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WCVG the Gospel 1320am host "The 2005 Mayoral Debate" at The Greater Cincinnati Urban League on Tuesday September 6, 2005. from 6:00pm-8:00pm in the heart of Avondale. Located at 3458 Reading Rd. near Forest Ave. One block down from The Avondale Towne Center.

Join WCVG talk show host Ms. Tracie Hunter host of "Tracie Live"! and the rest of The WCVG family as they ask the tough questions of the candidates who are vying to become "your next strong mayor".

Come on out and see who has the guts to withstand the hard questions and watch and see who'll just buckle under the pressure.

WCVG The Gospel & The Urban League of Cincinnati host "The 2005 Mayoral Debate" telecasted live on WCVG The Gospel 1320am @ 6pm.
"Come on out before you cast your vote in The Mayoral Primary on September 13, 2005".

And don't forget you can catch "Tracie Live"! weekdays Monday-Friday 12:00pm-2:00pm on 1320am The Gospel WCVG.
"Uniting The Kingdom of God".

We'll See You There!

If you were listening to WDBZ 1230 am The Buzz 10am "The Lincoln Ware Show" on yesterday, Then you heard Kabaka Oba of The "Blax" Fist begging and pleading with the shows host Lincoln Ware to accept his "denial" of ever having "The Buzz" official logo banner at a rally on Fountain Square (not sanctioned by The Buzz) where he had a permit to have what he called (the 3rd) "Nat Turner Day".
Needless to say, Lincoln Ware wasn't trying to hear the "Blax" fist general's continual "cries of denial", his so-called "smooth and polite" way of speaking, his "trying to worm his way outta responsibility" (since the permit was in his name) and finally "Banned" him (but not before threatening "Legal Action") from ever calling "The Lincoln Ware" Show again, abruptly hanging up on him.
From what I understand, WDBZ the Buzz talk show host Ken Anderson had the day before "Banned" him for the same offense from ever calling his show.
This now banned "Blax" Fist general denied ever having the official "Buzz Banner", he blamed this whole incident on his follow General in the "movement" a Blackman named "The Delegate". (WWWWhhhaaatttt???)
You mean The Delegate caused all this hell, not you???

In The New Testament of The Holy Bible, Peter "denied" Jesus "3 times" as Jesus predicted he would.
Well Oba "denied" the Delegate "12 times" in that one final "desperate" phone call to Lincoln Ware trying to save his OWN "call-in talk show priviledges". Yes Folks, he denied The Delegate "4 times" what Peter of The New Testament denied Jesus.
"How Shameful is that"?!!!
"SNITCHING" on your own "Movement"/Organizational member just to try and save your own ass!??!!?
All of you heard it for yourselves. Now maybe The Delegate and the rest of the world will truly understand what I talked about on "The Ken Lawson Show" 2 Saturdays ago when I was "forced" to finally reveal and explain some of the interworking/NON-interworkings that's been going on for the last 18 months. (See Blog Entry: "Bipolar Disorder Can Be Treated" for a full and complete definition of the word "Hypocrisy") I read it over the airwaves with Bro. Lawson's permission.
Thank you, My Dear Brotha Ken Lawson!!!

This "Banned From the Buzz" individual has absolutely NO LOYALITY to anyone other than himself. (See Blog Entry: "Organizational Dis-Loyality" for more information)
Those of you who are still protesting with this individual and feel as if you can depend and rely upon this individual for your own personal safety and backup, all I can tell you in good (Black) conscienceness is..."BEWARE.. BE VERY AWARE"!

There's a saying that continuously rings in my head (for some reason) it goes something like "What's good for the goose is good for the gander". Well I suppose it's because this same "Blax" Fist general HAD a show of his own on WAIF 88.3fm every Friday "high noon" and he made a point during the course of that show of "calling out" certain members of the activism community not by name of course (he tries to be what he thinks people will perceive as "witty") But it only made him look like what people already know him as and that's "silly".
So this "general" proceeded to use dumbass, juvenile, suppose to be "playing the dozens" type of "descriptions" to "define" the activist he thought he was outting as "Boycott breakers".
That silly ass shit he was spewing went on for 2 straight hours.
Then at the end of his 2 hour show with only about 2 calls in that whole time, he proceeded to YELL into his lil WAIF microphone telling the activist he (called himself) "capping on" to "SHUT THEIR MOUTHS"!!!

