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Is she evil or Ignorant? Lolo Jones Attacks Rachel Jeantel, Compares Her to Madea

Sunday, June 30, 2013.

The country found it good entertainment to make fun of Rachel Jeantel, a young woman who was the star prosecution witness during the trial of George Zimmerman. Jeantel was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before he died, and was blasted all over national television for hours.

Jeantel was heavily criticized for her testimony, as she came off irritated, unprepared and as a poor reflection of a bad educational system. She clearly didn’t want to be there. Some people were annoyed with her, some felt sorry for her, but nearly everyone cringed while watching a woman who looked like a fish out of water.

Sprinter Lolo Jones, who is a regular recipient of the “privileged light skinned” woman criticism, wasn’t very nice, comparing Jeantel to Madea, the star of Tyler Perry’s films.

“Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court,” Jones tweeted.

Jones was attacked for her tweets by those who felt that her remarks were ugly and insensitive. One tweeter, author Dream Hampton, came right back at Jones, stating, “ How classless of you to mock a young girl who’s experienced trauma your privileged a*s will never know @lolojones”

Hampton might want to do some research on Jones, who wasn’t a kid of privilege. In fact, she might be guilty of stereotyping Jones as some kind of suburban light-skinned princess. But this is far from the truth. Jones is a bi-racial child, whose father was in and out of jail. She spent years stealing food for her younger siblings and actually started running because she had to run across town whenever her father’s car would break down. She found track and field as her way out of her dire circumstances.

But maybe Jones could have been nicer on the tweet. It was probably uncalled for.

(Story courtesy of Naturally Moi)

                                             Pictured: Failed Olympic Sprinter Lolo Jones

Lemme get right to it:  Perhaps this dumb ass bitch needs to concentrate on trying to win an Olympic Gold medal (which she continuously fails at) and keep her fucking mouth shut.

Rachel Jeantel is a pretty girl who is only 19 years old (18 at the time of her friend's murder). Rachel Jeantel had a traumatic horrendous thing happen to her!  She was the very last person on the face of this earth to talk to our murdered lil brother 17 year old Trayvon Martin, and all this non-hurdle jumping bitch can do is jump on twitter to talk trash making fun of the girl's looks etc.?!?

Uh "Lolo" from General Nikki X straight to you ... shut the fuck up and practice your hurdles so next time two dark-skinned women (true Olympic athletes) won't leave your dumb ass in the dust like they did last time leaving you in tears and looking like an epic FAIL!

How 'bout that "Lolo"?

It just goes to show ignorance, evil, and the [so-called] privilege of having light-skin never mix!

From The Black Organization:  Thank You Rachel For Telling What You Know and Thank You For Speaking The Final Words of Trayvon Martin ... Since He is No Longer Here to Speak For Himself! 

Watch Lolo Jones crying like a bitch over her Olympic loss & crying about how the media treats her.  How ironic huh?

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Trayvon Martin's Friend Describes Final Phone Call


SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — A friend who was on the phone with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin moments before he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman testified that she heard the Miami teen shout, “Get off! Get off!” before his telephone went dead.

Rachel Jeantel recounted to jurors in Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial how Martin told her he was being followed by a man as he walked through the Retreat at Twin Lakes townhome complex on his way back from a convenience store to the home of his father’s fiancee.

Jeantel is considered one of the prosecution’s most important witnesses because she was the last person to talk to Martin before his encounter with Zimmerman on Feb. 26, 2012.

She testified that Martin described the man following him as “a creepy-ass cracker” and he thought he had evaded him. But she said a short time later Martin let out a profanity.

Martin said Zimmerman was behind him and she heard Martin ask: “What are you following me for?”

She then heard what sounded like Martin’s phone earpiece drop into the grass and she heard him say, “Get off! Get off!” The phone then went dead, she said.

Zimmerman, 29, could get life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder for killing Martin. Zimmerman followed him in his truck and called a police dispatch number before he and the teen got into a fight.

Zimmerman has claimed self-defense, saying he opened fire after the teenager jumped him and began slamming his head against the concrete sidewalk.

Zimmerman, whose father is white and whose mother is Hispanic, has denied the confrontation with the black teenager had anything to do with race, as Martin’s family and its supporters have claimed.

Jeantel’s testimony came after two former neighbors of Zimmerman testified Wednesday about hearing howls and shouts for help in the moments before the shooting.

Jayne Surdyka told the court that immediately before the shooting, she heard an aggressive voice and a softer voice exchanging words for several minutes in an area behind her townhome at the Retreat at Twin Lakes.

“It was someone being very aggressive and angry at someone,” she said.

During the struggle, she said, she saw a person in dark clothes on top of the other person. Martin was wearing a dark sweatshirt and Zimmerman wore red clothing. Surdyka said she saw the person who was on top get off the body after the shot was fired.

Surdyka said she heard cries for help and then multiple gunshots: “pop, pop, pop.” Only one shot was fired in the fatal encounter.

“I truly believe the second yell for help was a yelp,” said Surdyka, who later dabbed away tears as prosecutors played her 911 call. “It was excruciating. I really felt it was a boy’s voice.”

During cross-examination, defense attorney Don West tried to show there was a lapse in what Surdyka saw. Defense attorneys contend Martin was on top of Zimmerman during the struggle, but after the neighborhood watch volunteer fired a shot, Zimmerman got on top of Martin.

West also challenged Surdyka about her belief that the cry for help was a boy’s voice, saying she was making an assumption about whose voice it was.

Jeannee Manalo testified after Surdyka that she believed Zimmerman was on top of Martin, saying he was the bigger of the two based on pictures she saw of Martin on television after the fight. Manalo also described hearing howling, but she couldn’t tell who it was coming from, and then a “help sound” a short time later.

