Sunday, October 30, 2005


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On Sunday Morning October 30, 2005.@ 12:04am the following letter of resignation was post here on The Black Fist Blog:

"I, The Delegate, am resigning from the Black/Blax Fist.

That was a direct quote from "The Delegate w/ The Black Fist" to the readers of this blog and his personal public announcement to the entire world. The Delegate wants everyone to know that he is NO longer associated with ANY organization holding and/or calling themselves "The B-L-A-C-K Fist" ~OR~ "The B-L-A-X Fist".

General Nikki X accepts "The resignation of The Delegate w/The Black Fist", from the organization with the name "The B-L-A-C-K Fist".

Good Luck to you Delegate on any and all of your future endeavors.

[UPDATE MARCH 30, 2007: I decided to re-post this entry from October 30, 2005., because there seems to be a little midget running around Cincinnati by the name of Terry Summers who was formerly a member of this organization and called himself "The Delegate" (what he supposely delegated in this organization never ever materialized nor did we ever know what it was suppose to be anyway), but this tiny fellow is now the NEW self-appointed lap dog/sucker/mouthpiece for a certain bipolar convicted felon. This tiny fellow feels the need to spread lies and falsehood about General Nikki X seeing as though in court on March 27, 2007., a certain bipolar convicted felon was harshly warned by the court to keep my name out of her mouth. So here we have the midget Terry Summers who has turned on me like a little bitty salvating beast for just a sniff of the dirty dingy drawers wore by the convicted felon, seeing that she was commanded by the court not to speak my name-- so in walks a midget to do it for her. What a shame! It is noteworthy to add that never not once in all the years the midget and I worked side-by-side did I ever once not defend, speak up for and protect his little worthless ass. But hey, the bible speaks of betrayal, lies and treason- mostly induced by a wicked scandalous Jezebel of some sort. Maybe he should spend less time making up lies about General Nikki X and take some time to sit back and try to learn a lesson or two from the deceased general about what happens to a person who gets involved and takes on the enemies of a known community terrorist and simple-minded coward like the bipolar convicted felon.

I hope this worthless little midget who perjured himself repeatedly in court for an already convicted felon, a midget who denied even having his slanderous little website along with the so-called "black norma desmond" bipolar convicted felon standing at his side denying she ever had a evil slanderous website which also constitutes perjury, can sleep at night. And I pray he doesn't end up like the last man who decided to stick his nose in where it didn't belong and take on the enemies of the bipolar broke-ass cowardly convicted felon.

NEWSFLASH Terry Summers: The bitch is a user and a coward! Get out while you can! Cause I'll tell you Terry...the bitch ain't worth it! But this shouldn't be news to you for you used to tell ME how crazy she was. And wasn't your very own sister whom I still love to death gonna beat the fuck out of the convicted felon a time or two? I believe so.

My how some worthless blowjobs and sweet talk/lies from a convicted felon can cloud a midget's mind and memory! It's Pitiful!

Your being used boy!!! WAKE UP!!!

And attempting to defame, slander and lie on General Nikki X won't make that bitch look any better when we return to court on December 4, 2007. In fact, instead of wasting your time creating generic watered down meaningless blogs in an attempt to be what you never can be again (if you ever was in the beginning), why don't you give that up, obtain a second or third job (that's if you even work at all) and help the bipolar convicted felon pay her victim his $3,140 worth of court ordered restitution and get her to her probation officer's appointments on time.
Judging by the looks of her in court on March 27th...she ain't got a pot to piss in, a window to throw it out of and not a clue as to how to get one.

Terry Summers I have NEVER been your enemy. In your heart you know that to be true. We worked together, I've always been there for you on the frontline and during all your legal troubles and incarcerations. I protested outside the Hamilton County Justice Center until you were let out of jail on bond. I drove you to work and picked you up from work too many times to count and it didn't matter whether the white man let you off at 12:00 NOON -or 12:00 MIDNIGHT. We were close friends and friends look out for friends. I supported you and I looked out for you not just behind the scenes in our personal lives but in full frontal view of the public in The Black Fist. And I might add that during all of your incarcerations, all of your legal troubles (For which our dear brotha Kenneth L. Lawson brought your little ass out on the WINNING side) and all the protest organized by myself, other members of this organization and other black activist (whom you and the bitch continue to attack) personally on your behalf and with us for Black Fist rallies and black community purposes -NOWHERE EVER WAS THE BITCH- you are now running around lying and keeping up trouble for EVER present at ANY of the above mentioned events. Except for driving around the block in her ragged ass car taunting and calling us (Terry Summers, General Nikki X, General Kabaka Oba, General Bahatisha "The Black Madonna", General Shannon X & others) vile ugly names for having the courage to do what she KNEW she could NEVER do. You remember the convicted felon dogging you and your beloved sister as we stood in the elements fighting for our people don't you? Well if you don't OTHERS IN THIS COMMUNITY DO! And that, my dear hoodwinked by a ho midget is ALL THAT COUNTS!

FOR THE RECORD: The convicted felon was NEVER a member of The Black Fist nor is she a member today. Attempts by Terry Summers (just as Kabaka Oba attempted before he died) to re-invent Black Fist history on behalf of this bitch will NEVER negate the PURE UNADULTERATED TRUTH. What the bitch IS, is a member of the FUCKED UP CONVICTED FELONS CLUB and that is precisely where she will remain for the rest of her broke miserable worthless pathetic life! Sorry midget you can't scrape or polish the dirt and filth off that tarnished trick no matter how hard you try!