It's ironic because that was on a "Friday" afternoon and skip ahead to "Monday" morning (just yesterday) and this same "Banned From the Buzz" individual who screamed, hollered and make a complete fool of himself on his OWN "talk" show (supposely) "defaming, slandering and hating on" those whom he has "imaginarally" deemed "boycott breakers" trying to tell "boycott LEADERS" (himself and 1 other whom he names frequently) what to do. (See Blog Entry: "Untwisting The Twisted" for the truth on that matter)
Got his own big mouth "SHUT THE HELL DOWN" on another man's talk show!!!
And folks say, "There's no real justice in Sinsinnati"!

Oba referred to other activist by some of the worse names he could conjure up but 3 days later got called a "low-life scumbag" repeatedly by Lincoln Ware on his talk show. All the while Oba repeatedly cried out "It wasn't me Mr. Ware, it wasn't me it was The Delegate" and "Don't yell at me Mr. Ware like Ken Anderson yelled at me"! "Ken Anderson hung up on me like I was some punk". Pitiful.
I was always TOLD "What's good for the goose is good for the gander"!
If someone can continually get on everybodies talk radio program calling other people "PUNKS" then why was it so "baffling" to Oba that he was now being calling a "PUNK" himself ???
"Could there be some HYPOCRISY and/or EGO-TRIPPING in this individual's thinking"?
The world may never know. But I'm sure there are alot of you out there (like myself and others) who really just don't give a damn one way or the other!
But it makes comical listening nontheless!

But what IS important to know is that "SNITCHING" on any Black person is a cowardly disgace! BUT "snitching" on your own "Black Brotha", a "General" in your own "MOVEMENT/organization" who has always been a top-notch Soldier and fought side-by-side with you on the frontline, My God... that's Deplorable! (And in the words of one, Lincoln Ware) "It's Uuuuunnnbbbeellliiieeeevvvaaabbblllleeee"!!!!!

And by the way that same person who "sat in" on that now defunct WAIF high noon "Blax" Fist comedy hour was the same person who he "snitched" on 3 days later on Ware's show...you guessed it... The Delegate w/The Blax Fist! And The Delegate NEVER said one word about those weak-ass names Oba thought he was being "witty" defaming other Activist with. I was also told...
"Silence is Complicity and Acceptance".
"Things that make you go..UUUmmmm"???

Well as I have often stated here on "The BLACK Fist Blog", we give information that's only gonna help the Black community NOT hurt the Black community so in typing this "ever-so-TRUTHFUL" blog entry, I for one can't wait to read a "Blog Entry" from the same person who tried (and failed) to do what she thought was "Damage Control" for this destructive and now "Banned From The Buzz" individual such as the Blog entry she put out in no less than 2 hours after the now "Banned From The Buzz" individual, Bro. Ken Lawson and myself got off the radio airwaves 2 Saturdays ago on Lawson's Show".

Funny though, even to this day (2 whole weeks later) I haven't heard "her" call "The Buzz", "WAIF 88.3fm what radio was meant to be" or any other WHITE or black radio talk show she "doesn't" listen too, to "defend" her "co-worker" in the struggle she so proudly proclaimed she has known for "3 or so years" (???)
Nor have I publicly heard (on talk radio) from any of his other faithful "SUPPORTERS".

Go Figure...


Sunday, August 14, 2005


I attended last nights Mayoral debate at The Greenwich in Walnut Hills (see BLOG entry: Mayoral Candidates to mix it up @ The Greenwich) and I have to be honest with the readers of "The Black Fist Blog", I saw alot of the "same ole, same ole" but what I did see was alot of frustrated audience members/voters who did not like the fact they could NOT ask questions of those candidates. As it was told to me, the panelist were "directed" NOT to ask ANY individual candidate any questions DIRECTLY. But if they had read "The Black Fist Blog" in advance, they would have known you had to email your questions prior to the debate. But in all actuality moderator Kathy Y. Wilson only read (1) YES, you heard me right "1 email" from the audience and I have a deep feeling in my gut that question came from Councilmember Christopher Smitherman, who attended the event along with his lovely Queen Pamela, who by the way looked absolutely "Radiant". Now getting back to the actual debate, allow me let me to start from the top...