Under cross-examination, defense attorney Mark O’Mara asked why she had never mentioned her belief that Zimmerman was on top in previous police interviews. He also got her to concede that her perception of Martin’s size was based on five-year-old photos she had seen of him on television that showed a younger and smaller Martin.

Martin’s parents have said they believe the cries for help captured on 911 calls made by Zimmerman’s neighbors came from their son, while Zimmerman’s father has said he believes the cries belong to his son. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys believe they could show whether Zimmerman or Martin was the aggressor in the encounter. Defense attorneys successfully argued against allowing prosecution experts who claimed the cries belonged to Martin.

Before the February 2012 shooting, Zimmerman had made about a half dozen calls to a nonemergency police number to report suspicious characters in his neighborhood. Judge Debra Nelson on Wednesday ruled that they could be played for jurors.

Prosecutors had argued that the police dispatch calls were central to their case that Zimmerman committed second-degree murder since they showed his state of mind. He was increasingly frustrated with repeated burglaries and had reached a breaking point the night he shot the unarmed teenager, prosecutors say.

Defense attorneys argued that the calls were irrelevant and that nothing matters but the seven or eight minutes before Zimmerman fired the deadly shot into Martin’s chest.

Seven of the nine jurors and alternates scribbled attentively on their notepads as the calls were played.

Rachel Jeantel, the witness that was on the phone with Trayvon Martin just before he died, gives her testimony during George Zimmerman's trial in Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Fla., Wednesday, June 26, 2013. Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.(AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Jacob Langston, Pool)

(Photo: AP)

Friday, June 21, 2013


Here is some black truth for your mind, spirit, and actions!

Black man, we need you.  Black woman we need the black man.  There is NO other choice!
There is nothing on this planet more beautiful more satisfying than deep emotionally connected black love.

Let this sistah Jill tell you all about it ... If you don't already know!
Cause seriously black man the fact is ... we need you ... !

Jill Scott Performing "The Fact Is (We Need You)" Live in Paris

Now that's some BLACK TRUTH for yo' dome!
Until Next Time ...


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                                           Pictured: Paul Carey Hartzell

Click Here For The Story ----> ID court rules man can face felony stalking charge | Local News | The Seattle Times

In this the 7th edition in our "Stalking" series, you will read about Paul Carey Hartzell (the goofy looking clown in the picture above), and all of his sinister henious stalking antics against his ex-girlfriend.  This shit is crazy but it's real. 


File This One Under: Another Cain't Let Go Asshole On His Way To Prison!!!


Md. Man Convicted of Cyberstalking His Ex-Wife

By Amber Ferguson
Thursday, Jun 13, 2013
Updated 6:24 PM EDT

A Hyattsville man was found guilty Thursday of 73 counts of stalking, reckless endangerment, harassment and violation of a protective order after terrorizing his ex-wife and her children over the course of 45 days last year.

Michael Anthony Johnson, 32, faces a prison sentence of up to 115 years for repeatedly sending vulgar, threatening emails to his ex-wife telling her that he was going to rape and kill her and her daughters last summer.

Johnson also set up fake online profiles, claiming to be her, on Facebook, Craigslist, Blackplanet and other Internet sites, asking men to come to her house for sex and, in one posting, telling men to come to her house and rape her.

“He repeatedly smiled and laughed during this trial and had the audacity to take the stand and claim he had nothing to do with anything that happened to his ex-wife, despite insurmountable evidence against him,” said Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks.

Johnson was arrested in late July 2012 after a search warrant was executed on his mother’s home, where he was living at the time. Authorities recovered his computer, complete with many of the emails he had sent to his ex-wife.

Johnson admitted that the email accounts where the emails to his ex-wife originated from were his and that no one else had access to the computer, but he maintained that he never sent the emails.

All of the fake postings and threatening emails to the victim stopped after Johnson was arrested.

The jury convicted Johnson after deliberating for three hours. He was found guilty of one count of stalking, 10 counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of harassment, seven counts of harassment by electronic mail and 53 counts of violation of a protective order.

Johnson will be sentenced July 18

Greetings brothers and sisters in this part 6 of our series on "Stalking", we read this story about another stupid muthafuckah who refuses to let go of his ex.  In this case the victim is the man's ex-wife. 

Now I believe it would be safe to say that this rejected nitwit is a black man due to the fact that he posted bullshit against his ex-wife on a social media website called "Black Planet", which is predominately used by blacks.  However, like with anything else in life, whites and mexicans jump on to what blacks are doing so I really can't tell if this stalker is actually a black man.  In any event, this asshole thought it was funny to terrorize and stalk his ex-wife who clearly didn't want his ass anymore. 

Yeah that's real funny Michael Anthony Johnson but let's see how funny it'll be when you are shipped off to the Maryland State Penn!

File This One Under: Another Stupid Muthafuckah On His Way To Prison!!!


Description: "Certain females consume male ejaculate and sperm as if they were food, using the nutrients to fuel their own bodies as well as their eggs, The study, published in the journal Biology Letters, adds yet another dimension to the battle between the sexes. “If males have their sperm consumed, rather than used for egg fertilization, they will lose that reproductive opportunity. Therefore, it is in the male’s best interests to try to ensure at least some of his sperm reaches the female’s eggs,” lead author Benjamin Wegener, a researcher at Monash University’s School of Biological Sciences, explained to Discovery News. Wegener said that ejaculate consumption is well documented among numerous species. Humans are included in that group, but the behavior is notbut the behavior is not a standard part of our reproductive process." - Discovery

(Warning: After The 1st Minute of This Video Turn It Off! The Rest of The Video is Strictly Bullshit That Would Only Interest Nasty White Folks!
View At Your Own Risk! - GNX)


What do you think of this? In the interest of our black love series I am asking the question today, do you brothers & sisters believe these findings?  I found this video (the 1st minute of it) interesting if nothing else.  Could it be true that a woman feeds on a man's sperm like food?

