Wednesday, May 31, 2006


General Nikki X has alot of friends from around the country and I received this disturbing media release from one of them.
It's so damn shocking in this day and time, that that I even have to report something as heinous as this but it does nothing more than reaffirm my belief (as if my belief needed reaffirming) that there are some dogmatic, ol' south thinking, murdering, white racist devilish bastards, slitering around on this planet we call Earth and they need to be exposed at every turn by any means necessary!

And that's what I plan to do right now!

As stated in my very first blog entry : "WELCOME TO THE BLACK FIST BLOG." Some content on this site will not be for the faint at heart, the weak at the knees -or- for young children. This is one of those times. It is your responsibility to shield your children from any suggestive material -or- violent adult content.
Please do that at this time. Thank you in advance.
Let's get right to it....


The mother of 9-year-old Malik Thomas is still trying to sort out why her son is dead, after being doused with gasoline, and then set on fire by a group of white youths in Arizona City, Arizona, nearly two weeks ago. No one has been charged for the brutal death. The funeral services for her son were held over the Memorial Day weekend at a packed Trinity Baptist Church in Coolidge, Arizona.

Mother's day came to an abrupt halt when Malik DeRon Thomas of Arizona City, was brutally doused with a gasoline and burned by a group of white children. The Pinal County Sheriff's Department has released very little information on the heinous crime to the family or the media. Former Phoenix Homicide Detective and now Phoenix Vice Mayor, Mike Johnson along with Arizona NAACP Chairman, Oscar Tilman were told last week that the Pinal County Sheriff's Department was investigating the death of Malik Thomas as a homicide. Pinal County Sheriff's Spokesperson Mike Minter told the Associated Press that no homicide investigation was being conducted. "At this time it is a death investigation. We have not labeled it a homicide or an accident," Minter said on Saturday May 27. "But if it is a homicide we will definitely press charges."

Malik's mother, Pamela Bishop, said her son died last Monday May 22 after being treated at the Maricopa County Burn Unit in Phoenix. He died as the result of severe burns to the upper body, almost 8 days after the vicious attack in Arizona City only two blocks from the Sheriff's Office.

Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a close associate of the Reverend Al Sharpton visited with the mother at her home in Arizona City last Thursday after she requested help from the community. "We want justice for Malik. They can't give me back my baby, but I want justice!"

Malik's Grandfather, Robert Banks, was the first family member to reach the child at the scene. He described the terror of seeing Malik, sitting on the curb as paramedics and police officers waited for the Air EVAC Helicopter. A motorist and other bystanders had smothered the flames before fire officials arrived to administer first aid. "He was just sitting there on the curb crying and telling me how much it hurt." Banks said Malik told him, "The boys threw gas all over me, then they threw a match at me."

Minter said Malik was awake and talking at the scene and did not say his friends had done anything to him. An unidentified 7-9 year old Mexican witness claimed that he too was targeted for attack but was able to run before gasoline could be thrown on him.

Minter said Malik and two white boys his age, including one of his closest friends, were at a construction site playing when they found a milk jug filled with liquid. The surviving boys told investigators they all began kicking the jug around a room, then tossed matches at it.

"The fumes had built up in the room and an explosion occured," Minter said. "The black boy was standing in front of the other boys and the explosion engulfed him.' Malik's Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother all say Malik told them the gasoline was thrown on him followed by the lit match.

The Sheriff's office had told the family that the clothing Malik was wearing had been lost. Later, the Reverend Oscar Tilman was told that the clothing was later found in a Fire Department locker. Minter said doctors at the hospital said there's no sign his clothes were saturated with a flammable liquid and the sheriff's office is testing Malik's remaining clothes to make sure.

Vice Mayor Johnson has requested the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) assist the Pinal County Sheriff in the investigation. The NAACP want the FBI brought in.

Again no arrests have been made, and no one has been charged, even though the identities of at least two of the boys, ranging in age from 9-17, are known.

Malik was a third grader at Toltec Elementary School in Arizona City. He loved sports, playing video games and going fishing with his Grandfather. His mother says he loved making friends and would give away tennis shoes and clothing, if one of them didn't have these items. She added Malik would refer to all kids as, "his friends."

That's a muthafuckin' shame!!!!! If you don't know by now, yes I'm more than a little upset.....I'm fired up!!!!! Those young murdering punks have got to go to prison for what they've done to young Malik Thomas!

I smell a damn cover-up in the making! We've (The Black Fist) have seen too many cases of police cover-up right here in Cincinnati not to recognize it some place else. I'm happy to know Al Sharpton and The NAACP are on top of it and assisting this poor suffering mother in seeking justice for her son. My heart definately goes out to Malik's Mother and the family for their loss.

Oh God, how long will black folk be targeted by white racist devil bastards?!? How long Lord?
I'm so tired of stories like this one in the year 2006. It was sickening in the year 1806 & 1906.....but what in the hell is something like this still happening in 2006???
According to some of the readers to this blog and others like it, you would think racism and discrimination is all in our (black folks) heads. They said dumb shit like, "General Nikki X, you're just a racist in reverse..."
Well, guess the fuck what folks? It's not the General Nikki Xs of the world who are going around dousing with gasoline and burning up lil WHITE kids.....Naw! It's the evil WHITE racist evil murdering bastards who are burning up lil BLACK kids and it would seem they have WHITE racist police and WHITE racist fire officials helping them to cover it up!

On this one, I don't wanna hear shit from the "anonymous racist commenters," the "so-called in-between thinking they are slick racist commenters," -or- that ignorant racist simpleton who calls himself "white power!!!" --Fuck all of you in advance!!!--

This is a serious issue right here and I'm not going to allow any comments from any one of the racist clowns mentioned above -or- anyone like them.
If you have a serious comment, feel free to comment. If you have condolences to the family, feel free to comment. Any messages to the NAACP, Vice Mayor -or- Al Sharpton, regarding Malik's death, feel free to comment. The family of lil Malik Thomas read this blog site. They will receive your messages of love and prayer. And I'm sure they will pass on to Bro. Sharpton and the others your messages as well.




Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The questions that our dear brother rapper/actor Ice Cube raised in his lastest interview is the same questions I've had swirling around in my head for quite some time. I'm gonna file this entry under another Black Fist Entertainment Report.

It seems to Ice Cube, myself, and others that daytime talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey has some sort of hang-up about having hip-hop artist on her show as in "come on in and sit down on the same couch actor/post partum depression-know-it-all/weirdo Tom Cruise [the whiteman] jumped on and acted a damn fool on."

Yes, It would seem Ms. Winfrey loves to cater to the white folks on her show (especially the ever-in-trouble, white woman). I've personally watched Oprah's show from time-to-time over the years since its conception back in the 80's and I can say back when Oprah first started her show she had black conscience oriented subject matter. She even travelled to the state of Georgia to confront klansmen on their own turf, it was powerfully. That as well as her in the Chicago studio in-house guest of black issue oriented black folk, it made The Oprah Winfrey Show worth spending an hour watching.