1st Candidate: Justin Jeffre. He was denied access to a podium. In other words he was never invited to the debate in the first place, he's not taken seriously by the media as a serious Mayoral contender, only (4) podiums were set up on the stage, so I suppose Mark Yates co-owner of The Greenwich & the event coordinators figured he wouldn't show up without an invite anyway. But when he arrived there Mark Yates & Moderator Kathy Y. Wilson wanted Jeffres to "take a hike"! But I have to give it up to The Ex-"98 Degree" boy he stood his ground, refused to "take a hike" and by the total graciousness of Senator Mark L. Mallory (who showed nothing less than "Class" throughout the entire debate) allowed Justin Jeffre to "share" his podium and that along with some JJ2K5 (that's his slogan as in Justin Jeffre 2005) supporters/grassroots people from the audience chanted, "Let him stay, Let him stay". He was able to participate.

2nd Candidate: Charlie Winburn. That black man showed us up close & in person (again), he wants to do nothing more than lock up every black person in Cincinnati who "jaywalks", "spits on the street", "looks wrong at a white person", "looks like they are sorta kinda thinking 'bout maybe in a way they might be figuring on committing some sort of crime"! He laughed and joked his way through the entire debate. Oh yes, he showed he has a sense of humor which is a good thing but since that is NOT "Comedy Central" and Dave Chappelle wasn't there to hire Winburn on the spot, I for one wasn't impressed. High-dey, High-dey, High-dey Ho..."Lock 'em Charlie has got to go" !!!

3rd Candidate: David Pepper. The spoiled lil rich boy/alleged kidnap victim who flat out LIED right in our faces about that $33,ooo it would've taken to fund HIV/AIDS along with a host of other "politicians crimes" he's committed against Blacks since he's been in office. Did nothing more than show he's a "hot-head" who can not control his "emotions" under fire. His facial expressions, body language and that silly-ass "twitching thing" he does when he beleives he should've even be questioned on certain issues shows what "The Black Fist" have been expousing since he threw his hat into the ring..."He is Unfit to Lead"! He was arrogant and his air of "Mayoral entitlement" was sickening. He didn't really answer any question with honesty and/or clarity. And the answer he gave on the question "What would you do to tackle the race problem in Cincinnati" was so non-chalant his weak-ass answer went right over my head! So his answer musta been something like all of his other answers regarding fixing so-called Race Relations...."What did you say you will you do again there David"? Pepper's normal answer: Uuuhhhh, nuthin' !
In a nutshell: We need to throw some salt on Pepper!

3rd Candidate: Alicia Reece. She wore red. She looked nice and that's about it. But I will remind you Miss Reece, if I may that talking loud, sounding forceful, repeating your old stump speeches from your past elections and filtering the whole damn place with your friends, relatives and outta control loud-ass supporters will NOT add substance too nor will it make the intelligent people FORGET that you are responsible for 600 families losing their homes in "The Hunnington Meadows Holocaust", your "alleged" involvement in threatening to send 150 firefighters to burn down the offices of "City Beat" magazine prefavorably with then City Beat columnist, staunch Alicia Reece critic & last night's moderator Kathy Y. Wilson still in the building! And let's not forget an activist whom she felt was "against" her...No, it was not General Nikki X but for the record when I'm around her, I hide the matches!
Let's move on....
When Reece was asked, What she would do about the "racial problems" facing Cincinnati? She didn't even bother to answer. PERIOD! She went off on some stuff about jobs....
But that doesn't surprise me. She's the "senior democratic" on Council (as she is so often to brag on the floor of Council), She's been there for 6 years, She was appointed vice-mayor 7 months after the April 2001 riots that had white folks so scared they were running away from Blacks like their ancestors high-tailed and ran back on August 23, 1831, when General Nat Turner "took matters into his own hands" 'cause he could'nt take it no mo'! Peace be upon Bro. Nat. She was "appointed" to keep Black people who "oppose" the status-quo "in check" and she IS and HAS been "the black face AGAINST the economic boycott, running all over the country promoting "tourism & travel" all the while knowing Black men have continued to die "unjustifiably" by the hands of "her employees" the Cincinnati Police Dept. so in "reaction to that action" there WAS and IS a "sanction on travel & tourism" as well as a "Boycott" placed on this city. And as it pertains to all of the above she has and ALWAYS WILL BE on the side of the whiteman & his agenda ready to comply with all of his wishes, whims & demands. She DID nothing about past police brutality, race problems & making sure "BLACKS" not MINORITIES get their fair share of the business contracts in this city!
And guess what folks after 6 years of nothing if you bring her outta this primary and vote her into office you'll be sure to get more of what she's guaranteed to give you more of.....NOTHING!

