Friday, March 17, 2006


What more can be said about this pathetic piece of Sinsinnati "history?" The Freedom-less Center which for the rest of this entry and beyond we will call the slave center, as other bloggers and conscience black folks in the community have righfully deemed it; is soon to be just a big ol' empty building if the slave center's new CEO David Pepper can't find some very deep private pockets or get his "wish" to fulfill a $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 a year "public" funding request.

It's pitiful. The Black Fist can remember when this thing was sold as racial reconciliation for the Cincinnati negro and of, course nothing less than healing between the races. What a laugh! The big white man even brought in the likes of big negroes like Oprah Winfrey, Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, negroes from on high and negroes right below them to tell the negroes right here suffering under police brutality, racial profiling, the KKK making their yearly ni***** hatin' stops and a Cincinnati City government who blatantly robs blacks folks of their own tax dollars and gives them to white corporate businesses that everythangs gonna be alright now....y'all got the Freedom Center!

Well it looks like failure and mismangement runs in the Pepper bloodline cause here we have crybaby David Pepper's papa John (haven't we heard that name "papa john" somewhere before?) is going around town begging to keep this slave center afloat. And we know what a cosmic clossal failure David Pepper continues to be. (Vote Stephanie Dumas for Hamilton County Commissioner May 2, 2006.)

And what about the head negro in charge..Spencer Crew? He's still on the scene somewhere in slave center knowing he was in on the white man appeasement plan from the start. Because that's all the slave center has ever been just a big pretty building on the Ohio river to ease the guilt of the white man.

The boycott of downtown Cincinnati and the sanctions on travel & tourism have not been lifted, the demands have yet to be met and who in white coporate Cincinnati really gives a damn that the slave center sits about 12 blocks away from high-crime, murder, rape, dope peddling, poverty, hopelessness and heartache for the black man, the black woman and the black child?

Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Bortz (C) had this to say in The Cincinnati Enquirer about the slave center's trouble, "We're strapped for cash in a lot of areas," Cincinnati City Chris Bortz. "But the Freedom Center is a unique , special facility, unmatched in the country. It's a massive investment that must be maintained for it to pay dividends in the future." Is Bortz for real?

Also in the The Enquirer story it's reported that the "The city's $6 million, plus $13 million from Ohio and $22 million from the federal government, contributed toward the $110 million construction. Hamilton County built the $15 million platform and two-story garage on which the center stands." The center opened August 23, 2004.

Well the bottom line for The Black Fist is this; the slave center opened in August 23, 2004, and it can close on August 23, 2006, for all we care!

It just a big bottomless money pit!

What more can be said about the Freedom-less slave center?

Absolutely nothing at all.


Anonymous said...

Brigadier General Nikki X,

You deserve a promotion for this post. Good description of the logic used to rationalize the decisions to piss away tax dollars that are needed desperately in other areas of the community. They are trying to do it again with the Banks. Who is going to benefit from condos on the river? Phil Heimlich, David Pepper, Vandercar Properties, Corporex, Bortz, Towne Properties, Castellini, Lindner, and Pat DeWine, Ron Roberts, Dick Weiland, George Vincent and many more. Will any of this trickle down to OTR. Not until these people own it all. THEY ARE QUIETLY BUYING IT UP NOW.

Again, Thanks Nikki there is much work to do

Anonymous said...

Get that general another star!

Anonymous said...
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