Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Greetings Peace & Blessings Beautiful Brothers & Sisters,

That is a very good question.

Just how does domestic violence against Black women usually get started? In this part-one of our five-part series: Domestic Violence Against Black Women, we will explore the triggers that first initiate of brutality of domestic violence.

And what keeps this kind of self-hatred and evilness going in our community. Black man against his Black woman or Black woman against her Black man, it does not matter it's all wrong and not how we are suppose to love and interact with each other. However, we are not stupid. We know this kind of raging wickedness is perpetrated more by the Black man against the Black woman, and it has got to stop. And STOP NOW!

As I wrote in my introductory blog titled: A New Five Part Series: Domestic Violence In The Black Community: Domestic Violence Against Black Women January 30, 2012., I first began to speak about my opinions regarding domestic violence. I introduced the series and a lot of you brothers and sisters emailed me at: askgeneralnikkix@yahoo.com - and - commented on this blog your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you & keep 'em coming as we move on in the series.

This following link below is an article about our very subject Domestic Violence Against Black Women, and it gave a pretty clear insight into the what's, why's, and how's of this very serious yet often hidden shameful issue that plagues our black community now, yesterday but hopefully not tomorrow.

Click on the link below brothers and sisters, read the article then do what it do and comment your views, opinions and thoughts. Good, bad or ugly, we wanna hear from you.

Until Our Next Installment!
Keep Peace In The Streets!!!

Please Click Here: How Does Domestic Violence Against Black Women Usually Start? | Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity Videos, Entertainment, Business & Politics

Monday, January 30, 2012


Greetings Peace & Blessings Beautiful Black Brothers and Sisters,

Today, we start a brand new five part series here on The Black Fist Blog entitled: Domestic Violence In The Black Community

Domestic violence or "DV" as it is commonly called in law enforcement, is an all too well-known crime. We as blacks here in AmeriKKKa hear, see, read and/or know someone who has been either the victim of "DV" or has perpetrated the vicious act of "DV" on upon another black person.

We can turn on any television (cable, satellite or converter box) pick up any white-controlled news publication (newspaper or magazine), or turn on any radio program (FM or AM) and hear about the act of "DV" against some white woman, white child or even against the white man himself.....

But what about us? What about the black woman? The black child? And in some cases even the black man?
No! We rarely if ever hear about Black Domestic Violence in the main lame stream media about and/or against us.

Well today all of that ends. The Black Fist Blog is determined to change the way we see ourselves, our self-worth, our self-value, our self-love, and how we interact with ourselves within our own black community. Yes, we live here in the hells of North AmeriKKKa. And yes, we live, work, and pay our taxes to this AmeriKKKan Government. So every single resource available to us i.e., police departments, fire departments, social service agencies, jobs and family service agencies and any and every other Government ran and paid by the taxpayer controlled entity... we as blacks have the right to utilize and demand equal service/help from.

To fight against the wicked viciousness of police brutality does NOT mean we as black people can not call the police and ask for help when we need and deserve it. I hope all of you brothers and sisters out there can dig on what I'm saying? I will re-state that point again:

Just because Black People rise up and demand that police who kill black people unjustifiably should go to jail or hell! Does not mean we as black people living in this land called America to white folks and AmeriKKKa to black folks (of conscience) should feel as if we can not or do not have the right to utilize and call our local law enforcement agency (the police) whenever and wherever we need them!

Especially when it comes to our (black people's) safety, protection, and well-being!

With all of that being said, I come here today to bring forth our Black Fist Public Safety Announcement and Educational Guide to Domestic Violence In Our Black Community.

What you will be reading are a series of articles linked straight from Black publications from around the country. Testimonials from black women who have live to tell the tale of loving a black man who has committed Domestic Violence against them. The what's & why's of Domestic Violence, and when & where to get help if you have been the victim of Domestic Violence.