If this is true, what does this new knowledge add to the dynamics of the black male/black female relationship, primarily their "sexual relationship"?

Let us know what you think by leaving us your comments.

We will continue to explore various avenues of the black male/black female relationship its highs and its lows as our series on "Black Love" continues .....



During better times, Cincinnati’s outgoing Police Chief James E. Craig, at left, is shown with Sentinels Police Association President Phill Black at the Sentinels 25th Silver Anniversary event in 2012, when Craig was Cincinnati’s new police chief and Black was the incoming Sentinels’ president. Outgoing Sentinels President Carolyn Wilson is at right. Photo by C. Smith Photography.

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig, who leaves Cincinnati June 22 to become Detroit’s top cop, has responded to criticism leveled at him during his last weeks in office by the Sentinels Police Association of Cincinnati, an African American police organization.

Phill Black, president of the Sentinels, last week sent Chief Craig a letter advising him that members during an April meeting the Sentinels passed a “vote of no confidence’’ in regard to Craig’s leadership. Black said the vote was cast by a majority of the Sentinels at a membership meeting.

Black stated Sentinels question the chief's "vision of change" during his nearly two years as Cincinnati’s first Black and first outsider police chief.

"In your short tenure as chief of police, you have failed to ‘level the playing field’ as well as addressing the unfair disciplinary practices within our department.

"You had the opportunity to right a wrong, but you did not and with that, the Sentinel Police Association grants a vote of no confidence on how you handled the in-house actions of the Cincinnati Police Department," Black wrote.

In his response to Black written on June 13, Craig wrote, “Throughout my tenure, I have been fortunate to earn the trust and support of many sworn officers, regardless of race."

"Throughout my tenure, fairness has been paramount to ensuring morale was sustained. It is undisputed that morale of the CPD was high during my tenure, and it was not because of nepotism, unfair discipline, or not promptly addressing allegations of misconduct."

The Sentinels formed in the 1960s to fight for the fair treatment of African American officers and today the organization stands up for all minority officers including women and Hispanics.

The group also sent copies of the letter to Mayor Mark Mallory, City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr., and Cincinnati City Council members.

Black congratulated Craig on becoming the first African American Police Chief and the first from outside the ranks of the Cincinnati Police Depart ment as an accomplishment within itself. He noted the many achievements Craig was able to accomplish and that Craig was welcomed to Cincinnati with open arms by all.

“Although you accomplished your goals of being accepted by the community, the business community, the cosmetic changes of the department and keeping your name on the “Leveling of the Playing Field," which Craig had initially discussed. “In all actuality, you have allowed the Cincinnati Police Department to conduct a business as usual attitude, ‘As Things Changed, Things Remained The Same.’ Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Police Department has been setback 20 years.”

“I reject your notion that the Department has been ‘set back twenty years...,’” Craig countered. “I embrace and understand change, which has been a major part of my agenda and evidenced by the rank and file officers. One ranking staff member …stated that during his 25 years, he experienced changes that are more ‘positive’ during my tenure than any other time during his career. This statement has been echoed by many in the department… Your assertion that there was no change lacks merit and there are many examples to refute your claim.”

Black added that Craig failed to address what he views as unfair disciplinary practices within the department. “You have actually displayed an asymmetrical practice of disciplining African Americans more than non- African Americans. Your action of swift transfers and ‘putting them in their place’ was what you displayed. This has been a long practice of the Cincinnati Police Department in dealing with discipline, and it continued under your watch.”

About the appointment to fill the assistant police chief vacancy, it was decided that both Black and White captains were selected to lead and manage the Bureau of Criminal Investigations without the oversight of an assistant chief, Craig stated in his letter. This gave each the opportunity to manage at the assistant chief level, he added. The selection process in this case comprised a panel of three Blacks and two Whites, he noted. In addition, Craig stated he conducted an exhaustive review of the possible candidates for the position.

“The absence of your leadership was apparent when you made no effort to contact me to discuss your disappointment in the outcome of this process,” Craig wrote Black. “Instead, you decided to initiate a campaign to discredit me and to publically criticize the process without knowing the facts.”

Craig adds that his decisions were not made unilaterally, but were reflective of what was needed and desired, and there was transparency in every aspect of the department’s operations.

Craig noted that he had met routinely with the Sentinels Board to discuss issues or concerns and responded to those concerns and issues immediately. “Your assertion that the disciplinary process was unfair and never addressed is clearly unfounded,” he said.

He faulted Black for not offering recommendations on how his staff could provide opportunities to enrich officers’ careers while Black was a member of the Chief’s Internal Advisory Board.

Black noted that Craig’s appearances along with the “love the inner-city community displayed upon you” were unprecedented for a Cincinnati police chief. “Unfortunately, your acceptance and approval from the community and the direction prominent business leaders wanted to steer you consumed your workings within the police department itself. Your focus seemed to have switched from the overhaul of the Cincinnati Police Department to that of celebrity acceptance from the citizens of Cincinnati. (However) The Sentinel Police Association will continue to fight any injustice bestowed upon its members regardless of race, creed, or color. We will continue to move on to address the unfinished business that you will be leaving behind.”

Craig said he did earn the support of the community, but that support involved placing emphasis on the “outstanding work performed by our police officers.”

Black stated the Sentinels wish Craig well in Detroit. “(But) Remember, you had the opportunity to right a wrong, but you did not and with that, the Sentinel Police Association grants a vote of no confidence on how you handled the inhouse actions of the Cincinnati Police Department,” he concluded.

