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Sometimes the harsh day-to-day struggles of life here in the land of Babylon and just trying to cope & stay above can interfere with the brilliance locked deep inside the soul of the black woman. In this world of flash-in-the-pans/generic nothingness, where oh where is our sister Lauryn Hill when we need her? From what I've read over the last couple of years it appears she's doing just what I stated in my opening sentence... "trying to cope with the struggles of day-to-day life", along with its many twist and its many turns. As so many of our sisters are doing today.

So in honor of all black women of conscience here in the land of Babylon where down is up, up is down, wrong is right & right is wrong. In honor of her "many twist and turns", let us take a moment to feel the "EX-FACTOR". Then take another moment to flash on back to the days of "collective unity" with The Fugees and listen to Lauryn, Wyclef & Pras remake of Sis. Roberta Flack's classic "KILLING ME SOFTLY".

Stay Strong Sis. Lauryn!
Stay Strong BLACK WOMEN of conscience!


Welcome Back Brothers & Sisters!!!

In this our eighteenth edition of "The Black Fist Everyday Best & Brightest Everyday Black History Series". We bring to the Black Fist spotlight our dear brother and forever revolutionary soldier on the battlefield for black justice and equality, Bro. H. Rap Brown.

Yes, we took a hiatus from our series only re-posting previous series for our faithful readers to marinate on. But now its time to get back into the action with an all new revolutionary best & brightest history series! Are you ready? I know I am! So let's get the ball back rolling by starting fresh and new with our eighteenth black hero featuring... Bro. H. Rap Brown.

We'd like to call this edition of our series:


Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin was born Hubert Gerold Brown on October 4, 1943, later to become known throughout the diaspora as H. Rap Brown. Bro. H. Rap came to prominence in the 1960s as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Justice Minister of the Black Panther Party. This brother is perhaps most famous for his strong proclamation during that period of revolutionary warfare for the phrase "violence is as American as cherry pie", as well as once stating that "If America don't come around, we're gonna burn it down".


Bro. H. Rap was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He became known as H. Rap Brown during the 1960s. His activism in the civil rights movement included involvement with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), of which he was named chairman in 1967. That same year, he was arrested in Cambridge, Maryland, and charged with inciting to riot as a result of a fiery speech he gave there. He left the SNCC and joined the Black Panthers in 1968.

H. Rap Brown appeared on the FBI's Most Wanted List after avoiding trial on charges of inciting riot and of carrying a gun across state lines. His attorneys in the gun violation case were civil rights advocates Murphy Bell of Baton Rouge and the radical William Kunstler. He disappeared for eighteen months then was arrested after a reported shootout with officers. The shootout occurred after what was said to be attempted robbery of a bar in 1971 in New York.

He spent five years (1971-1976) in the Attica Prison after the robbery conviction. While in prison, Bro. H. Rap converted to Islam and changed his name to Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. After his release, he opened a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia and became a Muslim spiritual leader and community activist preaching against drugs and gambling in Atlanta's West End neighborhood. He also became leader of the National Ummah.


On March 16, 2000, in Fulton County, Georgia, Sheriff's deputies Ricky Kinchen and Aldranon English went to Al-Amin's home to serve an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on a traffic citation of speeding and impersonating a police officer (he showed the officer his honorary badge that was given to him by the city for cleaning up the "West End"). After stopping in front of Bro. Al-Amin's home and determining that nobody was there they drove away and were passed by a black Mercedes that was heading home. Kinchen (the more senior deputy) watched the suspect vehicle and turned the car around and drove up to it nose to nose. English approached the Mercedes and told the occupant to show his hands. The occupant did and opened fire with a .223 rifle. English ran but was hit four times. Kinchen was shot with the rifle and a 9mm handgun (three times in the genitals). The following day, Kitchen died of his wounds in a Georgia hospital. English survived his wounds and while still under medication in the hospital identified Al-Amin as the shooter from six photos shown.

Shortly after the shootout, Al-Amin fled to White Hall, Alabama, where he was tracked down by U.S. marshals and arrested by law enforcement officers after a four-day manhunt. Al-Amin was wearing body armor at the time of his arrest, and near his arrest location, officers located a 9mm handgun and a .223 rifle. Ballistics testing showed that both weapons were the same guns used to shoot Kinchen and English. Later on, his black Mercedes, covered with bullet holes, was located.

On March 9, 2002, nearly two years after the shooting took place, Al-Amin was convicted of thirteen charges, including the murder of deputy Kinchen. Four days later, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was sent to Georgia State Prison, the state's maximum security facility near Reidsville, Georgia.

Since his conviction, supporters of Al-Amin have asserted that another man, Otis Jackson, who confessed to the shooting (but later recanted), is the REAL shooter. Also the police initially believed the shooter was wounded during the gun battle, but Al-Amin had no injuries at the time of his arrest. Supporters assert that the investigation and trial were plagued by irregularities, including the suppression of evidence. Some feel that Al-Amin's conviction is politically motivated.

At his trial, prosecutors pointed out Al-Amin never provided any alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the shootout, nor any explanation as to why he fled the state afterwards. He also did not explain the bullet holes in his car, nor how the weapons used in the shootout were located near him during his arrest. In 2004, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously ruled to uphold Al-Amin's conviction.

In August 2007, he was transferred from state custody to Federal custody as Georgia officials decided that Al-Amin is too high-profile an inmate for the Georgia prison system to handle. He was moved to a Federal transfer facility in Oklahoma pending assignment to a Federal penitentiary.