There is NO, I mean, absolutely NO reason for the black man to put his hands on the black woman with the intent to physically hurt, harm or kill her... NONE!!!
There is NO, I mean, absolutely NO reason for the black woman to put her hands on the black man EXCEPT when it is a case of self-defense when she feels her own life is threatened!
And self-defense is our right as black women under The Most High Almighty God's law, and in the white man's Court of Law here in the white man's land called The United States of America!

Real Talk! So as we begin our five-part series we will explore most if not ALL of the reasons Black Domestic Violence "DV" is running so rampant through our community. We will examine how we can once again love, trust, have faithfulness in and treat each other with dignity and respect within and throughout our beautiful black community.

This is the prelude to our series to allow you our faithful readers to fully understand and digest exactly what time it is for us, The Black Men and Black Women at this day and time in our lives.

Black Love Between A Black Man And His Black Woman Is A Treasured & Beautiful Thing But NOT When This Treasured & Beautiful Black Love Thing Hurts.....


Brothers and Sisters please reflect, dig deep, marinate, open your minds, and comment about anything you may read during our five-part series because this series is not for anyone other than us. Meaning the views, opinions and commentary expressed will be coming solely from the minds and mouths of the Black Woman and The Black Man.

Of course, as with any blog post or article posted here on this site any creed or race of people can comment. Just be prepared for what you get in response. On a good day, we don't play here on The Black Fist Blog, and we damn sure ain't taking no shit on any other day! Especially not a day as serious as when we are trying to save our black lives!

Our life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and our personal safety and well-being is number 1! First and foremost! So trust and believe we take the pursuit of happiness, life, liberty, and our personal safety and well-being extremely serious!!!

So we ask that everyone comment with caution. Meaning speak what's on your mind without fear of judgement or ridicule. Comment with openness and honesty. Comment with sensitivity and compassion.

Do NOT comment with jokes, bullshit, and etc., because Domestic Violence is NOT a joking bullshit matter. It is serious. It is wrong. It is rooted deep in our black community behind closed doors & sometimes not-so closed doors.

Domestic Violence Against Black Women Can KILL!

Stay tuned beautiful black sisters and brothers part one of our five-part series is coming up shortly.

Until Then Remember Black Man: That just because we respect, honor, believe in, are faithful to, support and love you as your Black Woman, your Wife, your Rib, your Helpmate in the eye's of God, your Soul mate in the spiritual realm of the Universe, the Mother of your Black Children, and your ultimate Friend when you look around and everyone else has abandoned you....
that does NOT give you Black man, the right to emotionally, verbally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, and most of all physically abuse, hurt and/or kill us.

(The reference to finances will be explained further within the context of some of the articles you will read regarding how the black man may be the sole provider for his black woman and his family, and uses that fact to control, manipulate, and abuse his black woman)

Let's all of as Black Men & Black Women learn something new together in this thing called LIFE & LOVE.




Peace, Love & Blessings From,

General Nikki X
Administrator, The Black Fist Blog

Friday, January 27, 2012


(Pictured above is a picture of our Sis. Candi Staton today at age 71. The 3 pictures below are of Candi Staton in the 1970's)

Candi Staton.
The woman hailed as "The Queen of Southern R&B"!

That's right brothers & sisters, our beautiful sister Ms. Candi Staton is our featured artist on today's Friday Flashback To The Past 22!

Sis. Candi Staton has been around a long time, and I mean a very long time. This sister started her career back in the mid-1950's and she continues today to be a powerhouse singer and a true soul survivor in every sense of the word.

Candi Staton was born Canzetta Maria Staton on March 13, 1940., in Hanceville, Alabama., and it's been full stream ahead every sense. Candi Staton is a woman who is truly "Unsung" if there ever were one. Candi Staton's very first hit on the FAME record label was back on September 25, 1968., and it was called, "I'd Rather Be A Old Man's Sweetheart Than Be A Young Man's Fool".

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many music critics Candi Staton should have been hailed right up there with the greatest female soul sister singers of her time like the so-called "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin. Ms. Franklin and Ms. Staton started their musical careers about the same time, yet as it turned out one sister was hailed as the so-called "greatest" and the other sister stayed "always just on the fringes".