Craig questions that due to the fact that some of the Sentinels Executive Board members were not aware of Black’s letter, “I question whether it was a majority opinion of your membership that believed I failed in my tenure as the Cincinnati Police Department’s 13th police chief.”

In some parting advice, Craig told Black that his willingness “to be a part of the solution, rather than simply reporting concerns lacking foundation, will go a long way in building positive relationships in reducing workplace concerns.”

"Frankly, I find it interesting that you wait until I prepare to leave this Department …to raise these issues,” Craig wrote Black. “I remain optimistic on the future of CPD based on the many talented men and women who will continue to move this ‘model’ police agency forward.”

(Story courtesy of The Cincinnati Herald)

                                Pictured: The REAL Hollywood James Craig

What is this tomfoolery here?!?  Why would the black sentinels association president wait until police chief James Craig (forever know on this site as "Hollywood Craig") is out the door before making his concerns and disappointments known to the general public?  That doesn't even make a lick of sense. 

If the head of the black police association had something to say they should have said it long before "Hollywood Craig" was offered and accepted his position as police chief of Detroit, wouldn't you think?

Oh well! That's backward Sinsinnati for ya'!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


                                      Council Klown Chris Smitherman

STOP SMITHERMAN Update.... The Sillyman says he doesn't care how his colleagues on Council feel about him. [They hate him, and for good reason -- he's only interested in grandstanding, not moving the city forward. He thinks he should be may...or, not Mark Mallory.] Why would anyone waste a vote on this guy when he can't get along with his colleagues, get any legislation passed, or get anything done.

He really doesn't care what you, the voters, think about him either. He thinks he's smarter than you. A self-proclaimed "financial planner" with no degree in finance, no certification by real financial planners (which is why he can't call himself a Certified Financial Planner).

The Sillyman used to be a Charterite. So for him to say he hates the City Manager form of government -- the basis of Charter, should make you wonder why he was ever in their party. I know why, but some of you die-hard Smithereens won't admit it: he used Charter to get what he wanted -- a seat on Council -- just like he used the NAACP, The Buzz, and, before he died, Kabaka Oba. [What happened to The Sillyman leading the effort to have the city name a street after Kabaka or some people building a statue of him.] 

Click Here: Parking lease drama enters new act

Story courtesy of our dear brother Nathaniel Livingston Jr.  Picture & caption courtesy of General Nikki X)

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-- This Blog Post Is An Auto Re-Posting That Began In 2008. Black Men Enjoy! -

Happy Father's Day To All The Black Fathers Out There Who Make It Happen For Their Children EVERYDAY!  Not Just On Today.  

When it comes to the love of his child(ren), there's nothing the black man won't "Do For Love"!



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Greetings Greetings & More Greetings!

We are back & wow what a great time we had!  This year's Black Power Convention was a blast!  What a joy to be able to connect & reconnect with all the real live brothers & sisters from around the country, and what an extreme pleasure it was to get the hell outta Sinsinnati for a week! 

Our annual convention was filled with plenty of positive dialog, plenty of networking, plenty of fellowship, plenty of strategizing against the enemy, plenty of new ideas & creative thoughts, plenty of delicious food, plenty of good music, plenty of strong beautiful black men of courage & respectability, and plenty of dedicated black women of conviction & purpose ....

So I guess by now you can gather we had plenty of everythang!

We will be posting more pictures from our annual convention and perhaps even some videos of all of the different events, the speakers, and the award ceremony (courtesy of our beloved brother & this year's convention videographer Bro. Trey X). We also had a lot of relaxing fun in the sun!

We couldn't let it be all work and no pleasure now could we? ;-()

The Black Fist Organization would like to thank everyone who worked long & hard to help us pull this thing together early this year so we could have our convention in the warm weather of summer instead of our usual winter.  We want to also thank all of the hotel workers, all of our black caters, the reception hall managers, waiters & waitresses, the DJs & the VJs, the airline & the shuttle buses that made our flight in air then our ride on land as smooth as can be!

Well, I have to tell you brothers & sisters I am exhausted! I need some sleep after 5 days of non-stop Black Power Activities, so I will end this report right here for now but stay tuned for more exciting details cause this revolution will be televised! ...

All of this & more coming soon ... Right here on The Black Fist Blog!


Thursday, June 6, 2013


                                           (Pictured: Judge Edith Jones)

Judge Claims Blacks and Hispanics are More Violent

June 6, 2013
By Yolanda Spivey

A New Orleans judge who sits on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is being accused of violating the code of conduct for federal judges for some harsh comments she has made against Blacks and Hispanics.

This past February, Judge Edith Jones gave a lecture at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Law where she made quite a few offensive and biased remarks stating, “Minorities are responsible for more violent crimes than whites.” She allegedly said that any death row inmate that claimed that racism, arbitrariness or mental retardation affected their prosecutions were merely, “red herrings.” She also allegedly stated that the “death sentence provides a public service by allowing an inmate to make peace with God.”

Although the lecture wasn’t recorded, attendees at the lecture were outright disgusted by her statements. When she was asked to explain her comments, she stated that there was “no arguing” that it was a statistical fact that more Blacks and Hispanics were involved in more violent crimes, such as drug trafficking. The lecture host abruptly ended the question and answer portion of the program and Jones became very upset by that.

Veteran Pennsylvania-based death penalty attorney, Marc Bookman attended the lecture. He, along with several other civil rights groups has filed a complaint with the chief judge of the court of appeals in the circuit in which Jones sits. He stated in the declaration written to the courts, “In describing … what Judge Jones said about these cases, I am not able to capture the complete outrage she expressed over the crimes or the disgust she evinced over the defense raised, particularly by the defendants who claimed to be mentally retarded.”