On October 21, 2007, Al-Amin was transferred to the ADX Florence Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado.

Boy! Ain't that Some Sh*t!?!!

A Political Autobiography by Bro. H. Rap Brown called "Die Nigger Die!" (1969) is still in print, and another book called "Revolution By The Book" (1993) is also available through your local revolutionary black militant-styled bookstores and online.

Well brothers and sisters what do you think about what you've just read? Was our dear brother H. Rap Brown set-up by the white establishment for his political non-compromising stances and fiery black militant style speeches -OR- Did our brother really kill that fuzz and wound the other?

In typing this "story", I have no doubt there is sooo much more to this than what the white-controlled media and big boys in government want you & I to EVER know. H. Rap Brown is an "Everyday Best & Brightest Black Fist Hero". Why you may ask? Because first and foremost, NOBODY picks a black militants heroes & sheroes but a BLACK MILITANT HER/HIMSELF! P-E-R-I-O-D!

Brothers and Sisters, I feel in my heart that Bro. H. Rap Brown was targeted, set-up and ultimately incarcerated for his activism, political stances and fiery use of his 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech against a United States government that openly and blatantly oppresses the basic humanities and God-given rights of the Black man, Woman and Child in this here country!

May the Creator watch over Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin Bro. H. Rap Brown as he serves time in the devil's supermax industrial complex hellhole dungeon.

Nobody on the face of this planet Earth knows better than the white man that, in the words of Bro. H. Rap Brown, "VIOLENCE IS AS AMERICAN AS CHERRY PIE"! This devil IS the master of deception, wickedness and yes brothers and sisters supreme mayhem, violence, and bloodshed. We must ALWAYS stay strong and vigilate as Black Men and Women in the struggle for justice and equality NEVER EVER to retire. We just REGROUP and fight on!!!

In the words made famous by The Black Panther Party, "ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE"!!!
In the words made famous by The Black Fist Organization, "BLACK FIST, BLACK POWER, BLACK NATION"!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008


45 years ago today on August 28, 1963. in Washington D.C., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech called "I Have A Dream". This great speech was given as part of "The March on Washington" for civil rights.
Here is the full text of that historic speech.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Black Queen.

Wow! Sister Michelle did her!
Nothing more for me to say.
But you, my intellectual faithful readers, I'm sure have plenty to say.
So let's get down & talk about it.

Let's talk about Mrs. Michelle Obama.
Finally! A REAL First Lady in The White House!


Senator and Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama watches as his wife Michelle takes the stage and begins her keynote address on the first night of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


On August 23, 2008 at 3:00 PM, Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama officially announced at the Old State House in Springfield, Illinois -- the same place he began his campaign 19months ago-- his choice for a vice-presidential running mate.

Senator Obama chose Senator Joe Biden. A 36 year political veteran from the State of Delaware. Barack Obama is 47 years-old. Joe Biden is 65 years-old.

This is the full video text of that Springfield, Illinois official rally. This is also the first official appearance of Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden together, as Democratic Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.

Saturday, August 23, 2008



In our first installment of "The Black Fist Black History Best & Brightest Series", We are going to explore the life of David Walker. David Walker was a man well-educated and way beyond his time. He wrote a very bold controversial book called "Walker's Appeal" , at a time when blacks were not even allowed to learn how to read and write.

This Black man David Walker begins our "Best & Brightest" series. General Nikki X likes to call this one...."Eminent Danger."

DAVID WALKER 1796-1830

David Walker's objective was nothing short of revolutionary. He would arouse slaves of the South into rebelling against their masters. His tool would be his own pamphlet, David Walker's Appeal. . ., a document that has been described as "for a brief and terrifying moment. . .,the most notorious document in America."

The son of a slave father and a free black mother, David Walker was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, perhaps in 1796 or 1797. In accordance with existing laws, since his mother was a free black, David Walker was also free. This freedom, however, did not shield him from witnessing firsthand the degradations and injustices of slavery. He witnessed much misery in his youth, including one disturbing episode of a son who was forced to whip his mother until she died. Walker travelled throughout the country, eventually settling in Boston. But even in that free northern city, with its prevalent discrimination, life was less than ideal for its black residents. Still, Walker apparently fared well, setting up a used clothing store during the 1820s.

In Boston, Walker began to associate with prominent black activists. He joined institutions that denounced slavery in the South and discrimination in the North. He became involved in the nation's first African American newspaper, the Freedom's Journal out of New York City, to which he frequently contributed. By the end of 1828. he had become Boston's leading spokesman against slavery.

In September of 1829 he published his Appeal. To reach his primary audience -- the enslaved men and women of the South -- Walker relied on sailors and ship's officers sympathetic to the cause who could transfer the pamphlet to southern ports. Walker even employed his used clothing business which, being located close to the waterfront, served sailors who bought clothing for upcoming voyages. He sewed copies of his pamphlet into the lining of sailors' clothing. Once the pamphlet reached the South, they could be distributed throughout the region. Walker also sought the aid of various contacts in the South who were also sympathetic to the cause.

