Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The proposed $6.5 million settlement between the City of Cincinnati and the family of Roger Owensby Jr. who, in the opinion of The Black Fist and the Black community was murdered while in police custody will be approved by Cincinnati City Council on March 29, 2006.

As reported in the devil's online newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer, the settlement would send $4 million to the Owensby family and $2 million to the Owensby's attorneys.

Republican Cincinnati City Council woman Leslie Ghiz said, "Yeah, I'll vote for it, the attorneys fees are outrageous. They're fleecing the city."

"Fleecing the city?"

What a typical response from a one, Leslie Ghiz. No, Leslie, the only peple who have been "fleecing" the city is ex-mayor & political failure Charles "Charlie" John Luken, ex-Cincinnati City manager & Condaleeza Rice clone, Valerie A. Lemmie and Cincinnati City Solicitor Julia LaRita McNeil! Those three people have blocked, held up, stalled and fought like the (pardon the pun) devil in this case in the name of protecting their most precious employees, The Cincinnati Police Department. Whereas it has taken all of damn near 6 years and a couple of days before a now called-off Federal Court Trial to be resolved.

And in the opinion of The Black Fist and the Black community resolution could only have been attained by murdering police officers Jorg and Caton imprisoned for life. And all that were involved, 7 other accomplicing police officers and the police officers involved from the City of Gulf Manor in prison along with them!

Leslie Ghiz, Republican Council woman just ought to be glad that $6.5 million is ALL the city of Cincinnati will pay out for this heinous evil wicked murder instead of whining, crying and (nasal-toning, uuuggghhh, I can hear her voice in my head) bitching in the media about anything! OK Leslie?

Gulf Manor Police were also sued (its police officers accused of failing to give adequate medical care), but reached a separate $1 million settlement.

(See Blog entry: $6.5 MILLION SETTLEMENT REACHED: OWENSBY SR. SAYS, "HE FEARED ANOTHER RIOT." For the full story regarding The Owensby settlement.)

The YES votes from Cincinnati City Council members to approve this $6.5 million settlement are as followed: Jeff Berding, Chris Bortz, Y. Laketa Cole, John Cranley, Leslie Ghiz, Jim Tarbell and Cecil Thomas.

The UNDECIDED vote is: Chris Monzel.

Cincinnati City Council member David Crowley could not be reached.

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