Friday, March 10, 2006


I am so sorry I couldn't bring this entry to you sooner, but due to the late hour I received my invitation (about 15 mins. before show time) to be a guest on WAIF 88.3 fm, "The Sistahood Show" with Host Sis. Victoria today from 5pm-6pm, I was only able to be a "call-in guest". Therefore I was unable to notify the readers of this blog in advance, so you'd all be able to tune in and listen.

General Nikki X of The Black Fist was on a panel with some strong black women in the activism movement here in Cincinnati, Sistas like: Sis. Victoria, chairwoman of the organization Concerned Citizens For Justice, Sis. Iris Roley, vice-president of The Cincinnati Black United Front and Sis. Bernadette, executive director of The Out of Egypt Ministries.

It was an honor to be a guest on The Sistahood Show. I discussed the isses of the day, the shooting in Avondale of the 2 black children (please see blog entry: 2 Black Children Shot!!!) and a host of other thought-provoking topics.

I'd like to take this time to once again thank the host of The Sistahood Show, Sis. Victoria -- for personally inviting General Nikki X to come in the studio with her today and allowing me to represent the hard-core black militant views and opinons of The Black Fist Organization!

And a big black powered thank you all of you who did get a chance to listen to the show and hear me speak up for the black nation. I've received your phone calls & your emails since the show aired, and I thank you for all of your black powered words of continued encouragement & support!

It is always a honor as Spokesperson, Head of Security, Head of Telecommunications and Administrator of this blog to publicly represent The Black Fist in its "Black Militant Capacity," whenever and wherever I can. I thank all of you who support this organization and who read the information given with love and respect for the salvation and liberation of the entire black nation!

Sis. Victoria has asked me to come back on WAIF as her guest, and seeing as though today was not my first time on "The Sistahood Show," I informed her it would most certainly not be my last!

When I know the date and time, you'll know the date and time!

Thank You For Reading "The Black Fist Blog!"



Black Man is King said...

I heard you on the raido Queen Sista General loud & clear and you do us all proud! Heard you on lincoln ware's show too. you are a strong beautiful black woman keep up the good job I'm glad The Black Fist went to talk to the people in avondale about those kids getting shot. that's what we need more people like you to stand up and fight for us. Next time announce where you will be and that's where I will be not standing behind you but standing right next to you!

peace & blessing beautiful Brigadier Nikki X

General Nikki X said...

Thank You Black Man is King, I do my best and that's all any one of us can do...Our Best!
Your continued encouragement, support & compliments are received with the utmost humility.

Thank you my brother for reading The Black Fist Blog!

And Yes, The next time The Black Fist decides to go into the community, the readers of this blog will be the first to know.
If you don't hear about it here -- It's NOT a "legitimate" black fist ANYTHING!
Thanks and pass on the word!