GETTING BACK TO TERRY SUMMERS: Boy don't start some shit with me on behalf of that bitch you can't possibly finish. You better do like our sista Aretha Franklin said back in 1980 and "THINK"!!!

Keep on lying in court for that bitch you you want too. Keep on sniffing her funky ass draws if that's your thang. Keep on fucking her for as long as she lets you that's your business but do leave me the fuck alone. I haven't done a damn thing to you but you've repeatedly lied on me and turned on me for whatever reason and you'll just have to live with that. But once again, you little worthless bipolar lap dog chasing midget keep my name out of your twisted black mouth!]

NOTE: The above statement within the blog entry was based on an email I received from the midget Terry Summers back on October 30, 2005, regarding his SELF-PROCLAIMED EXIT from The Black Fist Organization. The midget was never man enough to tell me in person or by phone that he belonged to the deceased general's "Blax Fist" outfit. He made it out like he was just finished with activism period as he wrote in the email that I re-printed. I even wished him the best and I meant that at the time. What a sorry state of affairs this has turned out to be.

I said it once and I'll say it again: Anyone dumb enough to be associated or get involved romantically wth the bipolar convicted felon is doomed from the start. The bitch is trouble and taints every fucking thing she touches. She's a coward who enlist weak-minded pu**y hungry men to fight her battles and keep shit going while she instigates, laughs and pulls the strings.
Evil is as Evil does. You reap what you sow. You live by the gun you die by the gun.

We all found that out around this time close to a year ago.

I will not be responding to any further outlandish bullshit from the midget Terry Summers for I can see he is just as twisted and sick as his convicted felon lover for whom he is now doing all the dirty work.

May the two of you do well in hell!

I encourage anyone interested in what was REALLY said in court on March 27, 2007., to please obtain a full complete transcript of my court proceeding against the convicted felon from The Hamilton County Courthouse. I was there in an attempt to obtain a 5 year restraining order seeing as the convicted felon has repeatedly threatened to kill me. The midget (in those proceedings as the felon's "witness" which I cross examined) admitted to reading this blog daily to the chagrin and anger of the convicted felon who was commanded by the judge to step away from the midget as she was BUSTED attempting to coach him in his lies against me. The midget stumbled and bumbled in his lies so much so, that the convicted felon was livid! It started loud talking and verbally attacked the court staff including the court reporter and upon the direction of the judge, a Hamilton County Sheriffs Deputy was ordered to stand next to the convicted felon for the remainder of the proceedings. Needless to say the convicted coward shut the hell up then.
Guess it was kinda hard for the midget to remember his rehearsed LIES when he was actually standing before the "powers that be". Both of them should be in jail right now for PERJURY!

Oh, and if you didn't already know, you lying convicted felonious tramp allow me to make it plain, Terry Summers is ALSO a SELF-CONFESSED WIFE/WOMAN BEATER so beware you could be next!
Old habits are sooooo hard to break!


The Black Fist Organization will now return our attention BACK to REAL issues that concern the black community...

Thursday, October 27, 2005



I'm listening to what some would call a "Mayoral Debate" on WDBZ 1230am "The Buzz of Cincinnati" between Mayoral Candidates State Senator Mark L. Mallory (D) and Cincinnati City Councilmember David Pepper (D). And what I'm hearing coming from the mouth of this spoiled, rich, pampered, inexperienced wanna-be "career politician" David Pepper is for a lack of better words "SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS"!

David Pepper is out and out lying on this radio broadcast, he is blantantly trying to twist Senator Mallory's words, But the Senator is too damn smart for this lil boy, so Pepper sounds even more stupidier than he normally does. He is lying about "The Black Fist" being banned from calling The Buzz radio station with the shows host Jonathon ("J") Love sitting there pretending as if he doesn't have a clue that Lil Davey is LYING!

Well, thank goodness for "The Black Fist Blog", who will be so gracious as to set the record straight for those of you who are out there scratching their heads like WWwwhhhaaa, Huh?

Lie #1. David Pepper said, "Mark Mallory is trying to take over the school system.
Truth: Mr. Mallory made it plain. No he is NOT. He had a plan. He rethought the plan, he went back in and scrapped the plan. Now what part of that didn't Richey Rich understand? Huh? Take Down Your Bogus, Misleading Commercials regarding Mr. Mallory's "school plan" David, IT IS NO LONGER IN EFFECT. At Least Mark Mallory IS man enough to know when he has a plan that may not be in the best interest of ALL Cincinnatians. Unlike Richey Rich David Pepper where it's MY PLAN and the HELL with whether the shit will work or not! And when Mr. Mallory asked crybaby David not once but 3 times will he remove those commercials? David NEVER answered the question. So be prepared to see even MORE MISLEADING bullshit against Mr. Mallory coming from the Pepper Camp!
Let's move on...