Fast forward 20 years and Oprah can barly mention the word Black let alone put anything or anyone of black conscienceness on her show. Now getting to the hardcore world what is called gangsta rap.
The question has been out there in Hollywood and around the nation for years especially with so many rappers turning to acting & vice-versa, "Why don't we see Oprah Winfrey invite these rappers who sell millions upon millions of CDs & draw big box office numbers in theatres into the studios of HARPO productions and interview with the Queen of daytime talk herself?"

Well, I don't have the answer to that question but I'm hoping you, the faithful readers of this blog can offer some kind of insight to this mind-boggling question.
But first read the full interview rapper/actor Ice Cube did with our friends over at FHM magazine and brought to you -via- America Online. I'm sure you will find it just as interesting as I did when I first read it. It rekindled all those questions I raised earlier and some new ones.
Check it out for yourself.

Re-printed in its entirety for you to view. Let us know here at The Black Fist Blog what you think!
Entertainment News - Ice Cube Joins Voices Against Oprah Winfrey - AOL News

New York (May 26) - Rappers Ludacris and 50 Cent have dissed Oprah Winfrey. Now, Ice Cube has a beef with the talk show queen. "I've been involved in three projects pitched to her, but I've never been asked to participate," the rapper-actor tells FHM magazine in its July issue, on newstands June 6.

"For Barbershop, she asked Cedric The Entertainer and Eve on, but wasn't I invited," says the 36-year-old rapper, referring to his 2002 movie. "Maybe she's got a big problem with hip-hop."

Cube adds: "She's had damn rapists, child molesters and lying authors on her show. And if i'm not a rags-to-riches story for her, who is?"

A call by The Associated Press to Winfrey's spokesperson at her production company, HARPO, was not immediately returned Friday.

Last month, 50 complained that Winfrey rarely invites rappers on her talk show: "I think she caters to older white woman." Ludacris, whose real name is Chris Bridges, told GQ magazine that the media mogul was "unfair" to him during a show he appeared on last October with co-stars from best-picture Oscar winner "Crash."

Earlier this month, Winfrey defended herself in a surprise appearance on New York City-based radio station Power 105.1.

"I listen to some hip-hop," she told DJ Ed Lover. "You know, I've been accused of not liking hip-hop and that's just not true. I got a little 50 (Cent) on my iPod. I really do. Love 'In Da Club.' ... Love that, and you know, love Jay-Z, Love Kanye (West), Love Mary J. (Blige)."

Ice Cube, whose other films include "Friday" and "Three Kings," will release his lastest album, "Laugh Now, Cry Later," on June 6.


Well folks what do you think? When you really sit back and think about it for all of you hip-hop fans, do you think Winfrey has got a big problem with hip-hop? With all the CDs & movies these rapper star in, does Oprah Winfrey diss the rappers/hip-hoppers?

And sorry, I beat you to it, for some reason rapper/actor Will Smith just doesn't count. He's what one would consider "safe". What we're rapping (pardon the pun) about here today is the "Hardcore Gangsta Rappers".

So we want to hear from you.

I'll say this in conclusion: Get it together Oprah, and get it together fast Sis. Folks other than white folks are watching your show and if you even care about your black audience (I'm sure there's still some out there) you'll think about including one of the biggest genres out there in the world.....HIP-HOP!

Oprah doesn't have to like hip-hop personally to have hip-hop artist on her show. Hell, I would intellectually presume Oprah Winfrey hates LIARS, CHILD MOLESTERS, RAPIST, THIEVES & ADULTERERS......

But Oprah has THEM on her show, right?


It appears Cincinnati city councilman John Cranley(D) is corrupt to the core.
Taking kick back dollars from gambling casino backers. While stepping out into the forefront making public appearances promoting slot machines in downtown Cincinnati.

And this John Cranley is running around campaigning to be your next U.S. Representative.

What John Cranley is doing doesn't surprise us in the least but we know some of you black folk out there are just mesmerized & hyponotized by the label "Democrat" and will vote for Beavis & Butt-Head if they claimed to be democrats. This story is for you.

I wish I had more time to get into it right now but unfortunately I do not. I'm sure at least some of you have already heard about this story, its been glossed over in the white-controlled media, a day or two. If you blinked or missed it!

Stay tuned I'll have more on this story later.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


In this edition of The Black Fist: Best & Brightest Everyday Black History Series.....

It is with much pleasure that I bring to you the amazing life and career of Ms. Katherine Dunham. And it is with great sadness that I also bring to you the death of Ms. Katherine Dunham. Ms. Dunham recently died at her home in New York City at the age of 96. The cause of death is not know at this time. Ms. Dunham is survived by her daughter, Marie Christine Pratt, who lives in Rome.

Katherine Dunham was truly the "First Lady of Dance" regardless of race. She was just that goood!!!

In this edition of our series, we'll take a look in essence at her extradinary life & career along with a look at just how active she stayed after her retirement from the theatre.

Few people truly know the extent of Ms. Dunham's activism. She got out there and fought for her people at a time when the white folks really wasn't trying to hear it. Sort of reminds you of where you are living right now, huh? Well, nevertheless let's get started and as I've stated this edition brings me great pleasure and great sadness all rolled up into one. I've always admired this beautifully talented Black woman and always will.

We like to call this edition.....


Katherine Dunham born June 22, 1909, in Joilet, Illinois, she became one of the first Black Students to attend the University of Chicago, where she earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in anthropology. She combined her interest in anthropology with the study of indigenous dances of native cultures. A prolific author, she published Dances of Haiti, hailed as one of the first serious studies of ethnic dance. She wrote her autobiography A Touch of Innocence in 1959. Her latest book is Kaiso: Writings By and About Katherine Dunham, edited by VeVe Clark and Sara Johnson.

She offered words of inspiration for the next generation of trailblazers in an EBONY February 2006 feature story. She told EBONY "Be sure that every breath, every thought, every movement, every deed is being helpful to someone or something. Be sure that you are honest and true. Find ways to be stronger and wiser everyday."

Dunham was married to theatrical designer John Pratt for 49 years before his death in 1986. Pratt designed most of the costumes for her productions.

Katherine Dunham was a legendary trailblazing dancer-choreographer, known as the "Matriarch of Black Dance." Dunham was perhaps best known for bringing African and Caribbean influences to the European-dominated dance world. "We weren't pushing 'Black is beautiful,' we just showed it." she once said. She pioneered a groundbreaking form of dance that blended cultural anthropology with the artist genre of dance in the early 1930s.

She opened her first dance school in Chicago in 1931. The Dunham Dancers, her professional troupe formed in the early 1940s, was a first for Black Americans and paved the way for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Arthur Mitchell's Dance Theatre of Harlem. Dunham choreographed Aida for the Metropolitian Opera and Broadway musicals, including Cabin in the Sky. She and her dancers appeared in several films, including Star Spangled Rhythm, Carnival of Rhythm and Stormy Weather in 1943 that starred Lena Horne. Eartha Kitt and Shelley Winters were among her dance students. Dunham's New York studio attracted other illustrious students like Marlon Brando and James Dean, who came to learn the "Dunham Technique," which combined African movement and rhythm with elements of classical ballet. She once described it as "more than just dance or bodily executions. It is about movement, forms, love, hate, death, life, all human emotions."