Finally the 4th Candidate: Mark Mallory. Who in my opinion, WON LAST NIGHT'S DEBATE HANDS DOWN! He showed that he is he was cool, calm & collected when answering, "YES" I said, A-N-S-W-E-R-I-N-G the questions, breaking down his answers with fact not fiction and as I stated in the opening, was gracious enough to extend his podium in fairness to Justin Jeffres. Mark Mallory is a State Senator who has chosen to leave Columbus to come back to "Sinsinnati" and bring some (according to him) "common sense leadership" back to City Hall. Mark Mallory in my opinion was focused, articulated, he didn't have to SHOUT & repeat the same phrases over & over again to recycle the same ole tired message from past campaigns to make you & I think it's a "new idea". In my opinion, Mark Mallory interacted with the other candidates on stage with respect and class. His answers were clear & he had an air of confidence about himself. (and for those of you who don't know there is a difference between "confidence" & "arrogance")
And finally, Senator Mallory HAS NEVER been on Cincinnati City Council that in and of itself should encourage the voters of Cincinnati particularly the "Black" voters of Cincinnati because this is "The Black Fist Blog" where we deal with the plight and liberation of The Black Nation, to consider him your choice in the September 13th primary, where you can ONLY vote for "1" candidate!

Reece has been on Council 6 years=To 6 years of Nothing that has been beneficial to the Black nation.
Pepper has been on Council 4 years=To 4 years of Nothing that has been beneficial to Black people.
Winburn was previously on Council for about 7 or 8 years (please feel free to give me the correct time frame in the comment section) but nevertheless=To 7 or 8 years of Nothing that "WAS" beneficial to Black people.
Jeffres was part of a "boy band" that had NO real talent & NO real hits so it would seem he'd have time to focus a little more on "his hometown". He never once (to my knowledge) stepped up during the April 2001 riots to vocalize his opinion on what was going on in (as he stated last night) "his hometown" but he also stated in last nights debate "he's been all over the world as an embassador of the City of Cincinnati" so my question to him would be "Why didn't you gather up some of your big-time Hollywood friends a.k.a. Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore, Angelia Jolie and the like and bring your "high powered star power" to the halls of City Hall and tell The "Grand Dragon" Charlie Luken to control his outta control police force and STOP killing unarmed Black men.
Kinda busy 'round that time huh, Jeffres....Well in that case....
Justin Jeffres, you can catch the next flight back to L.A. and try to "revive" your singing career. 'Cause it's over for you here son.

So it looks like this round of The Mayoral Debates belongs to Mark Mallory!
And Congradulations to you, Senator!

We'll see how all the candidates fair in the next round of debates.

Final thoughts: It was so good to see so many Blacks folks in the 'hood. The place was packed and I mean "packed"! I would advise Mr. Yates co-owner of The Greenwich to please, please, please...TURN ON OR GET SOME DAG-ON AIR CONDITIONING IN THAT PLACE!!! It was "smoking hot" in that joint! People were fanning like they were in church and it was very uncomfortable. But being a soldier (thought I told ya') General Nikki X stayed the entire time and gathered the necessary infomation I needed to report back here to you, the readers of "The Black Fist Blog"!

