Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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Stay Black!
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Saturday, November 7, 2009


The Black Fist Blog would like to congratulate Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory on his re-election to the Mayor's office. As most of you, our loyal and faithful readers well know, Mayor Mallory was endorsed by The Black Fist Blog's administrator, General Nikki X and The Black Fist as an organization back in 2005.
We were proud to do so then and we are equally as proud to do so in 2009!

We would also like to say congratulations to all the people who voted NO on Issue 9. Now our Mayor can move forward in his vision for Cincinnati, and keep in line with the vision our President Barack Obama has for this country.

I'll tell ya' folks.... There's nothing like being on a WINNING TEAM!!!

Until Next Time,

Friday, September 25, 2009


It appears my stalker Terry Lee Summers (always known on this blog as Tiny Terry Lee) is on the run from the law again. We've known about this little midget's lastest crime for about a month now, yet chose to wait before publishing.

At a later date I will go into details, but for now all we can say to the this teeny tiny criminal is: RETURN THAT 2008 BLACK DODGE AVENGER YOU STOLE FROM ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL DOWNTOWN!!!!

Black Power, Every Hour!!!

(For pictures of this nutjob criminal go to the search bar on the home page of this site & type in Tiny Terry Lee. Just be sure not to eat anything before you do.)

Friday, June 5, 2009


30 years ago, the world lost a gifted songbird in our dear sister Minnie Riperton. Today we remember her with our comeback series 'Flashback To The Past'.

Enjoy Minnie Riperton singing, ">

Minnie Riperton ~ November 8, 1947 - July 12, 1979.

Until our next Flashback,


Sunday, May 24, 2009


With all the murder, mayhem, black-on-black brutality, and flat-out chaos & disorder in the black community. Our question today is when will the local branch of the so-called National Association for the Advancement of Colored People get their collective noses out of the political clouds of 801 Plum Street., and start addressing the problems, concerns, needs and cries of the black community?!?!? Our black community is in a state of Armageddon the equivalent of the current killing fields in Iraq, and it is ignored by an historic organization -hijacked by an egomaniac- who has turned it into his personal arm of a political action outfit!

When a black man can walk into his Price Hill home and shoot his pregnant black woman in the head killing her while their 7 children sat and watched. Then turn the gun on himself in an apparent murder-suicide, I mean what the hell is going on?!?
All the while, the only thing the PRESIDENT of the local branch of the NAACP can find to talk about on his 90 minute per week radio show is Council members Jeff Berding, Chris Bortz, a streetcar he calls a "choo-choo train" (how juvenile is that?). This man has and is personally attacking tearing down and trashing any and every black person in any political position in this town he feels he should be in.
His over sized ego will not allow for him to accept the fact he is a political failure in every sense of the word. A one-term Cincinnati City council member. This is the reason he has no time to deal with the advancement of colored people, although he is the current PRESIDENT of the local branch of the advancement of colored people. Naw! This snake is too busy trying to advance himself and his own agenda. Something is so fucked up with that picture it must be addressed.



Saturday, May 23, 2009


(Pictured from left, Rob Richardson, Bobby Maly and Joe Sprengard are co-chairmen of Cincinnatians for Progress. The group is working to stop the frequent ballot initiatives they say derail the city's ability to move forward)

Lucy May, Senior Staff Reporter for the Business Courier of Cincinnati has written an article a very enlightening article about a group of Cincinnati citizens who have started a group for the sole purpose of stopping the current influx of petitions by local group(s) that are attempting to stop what they call "the city becoming economically competitive" and "derail the city's ability to move forward".

The story reads as follows:

As far as Rob Richardson, Bobby Maly and Joe Spengard are concerned, the streetcar ballot initiative isn't about the city's$200 million streetcar proposal, not at all.

The ballot language would require a majority of the people before Cincinnati city government could proceed with any kind of passenger rail service or planning throughout the city. And that, they argue, could stop economic progress dead in its tracks.

"We can't limit the ability of the city to even entertain different forms of transportation," said Richardson, a lawyer who worked locally on Barack Obama's presidential campaign. "This is really about being a city that's economically competitive."

Meet Cincinnatians for Progress, a new organization with broad support from the city's political establishment.