Her dance company toured internationally from the 1940s to the '60s, visiting 57 nations on six continents. Her success was won in the face of widespread discrimination, a struggle Dunham championed by refusing to perform at segregated theatres.

She received 10 honorary doctorates, the Presidential Medal of Arts, the Kennedy Center Honor, membership in the prestigious French Legion of Honor, as well as major honors from Brazil and Haiti. During the height of her career in the '40s and '50s, her famous, sexy legs were insured for $1 million, EBONY reported. After 1967, she lived most of each year in prodiminantly Black East St. Louis, IL, where she struggled to bring the arts to the poor city of burned-out buildings and high crime. Government cuts and a lack of private funding forced her to scale back her arts program in the 1980s.

Plagued by arthritis in the latter part of her life, Dunham made headlines in 1982 when she went on a 47-day hunger strike to protest U.S. policy that repatriated Haitian refugees. "It's embarrassing to be an American," she said at the time.

As of this writing, Funeral Arrangement were still pending.

Well folks there you have it once again. The life of another extraordinary Black person who overcame the odds to make it happen and all on their on terms while doing battle with those who tried to stop them in their tracks. Oh yes, Mother Sis. Katherine Dunham was a beautiful Black woman (as the pictures above most certainly show you even well into her 90s she glowed) who danced in front of millions but never forgot her people or where she came from and she will be sorely missed. Another Black legend gone from us but never ever to be forgotten.

It is up to you and I to teach our children about people such as Katherine Dunham. She lived a long productive life and had an amazing career and our children need to need that if a Black woman in the 1930s, '40s '50s and 60's could do it....So can they!

And her acts of activism will always be at the forefront of re-telling her story. She lost plenty of money while refusing to dance in segregated theatres but she did not care. If black people could not sit down with other races (including the ones doing the discriminating, the white folks) and watch her performances, she simply refused to perform P-E-R-I-O-D! Now who out there can't respect that!

Our Deepest Condolences go out to the family of Mother Katherine Dunham and may her spirit continue to shine and live on forever as well as the teachings of her unique dancing techniques. Katherine Dunham, an inspiration to all of us who love the arts, myself included!



Saturday, May 27, 2006


Welcome to A Black Fist Spotlight on Black Business. Today we have the pleasure of bringing to you a black owned and operated business we're sure you're gonna love! In the heart of beautiful Walnut Hills on Peebles Corner and centrally located but 10 mins from Downtown Cincinnati.

Today we are spotlighting Hilltop Southern B.B.Q Mr. B's! Check out some of his scrumptious & tantalizing menu items then go check out Mr. B's Hilltop Southern B.B.Q for yourself and you'll see what we mean! It's Delicious!!!








Give Mr. B a call at 513-751-4227 and place your order today! Tell Mr. B you heard about his fine establishment right here on The Black Fist Blog!



Yes, you read the headline right. Bro. X Detained At The Door of Freedom. What a way to bring on our newest contributor to The Black Fist Blog! It is with great pleasure that I bring to the screen a black man who has been fighting on the frontline for justice for over a decade. A black man who has never waivered in his stance against racism, injustice & police brutality. You may have heard me make referrence to our dear beloved brother, Bro. X right here on this blog from time to time whenever the issue of The Banks Working Group came into play.

Bro. X is the local spokesperson for The New Black Panther Nation. The Black Fist Organization has had the distinct pleasure of working side-by-side with the local Panthers over the years as well as the Panthers from his organization nationally.

Bro. X is a true freedom fighter who holds the line as our dearly departed Brother (peace be upon him) Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad taught us to do so many years before.

So without further ado, It is with a full heart I bring to you our newest contributing writer to The Black Fist Blog, and in his own hand he will share with you, our faithful readers, his thoughts, his words, in his own form of.....Revolutionary Black Power Style.
Bro. X will recall the events of what was called in the white-controlled media, This first meeting of the Banks Working Group! 5 big white men meeting over $600 plus million dollars with absolutely no BLACKS included at none other than a building called "The National Underground and Freedom Center!"

We'd like to thank you Bro. X for his black militancy on this advance. I now bring to the screen a heavy brother, our very own non-compromising, bold, black panther in the spirit of those who came before him. Bro. X calls this piece of work, his first & certainly not his last.....


It is a shame that in 2006, I as a blackman was held up at the door of freedom and told that I would not be allowed to participate in an open to the public door Banks development meeting without being first quetioned why I wanted to be there. And secondly, forced to be escorted to the meeting by Underground Railroad Freeedom Center security. "Why was I stopped in the first place!?" and detained when others who were going to the same open public meeting was not! Is it because I was wearing a white tee-shirt that read "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"! Or is it because the chairman of the Banks Development board, Robert Castellini gave secret orders to the underground railroad freedom center security to stop and detain all those who look or dress like they came to stand in the way of OUR banks development process?

In conclusion: Not only to those who chair this all-white non-inclusive board that I came to stand in the way of "YOUR" exclusion of blacks to this banks develpoment process. But I came to fight like hell with those of you who think that they can in 2006 exclude BLACKS from our own city & county tax dollars that will go to develop this $600 million dollar development project!



Umm Umm Ummm. There you have it folks. A startling mind-numbing account straight out of the mouth of a 21st Century blackman whose freedoms were denied at the National Underclown Railroad(ing y'all) and Free-Dumb-Less Center. General Nikki X was there along with other members of this organization & its supporters, and I can truly say I felt like at any time, Bro. X & your sister, General Nikki X could've been clubbed over the head, shackled & thrown into the wretched bowels of one of those infamous "Slave Pens" we're told they have on display on there!

It was a damn disgrace and proverbial heads will roll on this one!!!


I'd like to thank our beloved brother, Bro. X once again for taking the time to sit down & share his chilling account of terror and discrimination at the knee-grow slave center on the banks of the Ohio river with all of you. These horrific events took place on this past Thursday. The first meeting of the Banks Working Group. Please refer back to blog entries (archived in the month of March, April & May 2006) to receive more information on the gangsta move the whites in this town have made right under your black eyes with black folks in this town scared to death to REALLY stand up and back those white racist devils up!

Are we in, The Black Fist Organization & The Local New Black Panther Nation surprised by Cincinnati City Council and The Board of The Hamilton County Commissioner for excluding 50% of the population in Cincinnati (THE BLACK RACE) from a multi-million dollar economic deal such as The Banks Project?

Short answer: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The blackman, on the other hand, Mayor Mark Mallory.....Oh we'll deal with him soon enough! 6 months is long enough to hee-hee & haw-haw, skin & grin while helping to do his own black people in!

Mayor Mark Mallory said on WDBZ 1230 am radio, "Hold me accountable if inclusion doesn't happen on the back end."

Well Mr. Mayor, we intend to do just that brotherman.

(Pspss, bodyguard Scotty Johnson, don't worry that's not a threat on Mallory's life only a very serious in the public, radio & on this blog political PROMISE! Ya' dig)


(Please Note: The above picture is the logo of "The New Black Panther Party." Bro. X is affiliated with the "Black Panther Nation." Both Panther organizations believe in the terms "Freedom or Death" & "All Power To The People!" In any event, my sincere apology for the picture mix-up)

Thursday, May 25, 2006


The first meeting of what has been deemed The Banks Working Group will meet this morning at 10:00 am at The National Underground Railroad and Freedom Center. It is reported to be open to the public.

