Friday, October 31, 2008


DeBarge -- Now who can forget that musical singing family from the 1980's?

In our eighth edition of -Friday Flashback To The Past- we go back to 1983 with not one but two hits from Debarge's hit album, "In A Special Way" .

In the first video, you'll flashback to the hit "Stay With Me".

In the second video, you'll flashback to the megahit "Time Will Reveal".

We know as it has been reported, our dear brother & lead singer of Debarge, Patrick Eldra "El" DeBarge has found himself in some hot legal trouble again and has been sentenced to 2 years in a California prison.

Regardless of all that, I betcha if DeBarge ever reunited they could tour again and make some really good money. Their fans I'm sure would welcome them back with open arms.

Sit back & Enjoy our eighth edition of Friday Flashback To The Past...
And dig on Debarge!

Until Next Friday Brothers & Sisters!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


(a picture is worth a thousand words)

The Black Community Terrorist and current resident of the Hamilton County Justice Center, nut case Joy R. Rolland was once again before Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Melissa Powers on yesterday October 28, 2008.
Crazy Joy dressed in a Hamilton County Justice Center issued tan inmate uniform and with her hair extremely matted to her head and with absolutely no eyebrows (I guess they don't allow eyebrow pencils behind bars) stood shackled alongside her public defender attorney Erica Underwood, as Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies obviously placed on high alert since that filthy spitting action by crazy Joy (see blog entry below this one titled: INMATE JOY ROLLAND SPITS IN THE FACE OF HAMILTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTY!) carefully and sternly looked on.
Crazy Joy was asked by Judge Powers if she understood the charges before her, and in a trembling thin voice, the usually big mouth coward answered "yes". Then Judge Powers asked crazy Joy if she understood there will be decorum and respect in her court room at all times, the dummy then again answered in an equally thin trembling voice, "yes".
Then Judge Powers asked crazy Joy if she had been taking her prescribed medication and crazy said in that trembling thin voice, "I'd rather not answer while that person is sitting there. Can she leave"? (referring of course, to me). The judge put her hands up to halt further questioning and let crazy Joy know right off the bat by stating firmly, "This is a court proceeding on the public record, I'm not gonna ask her to leave!" Crazy Joy had answered the question myself & others already knew for years... The bitch is mentally ill with bi polar disorder/psychosis and was NOT taking her doctor's prescribed medication all along! Especially when she was running rampant through the streets of Cincinnati and terrorizing black people for years like a rabid dog!
Bottom Line to this Update: Joy R. Rolland was found GUILTY of Telecommunication Harassment and sentenced to 6 months in jail, a $200 fine and court cost and 3 years probation accountable to Judge Powers!
My order of protection against that nut is still firmly in place.
So with a bang of the gavel, crazy Joy was then seated until more Sheriff's deputies arrived. Then crazy was taken back to her new home - the Hamilton County Justice Center- across the street from the courthouse. Crazy Joy's mammy Alma D. Rolland tearfully watched as her "baby" was "escorted" off down the courthouse hallway. Alma D. Rolland with tears standing in her eyes and her lip hanging low & long attempted to run/hobble down the courthouse hallway after her felonious daughter yelling & waving, "Bye Joy, bye"!
Onlookers in the hall just looked at Alma like she was crazy. Did I mentioned Alma was "accompanied" to court by (whom I was told) her married lover who looks quite mentally challenged himself and in need of some type of doctor's prescribed medication, and who looks to be about 25 years younger than old Alma?
Well, I suppose justice was served in this instance. Crazy Joy, already doing a 6 month bid in the JC for contempt of court will also be serving 6 more months in jail then 3 years on probation for her so-called "starring role" on Media Bridges public access television. What did she call herself at times on that terroristic show? Oh yeah! "The Diamond Princess". Well, the "diamond" looked quite ashy and pathetic in court yesterday, that's for sure!
Also, crazy Joy's so-called "privileges" at Media Bridges have been PERMANENTLY TERMINATED!!!
Wow, and it only took the death of Kabaka Oba and the guilty verdict and conviction of crazy Joy 2 years later. Along with the head of Media Bridges, Tom Bishop being dragged into court before they finally shut her stupid ass down and pulled the plug on the fake generic impostor so-called "Black Fist Show". A show that was NEVER EVER affiliated with The Black Fist Organization or This Website.