Lie #2: Crybaby David Pepper said, "The Black Fist is a HATE GROUP".
Truth: Simply put "The Black Fist is NOT a HATE GROUP". We are a "Black Militant Organization" dedicated to The Salvation and Liberation of The Black Nation and EXPOSING/CALLING FOR THE HEADS of Police Officers who kill Black men UNJUSTIFIABLY! Something we have EVERY RIGHT IN THE WORLD TO DO!!! Something a spoiled lil rich caucasion boy name David Pepper COULD NOT and we don't expect for him to EVER understand/agree with. "Why"? Because for one Caucasions withn the City of Cincinnati don't get murdered by Cincinnati Police Officers "JUSTIFIABLY" or "UNJUSTIFIABLY". Pepper who is WHITE and the race that he represents is WHITE therefore David Pepper and HIS constituency have nothing to fear/worry about when dealing with rougue no-good outta control racist Police Officers. And yes there are some good Police Officers on the Cincinnati Police force but we ALL know there are some no good race-hating cops on the force, as well. "The Black Fist" just happens to be one of the groups in this City who is NOT AFRAID to stand up and speak out against it! PERIOD. Call it whatcha like Pepper. We called it "BLACK MILITANCY AT IT'S FINEST"! DEAL WITH IT SUCKA!

Lie #3: David Pepper was asked by the shows host, "Will David Pepper denounce Westwood Concern a WHITE racist HATE GROUP" that he (J Love) played a very blantant racist audiocassette (over the airwaves) of that groups hatefilled leader, a white woman who wants nothing more than for all Blacks to basically disappear off the face of the earth (amongst other things) and for the white race to reign supreme, Melva Gwyen. Here's where the lie comes in. The lying brat David Pepper said, "He didnt really know anything about it but if she said those words, he certainly wouldn't agree with her statements. ~~~BULLSHIT!!!!!~~~
Truth: What Melva Gweyn said was said in Lil Lying David's one and own "LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE MEETING"!!! Right there on the floor of Council with, I might add, The Chairman of that Committee David Pepper ALLOWING her to say all those racist hatefilled things without "OBJECTION". Then as if to add further insult to injury to the Black citizentry who sat in that City Hall Chambers and watched at home on Citicable Channel 23. David ALLOWED the wicked witch of the WESTside Melva to go OVER her alloted time limit of 2 mintues. Now had that been your average Black citizen and/or a "Community Activist Group" or should I say "BLACK COMMUNITY ACTIVIST GROUP"...Take it from me the cops would have been called, Somebodys ass would've been hauled outta there and if not only just "escorted"out of chambers, the so-called BLACK offender/BLACK (legitimate consistant) ACTIVIST would've been arrested and jailed!
Bottom line: Pepper sat on his lil narrow ass and did nothing while this ranting, out of control racist, over-the-hill WHITE WOMAN spewed her vemon and spewed hatefilled words that would have been ruled "OUT OF ORDER" by the chair (Pepper) if those same exact words would have been spoken by a Black person.

Do we need someone who is "endorsed" by a White Supremist Race-Hating Group like "Westwood Concern" as The next "Mayor of Cincinnati"? My God, I think not!
Can somebody tell that to No "Reportee" Greg Korte of The Cincinnati Enquirier so he can print THAT since he loves to swing on Pepper's d*** and All of a sudden keep the name of "The Black Fist" front line every other day Headline in his rag, "The Cincinnati En-LIAR-er, I mean, Enqiurier!!!!

Lie #4: David Pepper said, "The Black Fist are such a hate group that they are even banned from calling The Buzz radio station".
Truth: WRONG AGAIN FOOL!!!!!! There are 2 members of The "BLAX" Fist who are "Banned From The Buzz" (See BLOG Entry: "BANNED FROM THE BUZZ" to see what really went down with that) But briefly, the truth of the matter is for your clarification davey boy, "Brigadier General Nikki X" IS NOT "Banned from The Buzz" never has been. And there are other members who are in "The BLACK Fist" who CAN and DID try to call in today, just straighten your punk ass out. To no avail. Luck was on your side boy!

But as the old saying goes, "There's always tomorrow".

Lie #5: David Pepper will CONTINUE to get away with telling these blantant lies without being CHECKED, CHECKED AND RECHECKED by "Brigadier General Nikki X" and other activist in this community who beleive in truth and fair play????
Truth: HELL NO!!!! I will continue to dog him at every politicial forum I can get to, to let the truth be know and let the truth be heard!!! And I'm sure my fellow activist will bedoing the same!!!

(See BLOG Entry: Making Pepper Mayor: A Big Mistake) for more info on David Pepper, his voting record and his OWN race-baiting, race-hating views!





A Message Public Service Announcement from "Brigadier General Nikki X", Head of Security, Head of Telecommunications, The Black Fist.
Mayoral Candidate Mark L. Mallory had absolutely no involvement in any of the statements presented here today on this BLOG.
Comments have been suspended on this entry by The Administrator.
You figure it out....!

Sunday, October 16, 2005



If David Pepper thinks his recent endorsement by The Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police [FOP] Union No.69 will "ensure" him the next strong mayorship of Cincinnati, He can forget it! Look at what The FOP's "endorsement" of GOP and Former City Councilman Charlie Winburn did for him...To make a long story short...NOTHING!
Charlie came in 3rd place in the Primary and sent packing back to the pulpit!