At 10:00 am? My question would be: "Who in the (pardon the pun) devil can make that meeting at that time of the morning to oversee what's going on with our tax dollars and those 5 white men in complete charge of it?"

Some people do have everyday employment they must attend and can not take off from that employment to keep an eye on those clowns.
Remember BLACKS have no representation on this panel whatsoever!

But fear not. There may be a General or two placed at that meeting to ensure an accurate account of what's going down while most people are hard at work but nevertheless care about fairness & equality.

We can not trust the reporting of the white-controlled media to bring it to us straight. Look what happened the other night at the NAACP press conference when the black man stood up (for once) and demanded equity & black inclusion.....It all went by in a 5 second blurpppppp!

More time was given to the old white woman & her fight to keep her chickens than the black man fighting for his right to participate in & oversee a $700 million economic development deal!

That's pitful.
But that's Sinsinnati.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


NEWS ALERT: There will be a Press Conference held at Allen Temple church in Jordon's Crossing on Reading Rd. on Monday May 22, 2006. at 6 pm.

This Press Conference is held in regard to what the City of Cincinnati and the County of Hamilton call "The Banks Working Group."

The National Association For the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), The Baptist Ministers Conference, The AMOS Project and others will be expressing their "disappointment" over the selection of Tim Riordan, a white man appointed by the black Mayor of Cincinnati, Mark L. Mallory.

Tim Riordan was the final selection to this panel to oversee "The Banks Project," a $700 million dollar economic development deal that will go up on the banks of the Ohio river right here in Cincinnati. 4 big white men have already been selected to this big money making panel -- Riordan made the 5th.


It will be very interesting to see how this whole press conference will go down. It was reported in the local newspaper that the President of the NAACP, Edith Thrower was "disappointed" in the mayor's selection and had been lobbying to add a black person to this board.

That's strange because the black community at large never knew Ms. Thrower was "lobbying" for anything, seeing as though she nor the NAACP brought their intentions to the black community. Had we'd known maybe just maybe we, as a community could've supported the NAACP's actions on the front end and added a little FIRE to the heat on the back end. But as usual in this city, there are only a "certain type of negro" those negroes [NAACP] want to "assist" them in there actions...even when they [NAACP] call themselves representing us [black folk] and raise big money in the name of doing such.

Nevertheless, our dear beloved brother, Bro. X, who by the way has been sounding off on this issue waaaay before the NAACP, The Baptist Ministers Conference or Edith Thrower's newspaper quotes of supposed "outrage" and a few elite community negroes who are PAID to look out for our best interest, requested I post the time & place on this blog "The Black Fist Blog" of this press conference for all of our readers to view in advance and be informed in the event that you, our faithful readers may want to attend and see for yourselves first hand just what the hell is going down when it comes to the exclusion of the negro & $700 mill on the table.

Bro. Endure X & General Nikki X have done their best to keep the blacks in this community informed and educated on the shananigans, bamboozlement and flat-out racism being perpetrated at 801 Plum St. -via- Cincinnati City Council, the Mayor of this City, Mark Mallory and at The Board of The Hamilton County Commissioners.

It's a sad state of affairs when you have a black man such as Mayor Mark Mallory, who has clearly forgotten his black base supporters (or are we?) and chose to not even consider a 'BLACK' person not "MINORITY" to this so-called "Banks Working Group." It's disgraceful, it's totally unacceptable and it's downright shameful!

The Local Chapter of The New Black Panther Nation & The Black Fist Organization are very outraged at this decision by Mayor Mark Mallory and it is publicly noted.
We are collectively outraged but make no mistake about it, NOT SURPRISED in the least bit, not even in 2006 Cincinnati, Ohio!

Once again, NAACP Press Conference, Monday 6 pm May 22nd at Allen Temple in Jordon's Crossing on Reading Rd. directly across from Woodward High School in Bond Hill.




New Orleans Incumbent Mayor Ray Nagin beat the hell out of Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu in a landslide victory, all things considered in the first mayoral race since the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Brother Ray Nagin pulled it off inspite of his most harsh critics, white racist who thought they could bully him around and a federal government who didn't even bother to pretend like they would aid him and his city in the face of the worse natural disaster since American chattel slavery of the black man, his woman and their child!

The road back to chocolate city is just that, like it or not.....THE ROAD BACK!

It is my pleasure to bring this big-time victory to you straight from our friends at america online news:

New Orleans Vote to Re-Elect Nagin By Michele Roberts, AP

NEW ORLEANS (May 21) - Voters re-elected Mayor Ray Nagin, the colorful leader whose blunt style endeared him to some but outraged others after Hurricane Katrina, giving him four more years to oversee one of the largest rebuilding projects in U.S. history.

"This is a great day for the city of New Orleans. This election is over, and it's time for this community to start the healing process," Nagin said Saturday in a joyful victory speech.

"It's time for us to stop the bickering," he said. "It's time for us to stop measuring things in black and white and yellow and Asian. It's time for us to be one New Orleans."

Nagin won with 52.3 percent, or 59,460 votes, to Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu's 47.7 percent, or 54,131 votes. While the vote was split largely along racial lines, Nagin got enough of a crossover in predominately white districts to make the difference. He also won a slim majority of absentee and fax votes cast by evacuees scattered across the country.

Nagin, a former cable television executive elected to office in 2002, had argued the city could ill-afford to change course as rebuilding gathered steam.

His second term begins a day before the June 1 start of the hurricane season in a city where streets are still strewn with rusting, mud-covered cars and entire neighborhoods consist of homes that are empty shells.

With little disagreement on the major issues -- the right of residents to rebuild in all areas and urgent need for federal aid -- the campaign turned on leadership styles.

Nagin, a janitor's son from a working-class neighborhood, is known for his shoot-from-the-hip rhetoric. After Katrina plunged his city into chaos nine months ago, Nagin both scorned and praised for his tearful plea for the federal government to "get off their (behinds) and do something" and his remark that God intended New Orleans to be a "chocolate" city.

In his victory speech, Nagin promised his supporters, "You're not going to get a typical Ray Nagin speech. I'm not going to get into trouble tonight, trust me."

He reached out to President Bush, thanking him for keeping his commitment to bring billions of dollars for levees, housing and incentives to the city.

And as for Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, with whom he feuded in the wake of the storm, Nagin thanked her "for what she's getting ready to do."

"It's time for a real partnership," he said. "It's time for us to get together and rebuild this city."

Landrieu, who served 16 years in the state House before being elected to his current post two years ago, had touted his polished political skills and his ability to bring people together.

He's the scion of a political dynasty known as Louisiana's version of the Kennedys_the brother of Sen. Mary Landrieu and son of of New Orleans' last white mayor Moon Landrieu, who left office in 1978.

In conceding the race, Landrieu echoed the theme of his campaign -- a call to unity.

"One thing is for sure: that we as a people have got to come together so we can speak with one voice and one purpose," he said.

Fewer than half of New Orleans' 455,000 pre-Katrina residents are living in the city.