Sometimes I wonder brothers and sisters, "Who is really calling the musical shots at these record companies & who in the devil decides who can get down big-time on the big stage of the music business, and who can not?"

Oh well. That's why all of you come here on Fridays to get what you won't get any where else!
At The Black Fist Blog we call 'em as we see 'em and Sis. Candi Staton is a super soul sister in every sense of the word!

Here is Candi Staton singing her biggest hit according to the Billboard Black Music Charts of 1976. "Young Hearts Run Free" topped the U.S. dance charts at #20 and #2 in England.

Sis. Candi's follow-up single "Victim" was said to be the "sequel" to "Young Hearts Run Free", and if you listen to the words you'll be able to hear it for yourself. "Victim" came out in 1978, and it topped the U.S. Billboard Black Music charts at #17 and topped the U.S. dance charts at #3! The next single behind "Victim" was a beautiful song called "Honest I Do Love You". Honest I Do Love You hit the R&B charts at #77, but fared much better on the dance charts.

So please check out this week's Friday Flashback To The Past 22:
Candi Staton singing "Young Hearts Run Free" -Then- Check out Candi singing "Victim".
But don't stop there brothers and sisters~as an added bonus check out the sista singing "Honest I Do Love You".

And for the sisters out there, I'm sure some of you (if not all of you) can identify with all 3 of these songs. Sung straight from the heart!

Alright Brothers and Sisters!!!

How did you like it? What did you think? We here at The Black Fist Blog most definitely wanna hear your thoughts, opinions, and of course your personal musical review of these 3 songs.

Keep sending your Friday Flashback To the Past suggestions and request to me, General Nikki X at: askgeneralnikkix@yahoo.com

I will post 1, 2 or maybe even 3 music videos per week. We'll see how it goes and depending on the volume of your request.

How's That? Cool? Alright! Good!
See ya" next week right here for our next edition of Friday Flashback To The Past 23!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


(First Picture Above Not The Actual Woman That Died. The Second Picture is McDonnell Photographed Entering His Car)

Having met on a fetish website, a 43 year old woman was persuaded to have sex with a 57 year old man's dog a few hours later she died.

Published by Spencer Hawken on July 15, 2011., in Alternative News

A woman who died after having sex with a dog three years ago, will make history after the man who owns the dog is to be prosecuted.

Sean McDonnell from Church Meadows, Raheem , Ireland has been charged under the offense of Buggery with an animal contrary to section 61 of The Offenses To A Person Act of 1861.

Three years ago, the man and an unnamed woman aged 43 engaged in the encounter, which involved his German Shepard dog. While the sexual encounter it seems concluded happily (if happy is the correct term) the alarm was raised the same day when the woman started to comment on a unwell feeling, things get increasingly worse and by the time the paramedics had taken her to the Mid Western County Hospital she was dead.

The autopsy showed that the woman had suffered an allergic reaction not dissimilar to that of the reaction of someone who has an allergy to peanuts.

The dog in question is fit and well, but is held in quarantine.
Mr. McDonnell was granted legal aid to fight the matter through the case, but was shown an extensive book of evidence, the prosecution has had three years to collect sufficient evidence to present a solid case.

While cases of animal related sex are common, ones in which there are victims are rare, and it is usual for someone to face charges.

A date for the court process to begin has yet to be made public.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, "why would General Nikki X post something like this?" And most of you who have read this blog for more than a minute KNOW why.

For years now there has been a debate going on at this website regarding a blog post I wrote years ago regarding the white Hollywood produced movie Brokeback Mountain. I made the point back then I believe it was 2005., (Type in the search bar on our homepage & See Blog titled: Sodom & Gomorrah Hits Hollywood With Brokeback Mountain: The Movie) that the white man is a deviant sick bloodthirsty murder-loving ungodly being that loves to have sex with animals and brutalize the black man, his black woman and black child.