I want to take this time on behalf of "The Black Fist" and every other Black person of good conscience in the city of Cincinnati to publicly THANK Vice-President of the FOP and Chairman of The FOP endorsement commitee Keith Fangman and his commitee as a whole for leaving Mayoral Candidate and State Senator Mark L. Mallory "OFF" your endorsement list. Now he will have an even BETTER chance at winning the Mayorship in November. Mr. Mallory is running ahead in the polls and sticking to THE ISSUES while Dirty David whines and plays the race card like the international crybaby that he is! David Pepper is an out of control spoiled rich brat who can not control his emotions and will turn this town into a playground for the rich and an [even bigger] plantation for the poor, if elected Mayor.

General Nikki X would like to once again say, "Thanks guys because everyone of good conscience knows...An endorsement from The Fraternal Order of Police is like..."THE KISS OF DEATH"!!!
Charlie Winburn is still in, let's say "political intensive care", thanks to Fangman and the boys!


(See Blog Entry: Making Pepper Mayor: "A Big Mistake") To find out how Dirty David Pepper has showed his ass on the floor of Council and shown his racial hatred toward Blacks through his votes and his political views!



The Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police Union Lodge No. 69 have endorsed 9 candidates for Cincinnati City Council. This list read as such:

  1. Jeff Berding (D)
  2. Chris Bortz (C)
  3. John Eby (R)
  4. Leslie Ghiz (R)
  5. Sam Malone (R)
  6. Chris Monzel (R)
  7. Cecil Thomas (D)
  8. Wendell Young (D)
  9. John Cranley (D)

Oddly enough the term limited and Current City Councilman Jim Tarbell, whose always been endorsed by his good buddies in The FOP didn't make the cut this trip. Hhhuumm?

I'd like to take a moment to deal with list as a whole. They have (on paper) 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 1 Charterite. What is this list saying to Black people in the City of Cincinnati? It's saying The FOP is tired of Black people even putting in the "appearance" of getting good taxation with "representation". The FOP wants good ol' Cincinnati to go back to the good ol' days. The FOP is sending a strong message to every Black person within the sound of their voices, they [The FOP] are tired of you ungrateful knee-grows crying about what the hell they are doing when y'all don't even have your own sh** in order and this trip they [The FOP] are going show y'all [Blacks] since ya not satisfied with the mercy they've shown you thus far, then we'll [The FOP] take you Blacks damn near back to slavery and see how y'all like that!

Let's take a quick look at these FOP endorsed Candidates shall we:

  • Jeff Berding (D) - We all remember this guy from the "Paul Brown RiverFRAUD Stadium" rip-off/deal. Berding was in a sense damn near "The Mastermind" of the whole fiasco. A rip-off/deal, You, I and "our great-great-great grandchildren will be paying out the ass on and Hamilton County should be ashamed of themselves for letting this "deal" go through! (but the big whiteman and Mike Brown got RICH-ER, so hey Jeff's alright with us) The Tax-paying citizens (Blacks & Poor Whites) of Cincinnati should be saying NO to Jeff Berding on election day!
  • Chris Bortz (R) - Who in the devil is "Chris Bortz"? The nephew of former Cincinnati Mayor Arn Bortz and runs some sort of family realtor business. That's all I can tell you about this guy...smells like "Big Busines at it's finest". We don't need Chris Bortz. Just another guy running on "last name recognition".
  • John Cranley (D) - Good God NO! The answer can be nothing other than "NO"! Current City Councilman John Cranley is no friend to the Black race! His voting record speaks for itself. This midget John Cranley is responsible for blantant "anti-black" votes such as: "The Impaction Ordinance" (No more low-income housing built within the Cincinnati city limits) and if you coloreds don't sit down, shut up and be cool I'll [Cranley] orchestrate a move to tear down what little y'all got now like I [Cranley] did with Lincoln Courts/Laurel Homes and like if given the chance "The Fay Apartments"! "The Panhandling Ordinance" (Terrorize, Harass, Ticket, Fine) POOR and/or HOMELESS people, race not a factor! "The Hunnington Meadow Halocaust" (Cranley, along with now defunct figure-head vice-mayor Alicia Reece took the lead in throwing out over 600 [predominately Black] families into the streets of Cincinnati, just to make 2 greedy churches and a small-time greedy family in Bond Hill, the Reece Family some loot) To this day there are ex-Hunnington Meadows families still trying to get back on their feet and survive and some are still homeless. All in part to the underhanded senseless wicked deeds and lies of Alicia Reece and "FOP endorsed", Councilman John Cranley! There's more crimes that have been committed against Black Cincinnatians by Councilman John Cranley, just contact City Hall and get his voting record. Don't take my word for it....You do the reseach! This little wicked man, John Cranley is NO FRIEND to the Black race!
  • John Eby (R) - LORD God NO!!! Not Mr. "Hands across Westwood". Eby is the chief organizer of this annual rally in the community of Westwood & Price Hill by "white" westwoodians & "white" Price Hillians to support police for their year long service of protecting and serving "white" folks in Westwood & Price Hill and "white" Cincinnati, as a whole. Not Mr. "Citizens Complaint Authority" (deemed by The Black Fist and other activist as "Charlie's [Luken] Complaint Authority) This John Eby sits high and proud on this board of people with the exception of one (a Black woman) who decides whether or nor Cincinnati Police officers are disiciplined for police brutality and/or police misconduct. Which most times police get off scott-free when the evidence can clearly show "Police Brutality" at its highest form! Eby is 100% racially against any free-thinking Blackman or Blackwoman. And he is 100% in favor of police officers tasing to death, beating to death, kicking, stomping, choking to death and all forms of "Police Brutality" as long as it is brutality committed by "white" police officers and heaped upon "Black" citizens! John Eby is part of a highly race prejudice Westwood splinter group calling themselves "Westwood Concern". Who frequent City Council meetings spewing race-baiting rhetoric and committing overt intimidation of Councilmembers to get want they want for their white community. And guess what folks?... 9 times out of 10 they get just what they want! With FOP endorsed John Eby at the forefront of it all! Vote NO to John Eby!!! Believe me Black folks you won't regret it!!!
  • Leslie Ghiz (R) - This whining white woman from the Eastside who has her campaign office on the Westside is some sort of labor lawyer who bemoans every chance she gets the fact that she was passed over for an "appointment" to a city council seat because a black man named Sam Malone "took it from her". Other than that, I say, "What can Leslie Ghiz do to advance the Black agenda"?...Absolutely Nothing. So Leslie Ghiz can hang it up. Black folk don't need her. P-E-R-I-O-D!
  • Sam Malone (R) - This Black man is a nice cordial person if you're standing one-on-one talking to him, but his politics stink! Seems he gets the most satisfaction out of voting AGAINST his own communities best interest and FOR the white communities BEST interest. Every now and then he'll wake up and realize, "Damn I gotta do something for the knee-grows" and he'll be the 4th or 5th vote to get something passed. Does Sam Malone deserve to be re-elected? In the opinion of The Black Fist, we say NO. Sam should just bid us all a smooth farewell and move on.
  • Chris Monzel (R) - This joker can't even hold on to the 1 seat on Council he's been "appointed" to twice! His OWN "white" community constantly vote him out of office EVERY chance they get. So what usefulness can he possibly be to the Black community...NONE! He has some extreme racial problems AGAINST Blacks and In the opinion of The Black Fist and other activist organization we've worked with say the same thing..."Move on Monzel". It's just that simple!
  • Cecil Thomas (D) - HELL NAW!!! This Former Director of "The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission" (CHRC) is another one of these nice guys if you're just standing around chewing the fat with on a personal level. But "POLITICS", no, no! The FOP did right in endorsing Cecil because they know upfront this Ex-Cop, retired from the "FORCE" after 27 years will ALWAYS side with them even when it comes down to the vicious brutal rapes, murders, tasing and all-out assault on the Black man, the Black woman and the Black child right here under his "BLACK nose" in Cincinnati. This cat is nothing more than 3 things when it comes to "Police Brutality" in The Black community: An Excuse Making, An Excuse Giver and An Excuse/Blamer...But ONLY when the BLAME is directed towards the BLACK man NOT the police! Cecil Thomas should just sit it on down, chill and STAY retired! Black folk don't need no kinda Cecil Thomas nowhere near no City Council seats..But apparently The FOP does because they endorsed him. Like My Grandmother would say, "Lawd God of Zion", Help us!
  • Wendell Young (D) - Another Ex-Cop running for Council and endorsed by The FOP. Why? I don't know. The only thing I can put my finger on is...HE'S AN EX-CINCINNATI POLICE OFFICER...Duh. He's also another nice guy who is gracious and pleasant when you speak with him one-on-one. And he has a lovely wife with whom I have talked too. But does that make him "the man with the plan" to get elected to city council? I don't know. All The Black Fist can see in front of us is "EX-COP"! Now The Black Fist IS NOT anti-cop, we are PRO-good cops and PRO-good policing in our Black community, the same as what the white community receives on a daily basis and ALL year 'round. Now in Wendell Young's case I can't honestly say he wouldn't make a good council person, we're saying Wendell Young is an Ex-Cop endorsed by the FOP and if The FOP has a problem with Mayoral candidate and State Senator Mark Mallory being endorsed by The Black Fist because we have been deemed "racist" by The white power structure for standing up and speaking out for Black rights and against police brutality then does that say something about the nice guy "FOP endorsed" Wendell Young's political views in this city as it pretains to Black folk dealing with Police Brutality and misconduct? Maybe the Fraternal of Police know something about Wendell we don't...? Just an educated thought. What are yours?

Keith Fangman, Vice-President of The Fraternal Order of Police said, "The FOP endorsement committee would also revisit it's endorsement in the mayor's race, after its preferred candidate former GOP Councilman Charlie Winburn--came in 3rd place in the September 13th primary".

I've laid out some of the facts about these "FOP endorsed City Council candidates", Now it's time for you, Mr. & Mrs. Cincinnati Negro to look out for your OWN BEST interest, Do your OWN research and GET OUT & VOTE on Tuesday November 8, 2005. "RAIN OR SHINE".

And I have decided to open up this blog entry to all comments but let me remind you off the top, this is "THE BLACK FIST BLOG" and right here as it is stated in my first blog entry (See Blog Entry: "Welcome To The Black Fist Blog") we deal with issues and concerns surrounding BLACK PEOPLE, so I don't wanna hear no whining and bitching about, "Why y'all see everything as black and white". My answer to that would be simply, "In this world we're living in dammnit...IT IS"!

But believe me The Black Fist is NOT stupid enough to believe it's ONLY "Black and White"...IT'S ALSO "GREEN"!


Friday, October 7, 2005



North Avondale Neighborhood Association
North Avondale Community Center, 617 Clinton Springs Drive
7:30p.m. Tuesday October 11, 2005.
This will be a forum for ALL candidates on the November 8,2005. Ballot.