Evacuees arrived by bus from as far as Atlanta and Houston to vote. More than 25,000 ballots were cast early by mail or fax or at satellite polling places set up around Louisiana earlier in the month.

Turnout appeared to be on-par with the April 22 primary, when about 37 percent of eligible voters cast ballots.

Nagin, who had widespread support from white voters four years ago, lost much of that support in the primary but got a much stronger showing this time.

Voter Elliot Pernell was philosophical about his vote for the incumbent.

He's been through the experience already," he said, and won't make the same mistakes."

Associated Press writers Brett Martel, Kevin McGill and Kank Ackerman contributed to this report.

*****AOL Story Ends Here*****

Well, well, well -- There it is and it is what it is!

Not to be bully and frightened by the good ol' south boys who think the black man needs his permission to speak the truth, Mayor Ray Nagin pulled it off and hopefully he won't sell-out and let his people down and rebuild his city back to its glorious luster!

The Road Back To Chocolate City will be a long one but all George W. Bush and the good ol' boys need to concern themselves with is getting that looooong green down there and let the black man, Ray Nagin do his thing in chocolate city!!!!!


Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today's headline in the online edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer deserves my immediate attention & some extensive blogging. Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now. Please check back later on today for at that time I should have a complete analyses on what I have found extremely disturbing for quite some time. I've wanted to delve deeper into this subject for awhile but due to other entries I've wanted to do continued to put it off.

I can not afford to wait much longer.

The headline in today's Enquirer I am referring to is titled: MALLORY'S PROTECTION EXPENSIVE

And later on today I'll inform you all of just how much more expensive it may become.....


Friday, May 19, 2006


Cincinnati City Councilman & Forever Confused Cincinnati Police Zealot Cecil Thomas

As I brought to you on yesterday, WIZF 100.9 fm "The Wiz" and WDBZ 1230 am "The Buzz" hosted what was called a "Stop The Violence Summit" at the National Underground Railroad and Freedom Center to address the growing problem of black-on-black violence in the City of Cincinnati.

Today on "The Lincoln Ware Show," one of the stop the violence summit's host, nationally syndicated morning talk show host Russ Parr talked about the fact that the summit was to be held from 6pm-9pm but was cut short because he received a message that Cincinnati City Councilman Cecil Thomas wanted everyone out of the freedom center's building by 8pm to get the black children out of downtown before it got dark..

Whaaaaat????? Want everyone outta where? Before whaaaaa? That's what I asked myself as I listened to this exchange.

Parr went on to say he wasn't for sure that Cecil Thomas had exactly made that command but that's how it was told to him. So in short, the stop the violence summit was cut short.
Now, it was after Russ Parr concluded his interview with Ware, that Ware stated "I've got to get Cecil on the phone and ask him about all this!" Not long afterward did Cecil call-in and state in short, he received information that a hip-hop event was going to take place at the freedom center and it didn't let out until 9pm. Cecil claimed he didn't have all the information about what was going on because it was the first time he'd ever heard of it. Unbelievable to our ears because "The Wiz and The Buzz" had been promoting this event for weeks prior and Cecil's ears seem to be glued to the Buzz waiting for someone to expose him/call him out for his perpetual black discrimination/whiteman's overseer gestapo tactics.

The problem we have with this is this --Cecil Thomas claimed he didn't want alot of "uneducated black kids" running around through the streets of downtown Cincinnati that time of night and that he didn't know it was a "Stop The Violence Summit" and there would be "educated black kids along with their parents and white folks there" too.

The nerve of this eternal cop! Who in the hell made Cecil Thomas a "designated knee-grow watcher?!?" Where he decides what black children should or should not be allowed to be in the whiteman's precious downtown Cincinnati? And at what time they should exit?!? Whoaaaaa, hold up, wait a mintue....I just answered my own question didn't I? "Who made Cecil a designated knee-grow watcher?" Who else but the almighty great white knowing father of all, the do-no-wrong big whiteman!!!

The Black Fist has never been a big-time supporter of what we called the Underclown Railroad Free-dumb-less Center a.k.a. Downtown Slave Center. But it's sitting down there on the banks of the river, bought, paid for, created by and ran by the big whiteman to appease his guilt and made only to make himself look and feel better about his wicked diabolical role in chattel slavery against the black nation here in America. There's more (I'm told) about all the "help the so-called good white folks gave to the dumb knee-grow slave" in that building than anything written about let alone a statue of the black woman who actually lead the blacks out of slavery to freedom, Sis. Harriet Tubman. Barely anything at all about black Sis. Harriet Tubman but the old wrinkled up face of the whiteman Carl Linder hangs on the wall (in what I'm told is a) solid gold frame!

But let me not get too far off track with this but it all ties in. I just get fired up when I think about the repeated bamboozlement of black folks in this town.

And speaking of extreme bamboozlement, allow me to get on back to ol' Cecil Thomas. Now, this slave is so busy protecting and serving the whiteman, his interest and his money that he's totally blinded to the fact that he's "doing the whiteman's bidding" without the whiteman's direct order. He is a volunteer slave of the whiteman! And that's the worse kinda knee-grow! It was all in Cecil's voice this morning on the radio. Cecil didn't want young black kids to leave that center and tear up the whiteman's landscape and scare the few whites who trickle through downtown after 5pm! It was just that apparent. Everything this man does is with the best interest of whites and against blacks. Cecil stuttered, stammered and cleared his throat about 10 times trying to explain his unexplainable position. It was not only embarrassing it was downright pitiful!
And for a black man to discriminate against his own race is that old house negro/field negro mentality. Cecil Thomas does this at every freaking turn! Save the whiteman--Serve up the black man!

Whenever there's a violent incident in or around a black owned establishment there's Cecil to jump in front of every known camera, hold mass press conferences & special law & public safety meetings at council to let white folk know "he's on it and the rampant knee-grow will be put back in check expeditously, y'all can count on me!" But let the same violent actions be taken at a white owned establishment there's NO CECIL, NO PRESS CONFERENCE, NO CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL MEETINGS OF LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY...NO NOTHING!

I'm getting a little sick and tired of Cecil Thomas and his always doing the whiteman's bidding!

But this is the same Cecil Thomas who sat down at council this past Wednesday and supported the asinine appointment by the Mayor of Cincinnati, Mark Mallory of Tim Riordan to what is called "The Banks Working Group." Stating that he didn't see any racism in this appointment that added Riordan to the other 4 big whitemen who already occupied the panel. I am extremely disappointed in Mayor Mark Mallory right now. More on that shameful fiasco in a separate blog entry at a later date.

Our dear brother, Bro. X pointed out & reminded us that Cecil Thomas accepted the Presidency of the black Sentinels police organization some years ago because he knew for a fact there was racial discrimination in the city of Cincinnati from the top to the bottom from the bottom to the top in the Cincinnati Police Dept. So why now and in the past is Cecil Thomas helping to perpetuate alongside the whiteman that very racism against his own people. My God, I've got to stop here because it's too damn hard to even think about this man right now let alone type about that slave!

One final note to Cecil Thomas: The black youth of Cincinnati have the same right to occupy, enjoy, walk around, sit down, socialize but hopefully NOT shop downtown (yes, the boycott is still ongoing!) as any white youth!

