Friday, March 10, 2006


Our friend, The Dean of Cincinnati over at in his capacity of journalist political watchman has uncovered something so baffling and so unimaginable that I had to read it twice.
General Nikki X has never claimed to be a politician nor do I fully understand a lot of the ins and outs (although I'm learning quickly!) of political alliances and politicians themselves.

But if you read the story written by The Dean, and go to ex-city councilman and failed mayoral candidate crybaby David Pepper's revamped website (which you won't get here --No play on The Black Fist Blog for crybaby Pepper. EVER!) you will see a list of endorsements and on that endorsement list is none other than Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, the man who defeated Pepper in the 2005 mayoral race despite Pepper using The Black Fist Endorsement of then Senator Mark Mallory and the infamous race card which totally backfired in Pepper's face causing him to lose in by a landslide!

The question on the table today is, "Why would Mayor Mark Mallory be supporting David Pepper when it was just about 101 days ago when Mallory was everywhere proclaiming David Pepper was a big part of the "Chaos at City Hall?!?" With Mallory always at the ready to produce a long list of examples of David Pepper's extreme incompetencies in his role of city councilman which made him unfit for the office of mayor.

What's changed since November 2005 and March 2006 about David Pepper to cause Mark Mallory to suddenly forget the "Chaos at City Hall" and want to help ensure he becomes the next Hamilton County Commissioner?

Does Mallory, with this Bank deal currently on the table and city council crying and acting like a bunch of spoiled idiots fighting him [Mallory] every step of the way, think it now best to add Pepper to the "Chaos at The County?"
We don't understand the logic (if any) behind Mallory endorsing this spoiled lil rich crybaby brat who threw everything at him (racial & inflammatory) just less than 16 weeks ago, but the kitchen sink?

When WDBZ "The Buzz" 1230am had their remotes from Junebug's BBQ & Steakhouse in the west end back during the election season, our good friend and political expert George "Junebug" Beatty pulled General Nikki X to the side when the heat was on about my endorsing Mallory on behalf of this organization, Bro. Junebug said, "Always remember Sista Nikki, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics." I will always remember those words. Is that what's happening now in this situation?

Today The Black Fist are asking the following questions:

  1. What does this say to the black community who overwhelmingly supported Mark Mallory over David Pepper?
  2. Is Mallory betraying the trust of the black community by now, less than 16 weeks after the election and Pepper playing the race card against Mallory & against the black community as a whole, by endorsing this racist?
  3. David Pepper worked overtime to inflame the white community about Mallory being endorsed by a so-called "hate group" now he [Mallory] turns around on publicly supports this clown? Is Pepper promising Mallory something behind the scenes?
  4. What would cause Mallory to not support an experienced seasoned well-versed politician, who has the interest of black people and their needs at heart like our dear sister Stephanie Dumas?

Yes, I hear Bro. Junebug's words over and over in my head but in the words of General Nikki X... WTF is going on in this town???!!!!!

The Black Fist is staying on top of this Hamilton County Commissioners race as we've done in the past. You better believe that.

The Black Fist said we would give Mayor Mallory 6 months in office before we give our opinion of his leadership in office and report back what he's done in office to benefit the black community....Well maybe we ought to move that 6 months time frame up a bit and take a look at just what is Mayor Mallory doing in the best interest of our community right now?!?

What I'm saying today on this blog is nothing new to Mayor Mark Mallory, I told him face-to-face when he proudly accepted the Black Fist Endorsement, we'd be listening and watching and if he fails to hold to the promises he made to the black community on the campaign trail -or- Do anything not in the best interest of the black community, The Black Fist would be the first to publicly hold him accountable, I felt it our obligation to those who supported us as we were supporting him. Mallory looked at me and said, "General Nikki X, I wouldn't expect anything less from you."

In lieu of this endorsement of a racist like David Pepper....I hope Mallory's ready for his own "endorsement review?"

We'll see. I'm just raising the issues and asking the tough questions!