The Appeal made a great impression in the South, with both slaves and slaveholders. To the slaves the words were inspiring and instilled a sense of pride and hope. Horrified whites, on the other hand, initiated laws that forbade blacks to learn to read and banned the distribution of antislavery literature. They offered a $3,000 reward for Walker's head, and $10,000 to anyone who could bring him to the South alive. Friends concerned about his safety implored him to flee to Canada. Walker responded that he would stand his ground. "Somebody must die in this cause," he added. "I may be doomed to the stake and the fire, or to the scaffold tree, but it is not in me to falter if I can promote the work of emancipation." A devout Christian, he believed that abolition was a " glorious and heavenly cause."

David Walker published a third edition of his Appeal in June 1830. Two months later he was found dead in his home. Although there was no evidence supporting the allegation, many believed that he had been poisoned. Later scholarship suggest he died of tuberculosis, the same disease that killed his daughter.

Well folks what do you think of that? Was our hero David Walker murdered -Or - Did he indeed die of tuberculosis?

The Black Fist has always had a strong belief for years that David Walker was indeed murdered for his Appeal and the outspoken boldness within his writings that the black man should rise up on his white oppressors and fight to be free.

Free from the chains of slavery. You can read Walkers Appeal today. It is sold in most black owned and operated book stores or you can buy it online.

Give us your comments and thoughts about the life, works, writings and death of Bro. David Walker. He will always be remembered by The Black Fist as one of our "Best & Brightest", Everyday Black History Heroes!





In this third installment of "The Black Fist: Best & Brightest Everyday Black History Series", We're going to read about the resistance and non-compromising conviction of Bro. Gabriel Prosser. Gabriel Prosser was born a slave and fought against his chains all the way out. And not only did he fight against his chains to be free, he also fought to get his brethren and sisters freed as well. This story has many twist and turns, so much of what I've read in Bro. Gabriel's life could be applied to what's going on in the black community today.

As you read this fascinating story of plots, plans, rebellion and snitches, you will see exactly what I mean.

Let's take a read into the life and times of our beloved brother, the black man called Gabriel Prosser. General Nikki X will call this edition in our series-- the same name The Black Fist gave to one of our many annual celebrations down on Cincinnati Fountain Square downtown in the heart of the city......"Black Resistance Day!"

GABRIEL PROSSER c. 1775-1800

Gabriel Prosser (ca. 1775-1800) was the African American leader of an unsuccessful revolt in Richmond Virginia, during the summer of 1800.

Gabriel Prosser, the slave of Thomas H. Prosser, was about 25 years old when he came to the attention of Virginia authorities late in August 1800. Little is known of his childhood or family background. He had two brothers and a wife, Nanny, all slaves of Prosser. Gabriel Prosser learned to read and was a serious student of the Bible, where he found inspiration in the accounts of Israel's delivery from slavery. Prosser possessed a shrewd judgment, and his master gave him much latitude. He was acknowledged as a leader by many slaves around Richmond.

With the help of other slaves, especially Jack Bowler and George Smith, Prosser designed a scheme for a slave revolt. They planned to seize control of Richmond by slaying all the whites (except the Methodist, Quakers, and Frenchmen) and then to establish a kingdom of Virginia with Prosser as King. The recent, successful American Revolution and the revolutions in France and Haiti--with their rhetoric of freedom, equality, and brotherhood--supplied examples and inspiration for Prosser's rebellion. In the months preceding the attack Prosser skillfully recruited supporters and organized them in military units. Authorities never discovered how many slaves were involved, but there were undoubtedly several thousand, many armed with swords and pikes made from farm tools made by slave blacksmiths.

The plan was to strike on the night of August 30, 1800. Men inside Richmond were to set fire to certain buildings to distract whites, Prosser's force from the county was to seize the armory and government buildings across town. With the firearms thus gained, the rebels would supposedly easily overcome the surprised whites.

On the day of the attack the plot was disclosed by two slaves who did not want their masters slain; then Virginia governor James Monroe alerted the militia. That night, as the rebels began congregating outside Richmond, the worst rainstorm in memory flooded roads, washed out bridges, and prevented Prosser's army from assembling. Prosser decided to postpone the attack until the next day, but by then the city was too well defended. The rebels, including Prosser, dispersed.

Some slaves, in order to save their own lives, testified against the ringleaders, about 35 of whom were executed. Prosser himself managed to escape by hiding aboard a riverboat on its way to Norfolk. In Norfolk, however, he was betrayed by other slaves, who claimed the large reward for his capture on September 25. Returned to Richmond, Prosser, like most of the other leaders, refused to confess to the plot or give evidence against other slaves. He was tried and found guilty on October 6, 1800, and executed the next day.

There is no complete fulll-length biography of Gabriel Prosser.

Well folks what did you think of that? General Nikki X has some thoughts and they go a lil something like this: "I'll Be damned!!!" This is the kinda thing that goes on today in 2006, same as is 1800. Snitching, Black folks loving their masters more than they love themselves and their brothers and sisters. What in the hell causes one to turn on someone who looks just like you for another and especially one that has your ass and the asses of your brethren enslaved??? I'll never understand it, but then again I fully understand it. It's called "self-hatred", "F-E-A-R" and thinking the white man is God almighty in the snowy flesh. Back in 1880, it could be reasonably understood the fear blacks had of whites, I mean, they were ACTUALLY in chains. But what the hell causes a black person to fear the white man and his woman today?
There are many blacks running around today in 2006, who would rather slit their own throats and the throats of their black babies than to even imagine let alone see the white man fall down and skin his knee!


