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This story comes straight from The Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Bureau online edition.

Now before I even get into re-printing this little gem of a story, I must give a strong black power hand to our dear brother, Bro. Endure X -- local spokesperson for The New Black Panther Nation when he called into the "Lincoln Ware Show", WDBZ "The Buzz" of Cincinnati, and quite frankly in full fired black militant style lit up the phone line and basically blasted what is now know as "The Mallory Administration." Bro. X spoke of what he sees as Mayor Mark Mallory's "coded-language." I take it to mean he [Mallory] says one thing but means something entirely different. It was a very interesting conversation this morning on the radio between Bro. X and Lincoln Ware who even had to admit to himself & his listeners, he had to agree with Bro. X.

Let's get into this story now, shall we? Check this out:


COLUMBUS - A unanimous Ohio Elections Commission Thursday dismissed a 5-month complaint against Mayor Mark Mallory's campaign.

The case centered on whether Service Employees International Union District 1199 coordinated with Mallory for Citizens when it spent $40,389 last year on mail and phone calls supporting him.

Northside resident Sharon Koehler filed the complaint at the behest of Mallory's opponent, David Pepper, also a Democrat. But she later dropped the complaint, said Phillip Richter, executive director of the state Elections Commission.

Attorneys for Mallory's Campaign and the union denied any coordination.

Pepper - who is running for Hamilton County Commission - said Thursday that he recently had lunch with Mallory, and that dropping the elections complaint was a part of fence-mending between him and the mayor.

"Part of getting along well put what was a good race behind us," Pepper said. "We're going to work closely together. To move the region forward, you need a county commission that can really work closely together. Frankly, before the race, Mark and I always had a good relationship and have a good relationship now."

Mallory has endorsed Pepper in his Hamilton County race.

Not everyone was making up Thursday, however.

William Mallory Sr., the mayor's father and an Ohio Election Commission member, recused himself from the 6-0 vote to dismiss. "Sharon Koehler used to be a friend of mine," he said.

She could not be reached for comment.

-- Enquirer story ends there --

Now my question is "WTF is going on!" Seems like I've been asking that question alot here lately. I have held off (on purpose) on assessing Mayor Mallory's performance in office so far. I felt that a 6 month time period should elapse then a review could be properly given.

All I will allow myself to say right now is Mayor Mark L. Mallory had better remember those who supported him and assisted him in getting into that Mayor's office while he's so quick to support the racist crybaby spoiled loser that fought him with all sorts of dirty tricks, lies and the race card!

I said it before in my entry: Mallory Supports Pepper For Hamilton County Commissioner? That our dear brother and political expert George "Junebug" Beatty told me back during the mayoral campaign that, "Sista Nikki in politics, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies!" Bro. Junebug has never been more right! And in my opinion, it's damn disgusting!

There are several "politicians" in this town that found out the hard way that double-crossing & triple-crossing their "so-called" support base got them nowhere except back at home with their families and (if lucky enough) back at their old jobs, with the name plates on the doors of their city council offices changed for good (at least changed for the next two years).

And why didn't crybaby David Pepper (in the spirit of "mending-fences") drop this bogus suit against Mark Mallory sooner? Doesn't the timing of this "new political frienship" seem a little fishy? Lil Davey drops the suit & Mallory supports him for Hamilton County Commissioner?
I'm asking the questions knowing full well that even Stevie Wonder can see right through this one!

My hope is that Mayor Mark L. Mallory remembers his mayoral campaign promises when we couldn't get enough of him strolling through the black community talking, smiling and shaking hands with your average struggling-to-make-ends-meet black man and black woman.

One of the things that will help to eliminate crime in this city is jobs.
Not holding hands with Cincinnati Police Chief Streicher, not appeasing the white folks on the West Side (who didn't vote for you [Mallory] anyway), not talking about building new jails while standing shoulder-to-shoulder (in front of a microphone) with The Fraternal Order of Police - jails built only to lock up BLACK folks!

One of your #1 campaign promises and one of the #1 reasons you were endorsed by General Nikki X on behalf of The Black Fist was because you promised to create jobs in the BLACK community for BLACK people... not "minorities"!

Mayor Mallory go ahead and link up with the BEAST but when it's all said and done and election time comes floating back around, There are those in this [black] community who are saying they are already done with you. And already chanting 100 days into your administration, "Mark Mallory sold us out!"

Mr. Mallory, Don't ever forget your base -but- then again did the black community ever really know exactly who your base was?


Disgusted but not quite finished supporting you yet,
Brigadier General Nikki X

P.S. The next time you get "hungry" around "lunchtime", See if Hamilton County Commissioner Candidate Stephanie Dumas [the black woman] (D) is free. I'm sure she gets "hungry" too!

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