Sunday, March 12, 2006


File this entry under another Black Fist Special 'Round The Nation Report. This report comes straight out San Francisco, California.
I will reprint the article in its entirety, ofter a few thoughts on behalf of The Black Fist, then request that the faithful readers of this blog to do the same.

You can find this story at check it out. It's deep.

Black Panthers Jailed in Cop-killing Probe

Ex-Black Panther Ray Michael Boudreaux, 62, and Richard Brown, 64, have been jailed in a San Francisco Superior Court judge for contempt of court following their refusal to testify in grand jury hearings into the 1971 slaying of San Francisco police Sgt. John V. Young. Young was killed when two "unidentified Black males" fired a shotgun into a San Francisco police station. Murder charges were thrown out in a 1975 decision after a judge found that cops had whipped a confession out of one of accused.

Boudreaux and Brown join two other comrades, Hank Jones, 70, and Harold Taylor, 57, already in jail for contempt in the same probe. Taylor was one of the defendants in the Young murder trial. Prosecutors are also using the grand jury in fishing for information on the murder of Sgt. Brian McDonnell, killed when his police station was bombed in 1970.

Defense lawyers for the accused maintain that the subpoenas violate their clients constitutional rights.

People often forget the extreme violences surrounding the Black Panthers, who were aided and abetted by Jewish and deranged White leftists.

The Story Ends There. Now a few thoughts from General Nikki X:

Looks like there will be no snitching within the Black Panther Organization, wish I could say the same thing for the Black Fist Organization. But at least "our" snitch (all praises due to Allah) is no longer around to jeopardize the safety and security of our sincere and dedicated members who are focused, on track and ready for battle!

The Black Panther members who [allegedly] committed the crimes described in the article above, in the opinon of The Black Fist, are some strong black soldiers and may they, by the divine blessings of the Creator, raise up out of jail very soon to resume the lives they have been denied.

Allow me to deal with that last sentence in the article: "People often forget the extreme violence surrounding the Black Panthers, who were aided and abetted by Jewish and deranged White leftist." Now here they go with that bullshit! What violence? Yes, there have been "allegations" but who ever proved any Black Panther ever killed anybody? That's the same shit folks around this racist anti-black city called Cincinnati try to put off on The Black Fist. "They're so violent," They're so vicious," "They're a bunch of cop-haters," and the recently but most imfamous interjected quote that came from a 100% bonafided racist pig himself, none other than Keith Fangman, ex-president & ex-vice-president of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), now just regular ol' fat police patrolling pig, "They [The Black Fist] advocate the killing of cops!"

Remember that one? Fangman has always said that about this non-violent self-defense advocating organization but recently reiterated that inflammatory rhetoric during the 2005 Mayoral election when General Nikki X on behalf of this organization, as I've done in so many past elections with the blessing of our membership, endorsed Mayor Mark Mallory for mayor and due to the negative association this organization HAD with an ex-Black Fist snitch and his own personal lust for a bipolar simpleton & wanting to terrorize black folks on HER behalf, We, The legitimate members of The Black Fist got lumped in with the snitch's personal problems and his consequence incarceration! So when the people heard the rhetoric and/or read in the white-controlled press about the "advocating cop-killing Black Fist," they would show a picture or refer to the ongoing case of the ex-black fist snitch, all the while knowing it was General Nikki X who did the endorsing and it was accepted with pride from then Senator Mallory knowing full well the ex-black fist snitch was completely in no way, shape form or fashion related in anyway with that endorsement.

It's the truth and it's just that simple.

Nevertheless, the Black Panthers preached and taught 'self-defense' they were NOT roaming the streets on the prowl like sme black animals out to kill cops! That's the propaganda the whiteman propagated for years and continue to do so even today.

Cold-blooded murder & self-defense are 2 entirely different things. Any struggling 1 year law student will tell you that!

What are your thoughts about the Black Panther story or anything else that was said within this story? Your views and opinions are valued and respected here on The Black Fist Blog! Just always remember that with anything else in this world...."You get what you give!" So please THINK BEFORE you comment. We expect racist ignorant rhetoric from the whiteman but we expect so much more from our beautiful black brothers and sisters. We do indeed welcome input but we will not tolerate bipolaristic bullshit or so-called "friendly advice" from the "friends" of bipolaristic bullshit. OK?

Ok. Fine. Well-now. That should do it.
That concludes this edition of The Black Fist 'Round The Nation Special Report!




General Nikki X said...

To the faithful readers of the blog,

I meant to write "SUBsequence incarceration" when referencing the "ex-black fist snitch" mentioned in this story.

You see when General Nikki X makes a mistake whether it be enormous or tiny, She is the kind of woman that owns up to them.

I like to call it "charactor."

Thank You For Reading The black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

You go Sister General Nikki X! Another story I knew nothing about. I pray jah those brothers get out of their confinement and are able to resume their lives as you stated. Thanks for keeping the black fist on track and not sinking to the level of "bipolaristic bullshit"! you are something else with words and I laugh so hard at the fools who will never be able to out fox you!

peace & blessing my beloved General Nikki X,

Your Sister in Jah,
Sister Dina