Maybe you, the readers of this blog will have a few thoughts about this very important subject and also let us know what you think of the courage and boldness of our beloved Gabriel Prosser. That brother refused to "snitch", "cry", "moan" and "whine" like a sissy about "they [white folks] gonna get me". No! he stood up like a man and never snitched on his fellow slaves nor did he confess to shit! He took the unjust punishment dole out to him in the form of execution by the hands of his evil slave masters with dignity, respect and black self-love with the Creator on his side.

Do you think if "talk radio" had been invented back then, Gabriel Prosser could've been heard crying like a bitch about his situation on every station he was allowed to call into? -OR- Do you think he would've just done what the hell he had to do, took his punishment like a bold fearless Black Militant and that would've been that?

General Nikki X thinks Gabriel Prosser would've gone down like the bold Black Militant Soldier he went down as....."A Bold Fearless Non-Snitching Strong Black Militant Soldier!"

Personal Side note Observation: It seems like the best & brightest, boldest, fearless Black Militant Soldiers were either born in the month of "August" or "Set it Off" in the month of August!
Have you ever noticed that?



Friday, August 22, 2008


This 1975 episode of Good Times called "The Rent Party", was the final episode starring John Amos as the father James Evans Sr. (I still can't believe James is dead!) ;-(

From Good Times Season 3, The Evans family throw a rent party for the projects favorite senior citizen, Wanda. Too proud to tell anyone she's about to be evicted due to back rent, Florida's best friend and neighbor Willona Woods the "galloping gossip of the projects" (according to James) overhears about Wanda's money troubles and tells Florida and James the bad news.

During the talent show at the rent party, Nathan "Buffalo Butt" Bookman, the laziest building janitor on the planet blackmails James into letting him in on the talent show -OR ELSE- he will "shut the party down". For the finale of the show, Florida, Willona and Thelma are "The World Renown Supremes" singing "Stop in the name of Love". Waaaay too funny!!! Be sure to check out Wanda and James at the ending of this video!!! You won't stop laughing!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008


Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-OH) died Wednesday, August 20, 2008., at 6:12 PM at a Cleveland hospital from a brain hemorrhage caused by an aneurysm. The aneurysm burst in an inaccessible part of the brain which left Tubbs-Jones with limited brain function.

"Throughout the course of the day and into the evening, Congresswoman Tubbs-Jones' medical condition declined," Sheil, a spokesperson said in a statement issued by the clinic and the Tubb-Jones family.

First elected in 1998, the five-term Congresswoman was the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress and served as Chairwoman of the House of Ethics Committee.

She was an ardent supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, before switching to Sen. Barack Obama in June.

Tubb-Jones had been planning to attend next week's Democratic National Convention in Denver as a Super delegate.


The Black Fist Organization Wishes Our Deepest Condolences To The Family, Friends and Colleagues of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-OH) (September 10, 1949 - August 20, 2008.)


According To Prince,
Like A Woman Scorned!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008




Ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?
Ever feel like the race you're running will never end?
Ever feel like doing absolutely nothing for how ever long it takes you to do it?
Ever feel like...
You've got many rivers to cross?

Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm hearing conflicting stories regarding who will be, who won't be, and who was to be at this years Democratic National Convention.

Are Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Pastor Al Sharpton C.E.O of The National Action Network, Pastor Jesse Jackson C.E.O. of Rainbow Push, and the Former North Carolina and Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards UN-INVITED to participate at the Democratic National Convention starting the week of August 25, 2008.

All 4 of these men have had very public troubles as of late. However, I personally believe all 4 should be invited to participate in the Democratic National Convention. I betcha that lying criminal Karl Rove who is still telling the big black man a.k.a. Congressman John Conyers on the hill (as in Capital Hill) he ain't coming to testify to nothing so quit asking him, even though there is a Government subpoena demanding his ass get before Congress for questioning ASAP! Betcha Karl Rove is invited to the their party's national convention... REGARDLESS.

Allow me to quote a small phrase from a legendary "General" of The Black Fist Organization, Co-founder of several other prominent black revolutionary organizations around the country, and one of the greatest black protesters of our time The Major General Minister Abdul Muhammad Ali in saying, "I bet you a dollar to a donut",[end quote] no-good Karl Rove'll be front and center & greeted like a royal king at this year's Republican National Convention in September 2008., in spite of his criminal misdeeds, flat-out refusal to testify before Congress, and the proverbial black cloud of deceit & deception hanging over his big fat head!


Because I felt like it...


Sen. Hillary Clinton's Name to Be Placed in Nomination at Denver Convention (AP)

A deal has been brokered between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that will allow Clinton's name to be placed in nomination at next week's Democratic nominating convention. The former rivals announced the agreement today in a joint statement, shedding light on a hushed negotiation between the Clinton and Obama camps over how to recognize Clinton and her supporters without overshadowing or distracting from a convention designed to nominate Obama as the party's presidential candidate.

Obama and Clinton "are both committed to winning back the White House and to ensuring that the voices of all 35 million people who participated in this historic primary election are respected and heard in Denver," the statement read in part. "To honor and celebrate these voices and votes, both Sen. Obama's and Sen. Clinton's names will be placed in nomination."

Democratic sources said Clinton, who has been grappling with the best way to get her supporters on board, has been mindful of being seen as a poor loser like Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., in 1980. The senator was not looked upon favorably when he refused to shake former President Carter's hand at the party's convention after losing the nomination vote.

For the Obama campaign, a roll call vote at this point would not show the race as close as it once seemed, because so many Clinton delegates are now poised to cast their ballots for Obama.