--(End of Business Courier of Cincinnati Story)--

Now, what do you think of that folks? A group of citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble and express their thoughts and opinions whether others agree with them or not. Now I know you will hear all kinds of stuff on local so-called black talk radio and a lot of rhetoric from a local organization's PRESIDENT who, of course will express (very loudly I might add) his PRESIDENTIAL thoughts regarding this new group and its "true intentions". This so-called PRESIDENT will attempt to brainwash you into his way of thinking. But what this PRESIDENT is unwilling to accept due to his own out of control ego is people have their own thoughts and opinions and not everyone out here is stupid, dumb and ignorant.

Nor is everyone out here with black skin under his so-called divine "strong leadership".

Cincinnatians for Progress are assembling to counter whatever it is they think is not in the best interest of Cincinnati right, wrong or indifferent. They have that right.

FYI FOLKS: People can think for themselves. Believe it or not. And guess what? The people of Cincinnati don't need the permission of the NAACP or the permission of its current ego-driven PRESIDENT to do so.


Friday, May 22, 2009



In this week's edition of The Cincinnati Herald, there is a short yet we believe very important announcement regarding a chance for the general public to debate the City of Cincinnati's proposed streetcar initiative.
It reads as follows:

The Pros and Cons of the proposed Streetcar

Should the City of Cincinnati build a new proposal for a streetcar line? Since the initial airing of the proposal for a streetcar, local citizens and groups have lined up for and against the initiative. In fact, signatures are currently being collected for a ballot initiative that would prevent the city from going forward with this project.

At the next Community Issues Forum, at noon, May 28, at Christ Church Cathedral, The Undercroft, 318 East Fourth St., Michael Moore, director of the City's Department of Transportation and Engineering, will speak in favor of the streetcar proposal, and a representative of the coalition against the streetcar will speak against against it. Lunch can be purchased for $5.00, or you can bring a brown bag.

What do you think about the City of Cincinnati's plan to build a streetcar?
Are you for or against it?
And why?

Today's discussion on The Black Fist Blog is about the streetcar. Let's talk about it.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Pictured above:
In the first photo is a current mugshot of serial criminal Terry Lee Summers.
The second photo is a picture of where Terry Lee Summers will soon be residing.
The third photo is Terry Lee Summers under 1 of his many alias: This time calling himself "The Delegate" holding an unregistered loaded shotgun in broad daylight on a street in downtown Cincinnati.

[This entry was originally posted on April 17, 2009. Due to some very compelling evidence tracked by The Black Fist Investigative Troll Assessment Team (TBFITAT), we feel it very necessary to re-post this entry. And the question then is the question today: "IS TINY TERRY LEE READY TO GO BACK TO JAIL?")

The Black Fist Blog has it under good authority that sexual deviant and serial criminal Terry Lee Summers hasn't learned a damn thing from his 30 day vacation in the Hamilton County Justice Center back in October 2008.

It appears Terry Lee Summers (always known on this blog as "Tiny Terry Lee")i s back scouring the public library systems in Cincinnati, Hamilton County on a mission of evil. The Black Fist Blog has received several disturbing comments, sexual in nature and right in line with the M.O. of the midget Tiny Terry Lee.

If and when (and the word of the day is WHEN) The Black Fist Blog Investigative Troll Assessment Team (TBFBITAT) brings back proof to the administrator of this web blog that it is indeed Tiny Terry Lee violating once again a court-issued stalking and criminal protective order...

In a Nutshell: Terry Lee Summers the Midget will once again be residing where his criminally bi polar crazed girlfriend sits today.....


More on this story as it unfolds.



Saturday, May 2, 2009


Pictured Aboved:
--Black Fist General Nikki X and then State Senator Mark L. Mallory, moments after Sen. Mallory personally accepted The Black Fist Endorsement for Mayor. Circa, September 2005.
--SillySnake on tha Mic via his weekly silly WDBZ radio show.

