Saturday, December 29, 2012


Greetings Beautiful Brothers and Sisters,

I want to take this time to thank everyone who attended our annual "Black Power Convention".  We had a wonderful time fellowshipping with each other and renewing our committment to justice, equality, dignity, and respect for all black people of African descent. 

We who are for real about the plight of black people (not "people of color" only black people) got together on our out-of-town getaway over 3 days and it was something to remember. 

I want to personally thank all of the strong black beautiful brothers who once again made all of the arrangement, rented those beautiful hotel rooms, and confirmed everything that needed to be confirmed.  I want to personally thank all of the sisters who cooked all of that wonderful health conscience food, it was simply delicious and the deserts simply melted in the mouth.  The food, the drinks, and the decorated hall for our convention was a sight to see, I will post pictures at a later date.

I would also like to extend once again my deepest heartfelt thanks for the award I was presented with for the second year in a row.  "The Most Dedicated To The Struggle Award" is an honor and a privilege that I will honor for the rest of my natural life.  Thank you fellow soldiers, although I believe that everyone in attendance deserved that award!

Finally, I would like to extend a great big Black Power thanks to all of the newest members who attended this year.  The following brothers and sisters are just a few from our area who got booted and suited and travelled to our convention to show support, get educated, fellowship, renew, and relax with other brothers and sisters of like mind.

Thanks to :

Bro. Trey X
Bro. Black Man
Bro. Leroy 2X
Bro. Kimba
Bro. K. L.
Bro. A.P.
Bro. Powell
Sis. Fatimah
Sis. Erykah
Sis. Lisa
Sis. Powell

These good brothers and sister added so much to our gathering and as CEO of The Black Fist Organization, I thank all of these soldiers for joining us this year as we seek to find strength in each other, renew our courage and commitment to righteousness, and to empower each other as we return back to Babylon and all of the devil's helpers (white and black) and the wicked land we are living in until we can have our own and set up our own government.

Thank you once again for a beautiful convention 2012, the award giving to me, and to all the beautiful black brothers and sisters from around the country who participated and showed that true Black Power comes from within the mind, the spirit, and the will to be...

See Ya' Next Year!!! ;-()
Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation!!!

General Nikki X
Head of Security
Head of Telecommunication
The Black Fist Organization