I'd like to see what Cecil Thomas does when the musical groups, Metallica, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, American Idol Tour, Green Day, Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson and the like come to US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati? Will Cecil call into 700 WLW and tell Willie Cunningham and his white audience that "he doesn't want a bunch of uneducated WHITE kids running through the streets of Cincinnati and tearing up the city like they do EVERY week when they are pissy drunk, pissing on the ground, wilding-out and beating the hell outta black cops on Main St.?"

Short answer: HELL NO!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Get it together Cecil, and get it together fast man!" "Get your shit together and stop being the whiteman's german shepherd, be fair across the board to all races you are suppose to represent on council (whether they voted for you or not) and remember whenever in history the devil is through with using the black man for his own purposes he throws the knee-grow away!"

WHEN, not if, that happens to you Cecil Thomas, the question then becomes: "Where you gonna go then boy?"

And don't get mad at the black woman for calling you "boy."

What do you think the whiteman is calling you everyday behind your back? And if he ever said it to your face you'd never get mad at him......Would you Cecil?

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Tonight at The National Underground Railroad and Freedom Center from 6pm-9pm, there will be what is being called a "Stop The Violence Summit." According to Mr. "Bucky Naked" Big Gregg from 100.9 fm WIZF "The Wiz," there will be a panel of community leaders and guest speakers which include: 1230 am WDBZ "The Buzz of Cincinnati's" own Nathan Ive, Cincinnati City Councilwoman Y. LaKeta Cole, various DJs from The Wiz, former Cincinnati Black United Front President, Pastor Damon Lynch III, and nationally syndicated radio personality Russ Parr host of The Russ Parr Morning Show .

The event is scheduled to be aired live from 6pm-9pm on 1230 am WDBZ 'The Buzz." For those of you who can't make it down to the Freedom Center.

The only question I have is "Will the folks who are doing all the shooting and leaving trails of dead bodies through the streets of Cincinnati be there to receive the message?"

I doubt it.

But as The Black Fist has gotten out here in the streets and tried to do our part in the fight against black-on-black violence. I'm glad to see The Wiz, The Buzz and others trying to do the same.

I'll be tuned in at 6pm.
Will you?

Monday, May 15, 2006



Once again, welcome back to The Black Fist: Best & Brightest Everyday Black History Series! In this our fourteenth installment I bring to you one of the funniest, most militant, realest black comedians ever to pick up a microphone, to hit 'em up hard about the black experience, the only way a black man who lived through it can tell it.

And if you've ever heard him introduce himself, you know damn well if your time ever to introduce him comes you had better get it right! His name is MR. Paul Mooney. Never too forget the "MR." Or he'll put your ass in check!!!

Let's get straight to it shall we?

MR. PAUL MOONEY (1940- )

Mr. Paul Mooney was born in 1940 Louisiana, and grew up in Oakland, California. Mooney ran away from home as a youth, and became a ringmaster with the Charles Gody Circus. During his stint as ringmaster, he always found himself writing comedy and telling jokes, which would later help Mooney land his first professional work as a writer for Richard Pryor.


Paul Mooney wrote many of Richard Pryor's routines for his appearance on Saturday Night Live, co-wrote his material for the Live on the Sunset Strip, Bicentennial Nigger, and Is it Something I said albums, and Pryor's film Jo Jo Dancer, Your life Is Calling. As head writer for The Richard Pryor Show, he gave many young stand up comics, such as Robin Williams, Sandra Bernhard, Marsha Warfield, John Witherspoon, and Tim Reid, their first break into show business.

Mooney also wrote for Redd Foxx's Sanford and Son, Good Times, acted in several cult classics including Which Way Is Up?, Busting Loose, Hollywood Shuffle, and portrayed singer/songwriter Sam Cooke in The Buddy Holly Story.

He was the head writer for the first year of Fox's In Living Color, creating the charactor Homey The Clown, played by Damon Wayans. Mooney later went on to play Wayan's father in the Spike Lee film Bamboozled as the comedian Junebug.


Paul Mooney initially appeared in the sketch "As a Black Dude" on Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show, which he later replaced with Negrodamus, the African-American version of Nostradamus. As Negrodamus, Mooney ad-libbed the "answers to life's most unsolvable mysteries" such as "Why do white people love Wayne Brady?" (Answer: "Because Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.") Mooney was planning to reprise his role as Negordamus in the third season of Chappelle's Show, before its unplanned hiatus.


In 2006, Paul Mooney hosted the BET tribute to Black History Month titled "25 most @#%! Moments in Black History." In this show, he narrated some of the most shameful incidents involving African-Americans since 1980. The top 25 moments included incidents involving Marion Berry, Terrell Owens, Wilson Goode, Michael Jackson, Flava Flav, Whitney Houston and Tupac Shakur amongst others.

Mr. Paul Mooney has twin sons, Darryl and Dwayne Mooney, both are comedians in their own right. Mr. Paul Mooney's career will shine for as long as white America is as racist as it continues to be and Mooney is here to continue to expose it laughing all the way to the bank!


There you have it folks touching only the surface but getting the jest of the career of Mr. Paul Mooney. Our dear Brother Paul Mooney has an extensive television, film and stand up, career spanning over 40 years. Two of his most black militant comedy CDs are the now legendary, R.A.C.E (1993) and Master Piece (1994)! If it is at all possible, anyone who calls themselves Revolutionary Black Militants or Black Nationalist must have those 2 CDs in their personal collections! It is truly a must!

Mr. Mooney's newest Stand-up DVD is entitled: Analysing White America (2004)

Need I say more on that one? The brother is super baaaddddd!!! And he just happens to be our 14th Black Fist Best and Brightest Everyday Black History Series Soldier!!!

Mr. Paul Mooney, a black militant who is not afraid to tell the devil the truth to his face and in his place (America), while using his own style & brand of black militant comedic genius!!!




Tonight from approximately 8:00 pm to 8:18 pm, your El Presidente` George W. Bush stared aimlessly into the cameras from the Oval Office and spoke about immigration in America. Here on The Black Fist Blog, we will give you exactly what he said for all of you who missed it.

Please, you don't have to thank us. We are proud to do it. We bring to you tonight the President of The United States, George W. Bush.
Wanna hear it? Hear it goes:

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah!

God Bless America, Thank You and Goodnight.



On Saturday, May 13, 2006. I published a public plea for the violence in the black community to end. (see this: That plea has once again fallen on deaf ears. And it saddens my spirit to bring to you yet again this tragic story right out of the community of Walnut Hills.

This comes straight from the Channel 9 website:

Two suspects barged into a Walnut Hills apartment and shot a man to death Monday afternoon, police said.

It happened shortly before 2 p.m. on the fifth floor of the Alms Hill Apartments in the 2500 block of Victory Parkway.

The victim's nane has not been released. He lived in the apartment with his two sisters, Channel 9's Shannon Kettler reported.

"We heard a boom, we came over and some guy came running down saying someone had been shot," said Robert Hall, the victim's friend.

Hall said he couldn't understand why someone would shoot his friend.

Several people were seen mourning outside the old hotel Monday afternoon.

Police say there are two suspects in the case, but specific descriptions are not available.