I just got a call from a very reliable source that the PRESIDENT of the local branch of the NAACP Christopher "SillySnake" Smitherman is right now as I type this entry lying about the 2005 Black Fist Mayoral Endorsement of then Sen. Mark L. Mallory.
SillySnake is knowingly lying to the black community and anyone else listening to his weekly radio show once again pimping and invoking the name of Kabaka Oba. This time to knowingly lie on the man stating he (Oba) endorsed then State Senator Mark Mallory for Mayor.
Everyone except maybe SillySnake's johnny-come-lately SMLP's (Smart-Mouth Little Punks) knows State Senator Mark L. Mallory personally accepted The Black Fist Endorsement for The Mayor of Cincinnati from General Nikki X -NOT- General Kabaka Oba. At the time of the endorsement, Kabaka couldn't even speak up for himself let alone give an endorsement. At the time of The Black Fist Mayoral Endorsement, Oba was jailed in the Hamilton County Justice Center for threatening another black man in the community, given a $250,000 bond & upon release placed under a strict gag order by Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Norbert Nadel as part of his stern order/ruling.
SillySnake knows ALL this.
Yet this silly pimp continues to lie, lie and lie some more about the facts and revise history to suit his own vindictive twisted agenda. What does SillySnake's agenda entail? Who gives a fuck! I'm here today to once again set the record straight! I will NOT allow that Snake in a Suit to lie and pimp any part of Black Fist history to his own benefit. So when you read this you silly simping lying ass snake...
And let's be very clear - YOU ARE READING THIS BLOG ON THE REGULAR - Just know General Nikki X will be right behind you to call you out and let the community know that you are nothing more than a little slithering self-destructing LIAR!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well, Well, Well...
It appears that our resident Snake in a Suit and leader of all black people, Cincinnati NAACP President Christopher Smitherman has been suspended from the radio airwaves of WDBZ 1230am "The Buzz of Cincinnati".
Sillysnake, as he is fondly known on this site & others was to make his weekly guest starring appearance "on the mic" at 5 pm today, yet instead it has been reported that the ONLY thang heard at that time was the classic gospel hymn "His Eye is On The Sparrow"....
WDBZ Operations Manager and Radio Talk Show host Lincoln Ware will most likely come on the radio airwaves Monday at 10 am and proclaim there was some other reason for the Snake in a Suit not being present and accounted for in his weekly time slot. However our sources DEEP within the walls of WDBZ 1230 am have reported the silly klown as being suspended!
Could SillySnake's suspension "until further notice" have anything to do with his so-called calling for "an investigation" of black folks based on his own silly fantasies and ultimate cowardice? -OR- Could SillySnake being kicked off the airwaves have anything to do with the klown sending black folks to act a fool over at the Democratic Party's Candidate Endorsement Meeting this past Thursday night?
Whatever the reason it shall be very interesting to hear "The Lincoln Ware Show" on Monday morning.
Maybe the Smart-Mouth Little Punks under the spell of The SillySnake will call in and shed (pardon the pun) some light as to why their 'Leader' was M.I.A.!
.......And off tha mic!