Come out and Ask the Questions you want answered!


This is a reposting of a Blog entry I posted in July 2005. The time has come for David Pepper to be "EXPOSED" and "RE-EXPOSED" as the white privileged, anti-black, arrogant, spolied, ultra crybaby that he is. Black Fist Commander Brigadier General Nikki X has been listening all this week to the "uproar" David Pepper "the international crybaby" has caused in regards to State Senator and Mayoral Challenger Mark Mallory "accepting" The Black Fist Endorsement from Brigadier General Nikki X. (See Blog Entry: Black Fist Endorsement For Mayor) No reportee Greg Kortee from that rag The Cincinnati Enquirer and most stanch supporter of David Pepper and his run for Mayor has written articles about how Mallory accepted the endorsement from a "Racist Organization". Well, my comments were heard loud and clear on several different talk radio shows this week and The Mallory camp WILL NOT denounce The Black Fist Endorsement nor does he have any plans to denounce the woman who give it to him, Brigadier General Nikki X Commander of The Black Fist. So people like No reportee Korte Greg Korte and Lil Petey Bronson also from that rag called The Cincinnati Enquirer...QUIT CRYING LIKE 2 PUNKS, BLOW YOUR NOSES AND GET OVER IT!

Now since that lil trick by The white power structure DID NOT and WILL NOT work, Let us get back to the business of "EXPOSING THE REAL RACIST" AMONGST US WHO IS RUNNING FOR MAYOR OF CINCINNATI and that would be COUNCILMAN AND CHAIRMAN OF THE LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITEE DAVID PEPPER!

Let's take a little walk down good ol' memory lane...Shall we....


Making Councilmember David Pepper Mayor of Cincinnati would be one of the biggest mistakes we, as Black people could ever make. I'll tell you why...

Black people in this town make up 50% of the population and what are we getting for our tax dollars at City Hall? City Council is made up of 9 members and a Mayor. The Mayor has Veto power but NO VOTE. Councilmember David Pepper needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for his voting record. The days of just coming into The Black Community grinning, shaking hands, slobbing all over Black babies, passing out greasy ass fried chicken to Black preachers and making "PROMISES IS OVER" especially in the case of David Pepper someone who was elected to City Council TWICE and has a voting record that is publicly accessible and can be looked at by anyone. David Pepper has a "History of Voting AGAINST Black Issues" on Council, and his feet need to be held to the FIRE!!
Is he really voting in the best interest of Black people? As Mayor would David Pepper fight to make Cincinnati better for Black People? Would David Pepper as Mayor tell Chief Streicher that non-compliance with that weak-ass Collabortive Agreement WILL NOT be tolerated? Will David Pepper as Mayor, should he win, insist upon changing the way Police Arbitrate cases involving Police who KILL Black people "UNJUSTIFIABLY"? For instance, No-Good Racist Cop Patrick Caton one of the Officers involved in the BRUTAL MURDER of Military Gulf War Veteran Mr. Roger Owensby Jr. in November 2000. had recently tried to get his job back on The Police "Force". Will David Pepper as Mayor DEMAND his firing, if ever rehired? And will David Pepper, if elected as Mayor do what No-Good, On-his-way-out-the-Door (and not a moment too soon), Lame Duck Mayor Charles John Luken, The Coward WOULD NOT do and that is "Give [The Owensby Family] a PUBLIC APOLOGY on behalf of "HIS" Police Dept. killing their son!!!
These are just some of the many many questions that David Pepper needs to address if he wants to be The Mayor of this place called Cincinnati, Ohio and garner the Black vote to do it.
David Pepper CAN NOT win the Mayorship WITHOUT the Black vote. Now don't get me wrong we, in The Black Fist are NOT stupid by a long shot, we know damn well "CHEATING" happens every dag-on day and if y'all so-called "Presidential Election" was stolen not once but TWICE right from under your noses then please believe that this lil jive-ass Mayors race can be "HIJACKED" too!
So we must remember that at all times and be intellectually sound when casting our votes in November '05.

Let's take a look at some recent very important, high-profile issues that were brought to the floor of Council regarding The Black Community and see how Mayoral Candidate David Pepper, deemed by one local Black activist as, "THE SON OF P&G" voted...

Council members also chair different Council Committees, That is where most of the work gets done before the full Council meets on Wednesdays at 2:00pm to vote on the issues facing You & I. "Mr. & Mrs. Black Sinsinnati".

The Chairmen/Women of these vast Committees reads as followed:

Councilmember John Cranley: The Finance Committee
Councilmember Laketa Cole: The Neighborhoods Committee
Councilmember David Crowley: TheIntergovernmental & Education Committee
Councilmember Jim Tarbell: The Arts Committee
Councilmember and now Mayoral Candidate Alicia Reece: The Tourism & Health Committee
Councilmember and now Mayoral Candidate David Pepper: The Rules Committee & The Law and Public Safety Committee.

"Law & Public Safety Committee". Why is this so important to repeat? Well listen up & Dig this..