One complaint is being funded entirely by the government of Mexico. They were quite upset by the comments Jones made in regards to the death penalty being outlawed in that country in 2005. She allegedly told the crowd that “the United States provides Mexican citizens more legal protection” than Mexico’s own system of justice. She also was heard stating that “a Mexican inmate would rather be on death row in the United States than in a Mexican prison.”

Jones is a 64 year old Caucasian woman who was appointed to the Fifth Circuit in 1985 by then President Ronald Regan. Under George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush presidencies, she was considered two times as a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

(Story courtesy of Techyville)

Here we go brothers and sisters another white racist judge thinking all blacks are criminals and not just any judge but a federal judge (I specifically omitted the remark made by the federal judge about the Mexicans .. let a Mexican activist deal with that)!

This judge should be brought up before a judical board then removed ASAP!  Now ... what are we to believe happens whenever a black man or black woman comes before this old hag expecting to receive constitutional justice that is fair and equitable under the law???  You got it!  They get stroked! Whether guilty or not!

We are sick and tired of these old relics from days gone by sitting in these high positions of authority sitting high & looking low upon our people able to "legally" interject their own brand of "just-us" based on stereotypical unfounded racist views and opinions! All black people are NOT criminals & NOT all white people are pure and just!  The white man and his woman are some of the most ungodly devils on the face of this planet! All they have EVER done throughout the annals of history is create havoc and destruction!

Naw! Naw! Fuck That! We tired damnnit!  This bitch in the black federal robe gotta go! Get off the bench, go home to your cave and take your 64 years of white racism with you!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Every $1 rise in P&G stock worth $3.5M to Lafley

Jun. 5, 2013 7:36 PM

Procter & Gamble chief executive A.G. Lafley has a big stake in boosting shareholder value: At least $110 million of his net worth is tied in the company stock.

A.G. Lafley (center) talks with Steven S. Reinemund, chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange before being given the CEO of the Year Award by Chief Executive Magazine in July of 2006. / AP file photo

Lafley, who was previously CEO from 2000 to 2009, returned to the corner office May 23 after former chief executive Bob McDonald abruptly resigned after four years at the helm.

P&G announced last month Lafley would be given a $2 million base salary and a $1.6 million bonus on June 30 for his 38 days of service at the end of the company’s current fiscal year.

Lafley’s stake was revealed in a regulatory filing this week. Once again an executive with the company, he was required to disclose his holdings.

Between directly owned shares, stock held by his wife or various trusts and numerous options, Lafley gets $3.5 million richer for every dollar the stock rises.

Lafley owns 609,379 shares directly now worth $46.9 million; another 148,095 shares through trusts or with his wife worth $11.4 million; and he has options to buy another 2.7 million shares at a discount worth $51.7 million. He also owns 6,092 shares of preferred stock with an undisclosed value.

(Story courtesy of

Click here for more information on "The Cincinnati Fair Tax Act" spearheaded by Bro. Nathaniel Livingston Jr. & supported by The Black Fist Organization


Our dear and tireless warrior for the people, Bro. Nathaniel Livingston Jr. has once again brought to the public eye the very serious problem of the filthy rich not being mandated to pay their for share in taxes just like the rest of us.

Bro. Livingston who is born & raised right here in good ol' Sinsinati has seen it all when it comes to how the rich scheme, lie, and bamboozle their way to the top.  Bro. Nate has also seen how these same rich folks have been able to get out of paying their fair share in taxes.  How do they do it?  Easy.  By way of Cincinnati City Council that's how!

You see while the rest of us hard working going about our everyday lives paying all kinds of taxes, the filthy rich in the city get to slide and keep all of their earned income.  The wealthy in Cincinnati, Ohio do NOT pay taxes on their earned income!

There have been many activist including Bro. Nate's organization The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati & The Black Fist who has flooded City Hall chambers week after week, month after month & year after year to protest this very unfair practice.  The official name of what the rich is lawfully getting away with is called not paying taxes on their "Stock Options".

The Black Fist will join The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati lead by Mr. Livingston in the fight to put on the ballot a referendum that states in part, " law the rich must pay taxes on their stock options."

For years upon years these greedy rich predominately white men has been allowed by law to skirt paying taxes on stock options, and the one person on city council who used to demand that they do was Christopher Smitherman (in his first term on council before he was booted out some years ago).

Since the return of this con man nothing has been spoken out of his mouth about taxing stock options.  Most likely that is due to the council snake being in bed with the big white men of this town and protecting them from even considering the subject cause we are sure in the mind of the sillysnake, "he's their friend now".  Yeak Ok!  In any event Council Snake Smitherman has gorilla glued his lips together on the subject and that's terrific from the standpoint of the GOP, the filthy rich, and the council snake's personal pockets.

How fortunate for this city to have honest black activist who are not on the take to stand up and speak out for fairness, justice, & righteousness!  That is why we here in The Black Fist Organization are honored to assist Bro. Livingston & his organization in whatever way we can to get petitions on the ground for the public to sign in order to put this much needed initiative on the ballot this November to be voted on.

Let's take a look at what Bro. Livingston wrote on his well-known Facebook page about just one of Cincinnati's most filthiest of richest white men, A.G. Lafley Chief Executive Officer of Proctor & Gamble.
                     (Not the actual picture of P&G CEO A.G. Lafley .. but close enough)

"You wouldn't know it by reading this story but Lafley and other filthy rich corporate CEOs DON'T PAY A PENNY in city taxes on much of that wealth. Council RAISED YOUR PROPERTY TAXES but they never even considered making the wealthy pay 2.1% on wealth accumulated from the exercise or sale of stock options. Unless people pass The Cincinnati Fair Tax Act, Council will never make the rich pay their fair share.