Friday, April 17, 2009


The Black Fist Blog (TBFB) has received many reports over the last several days that Christopher Smitherman (As of today known on this blog with the expressed combined permission from the administrators of the Cincinnati Black Blog and The Black Fist Blog to be renamed "SillySnake" . A combination of "Sillyman" and "The Snake in a Suit") has been slithering around area Senior Citizen Centers/Facilities scaring the living daylights out of our precious senior citizens regarding Cincinnati City Councils proposed building of a Streetcar in downtown Cincinnati. A Streetcar the NAACP likes to cleverly call (yawn...) the "Choo-Choo Train".
TBFB has also learned that the language used by SillySnake in his rhetorical aim at our senior citizen in an attempt to get them to sign the NAACP Streetcar Petition is downright out-of-control, if not (as has been reported) flat-out frightening!!!
To think that SillySnake is slithering in and out of area Senior Citizen Facilities/Centers and comparing the building of a proposed Streetcar to "The Great Depression", and to (as has been reported) outright tell to our precious senior citizens that to NOT sign the NAACP Streetcar Petition would be something close to signing on to one of the "Greatest Economic Tragedies" since "The Great Depression" is at the least irresponsible, and at the most could be classified as (mental) elder abuse.
Some of these fragile senior citizens that Sillysnake is lecturing to were grown men and women during the ACTUAL great depression. They lived through some of the worse economic times that only you & I can imagine. And for Sillysnake to compare his vindictive personal agenda against The Democratic Party, Mayor Mark Mallory and Cincinnati City Council, i.e. the proposed building of the Streetcar shows just how low this klown has sunk.
The lowdown antics, rhetoric and personal vindictiveness of The Sillysnake is playing itself out before the eyes of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, The State of Ohio and The National NAACP.
We here at The Black Fist Blog are just incredibly sorry that one of our most precious resources, our senior citizens, are now caught up, bullied, terrorized and frightened by a Sillysnake's Web of Personal Vindictiveness.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Our dear brother and true activist in the black struggle Nate Livingston has written an uncompromising article over on his Cincinnati Black Blog. And in a joint effort to expose the truth and deal with a puny super featherweight reptilian black devil. I will re-print Bro. Nate's blog entry then add some facts of my own.
From Saturday, April 11, 2009
CBB Could Call For Federal Investigation Into Smitherman's Role in Death Of Kabaka Oba
In his latest press release, Cincinnati NAACP PRESIDENT Christopher Smitherman threatens to call for a federal investigation into the death of Kabaka Oba. Since no one else seems to willing to deal with this Smart-Mouthed Little Punk, I will.
The Cincinnati Black Blog believes the people of Cincinnati deserve to know the role Sillyman played in Oba's death. To that end, the Cinicnnati Black Blog will convene a special emergency meeting of our editorial board and community advisers to discuss whether to request a federal investigation of Smitherman.
We further believe the issuance of the press release is another example of Sillyman abusing his position as PRESIDENT of the Cincinnati NAACP. The purpose of Sillyman's press release was to: (1) use the NAACP to level personal attacks against other black people -- in this case Kenneth L. Lawson, George Beatty, and Howard Beatty; (2) arouse the emotions, passions, hatred and prejudices of those people who don't know the whole story of what led to Oba's death and leverage those feelings into political power (this is classic demagoguery); (3) promote the foolish notion that there was a conspiracy to kill Oba to his Smart-Mouth Little Punks, even though he knows there was no conspiracy and encourage violence in the Black community (we know Sillyman created and mailed out a "Wanted Poster" with my face and Black Fist General Nikki X's face on them); (4) stir up controversy for the anniversary of Oba's death; (5) get me off his puny ass. (In addition to smoking him on this blog, I've called WDBZ Radio a few times in the last few weeks to speak truth about Sillyman.)
Well, that bitch ass nigga Sillyman can send out all the press releases he wants, it's not going to stop me from reporting the truth on this blog, or telling the truth about him in public. In fact, his bullshit antic let me know that I'm on to something. The more he squirms, the more I'm encouraged to turn up the heat on him.
Sillyman is pimping Oba in death, just like he did during his life. Sillyman was issued a subpoena to testify, under oath, Howard Beatty's trial. If Sillyman had something to say, why didn't he show up and say under oath in court, instead of talking in riddles on the radio? Why didn't he come share the conspiracy in court when it might've made a difference? Why didn't he let the judge and law enforcement know who was in on the conspiracy and what the details of the conspiracy were? And if he was really Oba's friend, not his pimp, why didn't Sillyman show up at the trial of the man who killed him to speak out in Oba's defense?
I'll finish this later....
There's only one thing I found wrong with Bro. Nate's blog entry, and that's the part where he stated, Since no one else seems willing to deal with this Smart-Mouth Little Punk, I will. The General, Nikki X has always been known to deal with a muthafuckah or two in her time that's been completely and utterly out-of-control.... So Here I Am!
Today Christopher Smitherman you get dealt with!
YOU! You phony wannabe hustling no-good reptilian black devilish user con man wannabe godfather of the black community no pimping silly simping ass super featherweight homogenized lil punk YOU!