David Pepper made the annoucement that he's running for The Mayor's office in the first part of this year. He is seen on the front page of "The Cincinnati Hearld" (a Black weekly newspaper, 01-28/02-04-05) holding in his hand a "Cincinnati Hearld" newspaper with the headlines: "Our Children Are Dying": The Violence Must End..."Am I missing something here"? Isn't there something wrong with this picture Brothas & Sistas?
This is Councilmember David Pepper, Chairman of The Law & Public Safety Committee announcing his candidacy for the next so-called strong Mayor of Cincinnati and his "voting record" shows that every opportunity he's had over the last 3 and a half years to step up to the plate and help the Black & Poor Black Communities and come up with new and inventive ways to help stop the crime in our community David Pepper has squandered it! And don't take my word for it check his voting record.

Let's take a look at some of David Pepper's votes while he's been on Council, shall we...

When this City was facing "Brownouts" in 6 communities and 5 of thoses were predominately Black, David Pepper sat by "quietly" on his " WHITE PRIVILEGED ASS" NOT offering any solutions to ending this crisis that affected not only Black citizens but jeopardized the safety of some of our good Firemen & women in The Cincinnati Fire Dept. (that were becoming stressed & frustrated) by having to put out fires in communities they were NOT familiar with ie. not knowing where fire hydrants were, taking extra time to even get to the location of these burning homes/businesses & etc.
Now this Mayoral candidate David Pepper "sat on" a "$2,000,000 Slush Fund" called "The Clean & Safe Neighborhood Fund" a.k.a. what we, in the Black Fist called "Pepper's Playhouse Fund". Bottomline to all of this is David Pepper, "The Son of P&G" could have stopped The Brownouts BEFORE they even started if he would have "stepped up to the plate" the way he now wants Black Folks to believe he will do as Mayor and RELEASED at least $1.5 million dollars of that money! What is the purpose of having a "Clean & Safe Fund" if The Chairman of Law & Public Safety WOULD NOT use the money in that fund to fund The Fire Dept. that's in charge of keeping us safe? And to be real clear to you Davey Pepper....THAT IS NOT YOUR MONEY ANYWAY, IT'S MINE AND EVERY OTHER TAX-PAYING CITIZEN in this City!!! The effort to release this money (in all fairness) was spearheaded by Councilwoman Laketa Cole, Councilman Christopher Smitherman & another.
And what did Councilman/Mayorial Candidate Pepper do instead?
The Answer: NOTHING! except vote AGAINST using that money to fund The Fire Dept. and stop the brownouts...and for the record 1 Blackman DIED in an Avondale house Fire due to that Fire Company being "Browned Out a.k.a C-L-O-S-E-D DOWN" !!!!
Peace be upon that Blackman & his Family.

Seems like Mayorial Candidate David Pepper has some "BLACK BLOOD" on his hands as well as being an all-around Racist Wimp!!!

All Pepper did was whine & cry" like a bitch on "Black talk radio" shows saying repeatedly like a lil sissy "They [council] won't leave my money alone" (insert some punk-ass tears here)

Why did all of these Brownouts have to happen?
The Answer is simple. The Brownout locations designated by The "so-called Black" City Manager Condoleeza [Valerie] Lemmie WERE NOT in WHITE communities ONLY 5 BLACK communities and the other community is probably 80-85% BLACK... Hell we Colored Folks can't win !!! On top of City Council "CONSTANTLY" mismanaging Tax Payers Dollars and/or spending Tax Money on stupid shit like $7,000,000 or so for plastic mannequins in Sak's 5th ave. HHHuuuuhhhh ?????

Let's move on...

When Councilman Smitherman put a motion on the floor of Council to NOT have this rogue outta control Police "Force" Tase children under the age of 11, who was it to vote "FOR" Tasing the little helpless bodies of children under 11...You guessed it. It was dim-witted David Pepper! And we all know whose gonna be "Burning & Frying & probably Dying" under those "deadly" Tasers don't we?
Yep, yep, you guessed it...Black Children! Hey,now The Police can KILL our Black Children along with our Black Men and guess what..."The Black Woman is Next"!!!

Councilmembers are PAID to set policies for The City so putting this motion on the floor was what any good Councilperson should have done. But in good ol' Racist "SINSINNATI", of course Mr. Smitherman caught unadulterated pure 'D' hell for even opening his mouth like so many others before him in the past kept their mouths SHUT! (Councilman Paul Booth was one, remember him?.... A Blackman, Pitiful)
And this is the same David Pepper who in January 2005. (refer back to that Cinti Hearld article I spoke of earlier) came into Walnut Hills (another predominately Black Neighborhood) & posed in a Police Sub-station and had more "Knee-Grows" around him than he's probably associated himself with in the 3 and a half years he's been on Council and made his announcement to run for Mayor and vowed to "Work for All Citizens". Hell boy, you been working for all citizens...All WHITE Citizens! And for the record there were about 200 people that came out to City Hall on Wednesday January 26th at 6:00pm to "Speak Out & Voice their concerns" Regarding the Tasing of our Children! (So don't believe the WHITE CONTROLLED PRESS that stated about 15 people were there. NO! only 15 people were ALLOWED to speak, the rest of the Blacks who signed up to speak were DENIED by Lame duck dim-wit Charlie Luken)

The Vote went down like this: AGAINST Police Tasing of Our Children:

1. Smitherman: NO
2. Cole: NO
3. Crowley: NO
4. Reece: NO


1. Cranley: YES
2. Tarbell: YES
3. Monzel: YES
4. Malone (another scared to death ass mouth closed Blackman): YES
5. Pepper: YES

Whhaatttt???? Mayoral Candidate David Pepper voted "YES" to have lil children (mostly Black ones) Tased ??!!!!? My God, Lawd-a-Mercy...What kinda beast is this man?!!?