P&G's Lafley owns $110M in stock and options

Procter & Gamble chief executive A.G. Lafley has a big stake in boosting shareholder value: at least $110 million of his net worth is tied in the company stock."  

(End Quote) 

 Once again we thank our compadre in the struggle Nathaniel Livingston Jr. for allowing the faithful readers of The Black Fist Blog this opportunity to be informed with the truth and knowledge regarding the taxing of stock options.   

The Black Fist Organization looks forward to standing strong with The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati in the fight for justice & fairness as we have done so many times over the course of these last 13 years.


Greetings Greetings Greeting Beautiful Black People !!!

Today we bring to you another Black Power Update regarding our upcoming Black Power Convention!

The good brothers and good sisters of this organization have been flooded with inquiries about our location, date, and time of this year's upcoming event.  We have done our best to return all emails and provide you with all of the information and details you need to know. 

Brothers and sisters it's time to get down and pack your bags because this will be a convention like no other!  Serious black power business will be taking place at this fine event following that its nothing but sun 'n' fun!  We had a lot of volunteers of friends and supporters working side-by-side along with our membership to put this thing together and keep it as top notch as in previous years.  We thank you ALL!  I must say that there has been a year or two whereas I was not able to attend our annual convention (dealing with bullshit and bullshit ass people) but NO MORE JACK!  Today General Nikki X is completely focused, completely on point, and straight up serious as heart attack!  Trust - Know- & - Believe!

This year's event will be our usual week long gathering and there will be plenty of delicious food and drinks on hand.  There will be a lot of everything for everyone no matter what the taste.

The food provided will be for the non-pork eaters to the pork eaters, there will be plenty of delicious soul food, there will be plenty of Jamaican style cusine, there will be plenty of cajun style food, there will be plenty of African cuisine, there will be plenty of delicious organic dishes cooked in any of the various styles of cusine mentioned above, and the freshing cool drinks & many flavorful desserts will be quite simply delicious & outstanding! 

There will also be plenty of non-stop music of all genres to groove to!  From old school classic R&B -to- The Jamaican sounds of the Islands -to- The Revolution beats of soldiers past & present -to- The African grooves straight from the Motherland!  We will have it all & it will be all the way live!

Come prepared to get down to the serious business of fighting against this wicked regime of racism and discrimination and strategizing our next moves then after that be prepared to network, relax, enjoy, and rejuvenate!

That is what our conventions are all about brothers & sisters networking with each other, fellowshipping with each other, and recognizing and saluting the extraodinarily hard and thankless work of being a black militant activist on the right side of history.   That is what we should always remember brothers & sisters, that WE are just that... "On The Right Side Of History".  We must always give each other a committment towards this fight for justice, strength to continue the fight, and gratitude for The Most High's blessing as we continue on in our journey of black militantism and noncompromising confrontational non-negotitable actions & stances.

How great it will be to get the hell outta Sinsinnati and see all of you beautiful brothers and sisters who live here (outside of Sinsinnati) & our beautiful brothers & sisters from around the country once again!

Note:  Anyone who still needs the information on the location, date, & time of our Black Power Convention please contact me directly at:  

I will send you an email with everything you strong warriors for justice need to know so you too can join us this summer and know what it's like to be in the atmosphere and company of some for real ass black militant activist & black conscious friends!

We leave you now with the The Black Fist Organization battle cry & greetings of ...




Jun 05

First Lady Michelle Obama had to remind a heckler not to play with her last night. Get the deets on what brought the "Southside of Chicago" out of the FLOTUS inside....

Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama was heckled during a private fundraiser at a home in Washington, but the tables quickly turned on the heckler.

Though things began smoothly, the First Lady's speech at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser quickly went left once Ellen Sturtz, heckled the her about getting the President to sign an executive order banning LGBT discrimination. So Michelle had to leave her podium to go give Ms. Heckler a good read in her face.

The First Lady said before walking off, "One of the things I don’t do well is this...Do you understand?"

Then, as the audience wildly applauded her, Mrs. Obama LEFT the lectern walked right up into Ellen's face and said, "...listen to me or you can take the mic, but I'm leaving. You all decide. You have one choice."

At that point, the crowd went wild. And as many people shouted things like "You need to go", the Secret Service quickly swooped down on Ellen and escorted her out of the building!

Unfortunately, there's no video from the event (only official White House pool reports where they left out Mrs. O's words....but other media reported them). We would have loved to see the First Lady's bangs swing in the wind as she walked back to the lectern and security tossed the heckler out of the function.

Afterwards, Elle played victim and told the reporters,

"Basically, I was asked by the first lady to be quiet, and I can't be quiet any longer. ... I was surprised by how negative the crowd seemed to be. It was actually a little unsettling and disturbing,:

Then Ellen got a little ball-sy and said, "She obviously thought she was going to make an example of me or something. I wasn't scared at all."

Um, but she DID make an example of you! We bet the "activists" will think twice before they dare confront The First Lady again.

Southside STAND UP!

Listen to the audio here:

      (Story Courtesy TBYF)

See the video here: 


R&B Singer Miguel's WWE Move May Cost Him Millions!!!

Miguel's Leg Drop Victim Has Possible Brain Damage

The girl who took Miguel's leg drop to the head at the Billboard Music Awards may have suffered brain damage ... the victim's lawyer tells TMZ.

As you'll recall ... Miguel took a flying, theatrical leap across the stage and landed with thunderous force on Khyati Shah's head.

Vip Bhola, Shah's lawyer, says, "Some of the difficulties she's experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury."

