Friday, March 17, 2006


Our dear brother and good friend Nate Livingston, Jr. over at The Cincinnati Black Blog has informed the community about a public meeting this Saturday, March 18, 2006, at New Friendship Baptist Church. According to Mr. Livingston, he received a flyer from a young lady, I would assume she's a member of The United Nation of Islam, promoting this very special event.

According to the flyer, this event is free and open to the public. The United Nation of Islam (UNOI) have a restaurant on Reading Rd. (at the corner of California Ave. & Reading Rd. to be exact) called Your Diner. The Black Fist have frequented that establishment quite often over the years and the brothers and sisters there are dedicated, peaceful, respectful and courteous. On a first name basis with many of the good brothers and sisters, General Nikki X enjoys the company & conversation of the brothers and sisters of The United Nation of Islam and the delicious food made fresh out of Your Diner!

The exciting brother and leader of the UNOI whose coming back to Cincinnati on Saturday, is none other than Solomon Royall. Just as Minister Louis Farrakhan is the captivating divine leader of The Nation of Islam, Our dear brother Solomon Royall is the captivating divine leader of The United Nation of Islam.

Allow me to give you, the faithful readers of the blog a little background on Bro. Solomon Royall. Please read this...


Royall, Allah in person is the spiritual Head of The United Nation of Islam, which is a separate and non related entity than the similiar sounding "Nation of Islam."

The United Nation of Islam is headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas and in less than three years, the community model that is being developed in the Kansas City Metropolitan area has become a shining example of a national and local commitment to improve our communities across this country.

The United Nation of Islam's World Wide Information Center located at and is an introduction to The United Nation of Islam, it's National Support Structure and some of it's activities which are being reproduced across this country.

The Toll Free Number is: 1 (800) 331.7668


We are all brothers and sisters looking, searching and feeling our way through this jungle, the beast [white man] has brought us to against our will. We won't always agree on certain philosophies but there's alot of knowledge to be gained if we'd only take the time to listen with open minds and open hearts. Will members of this organization be at New Friendship Baptist Church to hear our brother speak? Maybe we will maybe we won't -- For only a jackass non-thinking arrogant media-attention seeking fool would give his locale to the enemy, right? So, if you see us there we're there. If you don't see familiar faces in the crowd know that we have New Black Fist Members, and they may be in the midst quietly representing.

Do we agree with everything Brother Solomon Royall teaches and/or his opinions and philosophies? No we do not! But he is our brother and we do indeed respect him and the UNOI, as a whole.

I pray that thoses fine black men and women in the The United Nation of Islam, as well as The Nation of Islam didn't hear the Troll on WAIF radio giggling and hee heeing about Master Fard Muhammad (peace be upon him) calling him a white this and a white that, mocking Savior's Day and sounding (once again I'm told) like an uneducated idiot. I'm told it was shameful, disgusting and quite frankly very unhealthy. But maybe the Troll will wake up and shut up before the brothers and sisters ever get wind of her uneducated, goofiness, mockery and slander against Master Fard Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Troll
finds herself face-to-face with an angry dedicated member of The Nation of Islam -or- The United Nation of Islam. And being the local scared-to-death coward that she is, she will most likely find herself Shaking and Quaking in her boots...once again and of, course saying, "That's not what I said, it was all just tongue-in-cheek!" "They" trying to get me hurt!

I'm even told it's the Troll's voice is on [several copies] of a tape and online laughing and racially mocking Master Fard Muhammad (peace be upon him) -- not-- the mysterious "they" the Troll claims is always out to get her!

Who knows. But in any event...

Visit to read Bro. Nate's blog entry regarding Mr. Royall's visit and his opinons on the UNOI.




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Black Man is King said...

Everybody should read that black fist profile! its deep! Kemuel if you know all of this shoulda never happened and shoulda been squashed then why my brother didn't you tell them punks to squash it not the sister?! I know what the deal is. A real brother don't bring this type of shit to a sister a real man takes it to the punk motherfucker that cries like a bitch and makes his bitch do his talking for him like that punk kabaka do!

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