Yes. I'm talking about a lying ass coward Snake in a Suit one-term sissy by the name of The Sillyman (as known on Nate's blog and FOREVER known here on this blog as The Snake in a Suit)... Christopher Smitherman.
Now. I've listened to him over the years rant and rave about this so-called "conspiracy" surrounding the death of Kabaka Oba. This Klown Snake in a Suit gets on his weak ass radio show and screams about what the fuck he thinks he knows about Kabaka Oba but I don't have to tell you my faithful readers, that NO ONE on this earth knew Kabaka like I did. NO ONE can tell you anything about the circumstances surrounding that man's life or his death better than me.
I've told the same truthful story over and over and over again. (1) Right here on this blog; (2) In Cincinnati Magazine; (3) On WDBZ Radio; and (4) On the witness stand under oath, under subpoena before the presiding judge in front of the glaring cameras of the local and statewide media, the defense and the PROSECUTION.
Where was the Snake in a Suit? Where was The Sillyman? Where was the homogenized, sissified, punkified, pastorized punk name Christopher Smitherman? That Klown received the same court-ordered subpoena to testify FOR Howard Beatty, I repeat testify FOR Howard Beatty that General Nikki X, Lincoln Ware, Joy R. Rolland (yes Joy Rolland was to testify FOR Howard not against him), Donald Coffer, Endure X, Willie Cunningham and many many others received.... the ONLY difference is the above mention and the many many others who recieved their subpoenas responded to the courts order and showed up under those subpoenas to do what the law required. The Snake in a Suit Sillyman DID NOT!!!
This sissified punk needs to drop down on his skinny knees every night before his afro hits the pillow and thank God & Jesus Attorney Kenneth L. Lawson was admittedly under the influence of prescription narcotics during the trial because if he hadn't he would have -I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut- sent Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis's boys in black a.k.a. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies to roll right on up through to 1000 Lennox Place or whatever rock the Snake in a Suit was trembling under at the time and yank his ass right on up, slap the cuffs on the klown and had his black ass thrown in jail for CONTEMPT OF COURT! Oh Yes, the gloves come off today punk!!!
You! Snake in a Suit should know by now how I get down when under attack! Your so-called "friend"/ (for real) puppet-on-a-string Kabaka Oba did NOTHING let me repeat for the retards in the back in this muthafuckah to hear me clearly, DID NOTHING on the battlefield WITHOUT The General, NIKKI X!
Do I sound angry, tired of this bullshit and fed the fuck up!?!
Well, I am!
The pimping of Kabaka Oba STOPS TODAY Smitherman!
The lies you've been telling STOP TODAY Smitherman.
And my silence regarding your black ass & this dumb ass "conspiracy" shit ENDS TODAY Smitherman!
Trust know and believe, you say you wanna "pull black folks from under rocks". You say what you're gonna do to so-called expose black folks. You say what you intend to reveal about a so-called "conspiracy" created only in the recesses of your warped egotistical mind.....
Then go ahead you little bitch ass no balls having punk! Because when it's all said and done, my balls'll be bigger than yours could ever dream of being and ain't a brainwashed Smart-Mouth Little Punk under the spell of your mind control will be able to come to your (political) rescue.
Kabaka Oba died at the hands of three people:
1. Christopher Smitherman
2. Joy R. Rolland
3. Kabaka Oba himself
Yeah I said it! Yeah I'll continue to say it! And No!~ Ain't a damn "Wanted Poster" created by YOU Smitherman in the cover of night as Snakes like to slither around and do thangs gonna EVER stop me from speaking truth to power on this blog and in the public about you.
Chump! My record in the Black community as a Black Militant Hardcore Guerrilla Soldier is what it is. I am a soldier punk I truly believed you knew that BEFORE you thought you could just rise up and spread lies and venom about me and other black folk of good standing in this community.
I stood WITH Kabaka Oba when he LIVED when it counted when everybody else including you SillySnake were trembling and shaking in your boots scared-to-death to let the white folks know you even knew the man. So fucking what his funeral allegedly had 1,000 people. On the battlefield of the black struggle where it counted he only had ME and maybe 1 or 2 others! YOU Snake in a Suit were NOWHERE AROUND!!!
Waaay before there were a crazed stalking punkified midget name Terry Lee Summers a.k.a. The Delelgate.
Waaay before there were an incarcerated convicted felon crazed bitch -WHO STARTED ALL THIS MADNESS- by the name Joy R. Rolland.
Waaay before there were all these fake phony WDBZ Radio activist/callers so-called crying over the spilled blood of Kabaka Oba, & YES PUNK waaay before there was a Sillyman Snake in a Suit by the name of Christopher Smitherman....
There was 1 woman.
A Soldier.
A Black Militant Non-Compromising Bold Sista.
A General.
By the name of Nikki X.
And today she's taking off the gloves.
And today she's calling you out!
Christopher Smitherman, you wanna continue creating lies, hatred, distrust, confusion and attempt to incite potential violence/murder within the Black community against other black people all for your own nonexistent political bullshit ass agenda & all under the guise of your so-called title of PRESIDENT of the Cincinnati NAACP, you go right ahead negro.....
You wanna continue to pimp a dead man for your own self-interest & self-elevation, then hell go right ahead negro.....
But Trust, Know & Believe, THE GENERAL, Nikki X will fight back with everything I have and expose your black ass for the two-bit Snake in a Suit hustling lying pimping Klown con man that you are and always will be!
The Black Fist Blog Could Call For A Federal Investigation Into Christopher Smitherman's Role in The Death of Kabaka Oba
I'll finish this later....