"This truly was a joint decision," according to a Clinton source. "This wasn't something she was itching for, looking for. But so many of her supporters said it was important to them. And the Obama people got how important it was to smooth over any tension and it was the right thing to do."

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe has been negotiating the deal with former Clinton campaign officials Cheryl Mills and Minyon Moore since June and the default position for Obama was to ask what the Clinton camp wanted to do, Democratic sources told ABC News.

Finally this week, Clinton officials said they wanted Clinton's name to be placed in nomination. Obama personally had let his staff know that was fine with him, Democratic sources said.

Clinton and Obama on Roll Call Vote

After both Clinton's and Obama's names are placed into nomination, there will be a roll call vote. What hasn't been settled yet is who will nominate Clinton and whether she will stand up with the New York delegation when it is called on.

What has also been hashed out is that at some point during the convention, Clinton will make it very clear that she is voting for Obama and wants her delegation to support him too, the Clinton source said.

As of Wenesday night, there are still no decisions on whether Chelsea Clinton will speak at the convention, although a Clinton source said, "I wouldn't be surprised if she did" introduce her mother.

That would make the convention a true family affair with Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton all having podium time.

What do you think about that? Sen. Hillary Clinton's name being placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention starting the week of August 25, 2008.? Is Hillary a sore loser? Should Sen. Barack Obama had even agreed to this deal? Will Sen. Obama get hit with the proverbial "blind-side sucka punch", thinking a deal is cut when in fact, the triplecross fix is already in? These political devils are diabolically wicked and damn sho' can't be trusted. Am I way off base with this one? You tell me.
We want to hear from YOU!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Pictured above are 3 photographs. The first photo is of a woman with an electronic monitoring unit on her leg similar to the one placed on the ashy leg of the criminal I will be discussing here today . The second photo is a picture of the legendary ventriloquist comedy act, Willie Tyler and Lester, circa 1975. The third photo is a comparison photo. A picture of a black midget dressed in a uniform attempting to look like some sort of important MINI-"general". Same as a certain black MIDGET who slithers around the City of Cincinnati who wants to be as important as a MINI-"general", yet this black midget is only important within the walls of his small crazed mind. However, this black Cincinnati midget is the same height as the midget depicted above just add 250 lbs of fat & flab, and this is the little black midget I will also be discussing here today. So let's begin the discussion. For those of you who don't know already, Lester is the wooden dummy who sits on Willie Tyler's lap. Willie Tyler is the black man, a ventriloquist by profession. As most of you know by now, I have not one but TWO delusional stalkers who feel in their collectively twisted minds it's perfectly OK to threaten and stalk a person who is NOT nor HAS EVER bothered either one of them. Well I suppose, if the two of them are so ignorant, dumb and stupid they can't see the handwriting on the wall that's ultimately gonna be on the two of them. Let the chips fall exactly where they may. In any event, the first [bi polar] stalker of record. CRIMINAL RECORD that is (and who by the way will not be named here. I'm sure by now those of you who read this blog know EXACTLY who she is), is currently playing the role of the black man, ventriloquist Willie Tyler. The role of the HUMAN dummy, who also happens to be the same height as Lester the wooden dummy (I hope I'm not offending Lester the wooden dummy) is currently being portrayed by a teeny tiny little REJECT from society. REJECT from The Black Fist Organization. REJECT from Wal-Mart. REJECT from Home Depot. REJECT from several temporary Toilet Cleaning Services. REJECT from many other small time low paying located way-out-in-no-mans-land type jobs. REJECT from several Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority Projects. All places & living quarters this uneducated trouble making clown used to occupy before he was FIRED and EVICTED. This lonely unemployed uneducated midget I'm referring to, has been exposed by name in previous blog entries. The little loser will not be named here today due to the fact that's exactly what this little lustful creep wants. The attention NOBODY else will give him. (For The Sake of Reference See Blog Entries From: July 19, 2008. 5:05 pm & July 26, 2008. 12:00 pm) As promised, I vowed to keep the community informed on these two crazed envious misfits. One an already CONVICTED FELON with an electronic monitoring unit on her leg right now as we speak. The other well on his way to becoming one if he keeps fucking around on the criminal side of life and continue letting the CURRENT felon stick her hand up his little black back using him like a crash test dummy -Or- in this case a crash test VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY. Yes you've guessed it, my faithful readers, the felon who is ordered by the courts of Hamilton County NOT to stalk me in any way shape, form or fashion has violated that order and is now awaiting trial for her heinous crimes. So in knowing she's in deep deep legal trouble but somehow thinking she's smarter than the judge and the courts this bi polar felon now uses a very willing illiterate broke DUMMY to speak her terroristic words FOR HER and spread her hatred and vicious lies FOR HER. While at the same time the HUMAN DUMMY gets to release all of his long suppressed (to the public) nasty sexual lustful disgusting fantasies/desires he's ever had about me. Yes, folks the HUMAN dummy wanted to have his way sexually with General Nikki X for a looong looong time even alluding to it on several occasions while a short-lived member of The Black Fist Organization. When General Nikki X realized his twisted nasty lust-filled desires and INTENTIONS (along with his very unprofessional and disrespectful actions within the organization) he was told point blank, "Ain't nothing EVER happening in this life or the next between you and I sexually or in any way else. We are soldiers in this organization and THAT'S IT!" The little fool (looking fore lorn, sad-eyed and dejected) pretended like he understood my bold pronouncements even