Moderator Kathy Y. Wilson (my good sista friend) did her thing and she did it the only way K.Y. knows how with humor, wit, boldness & straightforwardness!!! Reece looked nervous as hell having to stand "so close" to Kathy Y. but hey, that goes to show you, You never know when your dirt will be swept back to your door. The rumor was Reece refused to attend last nights debate if Kathy was to moderate but I got the scoop from Kathy herself...That was no rumor it was TRUE! Reece and "her people" had several meetings with The Greenwich owners and "other folks" and in the end Reece "agreed" to attend with Kathy on the scene.
How big of Ms. Reece. (insert sarcasm here) Thank you.

It was good to see one of my fellow bloggers I have'nt seen in a long time, A strong sista in the struggle whom I've had the pleasure of standing side-by-side on the frontline, A sista who doesn't mind "getting down" and "battling this beast on the ground" for the liberation of the Black nation...Sistagirl Monica Williams of "The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati". I'm sure she will be sharing her thoughts as contributing writer for www.blackcincinnati.blogspot.com (I'm new here so give me some time & I'll get my links together and Thanks Nate Livingston for the link you gave your readers to "The Black Fist Blog")

The soldiers over there will give it to you "straight no chaser", no doubt!

Until Next Time..."BLACK POWER, EVERY HOUR"!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

"VOTE 7 & OUT"

This upcoming Mayoral & City Council race is a very important one to watch.
The Primary Election where all the mayoral candidates go head to head is on September 13, 2005. The General Election where you vote for one of the two mayoral candidates from the primary and vote for your choice of city council candidates is on November 8, 2005.

The Black Fist position is we are encouraging our black people to vote "7 & out". Meaning that it takes "5" votes to get ANYTHING passed through Council but it takes "7" votes to "VETO PROOF" the Mayor. So we are saying pick 7 GOOD Council candidates when you go to the polls.

Under this "Strong Mayor" form of government, Whomever becomes the mayor will have VETO POWERS, so it is logistically sensible to pick "7" council candidates out of a possible 9 selection. That in turn will ensure that "Black peoples' interest" are taken care of & if the new "strong mayor" decides to "get off the hook" and do some "ANTI-BLACK" moves on us with "our" taxpayers dollars we, the Black people of Cincinnati will be taken care of by our elected officals because we have "7" "Strong Black Men and/or Strong Black Women" to look out for us and they must be able to have "VETO-PROOFING" power over any type of racist anti-black move pulled by the mayor.
And yes, a Black Strong Mayor can be "anti-black", we've already seen some council people currently sitting in those seats and past council people who are black but had the whiteman's mind, the whiteman's thinking & have/had the whiteman's best interest at heart which translated into the "whiteman's agenda". Sorry, but we can not tolerate those type of bootlickin' actions from "so-called" Black politicians any longer! PERIOD!!!

There's a current council woman running for strong mayor in this upcoming election who is black but let herself be used as "The Black Face AGAINST The Economic Boycott/Freedom Struggle" in Cincinnati. This "black" woman, ladies & gentleman has always had a "white agenda". So we need not vote for her. Her name is Alicia Reece. She is currently the chairwoman of "The Tourism Committee". "Tourism-vs-Boycott"...hhuummm? Could there have been some connection regarding her post-riots "appointment" as Vice-mayor by the grand dragon Charlie Luken & the post-riots "addition" of "Tourism" to the various committees she already chaired? Think about it.
There's a whiteman running for that same position who is currently the chairman of "The Law & Public Safety Committee", (the committee that is directly in charge of The Cincinnati Police Dept.) David Pepper who we, in the Black Fist have assessed based on his voting record & racial views: "Anti-Black" & "Pro-Anything White". David Pepper along with Alicia Reece have been deemed by The Black Fist "Unfit To Lead". End of Story for those two!
Let's move on...

We need Strong Black Men & Strong Black Women to lead this City not a bunch of racist, self-serving, arrogant, egotisical, hypocritical, advance my political career on the backs of black suffering type of people who only care about making the rich RICHER, making the poor even "POORER" & Keeping The Fraternal Order of Police Union "happy".