Bhola says BMA responded to the accident with a pathetic gesture -- an ice pack designed to soothe a bruised elbow. The attorney insists his client should have been rushed to the hospital.

Bhola tells us his client is waiting for test results from a neurologist. When the results are in -- sometime next week -- Khyati will decide if a lawsuit is in the cards.

Calls to Miguel and the BMA producers were not returned.

Read more:    

(Story courtesy of TMZ)    

Uh Miguel ... Bruh you got yo' checkbook on ya'?  You can start right now making that check out payable to: Vip Bhola (her lawyer) then give Khyati Shah (your victim) what's left over!

Miguel has a history of spinning around & falling off the stage to where his audience members have to gather him up off the floor & subplant the lil dazed dude back on stage.   But that wild Jackie Chan move he pulled at The 2013 Billboard Music Award, all we can say is .....

You done messed up this time knee-grow!  ;-O

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In the fifth installment of our ongoing series called "Stalking", we will examine when not responding to a stalking no longer works and what are the next steps to take.  If a stalker is so crazy so mentally inept so out of control that he/she continues to come to your home, place of employment, or place of recreation even after being told it is over and to move on with his/her life then that stalker has determined (not the victim) that he or she wants to go to prison.

Prison is the only solution for a nitwit that can not get over his/her delusional interpretation of what "love" is.  Prison is the only solution for a stalker that continues to call the ex, email the ex, instant message the ex, come to the ex's home in the middle of the night leaving retarded ass 3rd grade "notes"  while creeping around tampering with her vehicle.

There comes a time when the victim of the stalker simply gets fed-up with all the harrassment and intrusions and that is when it's time to call the boys in blue!  THE POLICE!

Most stalkers don't get the message!  Most stalkers believe they have a RIGHT to their ex!  Most stalkers are mentally deranged!  Most stalkers end up in prison or fucked up somewhere!  That's just the long & the short of it!

The link below is an example of several men in the community that are fucked up in the head and believe they can do whatever they want to do without suffering the consequences and reprecussions of their sneaky evil dirty deeds.  The link below provides you the faithful readers of the Black Fist Blog a complete example of just a few nut cases in the community who feel they are above the law.  The link below will also provide you the faithful and interested readers of our series on "Stalking", the actual face of the stalker who has been doing all of the evil activities listed above  & in previous stalking articles.

You will see by clicking the link provided that this nutcase stalker was not so long ago in Local 12 news online's edition of "The Wheel of Justice".  (View the video & story on Local 12's website)

We have chronicled in our series a sister who is currently being stalked.  We have also read one of the insane incoherant emails of "foundational love" from the stalker to this sister.  Well, this sister is completely fed-up with her stalker's bullshit lurking around her pad moving her garbage cans, pouring tomatoe soup on her car, and fucking with her personal property in the middle of the night that she is ready notify the Cincinnati Police Dept. and report ALL of her stalker's actions.

This sister is NOT playing.  Here at The Black Fist Blog we mean business when we research and write our articles on stalking and domestic violence.  We are dilligent and committed to helping any sister that reaches out to us for help in getting some delusional fantasy seeking reject stalker off her muthafucking back!

Clicking the link below will reveal that one of the dummies in the "Wheel of Justice" lineup is in fact ... that sisters stalkers!  And if he continues to contact this sister and creep around her home at night tampering with her shit, well, his ass will find himself  "back on the wheel"... "back in court"... "back in front of a Hamilton County Judge"... and ultimately "back in prison"!




Monday, June 3, 2013


In our continuing series on "Stalking", I would like to present to you this true story.

           (The pictures above depict the actual car damage. Not the actual car)

Brothers and Sisters I have some questions for you.  Visualize these true life scenarios:

Scenario 1. "Imagine that your ex smashed your car windshield and physically damaged your car by continuously kicking the car in a fit of evil uncontrollable rage.  Imagine this ex damaging your car because he didn't get his way by not getting a ride from a public place she was at and he wasn't invited to yet found out she was there.  Imagine taking your car to two reputable car collision dealerships and was told this ex caused $2,000 worth of damage to the body of your car and $300 worth of windshield damage."

Scenario 2. "Imagine your ex finally after 4 months reimbursing you for the $300 smashed windshield he caused.  Imagine after a year of the incident this ex still owes you the money for the body damage."

Scenario 3. "Imagine you took your ex to court immediately after the violent attack on your car, received a court ordered judgement in the amount of $2,000 for the body damage to your vehicle after your ex plead guilty (admitting to everything).  Imagine five months later your ex is arrested at a crackhouse with a crack pipe, goes to jail, goes through the judical system, and in the course of begging and pleading with the white judge for community service while cutting deals for a lesser jail sentence, your "criminal damaging and endangering" case (for what he did to your car) is completely thrown out and the ex only gets a few days community service for his crack case and slithered completely out of your "criminal damaging and endangering" case."

Scenerio 4. "Imagine this same ex still owing $1,800 out of the $2,000 that was court ordered for him to pay you 14 months ago.  Imagine this ex walking around today as if he did nothing, owes nothing, and you and him are still together and everything's alright with his world.  Imagine this ex begging, pleading, and hounding a member of this organization to join her at the Black Power Convention."

Scenario 5. "Imagine the sister who has not even spoken to this ex for months, has cut him completely off, has no feelings for him whatsoever, and wishes he would just pay her what he owes her for the "criminal damaging" he did to her car (the money is not a gift as believe has tricked himself into believing), and wishes he would just go away is now asking "how much money will [he] need to attend the convention" with that same sister in question."

Epilogue: Brothers and sisters of conscious besides this ex being delusionally deranged, "extremely violent with apparent mental problems" (as the newspapers have described him for a previous crime he committed & served 15 years in a super max prison), and being a completely unhinged stalker ...