So what do we have here Mr. & Mrs. Black Knee-Grow of Sinsinnati? What in the world is this telling us Black Folks?
Like Director Spike Lee would say..."WWWWaaaakkkkeee UUUUppppp"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to stop electing politicians based on political parties and concentrate on "VOTING RECORDS"! We MUST NOT ALLOW these WHITE politicians to come into our BLACK Churches and use our pulpits for nothing more than "Grandstanding & Exploitation". And when these politicians come-a-knocking on your doors asking/begging/pleading to put up their campaign yard signs know who you are dealing with FIRST and what they have DONE for you, NOT what they PROMISE to do but what have they DONE!
And if you wake up one morning & look outside and there is an UNAUTHORIZED Elect (insert name here) yard sign in your yard..TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!! No one has the right to put ANY sign in your yard without YOUR permission first!

And one more (of many more) votes that should be of interest to the Black community...

When Councilwoman Laketa Cole, Councilman Christopher Smitherman & other black members of Council wanted to start a "Black-on-Black Crime Initiative" (The Black Fist thought it was WEAK to start with, but anyway) back in January 2004. to try and combat the so-called Black-on-Black crime epidimic in Cincinnati. Who do you think was the very FIRST person to step up and voice LOUDLY his OPPOSITION AGAINST that intiative...
Ding, Ding, Ding, yall on a roll! Councilman/Mayoral Candidate David Pepper! The same boy that was seen in "The Cincinnati Hearld" holding up the front page that read: "Our Children Are Dying": The Violence Must Stop that showed more than 20 Black Men who were brutally murdered in the streets in 2004. "Do you understand what I'm saying here"? That intiative was brought to the floor of Council in "January 2004." Pepper is holding up this picture of dead Black Men in "January 2005."! Saying that violence in our streets must stop. Maybe if he really cared about "The BLACK VIOLENCE" as he's stated in a Black newspaper & on Black talk radio but NOT on WHITE talk radio, there he makes it clear he IS concerned with crime "WHITE CRIME"!
Then maybe some of those Brothas on the front page of that Black newspaper would be ALIVE TODAY!
Huh, Seems like MORE "BLACK BLOOD" on this boy's hands!!!

David Pepper has REPEATEDLY had his chance to put something in place that would help Black Folks but instead he "punked straight on out" everytime.

There's more voting "evidence" out there that Pepper DOES NOT have the Black communities interest in this City at Heart.
I've named just a few "publicly accessiable votes" made by this "Politrickster Lite-weight Slickster" who is begging to be your next Mayor.

The Black Fist Organization is NOT impressed one bit by this talkin' outta both sides of his lying neck WHITE PRIVILEGED ARROGANT RACIST POLITICIAN so you folks out there don't get it twisted...In our opinion NO POLITICIAN can "save us" NONE!!! But present Reality & past SLAVE SHIPS dictate that while we are trapped here in the Hells of North AmeriKKKa we pay taxes (even when we don't want too) so we DO (on paper) have a say in this corrupt politicial system....Remember The Whiteman's Constitution STILL says, in 2005, that we Black People in AmeriKKKa are 3 fifths of a Human Being BUT that same wicked White Devil takes MORE than 3 fifths of our Tax Dollars don't he?!? Ain't that a Bitch?

So with that said, I implore you to look at the ENTIRE voting record of David Pepper and make up your own minds.
Does this man simply want to use Black folks ONCE AGAIN because he has a "D" behind his name (you know how you Colored Folk love to get down on thier knees & pray at the feet of the "Democratic" god/party) OR Does his voting track record PROVE he's a crime fighter, someone who cares about the senseless MURDER of Black Men?, Is he a man who would NEVER ALLOW a BLACK child to be Tased? (we know he'd jump in front of a Taser to save a Lil WHITE boy or girl)

And will David Pepper listen as intently to BLACK speakers at City Hall and "DO" something for Black Folks like he listens VERY INTENTLY when "The Westside" Whites come down in "CHARTERED SCHOOL BUSES" to speak/THREATEN them (council & Pepper) and Pepper JUMPS HIGH, GRINS & COMPLIES WITH THIER WISHES/THEATS?

The Question becomes: Has David Pepper "earned" the votes of Black People?
Based on his voting record which only validates his deep-rooted Race Hatred for Black People, I say NOT!!!
No, I'll make it plain & say "HELL NO" he hasn't earned Black peoples' votes !!!!!

But I do say is this....


Let your voice be heard at upcoming Candidate Forums (check back here on "The Black Fist Blog" for times, dates & locations)
At City Council Meetings: Wednesday 1:30pm, if you'd like to speak before Council, 2pm regular Council session begins with NO SPEAKERS ALLOWED or should I say "NO BLACK SPEAKERS ALLOWED!

The Mayorial Primary from which only "2 Candidates" will emerge will be voted on September 13, 2005.
Election Day: When The 2 Mayoral Candidates and City Council Candidates will be vote on is November 8, 2005.

"We Need To Throw Some "SALT" in the Politrickin' Game of a Racist Punk named "Pepper"!!!


I rest my case.