This story comes straight out of the white man's news publication. It is not I who made it up or just wanna "be racial", as some of you scared-to-death knee-knocking buck dancing tired 'n' trembling house negro blacks and racist ignorant trailer park white folks would label me. As if I truly care anyway. For this is The Black Fist Blog, where the truth will be told and not sold and it may not always be good news but it's hood news! That's right brothers and sisters that is still what I say and still how I say it. Nothing has changed here at The Black Fist Blog, only the days and years on the calendar.

In any event, getting back to this gory ungodly sick perverted fuck pictured above, Sean McDonnell. What in the sam hill was on the mind of this Sean McDonnell that would make him so-called "persuade" this equally as ungodly sick perverted fuck and now dead-as-a-doorknob broad the so-called "unnamed 43 year old woman" to have sexual intercourse with his innocent household pet?

Yes, I said "innocent". Because that German Shepard was unable to stand up on his hind-back legs and look those two deviants in the eyes grow human vocal chords and say, "Hell naw I ain't fucking this white woman or no other woman! I'm a dog you two damn dummies and I ain't giving no dog dick to no humans! It's against the laws of nature, the laws of God who created me before he created humans, and guess what you stupid nasty idiots.... Uh... she just might DIE!"

I mean really folks! These is the same kind of questions I was asking back in the days when the so-called hit Hollywood movie Brokeback Mountain was being hailed as a "touching love story". And so what! That those precious little innocent sheep in the movie was suppose to be tended to by those two white men undercover homosexual cattle ranchers. Yet some of them (those precious sweet little sheep) met a bloody grisly fate all because those two white men decided to "tend to each other" sexually instead of the sheep.

Lord God, help of us black folks who have to co-exist down here with these devils and help everybody else who even has a little bit of basic common sense to see their ungodly wickedness.

I don't wanna get too far off track here only to bring it up because we here at The Black Fist Blog caught so much heat and wholly hell for even suggesting the white man loves lowdown homosexual deviant acts such as their ungodly "backdoor love" for each other. And the downright ungodly filth and degradation of what they call "animal love". What we decent humans (and the law calls) BESTIALITY!

Webster's Dictionary Defines BESTIALITY as: Sexual intercourse involving a human and a lower animal.

It is totally unnatural for men and women to have sex with animals. That's why that white woman is no longer on this Earth today due to her own nastiness and Buggery. Isn't that what the white man's law in Ireland called it, Buggery? And why did the white man have to even make a law like that in the first place? Yep you guessed it! To keep his fellow white brethren and fellow white female counterpart off the penises and out of the vaginas of defenseless lower creatures (animals). And for this law to have been created way back in 1861, I mean, my God white man!?! What's wrong wit'cha?!? Y'all been sexually deviant and perverted a helluva long time haven't'cha?

The questions we have today on The Black Fist Blog are the same questions we asked years and years ago back in 2005 with no true answer(s) as of this date:

1. "Why can't the white man & his white woman find something else to do with his or her leisure time except sexually terrorize, brutalize
, rape and force him and/or herself on these poor defenseless lower creatures (animals)?

2. What the hell is going on in AmeriKKKa and other countries abroad? (Yes, AmeriKKKa has a few Bestiality laws of its own on the books. And I know you can't be surprised to find that out)

3. Where the hell is the famous well-renowned world animal rights group PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) to stand up, speak out, defend and protect these poor lower creatures (animals) such as the German Shepard in this story from sexual brutalization, rape, and abuse from the ill-moral white man and equally ill-moral white woman?

We here at The Black Fist Blog wanna know the answer to those questions ASAP!!!

Until then.....

-- We hope Sean McDonnell age 57, gets the proverbial judicial book thrown at his nasty filthy ass for the crime of Buggery and is subsequently incarcerated for a very very very long extended period of time .
-- The white woman in question aged 43, who had sex with McDonnell's German Shepard and died as a result, has already paid the ultimate price for her lowdown degradation and is probably somewhere in hell by now tryna explain away her life of animal abuse, debauchery, unnatural horniness, and filth.....

-- And as for the poor sexually victimized German Shepard, he is reportedly doing well.