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, well, well.

It looks like our old friend and political cartoonist Bearman has once again hit the proverbial nail right on its snake-like head.

Thanks again Bearman for allowing the faithful readers of The Black Fist Blog to enjoy your fine cartoonsmanship, and for once again allowing "a picture to speak a thousand words".

What better way for one snake in a suit to seek "legal redress" except with another snake in a suit as its "legal counsel". You know them snakes gotta stick together.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Pictured above: Crazed Convicted Felon Joy R. Rolland

Black community terrorist and convicted felon Joy R. Rolland has been shackled at the legs, chained at the hands and waist and re-deposited back on the bus bound for her home in Marysville Prison.

The City of Cincinnati and the County of Hamilton can breath a little easier knowing that rabid dog is no longer inhabiting and stinking up the southwest Ohio area.
We will continue to keep our faithful readers updated and informed on the movement, whereouts and activities of this bi polar criminal and her current love toy (also a known criminal in the community) the black mentally impaired midget creep named Terry Lee Summers.

Monday, March 30, 2009


This little story comes straight from the Cincinnati Enquirer online
By Jennifer Baker:

NAACP endorse Crime Stoppers

For the first time in the nation, a local branch of the National Association for The Advancement of Colored People is endorsing a Crime Stoppers program for its efforts to solve crime.

The Cincinnati NAACP branch will take that historic step today at an 11 a.m. ceremony with officials from Crime Stoppers and Cincinnati police at Martin Luther King Park, 3740 Reading Rd., according to police.

Recognizing that violent crime affects everybody in the community, the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP is encouraging their membership and all of Greater Cincinnati to support Crime Stoppers and to use the program, police said in a prepared statement.

Officials from both organizations will jointly announce their cooperation to encourage citizens to realize that silence in the face of crime must change, and to send the message that murder is unacceptable, police said.


Now. For someone such as the Local president of the NAACP (always referred to here on this site as the ("Snake in a Suit") to be in the Cincinnati Enquirer allegedly endorsing Crime Stoppers we ask.... Where's the news?

I mean who in their right mind don't endorse Crime Stoppers? The local Snake in a Suit will use any and every opportunity he can use to get his name and face in a newspaper he claims is soooo racist and soooo bias toward black people in the city and especially racist and extremely bias toward him. You can't have it both ways.

Same as with The Cincinnati Herald, our weekly black newspaper, when things weren't going his way he encouraged black folks to unsubscribe, encouraged his friends and family to unsubscribe and declared strongly (rather screeched very loudly) that he himself will unsubscribe. Yet when The Cincinnati Herald writes a positive story about the NAACP or about the snake himself....Oh! it's hallelujah time! The Herald is a great paper. Read The Cincinnati Herald!

I think you, my faithful readers, get the point.

The Black Fist Organization to this day thank Crime Stoppers for broadcasting and capturing a local sexual deviant and mentally deranged punk by the name of Terry Lee Summers (pictured above in his current Hamilton County Justice Center mugshot & always referred to on the site as "Tiny Terry Lee The Midget"). Thanks to Crime Stoppers Tiny Terry Lee was captured right downtown in front of the Cincinnati Public Library by the Cincinnati Police Vortex Unit for violating a court-ordered restraining order for stalking, sexual stalking, telecommunication terrorism, internet stalking amongst other vile perverted criminal offenses.