sending me a couple of emails apologizing for being "disrespectful" and for making me "feel very uncomfortable". Yet this new Lester the HUMAN Dummy continued making innuendos indicating his nasty lust-filled fantasies and desires toward me which were ALWAYS emphatically rejected and denounced straight to his little greasy grimy face! I'll tell you friends, this organization breathed a big breath of relief when in or around early to mid-2005 an email of resignation arrived in our inbox from this dummy stating, "I, The Delegate Resign from The Black/Blax Fist. Goodnight." We wished him a lightening quick GOODBYE! & "Good luck on your future endeavors" (That resignation was and is still posted on this blog). Then we raised our collective black fist high in the air! GLAD HE WAS GONE FOREVER seeing as he was just an off-again on-again off-again halfway protester in the first place. Never did this midget really show up at any major black revolutionary events or protest. While known for making excuses why he said he'd be there and never showed up. (the midget never could hold down a steady job yet his excuse was always "I had to work." Go figure.) In any event, this new Lester the HUMAN Dummy disappeared for about a year or so after his emailed resignation so you can imagine my somewhat surprise when, YES YOU GUESS IT, Lester the HUMAN Dummy showed up on the arm of the bi polar stalker accompanying her to her court dates. Freely frequently & always UNDER OATH OF PERJURY lying on her behalf against me. Well, in thinking back on all the soldier-like camaraderie I showed that punk in the short time he [some times] occupied space in The Black Fist (not to mention putting up cold hard cash to bail the lil bitch outta jail when he was arrested in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse, as I was trained a true live soldier on the battlefield should.) The SAME Hamilton County Courthouse he ultimately LIED on me in. I should've figured all along he'd lie, lie and lie some more if he was finally getting some long-awaited tail he knew he'd NEVER EVER get from me. In his sick mind a female ANY FEMALE was FINALLY paying some attention to him. In essence.. The MIDGET (in his depraved mind) had finally found someone [else depraved] to love him. And since that time, this tiny won't grow traitorous sambo has been on a one way FAILED mission to destroy my good name and character. His sexual obsessions for me so long and somewhat hidden from others (till now) has boiled over to the surface uncontrolled and egged on by the hatred and filth my bi polar stalker continuously feeds his lonely empty brain. I can only imagine those long late night calls just burning up those wireless phone cards plotting and planning their next vicious attack on me. The new little Lester the HUMAN Dummy admits to being a "violent person", admits to being a "woman beater", admits to being jailed on concealed weapons charges, admits to having 11 children, and is currently just 1 step from being evicted out onto the hard streets of Cincinnati for non-payment of back rent on his shack (according to court records). Yet it is crystal clear that his main goals in life are the crimes of threatening, stalking, terrorizing, carrying concealed weapons (guns, switchblades, hammers & kitchen knives), cyberstalking and the list goes on & on. Included but never limited to, his relentless non-stop pursuit of pornographic sexual exploitation, intimidation of a witness and sexual harassment all of which are CRIMES which could land this dummy right where he can NEVER terrorize, stalk and dehumanize anyone else. This big/little cyber DUMMY is so confused and filled with psychosis he doesn't know whether to hate me on behalf of the bi polar felon -OR- (in his sick twisted mind) take this opportunity to fulfill his pent-up deviant sexual fantasies/desires for me.. One way or The other. How sick and twisted is that? I'd suggest the new Lester the HUMAN Dummy get some kind of hospitalized psychological treatment but I believe its entirely too late for this nut job. It has become crystal clear that this little filthy freak has been mentally & sexually depraved for a very very very LONG TIME! Way before I ever had the misfortune of knowing his miserable existence. I will not spend any more time today on these two criminal elements. My very fulfilling life pushes on. However, I wanted to keep my promise to the readers and concerned inquiring friends and associates of this website by letting all of you know General Nikki X is STILL under attack and General Nikki X is STILL fighting back by way of any and every legal means necessary! As administrator of this site I absolutely refuse to funky up this website with the likes of those two losers on a daily basis, but please note that when I'm not reporting on the evil antics of The New "Willie Tyler & Lester" Show it doesn't mean all is well and they have decided to move on and leave me alone. NO! It just means "The Black Fist Blog", the ONLY official website of this organization is committed to giving you all the news, views & opinions you simply can't get anywhere else from the black militant perspective as we've done for the last 3 years with no intentions of falling short! While we have no doubt The NEW Willie Tyler and HER HUMAN dummy Terry, I mean, Lester are bound and determined to commit continual acts of evil against their own black brothers and sisters... just below the radar screen. They are a DISGRACE before the Creator. A DISGRACE to the black community. A DISGRACE to black womanhood. A DISGRACE to black manhood. The REAL Willie Tyler & Lester are great legends of comedy for close to 50 years now. I've loved their act since I was a little girl as I'm sure all of you out there do as well. The NEW Willie Tyler as portrayed by a homeless bi polar convicted felon on house arrest (shacked up in somebody's house. NOT hers) and The NEW Lester the HUMAN Dummy as portrayed by an evil penniless sexually frustrated rejected lying little midget formerly of this organization NEVER to return have created a situation that will leave no one laughing in the end. No one EXCEPT those who reside in Marysville Womens Correctional Prison and Lucasville Mens Correctional Prison. When those two dummies finally reach their FINAL DESTINATIONS. STALKING IS A CRIME. I AM PUBLICLY DEMANDING ONCE AGAIN THAT THE TWO OF YOU STOP STALKING ME IMMEDIATELY! IT DOESN'T GET ANY PLAINER THAN THAT! LIVE YOUR OWN MISERABLE LIVES AND LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE! BLACK FIST, BLACK POWER, BLACK NATION IS THE BLACK FIST OFFICIAL BATTLE CRY!!! KEEPING PEACE IN THE STREETS IS THE ULTIMATE NAME OF THE GAME!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


