Monday, May 25, 2015

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Hank said...

I have a stalker, yes and he's a hairy man which grosses me out to my stomach. I've had a stalker girl before but at least she had things I could work with. Take my anger out on. Anyhow this "MAN" apparently has a hold on the technical side of my life being my wifi, so he thinks. I'm constantly sending pictures of my penis to my GF and all along I had no concerns. Turns out someone else is getting joy from them too. It's the stalker in my life. I write knowing that with all that has been seen, mainly my cock, that I should and will start taking this as serious as it sounds. I'm at the market and he's there, how do I know well he shouts a loud Yelp out my way and then I know. I'm in the market and the same thing. I'm in the toilet at the market and the same Yelp is shouted out. The same goes pretty much everywhere else I am. I really didn't worry about it much because in my younger years I could run pretty fast. So I just figured I'd see the perv Yelp at 50' feet away and I'd just catch him. Turns out he's very astute at his life of staking. I read the intro beginning paragraph of the STALKER TRAITS and I could say 8 out of the 10 rang true. It's sickening knowing I have a "MAN" stalking me. A hairy fukn fool who does what all men do and this also. It sounds gay and I feel weird knowing this fool knows how my dick looks. I am still wondering about the title to this blog though I think whoever is in this same situation being stalked by a dude, well I think the natural explanation is very fitting but I may be wrong. ALL THIS IS TRUE AND THE FOOL WANTS SOMETHING FROM ME WHICH I DARE NOT TO THINK BUT I HAVE A FEELING IT HAS SOMETHING DO WITH MY FLUIDS. WILL CONTINUE TO BE ALERT AND PROACTIVE. I JUST WANNA CATCH THE FOOL-SHEESH!!!