Sunday, September 30, 2007


This November 6, 2007., Vote NO on the following for Cincinnati City Council:
  1. Leslie Ghiz
  2. Chris Bortz
  3. Chris Monzel
  4. David Crowley
  5. Jeff Berding
  6. Roxanne Qualls
  7. Y. LaKeta Cole
  8. Cecil Thomas
  9. John Cranley

Vote No on the the following ballet issues:

  1. No on Issue 27 (as written on the ballet) "The Comprehensive Safety Plan" aka "The Lockup The Big Bad Blackman Jail Tax".

Black people in this city are in a state of emergency and the above candidates running for Cincinnati City Council mean the black community no good.

Issue 27 is a 100% ANTI-BLACK tax and we don't need another jail.

Do your own research. Learn the facts. Use your own brain. Vote smart.