And we here at The Black Fist Blog hope this German Shepard is not too traumatized by the experience of being raped and is able to go on with his dog life. Perhaps finding a new God-fearing master and live out his life for many many years to come.
We will pray and continue to pray for this poor and degraded (by no fault of his own) German Shepard dog.

So what now folks? Well, we will just have to follow this case and keep you, our faithful readers informed of the outcome.

Final Thoughts: Commenting on this topic is of course open to any and everyone who would like to participate. General Nikki X loves a spirited debate, a lively discussion, or a flat-out battle royal. However, think before you speak and don't think for one minute that I have been away from hot button subjects like this for so long that I have gotten soft, Ok? Because you if think that, you couldn't be further from the truth.
Please remember the truth is what it is, and the truth stands on its own without explanation or defense.

So let's get down to it! I wanna hear what you think.

In Conclusion: The Crime of Bestiality is a CRIME because white folk couldn't stay outta the backyard barns back in the day and keep their peckers in their pockets. Nowadays, they still can't keep their peckers in their pockets only the locations have elevated.

Nowadays in the 21st century, it's the condos, mansions, everyday common homes, and expensive luxurious secret vacation hideaways of the white man and his white woman where they engage in unnatural sexual acts against God's most hapless, defenseless helpless creatures. Engaging in the act of sexual intercourse with dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, sheep, lambs, horses, small ponies, cows, donkeys & the like. Imagine, a "fetish website" created, orchestrated, managed, and visited all day everyday by these deviant dirty devils (the white man and his white woman) solely for the purpose of what this white man calls "intimate animal love between a man/woman and his animal"..... YUCK!

This thing called the World Wide Web is something else ain't it???


Friday, January 20, 2012


R.I.P Etta James January 25, 1938 - January 20, 2012

Greetings, Peace & Blessings,

Sadly... Today's Friday Flashback To The Past 21 is a somber one.
Our dear beloved Blues Legend and Sister Elder Etta James has made her transition to be with the ancestors at age 73. Just 5 days shy of her 74th Earthday.

Dear Etta James had been deathly ill for quite some time, and this morning she succumbed to complications due to leukemia. Sis. Etta had been suffering quite a few medical problems in the last couple of years, however it was her bout with terminal leukemia along with dementia that found her having to be placed in a nursing home for a few years.

Later as her illnesses progressed, she was taken back home by family to receive hospice care. Ms. Etta remained at home surrounded by immediate family until she developed breathing problems and was taken to Riverside Community Hospital in California. That is where she remained until she passed away this morning.

Today brothers & sisters I wanted to present an Etta James track that maybe a lot of you may not be hip too.

I know that everyone is talking about Etta James' most famous song "At Last", and that's all good. However, Etta James had been singing for over 50 years and she had a lot of hits and lesser known hits that should have gotten more recognition that they did.

One of her songs called "In The Basement". Perhaps you may have heard this song being played in the the movie "Hurricane", Starring Denzel Washington. It is the true life story of the ungodly and unlawful imprisonment of boxing legend and humanitarian activist Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.

Well here brothers & sisters, of course, your good sister Nikki X stumbled upon a remixed version of "In The Basement" in my basement (courtesy of General Brandon X my right-hand music man & Black Fist member) and thought maybe you would enjoy it as much as we do.

In remembrance of a Legend and Pioneer in the world of Blues, R & B and Rock.
Ms. Etta James.

Ms. Etta James, we loved you here at The Black Fist Blog and General Nikki X played your songs daily right here at National Black Fist Headquarters.

I didn't just love you after death. I always loved you. Rest In Peace.

Next week's Friday Flashback To The Past 22 will be a good one brothers & sisters.
So Stay Tuned.
So Stay Blessed.
Stay Strong.
Stay Black.

Peace & Blessings,

Nikki X

Sunday, January 15, 2012


83 years ago today, on January 15, 1929. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was born.

The man did more dream.

He stood up.
He fought for true civil rights for all.

Had not the enemy's bullet struck.... Bro. Dr. King could have possibly been here with us today. But NO! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been taken from us forever.

Dr. King was a man who preached, taught, and demonstrated NON-VIOLENCE!

In AmeriKKKa.....!