The year is 1987. The album was "Hearsay". The man is Alexander O'Neal. Bro. O'Neal had it right on when he sang the song, "FAKE". This song was one of his biggest hits back in tha day. The first video is the original music video for "Fake", as seen on BET. The second video is an 1990 extended version Live from Wembley Arena. Check out these flashbacks to the past. "Do you know anyone who is...FAKE?" Evidently... Alexander does! lol! Enjoy!


In these 2 videos, funnyman comedian & keeping-it-realist Katt Williams expounds on the "Haters". You know what haters are. They are the people who are soooo miserable in their own skin they hate and despise the skin you're in! They are basically failures in the realm of life and too lazy to do better. The nobody NOBODY will remember in the end . Fakes who perpetrate the fraud every chance they get cause the truth just keeps kicking 'em in tha ass! Phonies who will assume your glorious identity because theirs is so weak and empty they can't even look themselves in the mirror. Folks who spend their days and nights doing nothing productive with their time on this planet EXCEPT to hate on you and your success past, present and future. Ain't it a shame? Oh well! It's tha game! Check out Katt Williams' philosophy on and advice to all the HATERS of the world. And dig his pearls of wisdom to the ones being hated on. Waaaay Toooo Funny and Waaaay Toooo Real! Just like I like to keep it here on "The Black Fist Blog".....WAY TOO REAL! Cause it may not always be good news but it's hood news! BLACK POWER, EVERY HOUR HATERS!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Remember hip-hop rapper-turned-preacher-turned back-rapper Mase? This song and video from Mase's 2004 comeback CD titled "Welcome Back", called "Breathe, Stretch, Shake" was hot and still is HOT! This song just popped in my head this morning so I thought I'd share it with you! The first video is the original music video (click the 2nd arrow to avoid commercial & go straight to video). The second video is the instrumental version. Dig both of 'em -then- "Breath, Stretch, Shake"!


Here you will see a younger version of the late comedy great, Bernie Mac (1957-2008). His appearances in the early 90's on HBO's Def Comedy Jam were hilarious. Bernie Mac's language and subject matter may not be for all but HEY!.. "It is what it is"! "The Black Fist Blog" is not for the squeamish anyway. PEACE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In this yet another historic video lecture, our dear brother El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Minister Malcolm X is at the round table debating a black man by the name of James L. Farmer Jr. Bro. Minister and James Farmer get into a heated debated over the results (or lack of results) of the non-violent protest movement. Bro. Minister Malcolm rejects the claim that Martin Luther King's approach is getting results. BACKGROUND INFO: James L. Farmer was the co-founder of the civil rights organization C.O.R.E (The Congress of Racial Equality). The Black Militants and Black Nationalist in the days of the 40's, 50's and 60's considered James L. Farmer and those of his [like mind] classic uncle Toms. The type of Negroes who will defend the racial evils perpetrated by the white man upon the Black man, woman and child at every turn. (Unfortunately, we've got those type of sambo Negroes still running around amongst us, even in 2008. Pitiful) Black Power!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Oscar-winning Actress, Dreamgirl and Singing Sensation Jennifer Hudson has an upcoming & loooong-awaited CD due out in September '08 (scheduled as of this entry). Her new single, (I think it's been available online for about 2 or 3 months now) is called, "Spotlight". Take a listen and tell us is it a HIT -or- a MISS! Ms. Hudson's first CD is titled simply, "Jennifer Hudson". Note: There has been a lot of controversy over the cover of Ms. Hudson's CD (2nd picture above). It has been speculated that it is a doctored photograph in an attempt to sell Ms. Hudson to the public as a thin woman, the so-called epitome of White European beauty. What do you think about that? I just saw Jennifer Hudson in a visual interview online that was done on August 2nd, and I must say I think the photo is not representing her true body shape. She's a beautiful full-figured woman and should be packaged to the public just the way she is. I intend on purchasing her CD when it drops because the woman can sing. Not because she's being portrayed as a size 8. The Black Woman, the mother of all civilization, is suppose to have curves. PERIOD! Let's Keep It Real!