Crazy Joy's Boyfriend Sex Fiend Terry Lee The Mini-Me: In his rambling incoherent stalkings and feeble attempts at posting comments to this website, crazy Joy's mini-me boyfriend Tiny Terry Lee Summers states in part that, "The Diamond Princess Joy Rolland is a political prisoner". That shit would be funny as hell if it wasn't so sick and twisted! Just as sick and twisted as the itty-bitty author who constantly attempts to post the shit! What's Tiny Terry's ALIAS name today, I wonder? Is it Shakir Tiron? Is it Yehoshuah Katahali? Is it Herbanleague? Is it Kabaka Oba? Is it The Delegate? -OR- Is it The Little Desperado for Nikki X? Just to name a few.
Allow Me To State This Plainly: Mini-Me Terry Lee has just about as many aliases as any CRIMINAL who is up to no good. A CRIMINAL who is too much of a 5' 2 punk ass coward in the light of day to take responsibility for his evil wicked deeds and sign his LEGAL name to all his twisted sexual perversions and threats! Why don't you tell the world all about the sick twisted sexually perverted acts you threaten to do to me, under the name of Terry Lee Summers for a change you little bitch!
Tiny Terry Lee was ordered by the courts back on September 8, 2008., NOT to contact me in any way, shape, form or fashion which includes this website. Yet this ultra dummy with the gigantic rock hard head thinks he can continue to thumb his big wide nose at the system and do whatever it is the hell he wants to do. That retarded little son-of-a-bitch hasn't learned a damn thang from his hero's fate -nor- has he learned a damn thang from his crazy trick's fate!
Instead of stalking this website from various Cincinnati Public Library locations day in and day out, Tiny Terry Lee needs to figure out where the hell he's gonna come up with the $350.00 plus late fees & court cost he needs to pay his landlord -Mutual Realtor LLC- to keep from getting his dumb ass sit out into the streets in a couple of days. And Tiny Terry Lee the illiterate midget needs to stop crying like a bitch -5 years later- about why the so-called "white man fired" him from Wal-Mart on Ridge Ave. It's done and finished Stupid! They didn't want his criminal black ass up in their store anymore so they FIRED the lil midget and told him NOT to EVER come back or they'd call the police and have his retarded ass ARRESTED! Mini-me Terry Lee has been taken to court so many times by his landlord(s) he should be tired by now. Just pay your rent on the shack at 825 William Howard Taft Rd. Apt. 36 Mini-me Tiny Terry cause guess what dummy? That's right!!!..... "You can't stay if you don't pay"!
So let the chips fall where they may. (hey! that was a pretty good rhyme there ;)
In Conclusion: Crazy Joy's legal problems are NOT over! Not by a long shot!
Crazy is due back in court to answer to charge of violating her probation in a case I've so frequently journaled here on The Black Fist Blog. Whereas crazy Joy mowed down her son's father, Bro. Damian Finnell with her 3,000 lbs.-plus ragged car back in October 2006. She hit her son's father right in front of the boy (probably traumatizing him for life) and right in front of her own mama Alma...
That attempted murder of Bro. Damian took place damn near 6 months to the day of the event which cost Kabaka Oba his very life. (Crazy Joy set in motion back in 2003, the events which led to the day of April 12, 2006, and a life being lost.)
In the words of our dear brother & fellow activist Nate Livingston regarding crazy Joy Rolland: "Oh! What a tangled web we weave!"
Then there are NEW charges that were filed against crazy Joy on October 25, 2008., which stemmed from the spitting incident which took place according to court records on October 23, 2008., an arraignment in Justice Center Room A on Monday, October 27, 2008., and now the waiting of the Grand Jury to come back with its report on Monday, November 3, 2008. All regarding Crazy Joy spitting in the face of Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy Sonya Tollinger. Of course, that could yield some big-time felony charge(s) against that filthy spit wielding animal.
I just pray as other do that JUSTICE PREVAILS ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!
Until Next Time My Beautiful Brothers and Sisters....
(Comments will be allowed. Foolishness will NOT. Please Comment with Common Sense -OR- You will find your comment floating somewhere in the netherworld of the blogger sphere. Thank You.)

Monday, October 27, 2008


(Pictured above: All New Mugshot Photo of Crazy Joy Rolland, Hamilton County Justice Center Inmate)

October 27, 2008.