Friday, January 13, 2012


Greetings! Peace! Blessings! Black Love! & Black Power To You! All Of Our Faithful Readers Of The Black Fist Blog!

Today is a good day for myself, and hopefully for all of you who over the years have asked me, "When Are you gonna bring back your Friday Flashback To The Past Series?"

Well, wait now longer beautiful brothers and sisters! Here it is! It's Back!

I believe we left off in our weekly series at Friday Flashback To The Past, number 19. Yes, 19! Can you believe it? I can't. We have done 19 Flashbacks in our series, why did we ever stop? Who knows. Only know that we are finally back and we are starting with (what some of you would think of as an) unlikely choice.

The artist we are restarting our series with this week is called Rare Earth.

Rare Earth is a Caucasian group that started in the late 1960's.
A little know Black History Fact is Rare Earth was the first white group ever signed to Berry Gordy's Motown label.

Depending on your choice of musical taste and style, these white boys are bad!
Another little known history fact: Music is the only thing General Nikki X does not put color on.
Dig That!

So there it is and here they are... Rare Earth Live in Concert From 1971 doing a remake of fellow Motown label artist The Temptations, "Get Ready". We hope that you have some time to spare brothers and sisters because their live rendition of this song is 25 minutes long. Yep, you heard me 25 minutes long and every minute is definitely worth the listen. I could have given y'all the little radio-edit back in tha day 45 record version, but hey! Y'all know me! The General is about no half stepping!

So sit back and dig on this rare gem "Rare Earth" getting groovy with The mighty Temptations remake of "Get Ready"! .....

Now the question becomes: Are Y'all READY?

Wow! Could y'all dig that? That was heavy wasn't it?
We hope you enjoyed the return of our weekly series Friday Flashback To The Past 20, and we hope we got you off to a tremendously wonderfully Black weekend here on The Black Fist Blog!

In order to keep our weekly series going, I have to kick back and think of different artist and songs to add each week to our series.... But Wait!.... Why should I have to do all the work , huh? ;-)

Why don't you our faithful readers give me some ideas?!? Think of the artist and song you would like to hear beautiful brothers and sisters and send them to me, General Nikki X and I will look through them and pick 1 or 2, maybe even 3 artist and songs per week to showcase on our series. START TODAY brothers and sisters because in order to have your pick chosen and showcased on Friday, I will need to receive all submissions by Wednesday of that week.

Due to the fact I have two submissions of my own sitting hot on draft right now for you good brothers and sisters to get down too, why don't we start with the request 2 weeks from now? Yeah! Let's start Friday Flashback To The Past 23 like that! With your request!

My Email Address to Submit Your Request and/or Suggestions For Our Weekly Series, "Friday Flashback To The Past" Is Listed In My Profile Which You Can Find Listed On The Homepage Of Our Black Fist Organization Website. Hey! Let's Make Things Easy, Shall We?

Send Your Request and/or Suggestions To: askgeneralnikkix@yahoo.com

NOTE: As I am in the process of revamping and updating our website, I will also be updating that email address. If for some reason I can not, I will list an alternative email address, add it to my profile and hip you good sisters and brothers on to it!

How's that? Good? Ok groovy! Well let's get started back into our series and I look forward to hearing from ALL of you, our faithful readers of The Black Fist Blog!

Black Power, Every Hour!!!

General Nikki X
CEO & Administrator
The Black Fist Blog

Thursday, January 12, 2012



Earlier today General Nikki X on behalf of The Black Fist decided to do what is the only right thing to do and that's pay homage to one of the greatest black revolutionary "Generals" to ever walk the face of this earth, The late great Bro. Minister Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad. As you may have read in my earlier entry from today entitled: "Khallid Abdul Muhammad: A Salute To A General," I decided to start paying tribute to Dr. Khallid from the time of his death and speak upon his funeral. But how can one pay their proper respects to a man without delving into the mans' life? So that's what I'm going to do right now.
Join me as we take a walk down the very complex but fearless life of a Strong Beautiful Black Warrior King as he journeys his way from a regular everyday black man named Harold to an evolved serious-minded, bold, revolutionary brother, a General named Khallid.
Today is the day of our dear brother's birth, January 12, 1948. Happy Earthday General!!! The 12th anniversary of our beloved brother's untimely murder is February 17, 2001. Goodbye General...
And speaking of our brother's untimely death... Yes we, in The Black Fist believe something other than an "aneurysm" took our beloved from us. The truth will eventually come to the light....it always does. And it will in this case as well, One day.....

