Friday, February 11, 2011



In today's world of "I'ma get mine, you get yours!" What does Black love mean in the big scheme of things? I'm talking about black brotherhood type love. Black sisterhood type love. Black love within the black family. Does Black love even exist? If so, where? How can we proclaim black unity and hate each other so?

And, what about Black love one-on-one between the Black man and the Black woman? Let's have a discussion about black love in the so-called "New Millennium." Are you ready for a candid no-holds barred talk about Black love?
Can Black love survive in this world of lies, jealousy, deceit, mistrust and yes, money problems?

What about the art of the Black man being faithful to the Black woman & vice-versa? Can it be done? Is it even realistic to try? What about Black love in the age of HIV/AIDS, what's up with that?
Why does it appear that condoms are staying on the shelves of drugstores, rather than readily available on the bedside tables in Black bedrooms?

The Black Fist Philosophy on Black Love is and always has been:

- The Black Man Is For The Black Woman.
- The Black Woman Is For The Black Man.
This Makes A Strong Black Family!

What about this thing called, "interracial dating"? What is that... really?

Why are so many black men dating and marrying white women?
Why are so many black women acting like they wanna catch up to the trend?
Meaning, why are black women feeling so much freer to date and marry the white man?
What is the Black woman getting from the white man that the Black man can't/won't/hasn't given her?

Powerful Subject Matter. Legitimate Questions. Now Who In The Hell Has The Answers?
Let's talk about it.