(David Pepper is declared a "racist" by The Black Fist based on his political voting record which clearly shows he voted against the interest of black people at every given juncture and opportunity. This man is also declared a "racist" based on his inflammatory rhetoric against black folks in general and by diong his damndest to incite the white folks when he knew his numbers were down in the 2005 September mayoral primary election polls and plummeted even lower as the November election drew nearer. Pepper did not posess nor did he ever have a snowballs chance in hell of ever matching intellectual wits one-on-one with Mallory so he choose to use The Black Fist Endorsement and our highly-charged style of Black Militant activism and a black dummy like Charlie Winburn and other black saps to speak out against us and ultimately all involved came up short. The rest is history!)


Anonymous said...

Always support this Mayor because in the long run he is a good and great man. But politicians will stab their best friends in the back for better fields at the drop of the hat;sell the supporters off because they have come to believe they 'know best' for us as we get sold 'downriver'; citizen servants will stick to both word, especially words to friends, supporters, citizens. More than Dumas have been stabbed, look at your candidate line-up of who get state and local notes. You're smart. Look at who has payed off to get where they are and are hoping we do not notice. Let us hope Mallory is more citizen servant, keeper of his word, than political sell-out. I will vote on citizen servant for the short run. Just a sis's insight.-lena-

General Nikki X said...

To Lena:

First things first, Thank you for your comments and I do believe this is your first time commenting on The Black Fist Blog (?) & hopefully not your last!

Mallory: As spokesperson for The Black Fist, we absolutely have no immediate intentions of withdrawing our support of Mayor Mallory. As I stated within this entry, Mr. Mallory and I had an extensive conversation before I endorsed him on behalf of this organization, he fully understood that the interest of the black community as a whole is the 100% interest of The Black Fist -- Less -- if that interest appears not to be his during the duration of his administrator then General Nikki X & The Black Fist will appear in the same public "exposing him," as I appeared in when I publicly endorsed him and he publicly accepted.

It is our obligation to those in the community who support The Black Fist to keep everything right out in the open.

Sis. Lena, once again thanks for your insight, suggestions and your comments.
Don't let this be the last time I hear from you!

Your Sista in the Struggle,
Brigadier General Nikki X

Anonymous said...

For Christs sake! What, do you think that he should endorse that greedy, theiving right wing asshole Heimlich instead?

General Nikki X said...

To Anonymous:

No,I don't think "he should endorse that greedy thieving asshole Heimlich."

There is another democratic in the race, Stephanie Dumas, who has to first run against David Pepper in the May 2006 primary -then- the winner of that race faces off with "that greedy thieving asshole Heimlech in November."

Mallory has another choice of candidate in his own party that's running against Pepper, that's why we are a bit disturbed with the candidate he chose to endorse.

I will be putting out some information on Ms. Stephanie Dumas very soon.

Thank you for your comment and Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

The Mayor has stabbed the West End in the back by trying to bully the West End to keep Dale as president. The West End CC wanted to vote CityLink down in October, November, December and January. Dale single handedly tried to silence his constituancy and pander to the outside mega-church crowd. The Mayor and his parents moved to Mt Airy in 2002. Sure they keep the old house and use it as an office, but they LIVE in Mt Airy. The Mayor constantly lies about where he lives, then his entire family stabs the West End in the back. Some have said that this is a Black/white thing. Yes, there are white CityLink opponents, but there are many more black opponents. CityLink is really about "transition housing", fixing the jail overcrowding and getting a big money stream. Mallory and "born again" Heimlich are pushing this. The Mallorys have loyalty to themselves, the Lindners and NO ONE ELSE. You may have been a USEFULL IDIOT to Mark, but believe me, you are yesterday's garbage once he no longer finds you usefull.

General Nikki X said...

To Anonymous #3:

This is something you must always remember and record for future referrence -- General Nikki X is nobody's IDIOT.

But your comments regarding Mayor Mallory, The West End, City Links & alliances have been heard, posted and appreciated.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!