But until then get ready to sit back and read about the life & times of General Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.....


Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad, born Harold Moore, Jr. by his parents, blessed this earth on January 12th, 1948 in Houston, Texas. He was the 2nd? of 6 children to the late Harold Moore, Sr. and Lottie B. Moore. His aunt Momma Carrie Moore Vann in Houston, Texas reared him. Minister Khallid Muhammad, affectionately known as "butch" by the family attended Bruce Elementary School, E.O. Smith Junior High School and all Black Phyllis Wheately High School in Texas. At Phyllis Wheately, Brother Khallid was an esteemed member of Stagecrafters, a group of exceptional students where he developed debate and drama skills under the direction of Ms. Vernell Lillie. Minister Khallid as a young man would preach to cars from his porch as they passed by on the highway and was president of Houston Methodist Fellowship. Khallid was a star quarterback, team captain of his high school football team, an eagle scout, a class officer and star debater.


Upon graduating high school, our bold and shining black prince won a scholarship to Dillard University in Louisiana to pursue his degree in theological studies. At this time he ministered at Sloan Memorial Methodist Church. While at Dillard University young Khallid first heard Minister Louis Farrakhan, the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He had a big afro and a huge medallion of Malcolm X around his neck. After hearing Minister Louis Farrakhan speak Khallid Abdul Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Immediately Brother Harold X, as he was known at that time became renown as a top recruiter in the south for the Black Muslims. Dr. Khallid continued his studies and graduated from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California. He then was the recipient of an academic fellowship, and matriculated to do "Intensive Studies" at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia Universities. The skills of higher education as well as his fighting spirit made Minister Khallid a valuable weapon to the Nation of Islam in general.


When the messenger of Allah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed from amongst us in 1975, Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad kept on fighting. At this time he was known as Dr. Malik Rushaddin. He traveled throughout Africa and trained in revolutionary movements with a focus on freeing apartheid ridden South Africa (Azania) from white oppression. When Minister Farrakhan decided to rebuild the Nation of Islam in 1978. Minister Khallid was right there with him when there was just a few. Minister Khallid Muhammad served as western regional minister of the Nation of Islam and leader of Mosque #27, which made lightening progress under his leadership. In 1983 Minister Louis Farrakhan named him Khallid, which has the historical interpretation of "great warrior" after the great follower of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Khallid ibn Walid. Like this great Islamic general Khallid Muhammad was called the "sword of Allah"..

Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad was soon appointed as Supreme Captain over the military in the Nation of Islam. In 1985 Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad was appointed National Spokesman and Representative of Minister Louis Farrakhan, following in the footsteps of Minister Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X. At other points he also served the posts of Southern Regional Minister, Minister of Mosque #7 in Harlem, New York City, and National Assistant.

A true Pan Afrikanist, Minister Khallid Muhammad has traveled on research and fact-finding missions to Kemet (Egypt) Jerusalem, South Afrika and throughout the African sub continent. He made his sacred pilgrimage to the Holy City, Mecca, numerous times. He has earned the title El Hajj Khallid Abdul Muhammad. Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad was the creator and founder of The New African Cultural Holiday alternative to Thanksgiving called "GYE NYAME" (G-NY-MAY). Black youth and "gang" members loved Dr. Khallid. You have heard this dynamic soldier on rap albums from Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Sista Soulja, X-Clan, Public Enemy, Scarface, Shaquille O'Neal, Erica Badu, Lauren Hill, Dead Prez, Capone N' Noriega and the Black Lyrical Terrorist. Dynamic fiery, explosive, electrifying, spellbinding! He has fired up and inspired audiences at over 100 universities in the United States, Africa, Europe and the world. He spoke at many churches and served as a minister at the 1st Afrocentric Temple in Atlanta, Georgia before his transition to the ancestors.