Inmate Accused of Spitting

Joy Rolland can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Her woes started when an ongoing battle spilled from television into real life. Then, during a hearing last month, the South Cumminsville resident's mouth landed her in jail for 180 days after a judge slapped her with six contempt charges when she wouldn't quit talking.

Less than four weeks into that sentence, Rolland was accused last week of spitting on a sheriff's deputy.

And that doesn't include her original charge: menacing the woman known as Nikki X, by stalking, telephone harassment and violating an earlier order of protection.

Rolland, 33, was also accused of chasing Nikki X in a car and threatening her on the public-access cable-television show Rolland hosts.

Rolland will return to court Monday for the spitting allegations, Deputy Sonya Tollinger filed a complaint, saying Rolland, an inmate at the Hamilton County Juster Center, spat in her face Thursday. Harassment by an inmate is a felony.

On Tuesday, a jury will decide her fate on the separate menacing charges.

Rolland is also known for her relationship with Kabaka Oba, a local activist who was gunned down in front of City Hall in 2006.

During the murder trial, George Beatty - brother of Howard Beatty, the man convicted of killing Oba - told sheriff's deputies that Rolland spit on him. A mediator was called in to intervene in that dispute.

I've said it before time & time again and I will continue to say it for as long as I live.

Joy Rolland is the reason Kabaka Oba was killed along with Kabaka's own threatening behaviour toward the Beatty family.

Kabaka Oba and Joy Rolland threatened the Beatty family, Lincoln Ware, Ken Lawson, Bro. Endure X, Bro. Nate Livingston, Little League Football Coach Donnie Coffer, Hamilton County Court Judge Melba Marsh's mother, Martha Marsh, myself and others.

Those threats were made public by the two of them.

Joy Rolland has a pattern and practice of using her 3,000 lb. plus vehicle as a deadly weapon.

Since I'm calling the roll & kickin' truth, let's set the record straight on the SNAKE:

Time and time again, on his WDBZ radio show, Christopher Smitherman attempts to spew vicious lies about a so-called "conspiracy" surrounding Kabaka Oba's death. What Smitherman fails to ever mention is he along with myself and others got a court ordered subpoena to testify for the defense, in other words testify FOR Howard Beatty.
-- Myself and others followed the law.
-- Myself and others responded to our court ordered subpoena.
-- Myself and others appeared in court.
-- Myself and others took the witness stand and testified.

Christopher Smitherman DID NOT do any of the above. He didn't even have the guts to show up at any time during the entire trial not even to "show support to Kabaka's family". Kabaka Oba, a man Smitherman claims only AFTER HIS DEATH to be such a "good friend". Yet instead, Christopher Smitherman had family members of Kabaka on his radio talk show AFTER the trial concluded. Then proceeded to do what he does best.... run his fucking mouth, talk that bullshit and grandstand!

Allow me to repeat that for those of you in the back:
Christopher Smitherman was issued a court ordered subpoena to testify FOR Howard Beatty in Kabaka Oba's murder trial -AND- Christopher Smitherman NEVER showed up in court! PERIOD!

So when he talks about George Beatty, Kenneth L. Lawson, Howard Beatty then eludes to "others involved" he needs to mention his own damn name!

Christopher Smitherman knew first hand how out of control and threatening Kabaka Oba had become dealing with the likes of crazy bi polar Joy Rolland. Christopher Smitherman to this day knows how dangerous and crazy Joy Rolland STILL is. Yet to hear him talk, it's always with an air of distance as someone would speak from the outside looking in. Yeah right! Christopher Smitherman was more on the inside of this whole mess surrounding Joy Rolland & Kabaka Oba threatening black folks than my finger is as close to my thumb!

"This whole mess"... Which ended in Kabaka being shot and killed.

If I sound angry today, it's because I am. Howard is in prison. And crazy Joy Rolland continued to harass, stalk and use Media Bridges public access television to terrorize myself and others. Now she's in jail on a 6 month contempt of court charge and spitting in the face of a Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy, just as she spit on George Beatty back in 2006!

And, her sick sexually obsessed crazy twisted midget stalking boyfriend Terry Lee Summers continues on what his crazy girlfriend started! Terry Lee Summers, a tiny dummy who hasn't learned a thing!

When and how this will all end? I don't know. Hopefully it will end by the courts in Hamilton County doing its job and finally issuing out justice!