And as "The Head of Telecommunications" for a "Black Militant" organization, I'd be remissed in not "communicating" with you that NOT pushing a "Black Agenda" that will benefit ALL BLACK PEOPLE would be irresponsible & down right stupid. EVERY other race of people look out for "their own" EXCEPT black people. No! we (blacks) feel the need to be "liked" so we are the "Kings & Queens of Diversity"! To hell with that non-sense!!! NOT here and NOT on "The Black Fist Blog". (see: "Welcome to The Black Fist Blog" for our feelings about "Diversity")

The Westside (white folks) in town have their "All-white with one token knee-grow" endorsement list (I have it & I will be posting it) so why in the hell should'nt Black folks put out a list of strong black men & women who we feel will be in the best interest of Black folks (Us) ?!? Don't let F-E-A-R keep you from doing what is right!

Keep checking back here on "The Black Fist Blog" for General Nikki X's "Black Fist Endorsement" List. But until then remember the mayoral candidates will be debating at "The Greenwich" on Saturday, August 13th. 6:30pm for the "meet & greet" then the actual debate starts at 8:00pm (see BLOG entry "Mayoral Candidates to Mix it Up @ The Greenwich") for futher details.

The position of The Black Fist is "CLEAR".

We encourage our Black Brothas & Sistas to read up, learn about and participate in the political process. We are paying taxes to this racist wicked government (whether we want to or not) so we must be involved & to be involved means looking at BOTH sides of the "Black" coin.
We need "5" strong candidates to move "our" agenda forward no doubt but we MUST have in place a "back-up plan" so to speak just in case the next strong mayor tries to pull a "Charlie Luken" a.k.a. Give-away all the economic revenue/tax money to big-business/underhanded racist politicking/Let's pander to the Police Dept. type move....

We can NOT afford to spend the next 4 years (The Mayors' term last 4 years) with council people (Council terms last 2 years) who may have good ideas and the best interest of black people at heart just to have some racist big-business loving, Killer cops protecting/No discipline for police "slow-down" pandering type of mayor OR some "I'm the mayor of ALL of Cincinnati and NOT just black Cincinnati while catering & pandering to ALL of WHITE Cincinnati OR some "I'm a Black council person who represents ALL Cincinnatians NOT just Black folks in Cincinnati while catering & pandering to ALL of WHITE Cincinnati" scared-to-death type of black politician. Or some Black "trembling" Mayor to come along and "VETO" everything "our" strong Black council men are trying to do for us. (I said, Black men minus the 2 black men who The Black Fist hopes get "ghost" this trip ala Sam Malone & Cecil Thomas who we pray to The Creator NEVER makes it on council) because as of this writing there are no black women running for council, that I am aware of who can be "counted on" to look after black folks interest..Laketa Cole is too flaky, shaky & she seems to be a "follower/co-signer" of Councilwoman Reece often time than not. (The $42 million dollar Fountain Square debacle is one vote that comes to mind) And that's just one vote but I can name more, if you'd like. But in all fairness, Councilwoman Cole is not completely out of the running in our book. But she is very much lacking in "consistancy". What can be said about Ms. Cole is she has stood up against the police on certain issues she beleived were completely against what would be in the interest of the black community! So knowing that from time to time she has the wherewithall to show guts, we'll be keeping a "close eye" on Laketa Cole. She may be 1 Black woman we should keep on Council.

Bottom line: The Black Fist position in this upcoming election season is "Vote 7 & out"!!! As it states in the "Welcome To The Black Fist" BLOG entry, The Black Fist is an Organization who gives information to the black community ONLY to HELP our black people NOT to HURT them. We are a "serious & dedicated" organization. And despite those who think they are radio talk show stars because they are talking the "loudest" -BUT- behind the scenes continue to act like an agent for the government "hanging", "socializing" & "sleeping" with a house knee-grow "Boycott-Breaking" Tuskeegee study "Nurse Rivers" type of Black woman who is the "DIRECT" enemy of Black peoples' freedom-via-this wicked racist corrupt "LEGAL" System in a "CITY OF CINCINNATI" Government position, while "laughing" and "joking" like old time friends with the "Whiteman", The Black mans' natural enemy! Those who sound like a clown while thinking they are sounding "charming & witty", Those who are inconsistant while constantly trying to "re-write" black militant history in this city and "gloss" over if not totally "ignore" those who are "DEDICATED, CONSISTANT & "True warriors" for The Liberation & Salvation of the Black Nation all the while they themselves are consciencely "Deceiving", "Misleading" & "Pretending" THEY have the best interest of The Black race at heart...Let me remind you of the old saying...
When the ax came into the forest, The trees said, "Look the handle is one of us" !!!

