Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Black Power & Greetings Readers of The Black Fist Blog,

There is now a new addition to The Black Fist Blog, I like to call it "ASK THE GENERAL". Where you, the faithful readers of this blog can email your questions directly to me and I will do my best to answer all questions and concerns you may have about our organization and whatever else may be on your mind.

As you, my faithful readers by now know- my blogging has been extremely slow these days (to say the least) although I do read your comments, try to publish your thoughts as timely as I can and do my best to answer your emails through the address located in my profile. Which can be pretty slow at times (I know), seeing that- that email address is also combined with other Black Fist business.

It's very public knowledge the ordeal I've been through these last [coming up on] 6 months. I regret not being able to provide you, my readers with timely discussions on the issues facing the black nation in this city and beyond. I will try to catch as quickly as I can. When I can.

There are still things needed to be sorted out and I may lapse in my blogging but have no fear General Nikki X is still here and I'm still speaking out and fighting for the black nation as I've done for years. That'll never change!

So in closing: Continue to read, THINK, and comment on this blog and now with our new addition, gather up you questions, comments and concerns then you can email them to me directly!

The email [addresses] I receive will NEVER be made public.

The all new email address to contact me c/o The Black Fist Organization is:

I look forward to reading all of your emails!!!
I look forward to reading all your thoughts!!!
I look forward to answering all your questions!!!

I want to take this time to thank everyone for all the support, well-wishes, condolences and black power love you've shown me in these past 6 months. I truly truly appreciate it. And I will never ever forget it!

I leave you now with the original greetings of The Black Fist Organization,



The Black Fist is an organization proud to spotlight black businesses, black organizations and your ordinary everyday black people who are working hard and getting it done in and around our community. And we are proud to use this website to get the word out to all of you!

One such organization right here in the greater Cincinnati area that is doing great work in the field of justice, helping prisoners, the families of prisoners and working toward self-help and independence.

This organization has been around for 15 years old and is ran by a strong black man who cares about his people and the conditions of his people going in and out of the revolving door of the penal system.

That strong black man is our dear brother and executive director of Justice Watch, Michael Howard. This is a re-print of a Justice Watch brochure that will be followed by information on how you or someone you know or love can get in touch with Bro. Howard and the beautiful hard-working folks over at Justice Watch.



We support prisioners, their families, and all who work for humane conditions until such time as prisoners no longer mirror a society based on classism and racism.


Justice Watch was founded in 1991 by Reverend Maurice McCrackin, other church people, families of prisioners and former prisoners who were deeply concerned about the human rights of prisoners.

Advocacy was the primary focus of Justice Watch's first few years, during which time a number of projects were initiated, including the Justice Watch quarterly newsletter. In 1993 Justice Watch purchased an abandoned building in the West End. After a year of fundraising and hard work to bring the building up to code, the Garden Street Transitional Home opened as a shelter for men coming out of prison.


Garden Street Transitional Home

Garden Street Transitional Home provides a structured, sober living environment with supportive services for homeless men who have recently been released from prison and who may be suffering from drug addiction and/or mental illness.

Quarterly Newsletter

Justice Watch is mailed to about 3,000 people, with news about efforts to abolish the death penalty and end racial and economic disparities in the criminal justice system. The newsletter is received by many prisoners in Ohio and the country, and many of the newsletter articles are written for prisoners to help them understand and cope with their situation.


Justice Watch Board members advocate for criminal justice reform through a number of programs, Board members:
  • Sponsor letter-writing campaigns to gain clemency for death row inmates
  • Lobby state and local officials to support policies that will prevent crime and foster rehabilitation,
  • Give presentations to churches and social services agencies about our programs and principles, and
  • Exchange letters with hundreds of prisoners across the nation.


Operational decisions for Justice Watch are made by its Board of Trustees. Long-term planning for, as well as review and evaluation of, Justice Watch activities and programs is vested in four Board committees:

  • Development Commitee
  • Finance Commitee
  • Program Commitee
  • Public Relations Commitee
Volunteers are needed to serve as commitee members. Contact Justice Watch at 241-0490 for more information.

Justice Watch
1120 Garden St.
Cincinnati, Oh 45214

Phone: 513-241-0490
Fax: 513-241-6850


If you think the services of Justice Watch could be of service to you in your life or the life of someone you know, please contact Justice Watch Executive Director, Michael Howard or the beautiful sister Angela today and get on the road to self-help and independence.

This was another Black Fist spotlight on What's Good In The Hood!