I will conclude this update by stating:

If someone is gonna run their mouth talking that "conspiracy" bullshit on the radio then that same person needs to stop throwing rocks and hiding his own blood-soaked guilty hands.....

Yes you, Christopher Smitherman, Local President of the Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP, and tell the so-called "community" what role YOU played in the so-called "conspiracy" you like to talk loud about while really saying nothing at all!

As far as General Nikki X goes:

-- I will continue to tell the truth.
-- I will continue to expose the black liars and deceivers amongst us in our community.
-- I will continue to tell the truth about a political snake in a suit and crazed bi polar community terrorist.

-- AND--

I will continue to give updates regarding this case & others to you, my faithful readers, friends and supporters.

Thank You All For Your Prayers, Telephone Calls , Emails and Support!


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Proportional Representation or P.R. as it's called is Issue 8 on this year's Cincinnati election ballot.

Under the PR system of voting for Cincinnati City Council members it is said:

- Cincinnati voters will rank in numerical order up to nine Cincinnati City Council candidates according to their "preference" of whom they would like to see elected.

- Your vote will be counted for your first choice candidate if and only if it can be used to help elect that candidate. If your first choice vote can't be used to help elect your first choice candidate, it will be TRANSFERRED to the highest of your other candidate choices that your vote could help.

Confusing? -or- Confusing?

EVERY VOTE should be counted right?

A Channel 9 I-Team Report called "Proportional Representation" hosted by Hagit Limor. In the video at you will see both sides of the so-called P.R. debate. Watch the video, do your own research and you decide if you like our current system of voting called the "9X System". Or do you think PR is the way to go in Cincinnati?

NOTE: As done in years past, the administrator of The Black Fist Blog will be making a few endorsements in the next couple of days regarding this year's elections. An endorsement FOR or AGAINST Proportional Representation will be included in that list.

Please stay tuned for those announcements.
Thank You.


(Pictured above: 'Soul Train' creator Don Cornelius and his young white wife)

'Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius Arrested'
The 72-year-old was jailed overnight on suspicion of felony domestic violence. He was released after posting bond.

Donald "Don" Cornelius, the 72-year-old creator and longtime host of the iconic television show "Soul Train," was arrested Friday night on suspicion of felony domestic violence, police said.

Los Angeles police were called to Cornelius' home in 12000 block of Muholland Drive about 7:15 p.m. Friday, said Officer Norma Eisenman.

Cornelius was arrested and taken to Van Nuys jail at 8:00 p.m., Eisenman said.

It was not clear whom Cornelius was suspected of assaulting, Eisenman said. No one was taken to the hospital after the incident, according to police reports.

Cornelius was released at 5 a.m. today after posting $50,000 bail, Eisenman said. He is scheduled to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court Nov. 14

Cornelius began producing "Soul Train" in 1970 and was its host until 1993. The show featured rhythm and blues, soul and hip-hop artists. not to mention its catchy "Soooooooooooo-ul Train" slogan.
Story courtesy of Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 19, 2008.
What the hell is going through the mind of a 72-year-old Don Cornelius getting arrested on domestic violence?
Now, we don't know if he beat his young white woman to an inch of her life or what happened in that house. The courts will sort it out on November 14, 2008.
It's just an incredibility embarrassing pitiful situation.
And at 72 years old you'd think all a person would want is some peace and tranquility in their life not high drama and sheer chaos!
This was a Black Fist Entertainment Report.
"It May Not Always Be Good News But It's Hood News"!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


(Picture above from top to bottom: Suspect William Balfour. Singer Jennifer Hudson & her mother. Mother Darnell Donnerson-Hudson and Jennifer's 7-year-old nephew Julian King)

This is a Black Fist Entertainment Report
"Tragedy in Chi-Town"

Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found shot to death in her Chicago home Friday afternoon, according to reports.
A representative from Hudson family's church, Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist, confirms to the Chicago Sun-Times that Hudson's mother, Darnell Donnerson-Hudson, 57, was murdered. confirms Hudson's brother, Jason, was also a victim.
"Officers responded to a call of two people found unresponsive," Chicago Police Department spokesman John Mirabell tells "They discovered a male and female that had sustained fatal gunshot wounds. "Right now, our investigation is a double homicide," the spokesman tells US. "We understand family members are on the scene."
Officer Mirabell would not confirm details of the shooting, reports a cousin who lives nearby discovered the bodies. Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said the deaths appear to be a result of domestic abuse, the Associated Press reported. The police said they issued an Amber Alert for 7-year-old Julian King who may have been abducted by William Balfour, a suspect who is considered armed and dangerous.
Balfour may be driving a white 1994 Chevrolet Suburban with Illinois license plate No.X584859 or a teal/green Chrysler Concord four-door with a left front headlight hanging out that is scratched all along its left side. The Chrysler is displaying temporary tags of 332K823, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Hudson has been outspoken about how close she is with her family. Hudson praises her mother and brother in the liner notes of her self-titled debut album (released September 30). After thanking God, Hudson writes: Next, of course is u mommy Darnell A.K.A. DOLL...thank u for instilling in me that I could do anything I put my mind to and teaching me to always put God first. Thank you for loving me no matter what. Then, To the original JHUDS, my big bro and sis JASON and JULIA, I love you so much. Thank you both for rooting me on and believing in me and never letting me settle for just ok but the best. Because of u, I don't believe in limits. LIL JULIAN KING my lil nephew, I love u, baby.
Neighbor Angela Russell describes Darnell as a woman who had barbecues at her home. "She was very kind and very social," Russell tells
"She was extremely proud of her daughter but she didn't let it go to her head. She refused to move out of the neighborhood, she wanted to stay here, this was her home.


A very tragic story coming out of Chicago's South Side.
Our Condolences Go Out To Sis. Jennifer Hudson and her Family.

This is a Black Fist Entertainment Report
"It May Not Always Be Good News, But It's Hood News"!


Friday, October 24, 2008


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The real Sarah Palin shows up on Saturday Night Live. Was it funny? Yes it was. At least the skit where SNL regular Amy Poehler (pictured above) performed a rap as "Sarah Palin". However, I can't help but to feel that America was laughing at Sarahcuda not with her!

I know I was [laughing at her].
What about you?


(Wizf. 101.1 FM On-Air DJ Bryan Stone a.k.a. "Mighty Joe Young")


A disc jockey for 101.1 The Wiz was arrested early this morning, accused of twice selling crack cocaine to a Cincinnati police informer.

Bryan Stone, 34, of Hyde Park, is facing two charges of trafficking in drugs, according to court records.

Stone, known as Mighty Joe Young to listeners of the hip-hop station, works 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. shift on Saturday and Sundays, according to its Web site. A call to the station has not yet been returned.

Records show he made the sale of a small amount of crack cocaine on Oct 14 and early today.

He told authorities he did it because "he was in a hard place with child support."

Wow! Life on the streets of the 513!!!

"It May Not Always Be Good News But It's Hood News"!!!


There has been reports of R&B singer (I guess that's what she calls it) Janet Jackson canceling shows on her Rockwitchu '08 tour. Well thanks to the good folks over at Mediatakeout we REALLY know why Ms. Jackson was forced to cancel....
I guess in the '08 ain't nobody really on the thin-voiced breast-popping recycled dance moves of a 42 yr. old Janet.
It makes sense poor CD sells equal poor concert ticket sales!
I always thought...If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense!
This Was A Black Fist Entertainment Report!
As I've said time & time again...
It May Not Always Be Good News But It's Hood News!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


The question is: "Why is Terry Lee Summers still stalking The Black Fist Blog"?
The answer is clear: Terry Lee Summers is a sick twisted sexually depraved nut case who wants Nikki X in the one place she will NEVER and has NEVER been....

In his bed.

As I've reported to you, my faithful readers, an order of protection was issued to me against Terry Lee Summers by a Hamilton County Municipal Court Magistrate back on September 8, 2008. The order reads in part:

  • Case number SK0800727

  • This proceeding came on for hearing on 9.8., 2008 before the Court and the Civil Stalking and Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order Ex Parte filed on 7.24, 2008, all in accordance with R.C. 2903.214.

  • The following individuals were present: [Nikki X] and Terry Lee Summers

  • The Court/Magistrate hereby makes the following findings of fact: Petitioner [Nikki X] provided proof that Respondent [Terry Lee Summers] has posted vulgar, disgusting and threatening things on his website regarding Petitioner. Petitioner has requested Respondent stop but there are recent e-mails and postings.

  • The Court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that 1) the Respondent has knowingly engaged in a patten of conduct that caused Petitioner to believe that the Respondent will cause physical harm or cause or has caused mental distress; and

  • 2) the following orders are equitable, fair, and necessary to protect the persons named in this order from stalking offenses.

