Friday, March 3, 2006


  1. How loud does a person have to speak before they realize no one is listening anyway?
  2. When a tree falls alone in the forest, how loud of a sound does it make?
  3. Can an illiterate person truly appreciate the value of alphabet soup?
  4. Can a person in a world population of over 1 billion ever truly be alone?
  5. Does a person have to know how to spell to pass an IQ test?
  6. Why is jealousy referred to as "the green-eyed monster?"
  7. Is the crying game really just a game?

And finally, the question our dear brother, Nate Livingston Jr. asked over at

"What happens when you run out of breath while running for your life?"

Just a Few Question....."Do you know the answers?"


Miss Trina said...

Damn good questions. Even I have to think on it.

Anonymous said...
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Black Man is King said...

You are something else my sister! I get what you're trying to say but the real question is 'do they'?
keep up the good way! and another question 'when you gonna answer my question'?