My question for you today is:  "Sisters, if this was your ex-boyfriend or brothers if this was your ex-girlfriend what would your answer be to this loser now asking you to attend our elustrious Black Power Convention while still owing you $1,800 for a violent evil act of rage and crybaby-ism?"

Please post your answers below in our comment section.

(The scenarios presented above are gathered from a true life nightmare a sister had to live through and endure dealing with a man who never deserved her from the jumpoff.  Happily today, this sister can report living a full beautiful life filled with wonderful friends, a loving and supportive family, and plenty of love.  This sister has also reported that she has no intention of taking her ex around the corner let alone to the convention.  We thank this sister for having the courage to share her story)



Brothers and sisters we finally have the date, time, and location for our annual Black Power Convention this year!  This year's event will be even bigger than the previous years and one you will never forget!

To receive all of the information regarding this year's convention all you have to do is send us an email, and we will email you directly with everything you'll need to know.  In the email you will receive notice of the hotel holding the convention, the accomodations, the cost, the event calendar, the food list, the speaker's list, and the day of our annual Black Power Award Cermony ... you'll find out everything you need to know to be ready to pack your bags and get down!   Can you dig it!

This summer we will once again get together to fellowship, strategize, energize, revilitize, and also relax, have fun, and enjoy!

Formal invitations have already been sent out to the speaker's list of participates, and of course, our membership will be on stand-by to receive all confirmations from those who will be attending.  We look forward to seeing all of our friends and supporters at the convention this year!

Our old friends and our new friends.  Our old supporters and our new supporters.  We appreciate all of your positivity and dedication in this freedom struggle, and we also stand together in solidarity with all of our true brothers and sisters of conscious who believe and fight everyday for the liberation and salvation of the black nation!

The Revolution Will Be Live This Summer and We Can't Wait To See All Of You Beautiful Black People There !!!

A Message From General Nikki X

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Just Ratchet: Ugly Fight Breaks Out at Kindergarten Graduation, Gunshots Reported

May 31, 2013.

                 (Pictured: The actual ghetto girls (parents) involved in the ratchetness)

The students at Michael R. White Elementary School in Cleveland saw an image they would not forget. In what most of us would expect to be a peaceful gathering of parents celebrating a good cause, absolute pandemonium broke out at a Kindergarten graduation. A massive fight led to the arrests of eight people, each of which should be ashamed of themselves.

Toward the end of the ceremony, several adults turned the graduation into an incident that led to charges of “aggravated rioting,” among others. Officers were dispatched to the scene of the crime, and there were even reports of gunfire.

Officers are saying that the fight started during a battle between two teen girls who started to fight at the scene. Detective Jennifer Ciaccia says that she assumes the women were there for the graduation.

“We assume they were there for the graduation ceremony,” she said. “Several adults then got involved.”

After the girls started to fight, their relatives got involved. Police Commander Wayne Drummond arrived on the scene and said that it was sad to see parents fighting in front of innocent children.

“It’s an absolute shame,” said Drummond. “That something as good as a graduation ceremony, a promotion ceremony, is marred by the actions of a few.”

The school had to be put on lockdown to ensure the safety of the children.

Roseann Canfora, spokeswoman for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, says that none of their students were involved in the fight. She also says that a hammer and stick were taken as evidence.

(Story Courtesy of Black Like Moi)

Here we go again another story about black folks acting a damn fool, and not just acting a damn fool in the streets but acting a damn fool in front of innocent children!  THEIR OWN INNOCENT CHILDREN! This makes no sense at all brothers and sisters then we wonder why our little black children are damn near lost from the womb.

Blacks can't even come together at a peaceful joyous celebration such as their children graduating from the kindergarten without some shit jumping off.  And just when did children start graduating from almost every single grade in school other than the 8th and the 12th?  I have heard of children graduating from headstart, kindergarten, the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, and the 7th. 

There is no excuse for adults not being able to resolve their differences like adults, and especially at their child's kindergarten graduation ceremony!

File this ratchet mess under: With black ignorant parents like these ... No Wonder Our Children Are Lost!


Mother Arrested In Albany, New York For Stripping At Her Son's Elementary School Assembly

                                                      (Pictured: Aydrea Meaders)

A mother of an elementary school boy in Albany, New York was arrested Friday morning after exposing herself at an assembly for students.

According to the Albany Police Department. officers responded to a call from North Albany Academy around 10:30am Friday morning. The caller explained to dispatchers that a person was inside the school exposing themselves in the school auditorium.

As officers with the Albany Police Department arrived at the school, staff members alerted them that a parent of one of the students approached the stage during the students’ performance. The parent, 24-year-old Aydrea Meaders (pictured) then began taking off all her clothing from the waist up. Ron Lesko, a spokesperson for the Albany School District described the bizarre incident to flocal media station News 10. Lesko said:

It had been going as a terrific event. The cafeteria was full. We probably had about 200 students in there from throughout the school. Wasn’t an expected part of the routine but she wasn’t doing anything inappropriate [at first]. Suddenly she stepped to the front of the group threw off her coat and stripped from the waist up–No behavior that anyone encountered during the assembly and she spent the time talking to the principal having perfectly normal conversation.” (

Meaders was arrested and charged with seven counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and a single count of public lewdness. She was booked later at the Albany County Jail.

(Story Courtesy of Black Blue Dog)

Oh my people! My people!  I don't even know what to say about this story brothers and sisters.  I mean really???  This sister went to her son's elementary school and just started shedding clothing in front of the kids like it wasn't nothing out of the ordinary!  Is this world going nuts or what?

Some of our black people need extreme mental help!  Heaven Help Us All!