****Channel 9 story ends there****

Another Black man dead. When will the violence end?


Here's the first ever "Open Thread Day" on The Black Fist Blog. A lot of our intellectual readers have alot to say about a wide range of subjects so today's your chance to get it off your chest and let it all out!

Comments will still have to be approved due to a few stalking trolls and their miserable imps but other than that as long as there are no threats against anyone being made feel free to go for it, it's your time to shine!

Will myself or any other contributor be commenting? Probabaly not, you hear our facts, views & opinions everyday. Now we'd like to hear solely from you. No subject (within reason) is off limits!

Have Fun!

And Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Once again I come to you with a personal plea to the black community to "Stop the Violence." How many times will we as a community wake up in the morning, turn on the television or pick up the morning newspaper to see or read about another black person being shot by another black person? I know I'm sick and tired of it!

There are too many guns on the streets of Cincinnati and too many people without proper permits walking around with them. The Black Fist as an organization has fought against the evil racial wickness of police brutality for the last 6 & a half years. We felt that was a job in this town that no other organization like the NAACP, Urban League or The Black Church was even talking about, let alone actually attempting to find a solution too.
So our organization was formed.

*****Fast Forward 6 & a half years later*****

Here we are in the year 2006, and we are having to redirect the mission and address the scourge of black-on-black violence. Let not there be any misunderstanding, along with fighting and speaking out publicly against police brutality we also spoke out & fought aginst the issue of black-against-black violence. We've held yearly "Stop the Black-on-Black Crime Tours," where The Black Fist would go into a different black community every Thursday from 4pm-6pm most time longer where we would educate on the social ills of low-income/impoverish life in within the black community and the toll it takes on the black family or lack therebof which in turn causes stress and the symtoms associated with just trying to make it day in & day out. We made no excuse for one black man or black woman picking up a pistol and blowing the brains of another all over the ground. NO! Because there is No Excuse. But there are several root causes that can place a big factor in why we kill each other for what seems like sport. And those root causes must be addressed.

What I am specifically dealing with here today is the fact that black folks are killing black folks and it has got to stop! It must stop! And it's got to stop NOW! If we are to ever survive as a race on this planet, in this nation, in this city, we can't keep going on as we are.

I personally don't have all the answers. AND NEVER SAID I DID. The Black Fist an as organization doesn't have all the answers. But guess what, we've stepped up to the plate 6 & a half years ago and done all we could on our own, sometimes with NO help and NO financial resources from the City of Cincinnati, or anywhere else for that matter. We've always used our own personal resources & finances to help our own.
We always felt it was our moral obligation as Afrikans living here in America to do whatever it takes by by any means necessary to preserve our own and fight for US!

But it takes not only The Black Fist-- it takes all of us.

Please black man talk to your wives. Black woman talk to your husbands. Black parents ESPECIALLY talk to your children. Black nation of Cincinnati talk to the elders. We need to gather wisdom and knowledge and pass it down to the children. I'm not just talking here to just be talking, I'm talking out of the wisdom and knowledge I've gained over a course of time from being on the frontline of street battle and the frontline of city government to see it from both sides of the aisle. And I still have a lot to learn. But the difference between myself and some within our midst is I am willing to listen & I am willing to learn.

BOTTOM LINE: The whiteman is bringing the guns and the dope into our black communities and the blacks of those communities are buying, selling & using the guns. The blacks of thoses communities are also buying, selling & using the dope. It's just the way of street life. Money IS the root of all evil. The traps & pitfalls are on every street corner of the hood. But it doesn't have to be.

Just because the DEVIL has been busy for the last 400 years making mental & physical slaves of a people he FEARS doesn't mean we as a people have to continue succombing to the wicked diabolic plan of the beast! Naw Black man & black woman, YOU & YOU ALONE are the only ones who can change your various mind set and stop being slaves. Your black children, from babyhood on up need to see positivity on all fronts and it starts within the black home, to whatever your particular religious/spiritual faith may be, carries over into the school systems, and subsequently into their everyday adult lives.

We need to know WHO we are and where we've BEEN, to get to where we SHOULD be. The whiteman don't give a damn about your little black children so let's get that straight right off the top. Only you black mother & black father can instill the morals, faith, principles, values, TRUE [black] education, self-love, black pride and self-esteem into your black child which will in turn spill over into love for THEMSELVES & their fellow brother and sisters. The last thing on their mind will be to kill another who looks just like them!

Is General Nikki X an expert on everything regarding the black community? Hell No! What General Nikki X can tell you she is, is a black woman who is sick and damn tired of hearing about the precious spilled blood of my black brothers and black sisters into the streets of Cincinnati and beyond. I have continously come onto this blog and various other media outlets, some big & some small, saying the same thing-- the same way for years upon years and I won't stop until somebody ANYBODY hears my cries about the problem of black-on-black violence!

I am only one woman with one voice and one mind. I choose to continue to do my part in the fight against the ungodly wickedness that's invaded our black community with a stronghold and threatens to never let go.

Before anyone and I mean ANYONE even attempts to comment on this subject I want them to think very long and very hard about this very sensitive subject and ask yourselves.....

"What am I doing to make the place I call home/black community better for my children or my fellow man?" ~ "How can I instill in my child-- black pride & black love so he/she doesn't feel it's necessary to pick up a pistol and blow another black man's/black woman's brains out?"

When we can answer those 2 simple/complicated questions, we will be half way there in answering the questions of why we kill one another and why we don't value and hold onto the precious life the Creator has given us. We must educate our OWN children on what's right and what's wrong at an early age NOT when they reach 14 or 15 years of age and at the point it may be too late. The whiteman, in his corrupt public school systems won't do it! The very man that will NEVER TREAT you right damn sure ain't gonna attempt to TEACH you right. They are OUR black children so we are obligated to the Creator & the ancestors to do it for OURselves!

For as the saying goes in one of my old favorite cartoons I used to watch as a child....."KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!"
In our everday adult daily lives, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!"


I'm tired of waking up in the mornings to hear on the news that one of US has smoked another one of US....."Aren't YOU tired too?!?"


Friday, May 12, 2006



Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!!! Welcome Back to all The Black Fist Everyday Black History Series Readers!

I've been getting a lot of emails, comments & phone messages from you, the readers asking for General Nikki X to return back to our black history series and I heard you loud & clear! I appreciate all of you who cared enough to request this series back & I value you and your wonderful comments! So here we are on our thirteenth installment and I am so happy to bring to you the man I've loved for as long as I can remember! This brother really needs no introduction and the history I'm bringing to you today will only touch the surface of his intellect & genious. I encourage everyone out there reading this to pick up Songs of Freedom, the 4 Cd collection of Brother Bob Marley's career. You can order it online as I did or you can pick it up at select reggae outlets that specialize in true reggae music. This outstanding collection will run you about $60.oo or so maybe less, but every song is worth every penny.

So without further ado, I bring to the stage our dear beloved brother whom just yesterday May 11, 1981. died at the age of 36. Our brother will be forever missed but his spirit is alive and well. Doesn't seem like 25 long years since his death. I would suggest to everyone to also read the book: No Woman No Cry: My Life with Bob Marley by Rita Marley with Hettie Jones. It shows the strength and power of a black woman who stood loving and firm behind her man. Sista Alfarita Constantia Anderson-Marley, known to the world as Rita Marley stood strong with him until the day he died as his beloved wife and soulmate. Bob Marley had numerous affairs, women came and went outta his life but his one true love was Sista Rita Marley, his soulmate till death did him part.

