Saturday, March 25, 2006


I found this story hopeful and refreshing. This come straight from The Cincinnati Post online newspaper, Post staff report:

Officials from Time-Warner Cable and cable channel VH1 will be at Robert Paideria Academy in Price Hill today to present Cincinnati Public Schools with a check for $300,000 for new music equiptment.

The program is part of VH1's Save the Music Foundation, which donates instruments and equiptment to schools lacking them.

Many schools in times of budget crunching consider music programs non-essential.

The event begins at the school at 1700 Grand Ave. at 10:30. Guest will include U.S. Congressman John Boehner. CPS Superintendent Rosa Blackwell and representatives from Time-Warner and VH1 also will be on hand.

The equiptment will go to 12 schools in CPS. The program began in 1999.

--Story ends here--

I think that's great. As a singer myself from the age of 7, who sang throughout my school years then traveled to Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois to sing and perform, I can surely appreciate the world of Fine Arts. And music is fundamental to the growth and development of a young persons' life. As well as a young persons' self-esteem and view of his or her self-worth and the world around them.

My hope is that black children -via- their particular schools find some of those VH1 dollars and continue on the path of music, theatrical performing, the learning of various instruments, writing music and the wide open world of the Fine Arts itself.

Whenever I find a story such as this one I am compelled to bring it to you for music and the creation of sound is ingrained in my blood and it is what keeps me going from day to day.

General Nikki X thanks VH1 for continuing to "Save the Music!"

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