  • The Court finds by preponderance of the evidence that 1) the Petitioner or Petitioner's family or household member(s) are in danger of or have been a victim of a sexually oriented offenses as defined in Ohio Revised Code 2950.01, committed by Respondent; and

  • 2) the following orders are equitable, fair, and necessary to protect the persons named in this order from the sexually oriented offenses.

Now it has been stated clearly and concisely in the Civil Stalking and Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order that the offender Terry Lee Summers was found GUILTY of stalking, harassing, and sexually harassing/stalking me. The Court found those things to be "vulgar", "disgusting", and "threatening".

So back to my original question: "Why is Terry Lee Summers still stalking The Black Fist Blog"? There is proof he visits this site and leaves sick twisted comments which clearly violates the Court's order.

And why is Terry Lee Summers still lurking around stores, libraries and other venues he's hoping and praying I will be on the particular day(s) he is there for the express purpose of terrorizing me? From Terry Lee Summer's short unproductive and limited past association with The Black Fist Organization he knows that I frequent these various locations in the course of my profession. So he happens to find himself in the same location. As I reported in a previous blog entry about 2 weeks ago, I reported his dangerous stalking/lurkings at one of these locations to a Cincinnati Police Officer, and Terry Lee Summers scattered like the stalking crazed rat that he is.

Terry Lee Summers was not arrested at that time.

Terry Lee Summers - This crazy sexually depraved hatemongering boyfriend of Joy Rolland (who is currently incarcerated in the Hamilton County Justice Center on a 6 month Contempt of Court charge) was asked directly by the Hamilton County Magistrate if he understood the Civil Stalking and Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order and the dummy clearly stated that he did. If that be the case, it is apparent Terry Lee Summers as his crazy felonious girlfriend before him Joy Rolland, is thumbing his nose at the Magistrate's direct order and based on his continued criminal activities has and will continue on doing whatever it is his crazed lust-driven mind tells him to do... And to hell with the Court's Ruling!

I will NOT become another homicide victim in the City of Cincinnati at the hands of a crazed Terry Lee Summers. I will not suffer in silence these updates to you, my faithful readers will continue. I will NOT be a victim -- PERIOD!

So based on those facts. I must now do what I am by law required to do.



Rudy Ray Moore - The man who was the "King of The Party Records" and who starred in the motion picture "Dolemite" and its sequel "The Human Tornado" died yesterday October 19, 2008 at the age of 81.
More on Bro. Rudy Ray's life and legacy later right here on The Black Fist Blog.
(I personally know the son of Bro. Rudy Ray Moore I'm hoping to get an exclusive interview with him on the life and legacy of his father expressly for our readers here at The Black Fist Blog.)
Our condolenses go out to the family and friends of Bro. Rudy Ray Moore.

Saturday, October 18, 2008



Four Tops star Levi Stubbs dies
Levi Stubbs, lead singer of legendary Motown band The Four Tops, has died at his home in Detroit, US, aged 72.

The performer, who had suffered ill-health for several years, passed away in his sleep.

Abdul Farir is the only surviving original member of the group, which has sold more than 50m records.
The Detroit band became one of Motown Records' biggest successes, scoring hits including Bernadette and Reach Out (I'll Be There).
Founding members Lawrence Payton and Obie Benson died in 1997 and 2005 respectively.

Audley Smith, of Motown Historical Museum, said Levi Stubbs had a voice as unique as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson or Stevie Wonder.
"[He] fits right up there with all the icons of Motown," he said.

Levi Stubbs was born in 1936 in Detroit and met Adbul "Duke" Farir at high school.
They met Payton and Benson while singing at a mutual friend's birthday party.

In 1953, they formed a group called The Four Aims and signed a deal with Chess Records.

Later they changed their names to the Four Tops to avoid being confused with the Ames Brothers.

The group signed with Motown Records in 1963 and produced 20 Top-40 hits over the following 10 years, making music history with other acts in Berry Gordy's Motown stable.
They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.

Stubbs is survived by his wife Clineice, Five children and 11 grandchildren.


Wow! I know when my dear sweet Mother reads this one, she's gonna be sick!
Mother loves the Four Tops and 3 of their songs stick out amongst the best according to her, and that's:

  1. Bernadette

  2. Catfish

  3. Reach Out (I'll Be There)

This is a truly sad story.

