Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Believe me this post right here won't be long at all. There's a campaign to get black folks and others to snitch on each other in this country. Black folks are all we are dealing with here on this site. And it's not complicated at all.

When Cincinnati Police Officers start snitching on one another when they know a "fellow officer" has unjustifiably murdered an unarmed black person then maybe just maybe black people will start to do the same.

Break down that "blue wall of silence" Cincinnati police officers and expose low-down dirty rotten rogue police that out here on the streets of Cincinnati brutalizing, terrorizing and profiling black people. Show us how it's done. You be the first examples. You "fine officers," men and women in blue stop protecting and lying under oath to save the blue skin of your co-workers and step on up to the plate in the name of justice, equality and fairness.

Until then quit bitching about snitching! And I'll keep wearing my "Stop Snitching" t-shirts!

Remember-- This is AmeriKKKa right?

I thought so,



Anonymous said...

Nikki X,
First I want to say that while I may not agree with everything you say, I certainly support your fight against violence towards the black community here in Cincinnati, and accross the country. I live in on the edge of Clifton, Mt. Auburn, and Wlanut Hills. The other day I noticed the police had pulled someone over near my home. I looked on and saw the police officer approach the car. Shortly there after I noticed that someone was getting out of the car. The officer then cuffed and frisked this young black man. After he was done the young man was alowed to return to his vehicle. The officer returned to his car. Both cars remained there for at least 20 minutes. Then the officer exited his cruiser and handed the young man a ticket. I asked myself, why did this young man have to be frisked for a traffic ticket? It pissed me off that this young man was treated in such a way. I know damn well that had it been me, I am a white man, the officer would have written me the damn ticket and been on my way. It is bullshit that a young black man is treated differently then myself. Keep up the fight for equality.

The Philosopher said...

I have been out off the blogosphere for quite some time. However, since returning I am excited to see a resurrection of black empowerment. When I transfer to UC this coming fall I would be delighted to join the movement.

More significantly, how can black power rise when this power is used against each other? I think communities need to be aware of the poor wages and the drugs that cause this self-destruction. Being knowledgable of such institutionalized oppression would draw attention towards city council and unify the community.

Just some initial thoughts.

Anonymous said...

STONE X (Testing)

General Nikki X said...

No-- reginald van whatever the IV you call yourself, what "I don't have time for" is a faggot like you posting that bullshit on behalf of "The Biggest Losers" and actually thinking I'd publish it!

Whose the dummy? Me or You?

This blog is not like some other blogs. You WILL NOT be allowed to get that sick shit off here! Got it? Good!

Thank you very much, You sick twisted fuck for obsessing and reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

I feel like turnabout is fair play. I saw a wonderful, though dated, though still relevant, article at this site:

"The most relevant part of the article to Cincinnati reads as such:

This move from gangsterism to mass demonstrations on the part of the Afro-American has made no longer tolerable the gangster attacks on the people of the ghettos as before. The deprived slum kids having no aim but loot, having no cause but their own selfish personal advancement, must give way to a more conscious and serious form of guerilla warfare. That led by the returned veteran, the unemployed mature prisoner, the politically developed adult rebel. The gangster kids must be told to stop their attacks on the woman of their neighborhood, the workers and such. If they don't listen one bomb planted in their headquarters and the extermination of a hundred or so with their leaders, will quickly enough bring them to their senses. And with the ghetto liberated from these gangsters the whole Afro-American population can move forward.

The formation of trained veterans into new Afro-American guerilla fighters is a serious business. It means a disciplined mature organization which knows how to deploy its forces, use good tactics, and have a strategy of action.

What are the targets for the new guerilla fighters attacks? These no doubt would be carefully considered. First comes not the looting of banks or the bombing of corporations but of assassinations.

In city A the police captain orders a group of three policemen to seize a Negro youth and to beat him to death with their clubs. The Afro-American community protests this outrage but nothing is done. Now if the captain and those three policemen who wantonly clubbed the innocent Negro youth to death were themselves seized silently, clubbed to death and left in the street for the dogs, would not the ghetto whoop for joy? Would this police terror continue?

In city B a peaceful Afro-American demonstration is ordered shot at by a General in charge of the National Guard. What happens when this General and his family are found shot at home?

In city C the rabid Ku Klux Klan still operates in fact and the heads of these vigilantes show themselves to be a gasoline operator and general store owner. Suppose now these people are given the same treatment they like to give to the "blacks"? Is that good or bad?

In city D a restaurant owner beats Negro customers with axe handles because they dare to come in to eat. And he now becomes Governor of the State! If such a dog were assassinated would this now be a biblical lesson for others to learn?

Besides carefully selected targets for the assassination of specially notorious Negro killers and murderers, priorities would be given to outstanding corporations, banks and other places symbolizing the worst hatred and discrimination against Afro-Americans.

In city E a big corporation refuses to hire any Afro-American workers in a deliberate racist policy. If its airplanes are blown up would this be justice?

In city F a large and powerful building trades union leadership refuses to take in Negro workers or to see they are trained for jobs. The union office is destroyed together with its leadership and personnel. How long would such policies continue? "

i wish this had happened in cincinnati in 2001.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So the young man in Finneytown--with hopes and dreams and was his mama's pride and joy--shot down like a dog and people shouldn't turn in his killer? You gotta be nuts. And you call for an end to the violence? People snitching on other people for passing bad checks, or warrants okay that's a punk. But turning in violent criminals so they don't keep on terrorizing should be a badge of honor. It's stepping up and protecting the most vulnerable.