Monday, October 31, 2011


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! To All The Faithful Readers Of The Black Fist Blog For Helping Us Reach 50,000 + Hits!!!

In July Of 2005, General Nikki X Started The Black Fist Blog And We Here At The Black Fist Blog Are Excited And Pleased To Know That We As Black Militant/Black Nationalist Activist Throughout The Diaspora Have A Place Such As The Black Fist Blog To Go And Share Ideas, Exercise Our Constitutional First Amendment Rights To Freedom Of Speech & Reach Out To Others Who May Not Share Our Points Of View -YET- Are Willing To Open Their Mind And Learn.

In The Upcoming Months, The Black Fist Blog Will Be Updating Articles And Expanding Its Forum Section.

Stay Tuned In To This Site And Check Back In With Us.

Once Again We'd Like To Say Thank You To All Of The 50,000 + Faithful Readers Of The Black Fist Blog For Making Us One Of Your Go To Black Militant/Black Revolutionary Websites!!!

Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation!!!

We Leave You With Greetings Of Peace, Blessings & Black Love,

From General Nikki X

Black Fist Blog Administrator