Thank you Cincinnati Police Department and Crime Stoppers.

In saying all of that, we feel that what that snake in a suit is doing is once again nothing more grandstanding and promoting himself not the issues he claims to be so passionate about.
And to that we say.... HOW PATHETIC!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Way Too Funny!!!


Pictured above is the latest Hamilton County Sears mugshot portrait of crazed animal Joy R. Rolland. Don'tcha just love the Simon Leis House of Adams orange jumpsuit?

We, the victims of Joy R. Rolland have just this morning been alerted to the fact that she has been transported back to the City of Cincinnati and redeposited back into the Hamilton County Justice Center. Why? You may ask. Well, it appears this animal has a child custody hearing on March 31, 2009. at 800 Broadway Juvenile Court.

We, here at The Black Fist Blog will be praying for our dear brother Damian Finnell, the loving father and only competent parent of the young child of this currently incarcerated crazed terrorist. Bro. Finnell has fought tooth and nail to gain and retain custody of his son (who will not be named here for he is a minor). Bro. Finnell has an uphill battle in front of him to undo all of the psychological/emotional abuse heaped upon his innocent son at the hands of his bi polar mother, pictured above.

Court documents indicate that: An active holder is placed on Joy Rolland and she MUST RETURN TO MARYSVILLE PRISON*****

Thank God for Jesus! For the quicker this wilde beest is restored back to her Marysville Prison cage the better for all her victims, this city, this county and the child (her & Bro. Finnell's child) in question.

We will continue to keep you informed of this crazed animal's movements.
The City of Cincinnati can NOT afford another Anthony Kirkland!!!



The black community terrorist/convicted felon Joy R. Rolland sought an early parole from her current home at the Ohio Women's Reformatory in Marysville and was subsequently DENIED!
We, who have been the victims of this obviously mentally unstable animal thank whomever it was who DENIED this beast an early parole. Joy R. Rolland or Ikebelon Oba as she in known on her Facebook account needs to be caged for the full amount of her time.
We, here at The Black Fist Blog will continue as we have done in the past to monitor this crazed spit-wielding terroristic wildebeest.
Pictured above is: Joy R. Rolland/Ikebelon Oba/The Black Norma Desmond and so on & so on & so on.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It appears a rathole is beginning to uncover. And the rat in question can transform himself from snake to rat and back to snake at will.

I don't know why my links never work. I've contacted blogger and have yet to get a reply, however I will continue to work on it.
Until then please see this: and check out what great investigative work our dear brother fellow blogger and true activist Nate Livingston Jr. has to share with us.

Yes, US the community he has fought for and loves so much.

More to Come....
Until then...


Monday, March 2, 2009


Cincinnati's Own Snake in a Suit "Who Are You"?:
Con Man?

The truth will be revealed.
Coming soon right here on The Black Fist Blog!
Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


16 days ago, this past January 12th would've been our dear brother, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad's 61ST birthday had he not been (in the opinion of The Black Fist and other TRUE black militants around the country) MURDERED. Dr. Khalid was one of our strong black fearless brothers featured in our "Black Fist Everyday Black History Series" back on February 21, 2006., and the following is a reposting of that entry. Take the time to re-read this entry and reflect upon our brothers' life and legacy. Dr. Khalid was a true true black militant who laid it down for a race of people he loved so dearly and fought so proudly for, that's right THE BLACK RACE! And he was never ashamed to stand up and speak out on behalf of us nor was he ever ashamed to shame the devil in his house and to his face!

We will always love this brother and we, The Black Fist and I, General Nikki X on behalf of The Black Fist will always stand strong and speak out on behalf of the black race in the spirit and memory of my beloved brother Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad.



On February 17, 2001, a powerful force and voice of a people passed on. Khalid Abdul Muhammad was pronounced dead at the age of 53 in an Atlanta, Georgia hospital after suffering a massive aneurysm.
Mr. Muhammad was the national chairman of the new Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, a position many said suited him perfectly, as he was often described as a well-educated and powerful speaker and leader. Many of Mr. Muhammad's antagonist, including Louis Farrakhan, his former mentor, saw him as as a man who insulted people and didn't care about anyone else's opinion but his own. Many also considered him a racist who railed against whites, Jews, Catholics and certain civil rights leaders. Although many people disagreed with his positions, others could see that he was a confident, intelligent, determined leader and respected him for standing his ground. For example, in 1998 he fought for the Million Youth March in Harlem to continue when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani opposed it. Thanks to his lawyers, Mr. Muhammad and the March was a huge success, although it ended with confrontations between the rally's participants and the New York City Police Department.