Brother Bob Marley and Sister Rita Marley are Black Royality. A King & Queen to the black nation to always honor and respect!

Now onto our Black Fist: Best & Brightest Everyday Black History Series, this installment we like to call: ONE LOVE! Thank you for your patients now sit back & enjoy the life and times of.....


Robert Nesta Marley, (February 6, 1945-May 11, 1981) better known as Bob Marley, was a Jamaician singer, guitarist, songwriter, Rastafari and activist. He is the most widely known writer and performer of Reggae music, infamous for popularizing the genre outside of Jamaica. Much of his music dealt with the struggles of the impoverished and gave a voice to the oppressed around the world while spreading messages of hope and unity. His songs, encouraging a positive way of living while rooted in truth, expressed his experiences of struggle and everyday life in Jamaica in a relatable way to all people that has made his music universally loved.


Bob Marley was born on Tuesday, February 6, 1945 in a small village of Nine Miles, Saint Ann, Jamaica. His father Norval Sinclair Marley, was born in Jamaica in 1895 to English parents who originated from Sussex, south east England. Norval Sinclair Marley, a married man was a Marine officer and captain, and also a plantation overseer when he had an affair with Bob's mother, Cedella Booker, an eighteen-year-old black girl. Although it has been a held belief that Marley's father was white, new research has shown otherwise. In Christopher J. Farley's book "Before the Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley" it is uncovered that Norval's mother was classified as "colored" on her birth certificate, meaning Marley's father was at least partially black. As a result, Marley did not know of his father's hertiage, and lived life under the misconception that his father was white. Norval died of a heart attack in 1955, age 60, when Bob was just 10 years old. Because of his fair complexion, Bob Marley faced questions about his own racial identity throughout his life, especially when Jamaica was experiencing racial tension in the 1960s. He reflects:

"I don't have prejudice against myself. My father was white and my mother was black. Them call me half-caste or whatever. Me don't dip on nobody's side. Me don't dip on the black man's side nor the white man's side. Me dip on God's side, the one who create me and cause me to come from black and white."

Bob Marley became friends with Neville "Bunny" Livingston (a.k.a Bunny Wailer) with whom Marley started to play music. It was at one of these music sessions with Bunny Wailer that Bob met Peter McIntosh (later known as Peter Tosh) who also had musical ambitions. The three of them hooked up together and became known as "The Wailers."

In 1962 Bob Marley recorded the first of his two singles, "Judge Not" and "One Cup of Coffee." The singles attracted little attention at that time. Both were later re-release in the album Songs of Freedom.


Bob Marley soon took on the role of the leader, being the main songwriter and singer. Much of The Wailer early work, including their first single Simmer down, was produced by Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. The single topped Jamaican charts in 1964 and established The Wailers as one of the hottest groups in Jamaica. They followed up with songs like "Soul Rebel" and "400 Years". On February 11, 1966., Bob Marley married Rita Anderson, and stayed for a few months in the United States where his mother was then living. Upon returning to Jamaica and The Wailers, Marley began practicing Rastafari and started to wear dreadlocks.


Bob Marley was a member of the Rastafari movement, which believes Haile Selassi I of Ethiopia, the former Emperor of Ethiopia to be Jah (God) incarnate, the returned messiah. Rastafari culture was a key element in the development of reggae, Marley's adoption of the characteristic Rastasfarian dreadlocks and use of marijuana as a sacred sacrament in the early seventies were an integral part of his persona as a famous musician. He would enter every show proclaiming the divinity of Jah Rastafari.


In July 1977, Marley was found to have a wound on his right big toe, which he thought was from a football (soccer) injury. Urban legends have since told that it was British television personality Danny Baker who had caused the injury during a celebrity football match. The wound would not completely heal, and his toenail later fell off during a football game. It was then that the right diagnosis was made. Marley actually had a form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, which grew under his toenail.

Marley was advised to get his toe amputated, but refused because of his Rastafari beliefs that the body must be whole, that to have an amputation would be a sin, that faith would ensure him living forever regardless of the cancer and because he saw medical doctors as samfai, confidence men who cheat the gullible by pretending to have the power of witchcraft. He was also concerned abut the impact the operation would have on his dancing. Still, Marley based this refusal primarily on his Rastfari beliefs, saying "Rasta no abide amputation. It don't allow a mon ta be dismantled." (Catch a Fire, Timothy White) He did agree to undergo some minor surgery to try to excise the cancer, which was kept secret from the wider public.


The cancer eventually spread to Marley's brain, lungs, liver, and stomach. He later collapsed while jogging in NYC's Central Park, having recently played two shows at Madison Square Garden as part of his fall 1980 Uprising Tour (the remainder of which was subsequently canceled). Bob Marley played his final concert in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on September 23, 1980; the live version of "Redemption Song" on Songs of Freedom was recorded at this show. Marley sought medical help, and decided to go to Munich in order to receive treatment from cancer specialist Josef Issels, but the cancer had already progressed to the terminal stage.


Marley wanted to spend his final days in Jamaica but became too ill on the flight home from Germany and the plane was forced to land in Miami so that he could receive immediate medical attention. He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami, Florida on May 11, 1981. His final words to his son Ziggy were, "Money can't buy life." Bob Marley received the honor of a State Funeral in Jamaica. It was a dignified funeral with combined elements of Ethiopian Orthodoxy and Rastafari. He is buried in a crypt at Nine Miles, near his birthplace, with his Gibson guitar, a bud of marijuana and a Bible. A month before his death, he was awarded the Jamaican Order of Merit.


Bob Marley had 12 children, four by his wife Rita. His children in order of birth:

  1. Sharon, born 11/3/64 to Rita, by another man before she married Bob and later adopted by Bob.
  2. Cedella, born 8/23/67 to Rita.
  3. David "Ziggy", born 10/17/68 to Rita.
  4. Stephen, born, 4/20/72 to Rita.
  5. Robert "Robbie", born 5/16/72 to Pat Williams.
  6. Rohan, born 5/19/72 to Janet Hunt. Married Singer Lauryn Hill.
  7. Karen, born 1973, to Janet Bowen.
  8. Stephanie, born 1974?, to Rita by another man, and later adopted by Bob.
  9. Julian, born 6/4/75, to Lucy Pounder.
  10. Ky-Mani, born 5/26/76, to Anita Belnavis.
  11. Damian "Jr. Gong", born 7/21/78, to Cindy Breakspeare.
  12. Madeka, born 5/30/81, to Yvette Crichton, born 19 days after Bob's death.

Well folks there you have it! What a way to welcome back our Black Fist Everyday Black History Series, Huh?!? By celebrating on yesterday the "25 anniversary of his death, Bob Marley" Bob Marley was truly a musical genious and revolutionary black activist in every sense of the word. We will forever remember the life works and music of our dearly beloved black revolutionary....Robert "Bob" Nesta "Marley!



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