(Updated Information from The Black Fist Blog. Most of this story comes from
Despite Cincinnati City Council's rejection last week (08/06/08) of a plan to install red-light cameras, one councilman says he's not ready to give up - even with the possibility of voters rejecting the idea in November. Councilman Cecil Thomas, chairman of council's Law and Safety Committee, plans to write legislation that would allow cameras at intersections throughout the city. He'll introduce that plan next month. "It's just one of these situations where we might save a life, he said." The next proposal, he said, will be written to say that any revenue from the tickets issued from red-light cameras would be spent on improving safety, including possibly on more speed bumps in neighborhoods that request them. Several council members, including Chris Bortz and Jeff Berding, said they might have favored a camera law if the purpose had been safety rather than raising money. The city's current budget, approved by council, included $1 million in assumed revenue from cameras. Thomas said there's no harm in moving forward with another proposal even if opponents of the cameras say they've got enough signatures to put a permanent ban on the November ballot for voters to decide upon. Even if council approved a camera law shortly after he introduces it, Thomas said cameras wouldn't go up right away. Mayor Mark Mallory had said he would veto the bill if it had passed. When it failed 4-4 last Wednesday, he joked, "I've been robbed." He said he's not convinced the cameras improve safety. His predecessor, Charlie Luken, vetoed a camera bill in 2005. Thomas said he hopes if the new camera proposal draws more council support, the mayor will reconsider his threat to veto it. --End of Story-- Well, my faithful readers, your good 'ol councilman Cecil Thomas just won't quit will he? It's not surprising. Cecil loves to make the white-controlled establishment and its white citizens smile with pride. White folks in this city can always count on Cecil Thomas, the black man to deliver their wishes IN FULL. Pitiful how Cecil is just grasping at straws trying to re-write and re-work the language of this thing to suit a better view point so council will ultimately approve it. OH & ONE MORE THING: The oldest Negro organization in town reports that the Hamilton County Board of Elections has pre-certified more than 6,000 signatures by a variety of different individuals to put the measure on the ballot in November. The Black Fist Blog will certainly keep you Mr. & Mrs. Black Sinsinnati updated on the red light camera deal. So Stay Tuned!



Cincinnati City Council this afternoon (08/06/08) rejected a plan for red light cameras in the city. The council vote was tied, so the proposal failed. Supporters of the plan said the cameras reduce accidents, by prompting drivers to be more careful. Opponents say its nothing more than a scheme to raise money. When council originally approved the plan, it was presented to help funding for social services, snow removal, police and fire. Mayor Mallory had threatened to veto red light cameras if council would have approved them. In today's vote (08/06/08), Qualls, Cranley, Monzel, and Thomas voted in support of the cameras. Bortz, Berding and Cole opposed the cameras. Leslie Ghiz remains on maternity leave. --End of Story-- Well, my faithful readers, the question today is: "Are you FOR -or- AGAINST red light cameras coming to Sinsinnati. Set up specifically to catch and digitally record the license plate numbers of your vehicle?" Keep in mind that whether its you or someone else driving your vehicle YOU the OWNER of the vehicle will be ordered to pay the fine. It is our understanding that the violation ticket as a result of the red light cameras digital recording, will automatically be sent to the address on record with the Department of Motor Vehicles. And due to where these red light cameras will more than likely be installed, that will be YOU Mr. & Mrs. Sinsinnati Negroe! Come on now! "Did you really think "The Man" downtown is gonna contract with some big white-owned and operated company and pay them your big tax dollars to install these things in neighborhoods like Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, The West Side, Cheviot and/or some other predominately white neighborhood?".... We sincerely hope y'all ain't that ignorant, dumb and stupid!


Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick seems to have landed himself in trouble again. Recently investigators alleged that the mayor berated and attacked them as they tried to serve a subpoena to his friend. As a result of the incident a judge ordered the mayor to pay $7,500 and undergo random drug testing. The ruling came after two investigators testified at a hearing that an irate Kilpatrick launched into a profanity-laced tirade and shoved one of them as they tried to serve the subpoena to Detroit businessman Bobby Ferguson. One investigator, a black woman, testified that Kilpatrick tried to shame her for working with a White colleague. State police will investigate the alleged assault, said Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans.


Sharpe James, Newark, New Jersey's former mayor, recently was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison and ordered to pay a fine of $100,000 for charges on corruption. Before sentencing, James apologized for his wrongdoing. "I would like to apologize to my wife of 44 years and my mother, who is 94, for the hardship and suffering they have had to endure," he said. "I made a mistake. I'm a human being." Prosecutors charges that James, 72, abused his office and betrayed his constituents by arranging for the sale of nine city-owned properties for $46,000 to his one-time mistress Tamika Riley, 39, from 2001 to 2005. Riley quickly sold the property for $665,000 without ever starting the required rehabilitation work on most of them, prosecutors said. Riley, who cleared more than $430,000 from the properties, was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison and ordered to repay $27,000 in a housing subsidy. The penalties from U.S. District Judge William J. Martini, a former federal prosecutor, were far less than the 15-to-20-year range requested by the U.S. Attorney's Office.


No criminal charges will be filed against the Rev. Al Shapton over a decades's worth of delinquent tax bills, his lawyers said. Federal prosecutors called off their investigation after Sharpton made a down payment of $1 million on his tax debt. Sharpton said he was glad the ordeal was over. "I thank God, I thank the lawyers," he told JET Magazine in a recent interview. "The real testimony is they said there was no crime. There was no criminal activity. We feel exonerated." Sharpton had been investigated for possible tax fraud and campaign violations stemming from his 2004 U.S. presidential bid. The IRS and New York state and city tax agencies claim that Sharpton and his organization, the National Action Network, collectively owe millions of dollars in back penalties. The exact amount Sharpton owes has not been determined. "When we get the final figures, we will work out a payment plan and will go on from there," he said. Several black business leaders helped raise the $1 million down payment, Sharpton said. "We had money in reserve, we knew we had to pay something. But I want to thank the supporters of the National Action Network who never wavered and never stopped their support."


In this historic video, you will see El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Bro. Minister Malcolm X in an early 1960's interview where he answers questions concerning citizenship for the so-called negro or the so-called black man. This three mintue 19 second video is very revealing. Black Power!