We here at The Black Fist Blog, give our condolences to the Family and Friends of Bro. Levi Stubbs.

Friday, October 17, 2008



As I reported back in August 2008, Academy-Award winning film director Oliver Stone has undertaken one of his most courageous feats to date in taking on a sitting United States President [George W. Bush] and displaying him on film in his new biopic in theatres today simply titled, "W" (pronounced dub-ya)

"W" hits theatres today. The LAMEstream news media is already blasting this film as a "parody" a "joke" and as "total fiction". Well if the LAMEstream news media says it it must be so, right?

Thank godness for film directors like Oliver Stone and Bro. Spike Lee for having the guts to defy the status quo.

Watch the official trailer for the movie "W" starring Josh Brolin in the title role.

Co-starring Thandie Newton as Condoleeza Rice
Jeffery Wright as Colin Powell
Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush
Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush
Scott Glen as Donald Rumsfeld
Ioan Grufford as Tony Blair
Toby Jones as Karl Rove

Just to name a few.

Will you go see Oliver Stone's new Biopic "W"?
Tell us & give us your movie review.
We want to know!

Well that concludes this edition of "The Black Fist Blog Movie News & Reviews Report"!
I gotta run now....and catch a show!



Alicia Myers was once a member of the R&B group "One Way". Remember them? Remember the song "Cutie Pie"? Yeah, I knew you'd remember that, Cutie Pie was a hot song. And still is for real!

Here's Alicia Myers "I Want To Thank You" - The 12' Remix Version
From Alicia's 1982 Solo LP "I Fooled You This Time"


I want to thank you
Heavenly Father for shining your light on me
You sent me someone who really loves me and not just my body
he keeps me so very happy and he loves me
I don't know how to be
It's been a long time since I had someone who loves me
I owe my thanks to Thee

I know it could not happen without you
Ooh without your love

It took a long time for it to happen
but I knew those nights I prayed
that you would send me someone who's real
a not someone for play
I kept the faith and didn't worry
my nights grew longer than the days
until one day
it really happen
you sent true love my way

I know it couldn't have happened without you
ooh without you

When the time is right
He'll fill your life with love and care
and He'll be there
just do all right
don't do no wrong
and keep the faith
the Lord will shine his light your way
Thank you Father
for shining your light on me
I prayed a long time
for it to happen
I did because I believe
He makes me happy
so very happy
I don't know how to be
It's been a long time
since I had someone who loves me
I owe my thanks to Thee

I know it couldn't have happened without you
ooh without you
I know it couldn't have happened without your love

(my nights were long and blue, until he sent me you)

Bonus Friday Flashback Track: "Cutie Pie" by One Way fea. Al Hudson & Alicia Myers

Yep that's right! A Special Friday Flashback Triple Play!
Check out Ghost Town DJs "My Boo". Now that was super hot back in the day!


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Looks like our old friend and cartoonist extraordinaire Bearman swimmingly (pun intended) gives his take on the McCain campaign. And the direction in which it appears to be going....

And from the looks of things we'd say... Down stream! (pun intended)

Great Job Bearman!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Actor Matt Damon the man who plays "Jason Bourne" in the "Bourne Trilogy" movies has publicly stated, "If God forbid something would happen to Sen. John McCain. A Sarah Palin presidency would be like bad Disney movie".

And Matt, we couldn't agree more!!!

Picuted above:
"Could this be Sarah(cuda) Palin's White House cabinet, if she were to become President of The United States"?

In this 1 minute 25 second clip actor Matt Damon expresses his thoughts about Republican vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah(cuda) Palin of Iceland. And what his thoughts are regarding this self-proclaimed "hockey mom" as a potential president. That is of course, if ol' man McBush drops dead in office.

Check it out.


In the video below you will witness for yourself pure DUMB in all its glory.
Do you want this airhead in the White House?

We here at The Black Fist Blog like to call this video: "The WisDUMB of Sarah Palin".

"Stupid is as Stupid Does". - Forest Gump

And Sarahcuda does stupid to the hilt!

Sunday, October 12, 2008



LOL!!!!!! Well, Well, Well, this just ain't been Saracuda's best week folks!

