Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Yesterday as I listened to "The Lincoln Ware Show" on WDBZ 1230 am, I couldn't stop laughing when Lincoln's "very special guest" in the studio were none other than Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher and the newest Cincinnati "Police Czar" and sometimes, (when? I don't know when) Cincinnati City Councilman Cecil Thomas. Now the laughter began off the bat when Chief Streicher, one of the biggest negro-hating police chiefs to ever ride the range in good ol' Sinsissippi (yes, folks that's a cross between Cincinnati & Mississippi) came on the air with his #1 boy screamin' Cecil Thomas and announced that together they are currently raising money for (insert drum roll here) The United Negro College Fund!

I laughed my head off! I suppose in the racist thinking of Chief Streicher -- His Cincinnati Police Officers can't kill, maim and/or set up for prison every negro they'd love too. So the ones who actually slip out of our line of bullets & tasers, I'll [Streicher] raise money to send 'em on to college! It's crazy! Only in Sinsissppi, on a "so-called black" talk radio station could a known negro-hating racist like Streicher actually come on the airwaves and with his most sincere humbled voice asked black folks to donate money to him on behalf of this historically known Negro college fund! And without any fuss or REAL questions on his motivation!

Could a white man from say, Nazi Germany go on a "so-called Jewish" radio station and in his most sincere and humbled voice ask that "so-called Jewish" audience to give money to him on behalf of the United Jewish College Fund?
Hell Naw!!! He'd be ran right up outta that station -or- worse!

Police Czar Cecil Thomas didn't surprise me at all by being there alongside Streicher.
Cecil will travel the length of his leash, stop, wait for his next command then sit.
Always the obedient german shepard. Always protecting & serving his master!

They just don't come any better than Cecil!

The only thing funnier than this dymanic duo coming on the radio trying once again to trick black folks into believing "everythangs gonna be alright in the city now," Was the very first and (I think) ONLY person to call-in and donate the first $100 to racist Streicher but ONLY (in the words of the person giving this "gift") "If this money will go to educate ALL people NOT just blacks!" (once again, insert drum roll please)....WDBZ "The buzz" everyday caller and self-proclaimed "Rainbow Push I love everybody especially the white folks," Glen O. Givens!

What more can be said behind that?


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