After losing a leader like Mr. Muhammad, one would think that there would be a spirit of sadness and grief. Yet there was only a small hint of that when it came time for his memorial service on February 24 in Harlem, at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, 120th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard.

Over five hundred people, including fifty-five members of The New Black Panther Party, attended the service to pay their respects: as they settled into their seats, there wasn't any crying or grief on their faces, only smiles and looks of deep thought. Anyone who entered the room could see this was going to be a celebration honoring Khalid Abdul Muhammad's life. Singers and African drummers did their best to feed the positive spirit in the air.

Speakers readied their speeches and poems to contribute to the mood. Although everyone was there to celebrate Khalid's life, feelings of hope, anger, and passion ignited every time a speaker got up to address the service. Among the many speakers were the Rev. Al Sharpton, Minister Michael Muhammad, Dr. Ben Johnnon, Warrior Woman, Willie Rocks, Moses Powell, Herman Ferguson and others. Every one of the speakers had the ability to move the people; nobody was disappointed.

Warrior Woman shouted, "They killed our leader, but never the revolution. Keep going no matter what!" Willie Rocks, a long-time leader in the New Black Panther Movement, called for an awakening of black people, saying: "Tear down imperialism, build organizations, set up rallies, do your part in the fight for equality we deserve."

Video highlights of Mr. Muhammad were shown after the speeches. The clips showed how, no matter who interviewed him, Mr. Muhammad always managed to make his point clearly and peopled listened when he spoke.

Outside the service, people spoke of Mr. Muhammad's specific characteristics which inspired them. Twenty-six year-old Germany Matrix said, "I would want to have Mr. Muhammad's boldness, courage, sincerity, and determination and I would do my best to be better than him and continue his legacy."

What can be done to remember Dr. Muhammad's memory? Sixteen-year-old Brooklyn resident Romanza Matrix beleives that we must carry out his dream of one day seeing our generation overcome the obstacles the government puts in our way.

Lord Tawfyz and his group Shaka Zula said, "Growing up, our hero wasn't Michael Jordan running up the court chasing a ball. Mr. Muhammad was our hero. He was one of the super black heroes. We admire for him for his courage and the way he told the truth. He taught us not to fear the enemy and that's why he's our hero"

Many people felt this way. As the service ended, the feeling was one of pride and joy. It was not as though something or someone had come to an end, but as though something was beginning and getting stronger.

(The above article was a re-print from an article written by Guyan D. Wilks. To read more about the funeral servives of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, go to: )

At The Black Fist, we loved and respected our dear beloved brother Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. We miss him terribly but we know he is with the ancestors, resting with The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, The General Nat Turner, Bro. Minister Malcolm X and so on. We will never forget our brother and we will always honor him as a Strong Black Afrikan Revolutionary Defender of the Black Nation.

Our dear brother, Bro. Endure X, local spokeman for The New Black Panther Nation here in Cincinnati attended the funeral services of Dr. Khalid in Harlem, New York and he told me the spirit was just as Mr. Gilks described only more Militant and more Revolutionary than described above. He said the streets were lined with beautiful Strong Black people paying their respects to "The General" Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad and all you could see were Strong Black Fist pumped in the air and Pride on the faces of Black folks.
I've seen the pictures of the services and read the speeches and viewed the transcripts, I can say it looked to be just as described by Bro. X.

Dr.Khalid is to never be forgotten no matter what the white folks say about him, he stood strong for what he beleived and he was not afraid to tell the devil to his face what he thought or challenge the devil at any given time to an intellectual debate! Which the devil always came up short!

Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad's life, legacy and his memory will always be preserved by General Nikki X and The Black Fist.
Dr. Khalid will always be "The General" of The Black Fist and The Real "People's General!"


Minister Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad 1948-2001


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