After his historic lecture on November 29, 1993 at Kean College in Union, New Jersey which shook the racist, Zionist, imperialist, white supremacist foundation of the world, the President of the United States and Vice President Gore condemned Dr. Khallid Muhammad. The United States Senate voted 97-0 to censure him. Minister Khallid and Minister Louis Farrakhan are the only two in history to be censured by the U.S. Senate. And for the first time in history, The United States House of Representatives (The Full Congress) in a special session, passed House Resolution 343 condemning a so called private citizen. At historic Howard University in 1994 Khallid Muhammad keynoted the world wide-watched Black Holocaust conference with Dr. Leonard Jefferies, Dr. Tony Martin and then converted student organizer Malik Zulu Shabazz.

These events shook the world but Khallid Muhammad did not break under the pressure. In May, 1994 an assassination attempt was made on his life. Khallid Muhammad was blessed to recover and fight with even more vigor and intensity. He spoke at many churches and served as a minister at the 1st Afrocentric Temple in Atlanta, Georgia before his transition to the ancestors.


In 1998, Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad led an armed militant group of Black Panther members into Jasper, Texas to chase out the Klu Klux Klan who were making mockery of the beheading and dragging death of James Byrd. On Sept. 5th, 1998, He was the convener of the Million Youth March Black Power Rally, held on Malcolm X BLVD in New York. With the help of the December 12th Movement, the Million Youth March won historic legal battles against the racist Guiliani administration over free speech "constitutional rights". The Million Youth March went forward and the streets of Harlem were flooded with throngs of Black youth and people who supported this massive Black Power revival.

In 1998 Dr. Khallid Muhammad was chosen to serve as The National Chairman of The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, chapters have sprouted nationwide. He leaves intact his National Spokesperson- Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz; National Assistant- Hashim Nzinga; National Chief of Staff- Malikah Muhammad; National Minister of Defense- Brother David Foreman; National Minister of Information- Minister Quannell X; National Southern Regional Representative- Sister Zoirada Higgenbothom; National Field Marshall- Minister Malik Shabazz. The New Black Panther Party is alive and well with chapters thriving throughout the country. Dr. Khallid's vision of a Black Power Movement shall live on!!!


Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad leaves to cherish his memories; his wife Queen Nefertari Muhammad, 3 sisters; Gloria Glenn from Los Angeles, Cynthia Moore Kelly from Los Angeles, KaSheila Moore Jackson from Houston, Texas; 2 brothers, Frank Moore Clayborne from Los Angeles, Darington Moore Smith from Los Angeles; Father-in-law, Mr. Thomas Ambush of Cedric Maryland; his children David and his mother Mattie Morris Van, Khalfani and his mother Mahasin Rushiddin, and Farrakhan Khallid, Malik, Kiki, Amir, Ali and mother Khallidah Muhammad; 4 grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews, friends and comrades.


Today we gather to celebrate the courageous life, and fighting spirit of a true soldier and warrior. Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad was a great general, a mentor, a teacher, and a strong Black man who epitomized the tenacity of our liberation struggle. Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad represented to many of us as a father, brother, comrade, trainer and uncompromising leader who lived and gave his life for the liberation of African people all over the world. He stands in the great revolutionary line of divine with courageous African Ancestors like Nat Turner, Sojourner Truth, Denmark Vessey, Kwame Nkrumah, Queen Nzingha. Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Kwame Toure`, Louis Farrakhan and many others who organized to free our people from a wicked and cruel enemy. He will be remembered as fought day and night to move us closer to victory over our enemies. He will be remembered as a great field marshall, captain, trainer of men, and one who would not turn his heels and run from our enemy- even when under fire.




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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! And I pray it be a VERY GOOD new year for everyone! On behalf of The Black Fist Organization wishing you a safe healthy prosperous and blessed new year!