city and it all revolves around the almighty dollar bill.

We must always remember Black folks contribute to the County coffers as well as the City of Cincinnati coffers, and the county budget is damn near 3 times what the city budget is. And for those of you who don't know, the lawyer who represents all 3 Hamilton County Commissioners is the counties head prosecutor, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.
The County controls the prosecutors finanicial budget.

Black folks have a right to know what the hell is going on at The County and where they're county dollars are being spent. The Black Fist and other interested groups like 'Unite Cincinnati' for example, are on the case.

We are proud of Stephanie Dumas for throwing her hat into the ring against "the other guy" and most certainly proud that she is the first Black woman to run for Hamilton County Commissioner.

The Black Fist are indeed proud of that!

The Black Fist support Stephanie Dumas For Hamilton County Comissioner 2006!



Anonymous said...

Spoiled gayboy, David Pepper, refused to obey the law when he was on City council by racking up hundreds of tickets and unconvincing dozens of people and tying up police time to write all those tickets. Now he wants a second chance to screw Cincinnatians by becoming Commissioner.

When will this loser learn that this is not San Fransisco.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Stephanie Dumas anyday before I vote for a racist snake like David Pepper!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Dumas is but the tip of the iceberg on strong black females running for office who have had success and get kicked to the curb, ignored or ostracized by the Democratic party. Another former Forest Park Mayor, who was elected 4 times to the Ohio House and is running against an appointed non-Democrat, is Cathy Barrett. Electability with over 61% of the vote during her first 3 HOUSE races, against opponents. In 2004 Republicans would not even spend $$$ to run someone against her. And the friend of Republicans Mr. Burke says to 'step aside sista'???? Petty party hacks can't look to strong effective leadership that is of inclusion, the alway turn to the waterboy of Republican special interests. Look at Barbara Sykes, running on a state ticket with the 'blond boy choir'. Support is needed for strong black and white women in capacities where a woman's knowledge and experience has to counted for more than just a token to a Democratic party that holds itself above and away from the common man these days. Caution and secrecy breeds cowards; courgae comes with backing those who brought you. GIVE SISTERS THE BACKUP LADIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Dumas is the best candidate. We need to spread the word about her because Tim Burke and the Dumocrats aren't supporting her like they should be and the Enquirer is ignoring her.

Thanks for writing this article and let's work hard to elect a women that has put people first for 30 years. All power to the people.

General Nikki X said...

To Sis. Lena & Anonymous #2 & #4:

Soon I will be putting out a complete profile on Ms. Dumas. For all those interested to see her credentials & qualifications.

Thank you all for your comments, Black Power & Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Dumas is the only quality candidate in this race. She has accomplished much in her career. She is a hard working person that has done everything while raising a son and managing a home. She must be organized and effective to run a city and be the presiding judge at the same time she is serving as trustee for OKI Regional Council of Governments.

Dumas has the experience we need to move this region forward.