--First she gets protested big time by protesters dressed as "Joe-Six Pack" as she arrivals for a McCain/Palin fundraiser at a rich man's home in Indian Hill [Cincinnati, Ohio]....
(see blog entry below this one: JOE-SIX PACK SAY NO! TO SARAH PALIN)


--The self-proclaimed "hockey mom" Sarah(cuda) Palin gets boo'd by the crowd as she drops the puck at the NHL Flyers - Rangers Season Opener on October 11, 2008. Sarahcuda's bolstering self-proclamation of being a "hockey mom" made that booing even that much more funnier!

Wait a Mintue! What was even funnier was that was the introduction Sarahcuda received before she came out onto the ice to drop the puck.

It went something like: "Introducing The Number 1 Hockey Mom in America"...
Then Sarahcuda gets boo'd right in front of her two children Willow and Piper!

What a way to go Sarahcuda. Even the people you claim to represent...DON'T EVEN WANT YOU!

(and aren't you, my faithful readers, just a little sick & tired of looking at this dingbat's kids?)


Pitiful Palin! It looks like even the "Joe-Six packs" of the country don't want vice-presidential running mate Sarah(cuda) Palin representing them!

The self-proclaimed "hockey-mom" and self-proclaimed representative of the average everyday "Joe-six packs" of the country was protested by people dressed as "Joe-Six Pack" upon her arrival to a rich man's home in Indian Hill [Cincinnati, Ohio] for a McCain/Palin fundraiser.

So much for representing the average everyday "JOE", huh Sarahcuda?

Friday, October 10, 2008


WOW! I can remember being a young girl and thinking what a beautifully powerful voice to come out of such a young girl. With Miss Stacy Lattisaw being just a few years older than myself, I was really taken with her sound. I can remember my cousin Jamie & I going up to Royal Skating Rink on Gilbert Ave. in Walnut Hills (I know some of y'all remember tha spot?!? ;-) and skating our little behinds off to Stacy Lattisaw's music and others of that time & jamming until it was time to "get our tails on home" Mother used to tell us (which was usually 'round 8:00-8:30 PM ;-)!

This edition of "FRIDAY FLASHBACK TO THE PAST 5", we revisit the lil girl with the big voice. This song is called "Miracles" from Stacy's 1983 album "Sixteen" (I know, I know but that's what they were called back then -- ALBUMS). You can also find this song and many many others on the CD "The Very Best of Stacy Lattisaw". I own a copy of that CD and play it quite often.

Let's take a trip back to 1983 and listen to Stacy Lattisaw singing her little heart out on "Miracles"!

Until Next Friday's Flashback....

Bonus Track: Little Michael Evans from the hit series "Good Times" also recorded an album (I know I know that's what they called them back then -- ALBUMS ;-) back in 1975 when he was just 14 years old called "When You're Young & In Love".

Here's a musical slideshow of 1970's hit television show "Good Times" while Ralph Carter who played the youngest child on the show "Michael Evans" sings "When You're Young & In Love" in the background. (You can see "Michael Evans" singing his hit song in the last episode of "Good Times" Season 3 called "The Rent Party". That particle episode was the last episode series star John Amos who played "James Evans" the father on the show was last seen. "James" died at the beginning of season 4. In my opinion with the exception of a few shows in season 4, 5 & the final season 6 combined, "Good Times" went completely down after dad "James" died)

Y'all Remember That Tragedy ;-(
I still do.


Thursday, October 9, 2008


(Could this had been the expression on Terry Lee Summers' face upon receiving yet another eviction notice to vacate his living quarters?)

Well, Well, Well. It appears that while midget pedophile stalker Terry Lee Summers is prowling around stalking me, he has failed yet again to pay his rent. (See blog entry: "STOP TARGETING ME & PAY YOUR RENT PUNK!" in the July 26, 2008 archive section of this website)
--Case Number 08CV33311
--Filed September 30, 2008.

Terry Lee just can't get it through that rock hard head of his that "You can't stay if you can't pay". Instead of focusing on what's important or what should be important to a SANE person like paying ones rent so a cold homeless winter on the streets of Cincinnati is not staring you down. This nutjob wants to focus on something he can NEVER have in this lifetime or the next...



(see blog entry: "UPDATE: STALKING MIDGET TERRY LEE SUMMERS STILL ON THE PROWL"! in the October 7, 2008 archive on this website)

--STALKING IS A CRIME. If you are the victim of stalking contact your local law enforcement agency. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER ALONE!