"VOTE 7 & OUT" ON NOVEMBER 8, 2005.



A Message From General Nikki X..."Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation"

Friday, August 5, 2005


Mayoral Candidates will Debate at The Greenwich Tavern on Saturday, August 13th at 8:00pm, 2442 Gilbert Ave. in beautiful Walnut Hills.

This Mayoral debate will be moderated by my good friend, Kathy Y. Wilson who I'm sure you've read her weekly columns in "City Beat" magazine and she was a regular guest on the now defunct Sunday morning TV show, Ch.9's "Hot Seat".
And she's always on top of the issues of the day so I know she'll keep the ball rollin' with her "straightforwardness", her "candor" & her own brand of ...Let's say... "humor"! I'm sure we will be entertained as well as educated!

I'm happy to learn "ALL" the Mayoral Candidates have agreed to debate the issues in front of the people in the heart of the 'hood. They need to come to where we're at NOT to other way around.

On the panel to ask (I hope not soft-ball set up) questions will be Editors & reporters from "The Cincinnati Post", "The Cincinnati Enquirer", "The Cincinnati Herald" and "City Beat".
WDBZ 1230am "The Buzz of Cincinnati" will be broadcasting live from this event for those of you who can not make it but don't wanna miss the action.

The Mayoral candidates, as of this writing, who will be in attendance include: Senator Mark Mallory (D), Charlie Winburn (R), Justin Jeffre (I), Councilwoman Alicia Reece (D) & Councilman David Pepper (D).

It's good they're having this debate in the 'hood but one thing I'm not too happy about and that's the fact that questions from the live audience CAN NOT be posed directly to the candidates, if you want your questions asked you MUST submit them by email and that email address is: walnuthillsmayordebate@yahoo.com Write down that email address and save it for sure 'cause if you think you gonna roll up in there with a piece of paper in your hand ready to "get some eye-to-eye convo" (as in conversation) going with these candidates...YOU CAN FORGET IT !
Some candidates get a little "shaky" when they have to address the people "one-on-one", so I'm assuming the organizer & co-owner of "The Greenwich", Mark Yates didn't want things to get too "off the hook".

But "The Black Fist" is always prepared for whatever so I look forward to seeing all of you there asking your questions (by "EMAIL") and "holding these Mayoral candidates feet to the fire"! Especially the (2) Mayoral candidates who are CURRENTLY on City Council & The (1) Mayoral candidate who is a FORMER City Councilman.
Send your emails in early and come prepared to learn what these Mayoral candidates "claim" they can & will do for you !

For More Information Contact: (513) 221-1151

There will be some kind of "pre-debate" public meet 'n' greet social type thing going on starting @ 6:30pm. So come early if you want to "Meet the Candidates"!

Keep Checking Back on "The Black Fist Blog" for General Nikki X's Mayoral & Council Candidates List of Endorsements.... Coming Soon !!!

Black Power!

Monday, August 1, 2005


I attended a Cincinnati City Council Meeting back in February 2005, and it was so disgusting that I felt the need to write about it today. City Council was having its regularly scheduled meeting at City Hall and instead of doing "the peoples business" and dealing with the problems that face the City, What the majority of Council found more "important & pressing" to deal with was an article written by Councilman Christopher Smitherman in "The Cincinnati Hearld" entitled "Council members vote to cut funding for HIV/AIDS". Where Mr. Smitherman told the truth about 6 Council members who voted to accept a lower amount of Federal Governmental Funding for people suffering from HIV/AIDS. The budget these 6 Council people voted on was to cut "HIV/AIDS Funding", That's right folks HIV/AIDS. When it is a proven fact that Black people, in particularly "Black women" suffer from this deadly disease more than any other race of people & It is "The Black Woman" who has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the City of Cincinnati. Councilman Smitherman also stated in that same article "Residents should hold City Council accountable for the vote to "cut" funding from people with HIV/AIDS". "Responsible citizens must use discernment of when to separate personal from business". "There may be Council members who you think are nice individuals, however, are they voting for or against your best interest"? Now I ask you the readers of "The Black Fist Blog", what in the hell was wrong with that statement? In our opinion, absolutely nothing at all. You see, what we as Black people living in the confines of these United States of America fail to realize is "we do have freedom of speech". Just as General Nikki X is able to write a "commentary" in a local newspaper or on this BLOG that same privilege is extended to Christopher Smitherman!

Let's talk candidly, the problem is these 6 crybaby councilmen don't want you nor I to hear "the truth" about what the devil is REALLY going on at 801 Plum St. They want to be able to run around the black community in an election season saying, "Vote for me, I'm fighting for you". What a load of garbage! But David Pepper the man who I might add also falls under "freedom of speech" guidelines and who shares the privilege of writing his articles in "The Cincinnati Hearld" (but only during election season, go figure) and who thinks he can somehow become your next strong mayor in November 2005, has turned out to be "The Biggest Crybaby of Them All"! He started "the whiney brigade" at that meeting. Then his "4 good ole boys plus 1 colored good ole boy" jumped right on the bandwagon, "Smitherman wrote this about me", "Smitherman should'nt have written that about me"! My God, nobody but nobody on council have to this day complained, whined, cried or even asked the question, "Why is the local mainstream (white-controlled) newspapers writing falsehoods & lies about "our colleague" Councilman Smitherman"?
You know why? Because they don't care one bit about Councilman Smitherman being "attacked", "slandered" & "blantantly lied" upon in the media or anywhere else for that matter as long as black folks don't find out the "truth" about THEIR voting records. Remember the name of the game this election season is "Go to the black churches/communities, smile, lie, grin & dip".
We have to be critical thinkers this time around. We can't keep falling for the same thing over & over and expect different results. Councilman Smitherman told the truth about who voted for the cut in HIV/AIDS funding, don't take my word for it, review the council tapes and/or voting records for yourselves.
And you will see it was Pepper, Cranley, Crowley, Monzel, Tarbell and (the black man) Malone who voted for that devastating cut on February 24, 2005. Council woman Laketa Cole spoke up against the vicious verbal attacks launched against Mr. Smitherman. While Council woman Reece spoke up ONLY in defense of "her own interest" and how the council should have accepted "her" budget (again) & what "she" thought "she" should have gotten during the December (2004) budget (again). She also stated at that meeting, "I'm not here to speak [up] for Mr. Smitherman, Mr. Smitherman can speak [up] for himself". But she's the queen of pointing out who did not "support her" when she thinks she should've been "supported" (which for her is 100% of the time). But when Mr. Smitherman "needs" some support on the floor of council, on not just this particular debate but also on some very vital "Police issues", she offers that same weak scared-to-death statement, referred to above.
But are you really surprised? I'm not. That's only staying "true to form" in regards to that particular Council woman. Sam Malone, all I can say is come election day in November...."Black folks need to leave him alone"! As in vote him out!

The 6 crybabies on Council read as such: David Pepper, John Cranley, David Crowley, Chris Monzel, Jim Tarbell and Sam Malone.
But in all fairness to Council member Sam Malone, He said "Nothing" during those vicious verbal attacks on Councilman Smitherman which is also "true to form" for him as well. He knows he had "BETTER" keep his lips sealed shut or else he'll have FOP Vice-President Keith Fangman & The Westside Devils to contend with.

We need true leadership on City Council not a bunch of "He's picking on me" kinda clowns we have today. The truth was told in the public, the good ole boy 6 didn't want you nor I to find out about it. And that Black Cincinnati is what I call "The Bottomline".

Pay attention, Think smart and Keep these Politricksters OUT of the Black Churches during election time. Cause that's the only time you'll see them there anyway. And when was the last time a "Black" candidate was "invited" to speak at an "All-White" Church in an "All-White" community?
I can probably guesstimate..."The Tuesday Next To Never"!

And one thing to remember, if the good ole boy crybaby 6 would do the right thing and STOP voting AGAINST everything that's GOOD for the black community....Then guess what?...."The Good Ole Boy 6"....wouldn't have anything to "cry" about!